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Purposeful Living…

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1Purposeful Living… Empty Purposeful Living… Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:05 am


Purposeful Living…
Posted on September 19, 2013 by Visionkeeper

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com

Purposeful Living… Creepy-dark-fog-house-light-favim-com-189561 http://www.favim.com
Music to read by below:
It is so important for us to be light no matter what the circumstances. We never know when our light will be needed by someone out searching in the fog of deception. We must never turn our lights out but instead be ready to share whenever and wherever we are called upon. It is tempting once we have awakened and we no longer see through the fog, to just want to lay back and indulge ourselves in the power of truthfulness. This would be the self-serving act of ego still lingering within. As long as it stays within us we cannot burn as brightly as we wish to. Light is diminished greatly by ego, like pulling down the shades on the windows in our hearts. We want the shades rolled up and the windows opened wide so our light and love can stream out into the universe.
To be light and share light we need to live a purposeful life in all ways. It is a way of life that welcomes the natural order to everything. When we live by natural order there is never a shortage, for everything is being lived out of respect for the other and greed is not present to deplete our lives. To live a purposeful life says we have meaning, we are needed and we have purpose and reason for being. If we are integrating the laws of natural order into our lives, life becomes sustainable, what is used is always being replaced, there is never a lack within that cries out from the hunger of needing meaning for our existence. We are a hungry society right now, not only food wise, but spiritual wise, there are massive holes of emptiness among so many longing to feel whole. We are starving our bodies and souls by straying away from living by the natural order of things.
A great deal of this straying is brought about by the manipulated distractions heaped upon society as a means of control. One must pull back and disconnect from the distractions and drama, stay away from the addiction of spending. All the money in the world will not fill up the holes in the souls of those walking blindly through life. It requires the healing and calm of silence and aloneness. The gerbil wheel of 9-5 work days, lawn mowing and chores and shopping and any number of things have stolen that alone time from us and it has left us unaware of who we are or what matters in life. It is in the quiet times where we connect with who we are and what we care most about. The silence of being alone gives us extra reserves to keep us filled up and not hungering for more.
Natural has become an ugly word just like environmentalism. The dark have raped the meaning of the words and spit them back in negative tones that are no longer meaningful. To care for the planet and its health is far from bad and adhering to a natural way of living is vital and sustaining, yet the word ‘natural’ has been forced onto all of our food products and has become associated with negative connotat

ions such as corporate manipulation. A clever way of turning us all away from what we really need to be focused on. Natural in many ways is also simple. To live naturally is to live simply and with purpose, to have a strong core of meaningfulness and an understanding that your life is what the world needs. You are needed. The life laws of the natural way of life are basic and follow the direction of the light at all times. Roll up your shades and shine forth!
Blessings to us all,


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