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There’s a Beauty Here We Cannot Deny

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1There’s a Beauty Here We Cannot Deny Empty There’s a Beauty Here We Cannot Deny Sun Sep 08, 2013 6:48 pm


There’s a Beauty Here We Cannot Deny
Posted on September 8, 2013 by talk2momz
Two friends of Talk2Momz co-wrote the article below which I’d like to share with you. I believe that you’ll very much enjoy it. I’d also like to thank you for your quick and generous response to my previous post, Blessed be the Profits. I’m humbled and very grateful to all of the readers of this blog. You mean a lot to me.
There’s a Beauty Here We Cannot Deny
by Soren Dreier and Chautauqua
The common consensus among many metaphysically inclined people is that what we consider ‘real’ waking life is but an illusion; and that in the dreamtime we are experiencing a much more ‘real’ dimension.
Understanding this seldom makes for a smoother spiritual experience, as it always opens the door to a raft of additional precepts and persistent perceptual paradoxes regarding why we are here and what it’s all about.
We tend to believe this illusion is ‘real’ because it is so detailed and convincing; and that’s how powerful our minds really are, our belief makes it all the more ‘real’ to us.
It usually takes us a while to get grounded and comfortable with the increasingly quantum nature of this plane of existence, as quite often it appears to be a “system of opposites” in that success is often achieved using the exact opposite of what logic might initially suggest.
We have to be able to look at everything with new eyes if we wish to fully understand ourselves and the world we live in.
A very large percentage of what we believe about ourselves and our universe is simply limited,  because so much of it involves one school of thought or another; and as we are all so well aware, they don’t always agree with each other.
Schools of thought don’t really serve us as they might have once, for the simple fact they are over, schools of thought are out of date on the quantum level.  The primary reason is because no school of thought can ever see that which is just around the corner!
This business of being a spiritual warrior never gets any easier when we are all caught up in the whirlwind of shifting paradigms.  We watch the world around us continue to self-destruct as it is doing, and the deepest of questions arise from the depth of our souls to keep us awake at night.
We wonder how such things can be tolerated by man, or God, and sometimes some of us wonder what he is waiting for, where are the celestial armies of light, when will divinity play it’s trump card?
Ahhh, and therein lies the rub as they used to say.
You see, just like we have in so many cases simply given our power away to those who only abuse it to oppress and control us; we have also “outsourced’ our divinity to some nebulous ‘place’ outside of us – when it’s true seat of power is within us.
As it has always been.
Although those armies of light may be hovering nearby, monitoring our plight and progress; they aren’t swooping in to “save” us because that simply is not how they fight.  They battle in the Morph, and the Aluna, and in the space between the heavens.
This is why there will be no divine intervention coming to rescue us, because we’ve been tricked into believing the divine is something outside of and beyond us, when the exact opposite is the truth of the matter.  We like the idea of an external divinity because it shifts responsibility and accountability right off our shoulders, and that suits the majority of “us” just fine.
That way, if what we want doesn’t manifest the way we thought it would, well it’s not our fault, it’s the will of the divine.  The incorrect perception that this gets us off the hook spiritually may work in the short run, but what about when the world is crashing down everywhere, and nobody is there to answer divinities phone when we in unison pray for help from above?
Not to be too wet of a blanket, but there will be no last minute fleet of spaceships arriving to save the day either, at least not on the collective scale. Certainly celestial beings will support us internally, but they cannot penetrate our ‘custodians’ of the nervous system, or the ghoulish vibrations now in control of things here.
Then again there is also the thought that a civilization unwilling to take the steps to ensure its own survival may not be worthy of helping; in the perspective of those space brothers we are depending upon along with an external divinity.
Our divinity originates within us – If we loose our grip on our divinity, we are lost.
When we look back over the collective track records of “outside saviors” we find that invariably, they come to an unpleasant and untidy end.  Historically those who control things and oppress the masses have never long permitted the exercising of free speech by those who had the power and charisma to sway the population.
That is how they remain in power generation after generation, because there is simply no room for fair play in their rule book.  Anything, or any one who poses any real threat or even major inconvenience is simply dealt with and swept out of the way.
This is why it’s never a good idea for spiritual warriors to confront the matrix toe to toe – face to face; the matrix will simply take you down on a personal level.  It’s much more clever to mambo the matrix, be a stealth ninja of light, dancing in and out of view.
We don’t need to confront the matrix on an “all in” basis and attempt to match force for force.  We just need to seek out the imperfections in the facade, exploit the cracks in the wall, attack its weaknesses.
Every matrix can be penetrated if we remain alert, vigilant and learn to see with more than just the five senses.
Perhaps one reason we don’t recognize that spark of the divine within ourselves is because our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves are all out of sync with each other.
This not only wastes and dissipates our energy but it can also lead us to feeling as though we are prisoners within our bodies as our spiritual immune system is degraded by this disharmony between aspects of self.
This feeling of being a prisoner within the corporeal body can be transcended with thought, inspiration, and teaching your mind-body-spirit complex to vibrate at increasingly higher levels…to reconnect with the divine within us.
Research has indicated that the white blood cells, which essentially are the spiritual immune system; dramatically increase in number during times of devout spiritual practice, thus strengthening our spiritual immune system, which in turn gets us closer to our divinity.  We need to expand, and depend upon our spiritual immune system as a buffer against the chilling winds of change now ravaging the planet.
We do not need an ‘outside savior’ to give us our morality, we instinctively know right from wrong in our heart of hearts ~ all that is required is that we own, honor and live according to the dictates of our hearts.
Continued at Soren Dreier’s website             Continued at Chautauqua’s website

Thanks to: http://talk2momz.com


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