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Introducing VisionKeepers New Site: Sacred Life Change

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About Sacred Life Change:
        As the world radically changes and everything we once knew to be reality begins to unravel, many people are feeling a bit lost and without direction, not knowing what needs to come next in their life or who they need to become to fit into the new world emerging. They are endlessly searching for how to redefine their lives, how to live a life that has deeper meaning and more importantly, how to leave the old ways behind them and step forward into their new and evolving lives. It is not easy to give up parts of who you used to be to become somebody whole. It is time we join hands with the new world emerging and embrace new ways of living. Do you wonder about how to begin living an alternative lifestyle using alternative medicines, changing to a healthier diet, releasing all the old muck that has left you stuck in place and unable to move forward? It is time to raise your consciousness and view life from a higher perspective. Do you know how to live from your heart instead of from your brain? Do you realize your thoughts create the very reality you are living in? If your reality is not one you are happy with, it is time to learn how to change those thoughts and create the life you truly want?  I work with  spiritual counseling as well as life change guidance and EFT to help you release old patterns and issues. If you see yourself written here in this description then hopefully we can join forces and commit to one another to work hard together to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back and chart for you a new course to a life that brings you much deeper joy and purpose.
     For those not knowing what EFT is all about, it is a tapping on the meridian points in the body while working on specific issues to release them out of your body and out of your life.

Thanks to: http://www.sacredlifechange.com



Thanks Skyz....Means a lot....Onward we go building a better world and your help is so appreciated :heartsofluv: Talk soon. Have a fab weekend....VK



It is my pleasure VK! It is all over facebook also. Raven has also posted it as have many others.

Best wishes to you in your new opportunity to help so many others.

Have a great weekend also! Beautiful weather here right now. Not to hot, nice breeze. :)

Introducing VisionKeepers New Site: Sacred Life Change 3019145770HUGZ!!!!


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