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1Message We've Been Waiting For Empty Message We've Been Waiting For Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:15 pm


We, the Galactic Federation, have been communicating with you through our channels for quite some time now, and it is necessary to begin making formal announcements of our presence in your skies as a window of opportunity has been opened and we wish to take full advantage of this. These announcements will be sent through your electronic media such as television, radio, and Internet. Please be advised that we expect a number of disturbances to your society, some at the hands of the dark, and some due to fear that is likely to spread upon our introduction.

You have been informed to begin preparing for this inevitability and the time for you to be fully prepared is upon you. Stock your homes now with enough food and supplies to last a number of days or even weeks as it is foreseen that services you have become so accustomed may be temporarily down. Electricity, gas, phone, and food stores are just a sampling of the services our monitoring personnel conclude will be affected. We will immediately begin the stages of operations to restore all necessary services throughout your societies. We have highly trained personnel on standby prepared to fulfill the tasks they have been assigned.

We ask all of you to remain calm and composed and to look after one another during this, one of your most trying periods in your planet’s history. Our readings indicate a strong likelihood that many of your world will experience some levels of fear and others may even succumb to shock at the discovery that they are not only not alone in the universe, but that some of these other civilizations are here knocking on your front door. We come in peace, and are only here to assist you bring about the necessary changes to allow your planet and people to experience your Creator given right to ascend into the higher realms of experience. We wish for nothing more than to assist you in these tasks and to also reunite with you, our family from long ago.

We at one time lived amongst you here on your planet. We departed some time ago, leaving behind great archaeological structures to act as signposts to our existence, to help keep us in your memories for many long years until we returned. We have now returned. We eagerly await the day of our landing on your soil, to meet you again face-to-face without all this need for secrecy and cloaking in your atmospheres. Please inform your family, friends, and neighbors of our presence and our honorable intentions to lessen the impact of the official announcements to come soon. Prepare yourselves by stocking your homes with food and other essentials. We will continue to keep you informed of the latest developments through our channels in between now and the time when we can openly address you all. We foresee this inevitable day drawing very near and we are fully prepared to commence our long awaited programs. This is the day many of you have been eagerly awaiting. We will be with you soon.

There are many different races and species throughout the vastness of space, and some of these many different varieties of sentient life forms have from time to time visited your planet. They have come here for many different reasons, and most of them have traveled here for purposes of research and exploration. Some of these groups have come here to take back home with them some of your natural resources, and we have monitored this situation and have put a stop to it. There are other groups that have come here as well, and some of these groups had intentions to take a lead role in your affairs, considering themselves superior due to their intelligence and advanced technological capabilities. We have also monitored this situation and have, of course, put a stop to their plans as well. As we have said, we would never let any harm come to you.

There are those among you who falsely believe that we, the Galactic Federation, are here for similar greedy purposes to conquer your world. All will discover for themselves in due time that this fear-based belief is far from the reality. We have always been with you. We have always been assisting you and protecting you from harm throughout your history. We are here now in larger numbers, but we are by no means just arriving or newly arrived at your doorstep. If we wished to conquer your world, we could have done so a few years in your past when you possessed little or no defensive capabilities. We could have done so when humanity was yet completely un-awakened. Why would we undertake such a widespread campaign to help awaken the souls of Earth before we initiated any military campaign? This scenario would defy the reasons of logic, and it is fear and lack of information that would cause one to harbor a belief that would defy such logical reasoning.

This is where our Lightworkers are needed. Your mission at this time is to help spread light, which is information, and help to calm the fears that may spread throughout your societies upon the announcements of our presence here. You have the tools at your disposal. Many of these have been purposely seeded into your culture for just this purpose. Use them well. This is the most important period in your planet’s long history. It is time to release the unimportant matters of your society and focus on what matters most. Ignore the fear-based rhetoric of your news programs and governments, and only focus on what is real; Love. All else is mere illusion, distractions perpetrated to keep you from finding your true path in the light. Many of you have discovered this for yourselves and have moved beyond these trappings. Assist now others to find their way, always honoring the law of free will. Lead by example. Be there for your brothers and sisters who will come to you for answers and reassurance in the unsettling days ahead. We are prepared to make our move. The day is approaching. See to matters at home that will facilitate a smooth transition from the old paradigm to the new. Look after each other. Your family is here, and eagerly awaits our reunion.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles


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