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Twin Flame Soulmates

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Twin Flame Soulmates
Saturday, June 22nd, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Amazing Universe Consciousness Esoterica

Twin Flame Soulmates 0001-SOULMATES-MASTHEAD
 by Chautauqua
Humans are hard wired from birth to seek basic things for their survival; primarily food, freedom, shelter, comfort and safety.  Beyond or perhaps beneath this also exists the need for communal living and family structure.  We seek our place within societal realms which is tied to the survival instinct, and part of that instinct is to propagate the species.  Even though those with hardened hearts may disagree, everyone wants to love and be loved.  It’s one of those primal instincts we’re hardwired with from birth; you can deny it, but there’s no escaping it.  Each individual incarnates with a matched set of longings.  The first is to return to source, the second is to find the missing half of their soul~ their split-apart, their twin flame.
As the common legend goes, at the time of physical incarnation each sovereign soul is split apart into two, one male & one female, who then proceed along different paths, according to what they have chosen.  We arrive here in this place with a hollow, half remembered longing to find something hovering out there just beyond the veil of memory ~ and it calls to us throughout our life to come find it.  We almost never know what it is we seek, we only feel the emptiness; so we begin a life long process of trying to fill that void with one thing or another, trying to scratch an itch we can’t quite reach no matter what we try.  This trial and error approach to fulfillment tends to waste a lot of valuable time while it gradually takes its toll on ones psyche and overall outlook on life.  Almost nobody gets it right the first time, which is why reincarnation is so popular.
Our journey upon the wheel of life is one of completion and unity.  It is said that before this journey is complete each soul must experience the full curriculum that the Earth school has to offer; and from every perspective.  Can’t you just hear the lifetimes piling up?  There is no set number of incarnations one must endure to graduate the course of study and escape the reincarnational cycle; it’s all about how long a soul takes to “get it.”  Not everyone presently incarnated is seeking a soulmate, although you couldn’t tell it by watching commercials, or humans in public for that matter.  In the earth school one of the required courses of study is naturally relationships; because to experience completion we must master the lessons only relationships can bring.  To facilitate this there are three basic relationship incarnations.  The first is the incarnation where you experience many different partners throughout the life.  The second is where you experience loyalty to a single partner, and the third is the incarnation spent embracing solitude, probably after doing the first two a few times.
Twin Flame Soulmates Candles-TWIN-FLAME-SOULMATES
Not only does society bombard us with countless messages about how successful people have successful relationships (which isn’t always true), but life itself tends to be difficult enough for most of us to want someone with whom to share our misery.  “Just me & you against the world“- that kind of thing; or as Bob Dylan put it, a little shelter from the storm.  While most people are just seeking compatible companionship with someone who won’t drive them crazy; an increasing number of awakening souls are hearing the call of their soulmate, and are actively searching.  The concept of the split-apart, or soulmate has probably been with us for as long as humans have embraced communal living, but it certainly has enjoyed a great rise in popularity in the last 50 years owing first to the beatniks, and then the hippies, but mostly I think to the rise of the ‘new age’ and human potential movements in general.
Picking up on the increasing interest in soulmates; Hollywood has of course tapped the subject many times over the years with varying degrees of authenticity & success.  From the fare offered by Hollywood, there are a handful of films which are very much worth seeing… here is my personal pick of the very best.
What Dreams May Come ~   Cloud Atlas  ~  City of Angels   ~   Made in Heaven
  Defending Your Life  ~  The Lake House  ~  The Butchers Wife ~  Only You
As the basic lore goes, there are twin flame soulmates as described above; and then there are other types or levels of soulmate as well.  It is altogether common for groups of souls to travel and incarnate together, time and again.  Sometimes one or more of this group may not be incarnate at the same time as the others, (known as taking an incarnation off) and they often serve as guides and spirit helpers for their earthbound friends.  In this same manner, twin flame soulmates do not always incarnate at the same time, (only about 5% do) so every life isn’t only about finding your other half.  In other scenarios, both twin flames may incarnate at the same time, but on opposite sides of the planet, diminishing their chances of reuniting.  It isn’t always about the reunion of our twin flames, even though the longing is always there.  In those times when finding our twin flame isn’t in the cards, very often ‘surrogate’ soulmates will appear instead and are most often part of the group we incarnate with.  Like Steven Stills sang, “If ya can’t be with the one ya love, love the one you’re with.”


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