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Butterflies Are Free….

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1Butterflies Are Free…. Empty Butterflies Are Free…. Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:38 am


Butterflies Are Free….
Posted on June 17, 2013by Visionkeeper
Butterflies Are Free…. Butterflies-field-flowers-freedom-favim-com-721382 http://www.favim.com
Music to read by below:
What do you find appealing about this picture? The freedom of the butterflies in flight is what caught my attention. It spoke to me by making me think about this world. Who else in this world is not free to be other than man itself? How have we not seen the significance sooner? All animals are fee to roam and be, the environment is free to be itself unless of course man has intervened and taken that freedom away. How have we accepted this scenario for so long without question? Scary to think about. We sure were sound asleep, lost on our tv commercial worlds of buy, buy, buy. We kind of had an excuse back then, now we don’t! There is no excuse for remaining asleep to the truth unless you have bought into fear and remain stuck there. The choice is yours to still get out, get free, but do you have the courage? Those of us awakened to the truth have no excuse for remaining silent, to go along with the insanity and only talk against it in the safety of our homes behind closed doors. It is only those with the courage to go against the system in favor of a better way that truly make the difference.
We are being shown in no uncertain terms that we are not free to be ourselves. We never have been free, that too was only an illusion. How much abuse will we take before we push back, if we even will. If we won’t make the time and effort to see the bigger picture unfolding, but would rather go on believing what we are being told, then hope begins to wane away. Take the atrocious spying system prism. To cover their tracks now that they have been outed, the Govt. once again pulls out the fear card telling everyone without this system we won’t be able to catch the terrorists.
If you’ve done your homework you will know by now that terrorist attacks are manufactured by the dark ones themselves as a way to achieve their goals through more laws restricting our freedom. If the terrorists are by chance real, spying isn’t going to solve the problem, making the USA stop doing what it is doing in foreign countries, killing innocent people and grabbing control, will stop it. We are brutal bullies in a quest to own the whole world and this is exactly what is causing the problems and rightfully so. It is an outrage what our controllers do to others in our name. The American people are not doing this to other countries and yet we are hated it seems. It is time for all of this insanity to end, people want to love each other, they want peace, but a handful of control freaks wish otherwise.
Let us not dwell on the evil being committed yet at the same time we must be heard. To remain silent is a crime in itself in many ways. If you are too fearful of fighting back then please, take that pent-up frustration and put into helping create the new world. For every broken system that must fall because of corruption, we must create new ones to replace them. A long time ago there were wide awake people who realized their food was being poisoned and to avoid being poisoned the organic movement was born and has continued to grow leaps and bounds ever since as more and more people wake up. That is an example of what we need to be doing. When something isn’t working for us we must go around it and create something that does. Put your energies there and DO something to make the world a better place! As I always say over and over, in the end it is up to us!! End of rant.
Blessings to us all,
Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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