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Reciprocity = Hope…

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Reciprocity = Hope…
Posted on July 31, 2013 by Visionkeeper
Reciprocity = Hope… Adventure-art-beautiful-believe-favim-com-629783 http://www.favim.com
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Reciprocity really is an interesting word we don’t hear spoken much these days, but it is one we need to begin using again as well as acting out. The world is starving for reciprocity on so many levels. Somewhere in our journeying we dropped that word and its meaning and replaced it with money and our eternal quest up the almighty financial ladder. It is not unlike the familiar word barter. Both imply helping one another, somehow paying back to another, making an exchange. We are lacking this in the world today. I am amazed every time I require help with something and at the end it is always time to pull out the wallet. I don’t recall this kind of exchange much in my parents day. People just came together to help one another out knowing that if they needed help in the future they would be there to help them as well. It was a wonderful give and take and understanding between people. We don’t have that much anymore. It has become expensive to require help. How pathetic.
I am hoping when the economy crashes soon we will be forced to relearn the act of reciprocity again out of necessity. People will be short on cash but still in need of help. I wish it didn’t have to take a major calamity to restore reciprocity to working order. Why can’t we just be doing this now? How did money slip in and snatch away the thoughtful, trusting act of helping others out and turn it into a job? There is something very wrong with this picture. Helping others should be born out of caring for one another not out of employment. It is almost a sign of distrust, as if we are saying I don’t trust that you will come help me out when I need it therefore please pay me for my time. This does sit well with me and it never has and it has taken over completely now the kind act of helping one another. Helping one another has become nonexistent pretty much. How very sad indeed.
So how do we restore something that has fallen by the wayside and is no longer acknowledged? How do we break that belief between people that we must pay cold cash for someones helping hand? It has become a way of life and a strong meme stuck in our brains. I think just about everyone expects to be paid to help somebody else out, so how do we break this mindset? It doesn’t work for the new world we wish to create. Loving and helping others is how we wish to be. Do we begin by talking about it? Asking if someone would come help us and then bringing up the discussion of bartering our time in one fashion or another? Will the other person we are asking about this be insulted, angry, feel gypped?
These are the kinds of changes we need to begin making but I don’t know how to get the conversation going universally so everyone is on the same page. I think these are the things that are stopping us from moving forward and we need to stop and figure out how we are going to make our changes first, so everybody is involved. We have to go back and redefine a job versus helping out. The two have crossed their boundary lines and have become one and the same. How do we untangle this mess? In order to have hope for our world we must be able to see changes like this are being made, so we need to first figure out how we are going to universalize our ideas/changes before we try to make them. One step at a time we must take to slowly shift into new ways of doing things or revisiting old ways as the case may be. Let us figure out how we are going to go about this and then DO THEM !
Blessings to us all

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