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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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Travelling Through Life and Death

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Travelling Through Life and Death


AngelicView: This is one riveting account – not to be missed! Thanks to Dr. Bell for sharing his experience.
“The secret of the human self-healing power is hidden deeply in our subconscious. It is not a mysterious magic or supernatural power, but indeed an innate ability essential and fundamental for human survival. We are all inherited with this natural survival power from the moment we are born. It’s equally shared by everybody, regardless of race, gender or religion. No one has a stronger power than the others. This precious self-healing power is actually well-written down in our DNA, keeps renewing and transforming over the past centuries, which sustains the evolution of humanity.” ~Dr. Bell
About Me
Dr. Bell C.F. CHUNG, PhD in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Hong Kong. I encountered a near fatal glider crash inTravelling Through Life and Death Healingcardmain New Zealand in 2004, falling down 200 meters. I had an incredible 11 minutes near death experience when my soul came out of my body and I was given the choice to die or to return to life. Unable to decide, I was restored to life. Yet a nightmare awaited me. The doctor declared that either my right foot was to be amputated or the bones would die from avascular necrosis.
Refusing to fall into the paradoxical disability trap, I integrated the traditional Chinese aesthetics and Indian ayurvedic medicine into modern psychological treatment and discovered the vital key to activate the enormous self-healing power that lies inside us – the subconscious. I healed my physical injury and overcame the haunting depression, reborn and recovered with freedom and wisdom. By now, I am standing on my own feet again and my footsteps have reached nearly 40 countries.
If every man who comes back from death is meant to carry a special mission, then I believe that my most important mission is to share my miracle recovery story, because miracle is not exclusive to me, but equally shared by everyone on this planet. I am merely a selected story teller.
On this note, I’m here to share with you my miracle journey.
The Glider Crash
In 11 minutes, I traveled beyond death and returned. A fatal air crash brought me a near death experience, when my soul came out of my physical body and returned to the womb of nature. I was fully embraced by the unconditional love of nature. It was a familiar feeling, as if that’s where the circle of life started and ended…
On November 3, 2004, I arrived in Durary, a rural town near Auckland in northern New Zealand. I came here to take an advanced cross-country glider training program. Unlike an airplane, a glider does not have any engine and relies on the upward air currents to lift and carry it, remaining sometimes in the air for hours. This mechanics deeply fascinated me.
I was born and grew up in the metropolis Hong Kong, a bustling concrete city. I loved nature as it brought me a sense of freedom. To fly high in the limitless sky was one of my biggest dreams. A year earlier, I attained a glider pilot license, and this year I came to New Zealand for the advanced cross-country training. I thought this must be the best time of my life.
Travelling Through Life and Death HealingAngel November 9, 2004, the sixth day of the training program, was a sunny and beautiful morning. I jumped onto the glider PW5 excitedly. It was my first solo trial flight on this high performance glider model. I completed the safety check systematically as usual, and then sought permission from the flight traffic controller for the take-off.
Permission given. The engine started to roar. The glider moved forward on the runway as the ropes pulled. As I moved the handle, the glider began to rise. Before me lay the clear blue sky with light scattered clouds. What a beautifully clear day with excellent visibility.
Although I thought the PW5 had much better performance than my previous training models, I immediately realized that the PW5 was rather difficult to control especially in the strong wind. When the glider quickly soared to 110 m high, I noticed that it was lifting way too fast. At the same time the glider began to shake and tilt to the left severely. It just kept climbing, reaching a dangerous climbing angle. I was losing speed. In that moment, I felt like Icarus inching too closely to the sun.
I was alarmed by the danger. I tried to keep my wits and to stay calm and focused. I recalled what I learnt in the flying simulation. I tried to break the glider from the ropes, hoping to stabilize the glider and prepare for emergency landing. However it didn’t work. The glider was lifting too fast and losing control. The wings could no longer support the weight of the body, and just as sharp as its ascent, the glider plummeted down like a broken kite.
In about ten seconds’ time, it crashed to the ground, falling from over 100 meter high.
As the glider hit the ground, the whole compartment was smashed into pieces. Though the seat belt prevented me from falling out of the compartment, it went up and underneath my ribs. Some hard objects from the backside knocked the backside of my head…
Before I was able to feel any pain, my five senses seemed to shut down simultaneously. I was swallowed by a world of silence and darkness.
As if the power went out…
The Out of Body Experience
All of a sudden the light switched on again. I felt being re-connected. My vision was somewhat fuzzy from that sudden change of brightness in the first second. Then a glimpse of light came into my eyes, bright yet warm and gentle, just like the first ray of the sunrise.
“The darkness is over. Welcome to the brightness.” the golden light said to me.
I found myself bathed in a sea of golden light, so peaceful and calm. I was fully embraced by a comforting love and gentleness. I also found my body dazzling, reflecting rays of golden light. The senses of warmth and love saturated me. I felt complete and infinite. I was composed of lights in that realm. I was a part of the light. I still had a body shape, but there was no boundary, like how we can see the sunlight, but cannot tell its boundary. Or if you pour some alcohol into a glass of water, it doesn’t dissolve but it would mix perfectly into the water.
It was incredible!
The second thing I noticed was that I was not breathing and my heart had stopped beating. Or I should say I no longer Travelling Through Life and Death Healingangel-large needed any breath or heartbeat. I found myself floating in the vacuum. As I was wondering if either my own weight or the gravity was lost, I looked down and saw the trashed body of the glider. Fragments of glass and metals were scattered all over the ground. The glider wings and tail were completely ruined. I looked closer, and saw a broken young man lying there dying inside the compartment. His shirt was covered in blood. His wounds were bleeding badly. His forearm was broken. A white bone jutted out from his wrist. Even worse, the right ankle joint was horribly smashed and distorted. In horror, I realized this man looked just like me! That’s my body!
I knew I was dying.
I could see that the dramatic crash from over 100 meter height caused multiple fractures throughout my body. It was all covered with blood. I had been knocked unconscious and my heart trembled weakly. The brutal pressure from the tightened seatbelt on my ribs stopped air from going into the lungs.
While my body below showed no sign of life, no consciousness nor feeling, interestingly, I felt completely well and comfortable floating up above. I didn’t have any wounds or feel any pain. All that I felt was joy and peacefulness.  In that spilt second, my soul had come out from my body, floating up on top of the glider in the air, watching myself dying. That was an incredible feeling! At the point of death, my body and soul separated. “I” was in dual existence.
When my soul came out of my body, I felt like a new being, leaving behind all my old senses, thoughts and emotions. I could still see, hear, and feel the surrounding world, and was self-aware of my inner mind. However, the cognitive processes were remarkably different. While body exists in a physical form, in that capacity I no longer had any body boundaries or physical limitations.
I was captivated by how the cognitive experiences of our body differed from that of the soul. Whilst our body is connected to the surrounding world through the five senses, our body relies on sensory cell to detect the outside stimuli, and make the mapping to a particular group of regions within the brain where the signals were received and interpreted, such as images and smell. In contrast, the soul does not require sensory cell to connect to the universe at all. Instead, it works in a way similar to telepathy. In that different state, my vision and hearing actually followed my changing mind. In other words, I saw and heard what I thought about.  I was in active rather than passive cognitive processes. My perceptions were no longer restricted by any physical object or distance, because in that state I comprehended things through its basic forms similar to energy. That was a brand new cognitive experience to me.
Apart from the cognitive, my emotional responses were also significantly different. I had no fear, worry, grief or any bad feeling, but only absolute peacefulness and harmony. My emotional responses were disconnected to the outside circumstances and environments. If I was severely injured, normally I should feel painful or sad. But there I only felt extremely calm and peaceful. That situation reminded me of the Schizophrenia disorder, which is characterized by the breakdown and disconnection of thinking, behavior and emotions.
At the same time, I no longer relied on sound, technically the vibration of air molecules, to communicate there. Instead, communication worked through an ultra-sensory channel. It’s a pure and direct communication through thoughts, functioning through a telepathic mechanism. If we compare this communication process with that of our physical body, the latter requires constant coding and decoding and which is prone to misinterpretation and misunderstanding. The ultra-sense communication is far more instant, direct and effective.
“But where am I?” I couldn’t help wondering. In that sea of golden light, all that I felt was a gentle and incredible warmth and peacefulness, that which I had never experienced something so pure and divine in the physical world.  There was neither an enchanting heaven nor a terrifying hell that I had grown up hearing, but only peacefulness and calmness.
Wait! That felt familiar. Did I experience this before?
Suddenly, a memory flashed through my mind. I recalled the moment when I was a fetus, nurtured and protected by the amniotic fluid in my mother’s womb. I remembered feeling her warmth. I listened to her gentle heartbeats. The umbilical cord supplied me nutrients and endless love.
At that time I felt as if I was cradled in the womb of the universe. I was fully embraced by the sea of golden light. I was completely immersed with the universe. Through the light, I was fully embraced by the overwhelming, non-judgmental and unconditional love of the universe. Greater than anything. More beautiful than anything.
I understood how much the feeling of dying resembled that of being born. Perhaps life was a circle, departing and ending at the same point.
The Dialogue with God
“Would you like to go or to stay?”
A question awakened me from my deep thought. Someone was speaking to me from the source of light. Our communication did not work through the voice but the mind, like telepathy.
I tried to look at the source of light, but could hardly see anything or any person other than the halo of light. I had no idea who was speaking to me, but I knew that was the source of the greatest love. “He” didn’t resemble any being in my familiar physical world, but belonged to a higher, divine entity. Perhaps it’s what we called God?
Travelling Through Life and Death Angelofcellularhealingmairingilmartin “To go or to stay?” I muttered. Does it mean I could choose between life and death?
“This is the last question of your life.” He seemed to be able to comprehend my thought.
I never thought that I would have an option. Should I stay? Should I go?
“Before making your decision, you may wish to see your life in review.”
As I was absorbed in a deep thought of this question, a tiny spot of light appeared suddenly. In the center of the spot, I saw myself, when I was a baby. Then the light spread out in all directions, like a spider spreading silk to build an intricate spider web. I looked closer to the web, and was surprised to find that every silk thread was connecting to time as well as the “cause and effect” of different people and incidents.  The threads were inextricably linked to one another. They connected my different stages of life, interweaving and mapping my own web of life.
My web was only one of the many others. Each of the individual webs was linked by silk threads, connecting our relationships with one another. By that moment in front of me, was a giant nest of webs.
I stepped forward and leaned my head down into the nest. It felt like soaking into water. The only difference was that I didn’t need to breath. I opened my eyes, and found myself in a cinema, with thousands of screens around me. Playing on every screen were episodes of the different moments in my 30 years of life, from early childhood till the present. Some of which I remembered, some of which I had long forgotten. I was intrigued by this fascinating experience, which I had never gone through or imagined. For the first time, I had a simultaneous, panoramic picture of my entire life.
The Final Answer
The life review deeply enlightened and awakened me. I realized that my whole life was interwoven by one core value – Freedom. I had traveled to over 30 countries by the age of 30. I was eager to learn travel by land, and by sea. I drove, motor biked, scuba dived, skied and climbed. I strived to push beyond my physical boundaries or body limitations and to pursue greater freedom. When those activities could no longer satisfy my increasing desire for freedom, finally last year I realized my biggest dream of flying. I got my glider license and flew high in the sky like a bird, through white clouds across the clear blue sky. I became totally free. I had accomplished all my dreams before turning 30. It was on my 30th birthday that I didn’t make a wish for the first time, and it was then that I realized that I was contented with my life.
I stood still there, struggling with the last question of my life.
“Let’s go” was the first idea that flashed through my mind. All my dreams were accomplished. I had no regrets. If I would die at the best time of my life, all that I left behind were bright and beautiful memories – wasn’t this perfect? After all, the
Travelling Through Life and Death 20060606153822772 meaning of life wasn’t about the duration, but the quality. I had always believed in that…
Just when I was ready to leave, all of a sudden I felt emptiness and pain. A small crack appeared in the middle of my heart and blood slowly flowed out. The deep chasm grew in me, and in seconds, half of my heart was already drained. An overwhelming sense of emptiness and remorse saturated me.
I realized that I no longer had any dream. There was nothing in my life that held me back. I didn’t need anybody, and nobody needed me. I realized how lonely and empty my life was. I was never alive. I never embraced true freedom. In the past 30 years, I was only chasing after time. I created one dream after another to escape from my inner emptiness. All that I ran after was recognition, to prove that I could do anything, to prove my existence. In my entire life I was living under other people’s values and expectations.
I came to understand that realizing a dream was less than having a dream.
It’s the first time in my life that I was standing between two extreme feelings, contentedness and loss, joyful and sad. Half of my heart was bright red, filled with dreams and freedom; the other half was empty and dark, lonely and confused. I experience the two sides of life’s coin.
“Is it the final judgment? Are we evaluating the good and bad, the moral and evil of life?” I asked. I didn’t know where that place was, nor did I know which decision I should make. Should I leave when my dreams were accomplished, or should I stay and truly learn to be alive? I honestly didn’t know how to answer this very final question…
“There is no such thing as final judgment, or evaluation for right or wrong, good or evil. All these things are purely human convention, existing in the world of polarized ideologies. We are now in a united world, everything exists in its pure and basic form.”
“If you choose to go, you may exhale your last breathe, and walk towards the source of light. If you choose to stay, then close your lips and keep breathing. Just walk back from the light.”
I looked down to my lifeless body trapped in the trashed glider. I still kept my last breathe. But I didn’t know if I should keep it. Some time passed and I was standing still, unable to make up my mind.
“It seems that you are not ready to answer your final question. Your wisdom and vision are not fully unlocked yet. Your heart is still enchained. This is your own question, so only you can answer. In that case, come back when you are ready to make the decision.”
“Will I come back to choose again?” I asked.
“When the time is right, you’ll find the way back.”
I was deeply torn by the extreme feelings of contentment and emptiness. I couldn’t make a decision.
All of a sudden, the screens dissolved and the golden light quickly vanished. I started to melt down. The “I” on the ground got back into consciousness again. My soul was pressed back to the body. I sucked back the last breathe into my lungs. I couldn’t move my body, but could feel my heart pumping gently. At the same time, enormous pain flooded through every part of my body. It’s killing me. But pain also assured me one thing – I was alive.
Apart from pain, my senses were recovered one after another. I heard an ambulance siren, and cries and yells of the rescue team. Then I smelled the stink of blood, mixing with burned plastic and the scent of fresh cut grass. At last, I opened my eyes, and saw myself trapped in a ruined compartment. White bones protruded out from my right wrist. My ankle joints were completely fractured.
“He’s alive! Come on! Hurry!” The rescue team found me in excitement.
Those were the first words I heard when I returned. The rescue team took 30 minutes to get me out of the demolished glider and sent me to the hospital.
In the ambulance, I heard, “the accident occurred during the glider launch. He fell over 100 meters onto the grassland next to the runway. We ran there from the control tower at the first instance. He was unconscious for 11 minutes!”
In 11 minutes, I caught a return journey, traveling through life and death.
Returning from Death
As soon as I arrived the hospital, I was rushed through various scans and examinations.  “There are multiple fractures on your right arm. We will first tackle the bone fragments and then implant a stainless steel plate to stabilize the fractured bones. The posterior cruciate ligament, the medial and lateral ligaments on the left knee are all broken, possibly because of the sudden hyper flexion and hyperextension at the crash. We can do a reconstruction surgery to repair the torn ligaments.” The doctor explained to me.
“Fortunately, the other injuries are not critical, except… your right ankle… there’re severe fractures. The scan result shows that the blood vessels are damaged. Even if we use stainless steel rods to stabilize the bones, without blood supply, the bone tissues will die and the bones will collapse. I’m sorry, I’m afraid it is necessary to amputate your right foot. We need your consent to do the surgery…”
Travelling Through Life and Death HealingAngel “No I disagree.” I said weakly yet firmly.
“That may cause severe infection and risk your life.”
“Then don’t save me. Just leave me alone. I had been there anyway…”
Those were my last words before I fell into coma in the following three days. Because I clearly refused to the amputation, the doctors had to respect my decision and could only use stainless steel rods to stabilize the bones on my right foot. However, they reiterated that without blood circulation, the bones would gradually collapse and die.
Falling down from hundred meters of height, the odds of surviving were already  slim. It’s even a double miracle that I didn’t have prominent damage to my internal organs. It took a month until my overall medical conditions were stable enough to be transported back to Hong Kong. Upon arrival, I was immediately taken to one of best local hospitals. Day after day, the regular CT and MRI scans only reconfirmed one thing – avascular necrosis. The doctors explained that because all the blood vessels were damaged, there was no blood circulation in my right foot at all. Medically, there was no surgery or drug that could cure my foot.
After staying in hospital for 4 months, I was allowed to continue my rehabilitation at home. Meanwhile, I was also given a Government “Registration Card for People with Disabilities” on which I was classified as “permanent disabled”.
Nonetheless, I didn’t give up. Instead, I was emotionally stronger than anyone else. Once I was discharged from hospital, I persistently searched for alternative treatments on my wheelchair. I had tried Chinese medicine, qigong, acupuncture, tuina (massage), medical diet, xue wei therapy and many others. I even spent a fortune on spirit medium, psychic and witch doctor… However, all those efforts were in futile, leaving me to feel like a fool.
Every hopeful attempt was ended in disappointment. None of my hard effort had any return. I felt like a hopeless sheep, waiting to be slaughtered.
As none of the alternative therapies showed any encouraging result at that time, I lost my faith to carry on. I was not hopeful for a miracle. Like many other patients, I fell into the trap of tragic victim. All I saw was doom and gloom. There was no future. Faith, perseverance and determination vanished, replaced by pain and despair.
During the endless search for treatments, I gradually became aware that deep inside, I wasn’t most fear of death, but instead it was the brutal reality to live in permanent disability. Yes I survived from the accident, but if my physical freedom was robbed, then was this really a miracle? I fell from the climax of life into the darkest hole. The disability not only took away my health, but also my career prospect. The huge medical expenses posed a heavy financial burden on me. Even worse, my girlfriend also left me at that time. Everything I worked hard to achieve in the past thirty years was all taken away. I became resentful and depressed. I became more and more dependent on drugs and painkillers to relieve the intolerable pain. I hopelessly awaited death to cease my pain and to set me free. I swore to the God “Kill me! You’re the murderer!”
The Signs
Frustrated, depressed and exhausted, I stopped fighting. I gave up attending treatments, doing rehabilitation exercises or seeing people. To kill my excessive time, I spent my afternoons just sitting on my wheelchair in a small park near home. I did nothing other than sitting there starring at the surrounding. I stopped thinking. My mind was empty. Time was suspended. Sometimes I was so withdrawn that even my own existence became weightless and transparent. When I was entirely space out, deeply relaxed, it was somewhat like entering a trance state. I gradually got used to stepping back, and seeing thingsTravelling Through Life and Death 49f6a-hand from a distance, without any judgment or emotions attached.
The world became quiet. People, noises, traffic… were all remote, distant and irrelevant to me. I didn’t have any emotions, neither joy or grief, but only peacefulness and calmness. I gradually got tuned to my life on wheelchair. I liked sitting in sunlight to enjoy the sheer warmth and comfort. When I realized how much that feeling echoed the NDE, I couldn’t help wondering if I was unconsciously trying to recover my splendid NDE in the physical world? Perhaps I was longing to re-experience that divine and supreme harmony and peacefulness of the NDE?
The inner peacefulness brought me a new vision with clarity. On those days sitting in the park, I learnt to listen to the nature’s language. I discovered that the universe was always communicating with us, through different signs in the nature. There was a saying that “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”. I found that when we were looking for an answer to something, the natural world would show to us what we needed to see. We just needed to pay attention, and learnt how to read the symbolic signs and listen to the guidance.
My first time reading the signs of the universe was one afternoon hanging out as usual in the park. It was a fine day. I saw from far away a burnt spot on a grass lawn, possibly caused by discarded cigarette. As I came closer I saw a patch of new grass emerging from the burnt soil. I was impressed by its interesting growth shape which looked like a flying bird. The next thing that caught my attention was a chrysalis, about 3cm in size, hanging under a leaf. A butterfly was slowly emerging from the chrysalis, spreading its wings and making its first flight. I was captivated by this fascinating transformation. A while later just when I was on my way home, my wheelchair almost ran over a dark little thing. No it wasn’t a bug, but a little dark cicada shed, left behind by an emerged cicada.
New grass on burnt soil, chrysalis transformed into butterfly, cicada emerged from nymph skin… I tried to piece together the puzzle. They didn’t seem to be random coincidences but rather resonant symbols. I closed my eyes and listened to the guidance from the nature. The puzzle suddenly came to light…
Transformation was the answer! I understood that I needed not passively wait for a miracle to come or desperately struggle for one, because the self-healing power lied inside of me. I was ready to transform and reborn!
I departed from the paradoxical role of tragic, ill victim, and transformed myself to a professional therapist. I was indeed a professional cognitive psychologist before the accident. I always had strong interest in human subconscious and dream. My expertise was in hypnosis, psychological analysis, consultation and therapy. I had no particular religion, nor a blind belief in science. All that I believed, were the potentials and power of life.
My Subconscious Clinic
I started thinking about how far I could go further. On the recurrent hospital visits, I noticed that to treat my complex medical conditions, I was assigned to see different specialist departments of the hospitals. I felt so confused, as if my body was divided into many individual and independent small parts. The orthopedics department helped to deal with the avascular necrosis condition of my right foot; the sport injury department looked after my left knee ligament injuries; the pain management department took care of my chronic pain from the avascular necrosis; and my depression problem belonged to the clinical psychology department.
Every specialist has his own expertise, specializing in a particular category of illnesses. This specialized mechanism is widely adopted in the modern Western medical system. It can provide very focused, efficient and professional treatment for Travelling Through Life and Death Hands_heal patient with a singular illness. But for those who have multiple illnesses, such mechanism fails to address a patient’s needs and conditions in an overall picture. In human body, our organs simply do not function independently. Instead, they are interdependent, and they co-exist as an integral wholeness. Occasionally, the lack of coordinated treatment and monitoring not only discounted the treatment effectiveness, but also leave the patients helpless and abandoned.
Inspired by this, I applied my expertise in psychology, and perform self-hypnosis. I traveled deep down to my subconscious and created a virtual integrated psychology clinic there. In my subconscious, I transformed myself into several specialized psychologists to take care of my different needs. I switched between the roles of psychology professor, hypnotherapist, psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and pain therapist at different stages to tackle my problems systematically. In my own subconscious clinic, every psychology expert played a distinct but supplementary role. It provided me with a comprehensive psychotherapy. The extremely personal, strong, focused and exclusive “medical team”, largely strengthened my self-healing power.
The multi-dimensional psychotherapy successfully helped me to depart from the sorrowful world of illness and disability. I began to view my physical and mental self in new visions, and read the deeper meanings of my accident and illness. Every illness carries an important message of our mind. We just fail to listen to our own inner voice only. Illness is a messenger of our subconscious. Unless the message is decoded, illness will mutate in different forms and keep coming back to haunt us. I finally understood how my characters led me to the tragic accident. This enlightenment prepared me for the final stage – the ultimate treatment for my foot.
The Subconscious Doctor
When I found out the meanings behind my accident, I knew that I was mentally prepared and ready to rise from the wheelchair. The secret of the human self- healing power is hidden deeply in our subconscious. It is not a mysterious magic or supernatural power, but indeed an innate ability essential and fundamental for human survival. We are all inherited with this natural survival power from the moment we are born. It’s equally shared by everybody, regardless of race, gender or religion. No one has a stronger power than the others. This precious self-healing power is actually well-written down in our DNA, keeps renewing and transforming over the past centuries, which sustains the evolution of humanity.
Unfortunately, the more prosperous is the economy and the more advanced is science and technology, the more we focus on material pursuits, and neglect our spiritual growth. As soon as our bodies show any sign of problem, we reach out in our surroundings to look for the most seemingly convenient and quickest healing method without a second thought. We are eager for a shortcut to get rid of all the symptoms  as quick as possible, in order not to disturb our fast-paced modern lifestyle. That accounts for our diminishing self-healing ability and growing dependence on drugs and chemicals such as antibiotics, prednisone, painkillers and nutritional supplements. We become lazy and habitual. We abandon our inherited self-healing power, the great power that lies within.
In finding the way to activate the self- healing power, I first integrated Chinese aesthetics and Indian ayurvedic medicine with modern psychology to perform meditation. I identified five natural elements, namely Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space toTravelling Through Life and Death Five-elements symbolize the different components of human body. Earth symbolized the structure such as bones and muscles. Water resembled blood and body fluid. Fire represented our energy such as body temperature. Wind corresponded to our breath. Space represented potential space such as abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity. In the Oriental culture, the harmony of these five basic elements defines a universal balance. Human, as a part of the universe, our body is an organic entity in which the various organs, tissues, and other parts have distinct functions but are all interdependent. By integrating these organic elements into meditation, it helped me to enter a deep relaxation state quickly and reconnect my subconscious with my body. The organic elements were a hypnotic suggestion which led me to find my inner guide – the subconscious doctor. The subconscious doctor was avital symbolic image that  conceptualized our self-healing power deep inside the enormous human subconscious. It functioned like a compass, guiding me the direction to the self-healing part in the huge ocean of subconscious.
The Sub-conscious Dream Therapy
The key to recovery was to go deep down into the subconscious. To achieve this, I conducted double self-hypnosis, or in other words, to dream inside a dream.
Travelling Through Life and Death Dream_by_taenaron-d34q599
Dream provides a gateway to communicate with our subconscious mind, and serves as a platform for self-healing. We may construct double or even multiple layers of dream to help enter deeply into the subconscious for healing purpose. What I did was to program the second layer dream in a constructive, target-oriented and symbolic manner so that they acted as hypnotic suggestion to the subconscious in trance state. Because our subconscious and body are interrelated, through the symbolic activities and actions in the dream, we can trigger the physical and psychological effects.
Once I was deeply relaxed in trance, I was guided by my subconscious doctor to a second layer dream. In that arena I performed various symbolic self-healing activities, such as cleaning a street, building bridges and irrigation system for a farmland. Because our subconscious is closely connected to our body, there are mirror connections between dream and body. These symbolic self-healing dream experiences in my inner world led me to actual tangible body recovery on the outside.
You may wonder, how does dream interact with our physical body? Let me show you two examples:
Dream 1: You traveled back to the high school time. You were sitting in an examination room. All the classmates around you were doing their own papers. You realized that the paper on your desk was blank, and you had no clue how to answer the questions. As soon as you hurried to write down something, suddenly the bell rang. Time’s up. You were anxious. People handed in their papers and left the room one by one. Except you, you were still writing. The bell rang louder and faster… Suddenly, you woke up in sweat, and you realized the ringing bell actually came from your bed alarm.
Dream 2: You had drunk a lot of water before going to bed. The excessive liquid put pressure to your bladder. Your body transmitted a sign of overloading to your brain, which was then decoded as an urge for urination. In parallel time, in your dream you saw something related to water, such as rainfall, waterfall, dripping water pipes or you might even find yourselfTravelling Through Life and Death 9ac95a01e3d99e614dbeabf102ff386b peeing or looking for a toilet.
These two dreams show how intimate is the relationship between our body and dream. Dream actively interacts with our body, providing feedback to our physical state of being and reflecting our state of being. Dreams are susceptible to our body’s physical conditions such as stimulations of sound, lighting, smell or surrounding environment. This is why the bed alarm would be translated into the ringing bell in your dream, and the anxiety experienced in a dream world actually sweats the physical body.
After 144 days of self-healing through double dreams, my foot showed a miracle recovery. Not only was there no sign of cellular death of bone, I could even leave the wheelchair and start walking with crutches. One year after the accident, I was able to walk freely without any aid again. I created a miracle beyond medicine. I rewrote my fate!
This miracle self-healing meditation did not exist in any current medical or clinical psychology framework, but was derived from my enlightening NDE and the signs I read from the nature. The secret lies in the human subconscious. It isn’t any magical power, but our innate self-healing ability. Our subconscious and body are inter-connected, that healing one, heals the other. Self-healing through the subconscious is absolutely practicable in psychological perspective. Our subconscious is our best doctors. We just didn’t know what’s in store.
Hidden in the complex human body is the infinite wisdom and possibilities of life. These are all written in our DNA, hidden in our subconscious; because that’s where every life, the miracle, departs from. Once we can communicate with our subconscious, we are able to trigger the self-healing power. From the air crash to recovery, I encountered one and another miracles of life. It is my wish that through sharing my personal stories, we can revisit this incredible life journey again, and explore together how we can transform our own lives and create our unique miracles. Trust me, this is not restricted to the few lucky people, but inherited and co-shared by all lives on this planet, regardless of race, gender or religion.
I discovered a big secret along the way: we are the best doctors for our own. The greatest healing power, the miracle of life, lies not outside but within ourselves. It is my wish that my enlightenments may inspire those of you who are searching for physical or mentally healing. I dedicate my real-life stories to all those who are suffering from any sort of illnesses and disabilities, who are striving hard on the road of recovery, and who are believing life is miracle.
One year after the accident, I could walk freely again. Guided by the omens from the nature, I went back to the crash scene in New Zealand and found the sunglasses which I lost at the accident. This lost and found marked the beginning of an amazing adventure leading to spiritual liberation and wisdom. On the second year after the accident, I could enjoyTravelling Through Life and Death Dream_vs_Illusion_by_kofo swimming, jogging, hiking and traveling. I also pursued my doctoral study in psychology at the University of Hong Kong. On the third year, I jumped into the beautiful Pacific Ocean and became a licensed scuba diver trainer. On the fourth year, I had an incredible time skiing down the slopes in Hokkaido, Japan. On the fifth and sixth years, I traveled around the world. I won several medals in an international gun shooting game and a Latin dance championship. My life had reached the most liberating and fulfilling moment ever! In 2011, seven years after the accident, I wrote my first biographical novel Life Returns  traveling through life and death in 2322 days, which reveals my near death experience and the seven years of amazing life-changing voyage.  Last year, I unlocked the secrets of my self-healing journey in my second book, Be Your Best Doctor.
As at today, my right foot is still diagnosed as “avascular necrosis” medically. None of the medical examinations has detected any blood supply in the bones. Yet “chi” is circulating through the secret tubes in my bones, sustaining the life like a miracle. Until my first book was released, I was the only key holder to unlock this secret; I am the only one believing in it.
From the fatal air crash, the enlightening NDE, to the long self-healing journey, miracles unfold in my life because I believe in them, how about you?

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