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Attitude And Outlook…

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1Attitude And Outlook… Empty Attitude And Outlook… Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:00 am


Attitude And Outlook…
Posted on June 1, 2013 by Visionkeeper
Attitude And Outlook… Inspirational-quotes-favim-com-740357 http://www.favim.com
Music to read by below:
We all know the saying “our thoughts create our reality”. No truer words were ever spoken. How we see life decides what our lives will be like. The simple act of watching our thoughts and managing them properly can mean the difference between a happy life or a life fraught with hard times. Who wants that? We manage, most of us anyway, to exercise and stay fit, we pile our energies into it and keep tabs on how we are doing, but how much energy do we put into watching our thoughts and staying on top of them? Too many people think it demands too much of our attention, but really it doesn’t, only for a short while. Once we get into the habit of watching our thoughts and words, it becomes second nature and it just happens.
When something bad happens in our lives we tend to fall into the badness and drown in it for a while, feeling worse and worse as we do. If we can remember to pay attention and find the strength to choose in that moment ‘do I want to stay down or do I want to find the reason for this and find what is good buried within it’ then our lives shift dramatically. We are now in control of our circumstances and victim hood takes a back seat. This is where our strength lies and what keeps us up and moving forward. Not having to succumb to a force greater than ourselves. The choice is always ours to make, to be happy or to be sad.We seem to have forgotten we are able to switch our thoughts whenever we so desire.
Government has spent a great deal of time and energy on making society a society of victims. A society that can’t think for itself and do for itself is very dangerous indeed. I have said before, I live my life very simply by doing the opposite of whatever the government recommends. It works like a charm every time! This is how you play the game. First you realize finally that what they tell you is not for your benefit and then you learn how to do the opposite. For far too long now we have hung on every word Government has told us as gospel truth. Hopefully we are all now understanding nothing could be further from the truth. Do not listen to them and think for yourself. Believe in yourself, your intuition and gut. They never lie!
If we want to live in a loving world and be at peace then we must change how we view the world and each other. As always, it begins with us. If we all put our energy into believing we are doomed, that the world is about to blow up and we cannot do anything about it, then that is exactly what we will get. It is time NOW to believe in our hearts that we are changing the world, it will be free, peace will be ours and keep working towards that. That energy we put out is the energy that will be used to create our reality. Let us all join together and make it a mindful act we take each and every day to see the world through positive eyes, see the best not the worst, stay positive as best we can and be love to all!
Blessings to us all,


Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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