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Snowden: Gift Horse? Or MKIntel Trojan

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1Snowden: Gift Horse? Or MKIntel Trojan Empty Snowden: Gift Horse? Or MKIntel Trojan on Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:01 am


Snowden: Gift Horse? Or MKIntel Trojan
Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Big Brother Conspiracy surveillance society The Awakening

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Snowden: Gift Horse? Or MKIntel Trojan Troj-horse1
by Zen Gardner
You may remember the old adage, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” Most don’t know what it means since we’ve generally lost touch with the land and nature as a society, but when purchasing a horse the teeth are very important to check regarding the health, age and well being of the animal. Horses also often have identifying tattoos in their mouths.
The saying basically has come to mean, if something is a freely given gift, don’t inspect it.
Another of those “sayings” that’s used for social programming.
But what about the story of the Trojan horse? If they had looked in its mouth before letting it within the gates of the city they would have discovered it was filled with soldiers intent on conquering them. The worst of evils befall us when we let our guards down. And it can happen in a minute…or over long periods of time.
Snowden: Gift Horse? Or MKIntel Trojan Horseteeth_644AE478-B037-5AB8-F9B8A62F3212EE6A
Wikileaks and Snowden
I’ve had my suspicions about Edward Snowden from the start but I still don’t know for sure. I consider my skepticism healthy.
While it appears he’s having the good effect of making these surveillance realities come to public light in a big way, there are quite a few people who have their misgivings and are keeping a wary eye out, just as I am. Context is everything. We can still run with the information and we need to use it for society’s empowerment, but we always have to exercise caution when a story like this gets so much attention while similarly alarming issues with bonafide maligned and often eliminated whistleblowers get buried and lost.
Why? Think about the selection process.
It’s the same with Assange and Wikileaks and how our misgivings were eventually fully confirmed when he came out denouncing “conspiracy theorists” and 9/11 truth. A lot of people were surprised. He had the same suspicious symptoms as Snowden, but not as slick. Assange’s handlers’ trick has been to reveal what appears to be a leak when in fact it is largely information targeted to create an effect regarding public perception of international policy, with enough “revelation” to wow the audience.
If you watch Snowden’s “breakout” video interview you’ll see he is amazingly articulate, completely (and disconcertingly) dispassionate, and has what he wants to say down pat, including some pretty complex concepts which he phrases and sums up perfectly, as in “turnkey tyranny” at the end.
While our programmers have told us we’re not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth, that dumbing down advice is all the more reason to be skeptical in case we might be facing another Trojan horse like we did with the controlled opposition disinformation source of Wikileaks and Company.
Snowden: Gift Horse? Or MKIntel Trojan Booz-Allen-Revolving-Door1
Snowed-In with Mind Manipulators
Edward Snowden was a Booz Allen Hamilton infrastructure analyst assigned to the NSA. The points below come from an article that was written 4 years before his defection from his job. If there’s a possibility Snowden’s been programmed to do what he’s doing, he was certainly working for the very people who are capable of doing it.
While much has been said about his former employer, there’s an aspect that needs serious highlighting.
1)Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) is a major consultant for NSA, and is intimately involved in the development of “terrorist tracking” programs such as TANGRAM
2) BAH works closely on TANGRAM with two other key contractors, SRI International and SAIC, both of whom played a major role in the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Project STARGATE
3) Project Stargate was a highly classified unit of psychic spies, described by Jim Marrs in his book PSI Spies: The True Story of America’s Psychic Warfare Program
Getting the Picture? We’re talking about one of the mind control centers of the military industrial complex. Could he really have gotten away with all this?
But wait, there’s more:
Booz Allen Hamilton therefore acts as a key link between NSA, the Pentagon’s psychic spies, and the U.S. Air Force Space Command, which operates a network of highly sophisticated spy satellites and beam weapons.
If one buys the assumption that the USAF Space Command uses microwave towers, antenna farms and space-based brain-zappers to affect the moods and behaviors of people on Earth, then it would seem that Booz Allen Hamilton acts as a major architect of the military mind control network.
Just how deeply Booz Allen has inserted itself into U.S. Air Force “black” programs may be seen from their description of key Air Force contracts held by BAH. These are available from Booz Allen’s own website. 
Pretty deep in there. These so-called “private contractors” are simply able to work outside of government guidelines and hide their goings on much more effectively. It’s similar to the Illuminati using “think tanks” and “foundations” and “institutes” to carry out their program designing and testing.
This article above concludes rather hauntingly:
Conclusion: If there is one spooky consultant capable of helping the U.S. Air Force beam a “cell phone call” into the center of an unwilling target’s brain, that would be Booz Allen Hamilton. (Source )
Now you understand why it’s hard to believe the NSA or any other lettered agency could “lose” an asset?
Snowden: Gift Horse? Or MKIntel Trojan Chinasnow2
Who’s Eddie and Why?
We don’t really know for sure who he is, but it’s all good when it heightens our awareness. Jon Rappaport has an interesting theory that there’s an inter-agency battle going on, a turf war between the CIA and NSA and that the CIA leaked the info to embarrass the NSA. I don’t know.
But it certainly makes more sense than the idea that the world’s biggest intelligence network ever created can’t find or stop little Eddie Snowden from galavanting around the world thumbing his nose at big frikking brother.
But then again, who would notice all this in the day and age of projected holograms and pretend reality?
If Snowden is controlled and planted opposition and some form of distraction or tool, what’s with all this attention? Clearly they wanted the extent of the NSA surveillance brought to the public mind for a reason. Was it to get past the mass mind’s suspicions and bring the PTB’s machinations into conscious reality and thereby get a default imprimatur approval of their action via the expected lack of concern or outcry?
Depending on the reaction they could take this into whole new directions of “intelligence”. If the people accept this big step into fascist control the rest shouldn’t be too difficult. Besides, tracking the reaction will give them whole new data sets to chew on of who’s in opposition.
Or perhaps their capabilities are fairly good, but not nearly that all-pervasive as they claim…but they want us to think they are!?
Have fun with that one, grasshopper.
Anyway you look at it, there’s something rotten when you see whisteblowers like Assange and Snowden getting top billing while other even more profound and important go entirely unnoticed.
Keep your eyes peeled.
And beware gifts from intelligence agencies.
Love, Zen
- See more at: http://www.zengardner.com/snowden-gift-horse-or-mkintel-trojan/#sthash.802PyquJ.dpuf

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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