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The American Collapse – One Giant False Flag

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The American Collapse – One Giant False Flag
Tuesday, October 15th, 2013. Filed under: Consciousness False Flag Events Just Zen National Emergency New World Order Orwellian World Social Engineering The Awakening

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The American Collapse – One Giant False Flag Flagger2
by Zen Gardner
The events of late only tell one tale. The US is finished. Its impending implosion couldn’t be more obvious. If nothing else happens with their many other carefully engineered detonation devices placed in the American infrastructure, the inevitable economic collapse alone will bring the old whore to her knees. Very sad for the good folks still there but that’s the price an evil empire inevitably pays.
Its downfall. If you’re in their building you’d be smart to get out, or have your escape route to higher ground well thought out and a new location prepared.
9/11 – Archetype of the American Collapse
Big buildings don’t fall easy. In fact, just as 9/11 foretold, the Masonic structure of America as symbolized by the twin tower pillars is so well built it has to be brought down by massive demolition with a whole lot of carefully fabricated “reasons” to pull the caper off. This time it’s not just a couple of kerosene filled drones. As the economy implodes, the structure of each and every citizen has been meticulously weakened after decades of mental and physical poisoning while the fabric of their society has been carefully unstitched at every seam.
There is no way the US structure can maintain any sense of integrity. The next seriously ground shaking event of any sort will likely topple the whole thing. If a food stamp card glitch causes widespread panic and a staged government shutdown causes nationwide problems, what will something serious do? And they have a massive array of weapons at their disposal.
The American Collapse – One Giant False Flag Tower20
Patriotism Will Have Nothing to Cling To
When America is eviscerated no matter how patriotic some people may be, rebuilding what they conceive as their inherent country won’t be possible. Let’s face it, the vast majority of Americans aren’t willing to work, never mind fight, to keep what’s left of it now. How will they retake it? Especially when there really wasn’t any foundation for it in the first place. However this pans out, the paradigm once called the American Way, or more aptly the American Dream, will be no more and more distant in memory than the pre 9/11 world. Whatever is left  will be redefined every which way from Sunday and history rewritten to fit the new paradigm.
They’ve had this in progress since its inception while the worker bees performed their task of providing the will and manpower to equip the world to come. One they were told would be a better and free one. Yes, but not for them.
The whole idea of this implosion is to bring the US into a Eurozone concept, what they’ve called the NAU or North American Union, in a single combined unit comprised of Canada, the US and Mexico. At least for starters. It’s going to be such a mess I don’t know how far down the road that might be if it happens at all. The “big idea” as they call it is to dissolve all national sovereignty everywhere, and the US is the reigning symbol of independence.
That’s why it must come down, while its military will become the arm of the NWO in some form – unless Russia and China just take the insane idiots out. But that would bring a massive reset that may take us all out. I doubt that’s their plan, a limited World War 3 with an ensuing redrawing of boundaries and a new world government is more their style. Each world war was a prototype of this. Massive casualties and trauma while the banks consolidate control, powers redefined boundaries and one world organs formed to “prevent another world war”, first the League of Nations after WW1 then the United Nations after WW2.
They used patriotism very cleverly each time. But now it’s about to be phased out for a “greater” good – world unity – under them. That’s why an extra-terrestrial threat is thought to be in the cards and has been alluded to so often, from H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” to Reagan’s speech citing that possibility to the statement by Wernher von Braun before his death stating to his secretary Carol Rosin that indeed that was the game plan; the bogus cold war threat would be followed by terrorism, asteroids and then a fake alien invasion.
So much for patriotism.
I’ve never adhered to the idea of patriotism. I can understand why people do cling to patriotism as a sense of pride and identity and all that, be when you’re awake you know it’s just an extension of ego and you’re only buying into the whole matrix game. But standing up for your freedom and right to life is another thing. That’s a manifestation of conscious awareness.
I wish people would only distinguish between the two.
Patriotism is akin to religion in that way. It co-opts an innate and righteous sense of personal sovereignty much like religion co-opts your sense of spirituality. You can see how matrix-like it is for the controllers to channel humanity in these ways. Politics is another box, as is their education system. And all this is deftly reinforced by the complicit media. That’s why the only answer is to just get out of the whole thing.
Turn it all off and skedaddle.
The American Collapse – One Giant False Flag Banner-bcdemolitions
Symptoms of Planned Demolition
Let’s summarize what we’re looking at right now:
A. Massive Militarization
The authorities know a collapse is looming. Why else do they massively militarize the police with war gear and armored vehicles and stock it with more ammunition than needed for years of their insane wars? Why have the police been given the OK to intimidate and brutalize? Why do they do target practice on pictures of pregnant mothers and young people?
B. Fascist state control laws and decrees
Just one of the many Orwellian federalize laws  sums it all up. The NDAA  – National Defense Authorization Act. It makes the so-called Patriot Act look like child’s play. Anyone can be taken in and even killed who is under suspicion, verified or not and without trial or even notification of family members. That’s the right to disappear anyone at any time for anything.
You really want to live in a country like that? Especially if you’re half awake and still want to talk and act freely?
C. Economy on the Brink
If you can’t see that you’ve been asleep too long for me. Can’t help you. If you take away one thing, though, the most important aspect of the economic collapse is that it’s all been orchestrated to do just that. Trouble is, when someone can’t see it coming it’s usually because they can’t see that very aspect. Catch “66″.
An American collapse will also mean the collapse of the dollar, either before, during or immediately after. This not only will rock nations worldwide economically but be the perfect setting for rolling out a new monetary system. How convenient. One world digital currency anyone? That’s their plan.
The American Collapse – One Giant False Flag Skullwash1
D. Government Complicity
Do they warn the populace? Do they tell people to prepare with food and water, to be safe and truly secure where they are or get somewhere safe? Squirrel away some money some place safe perhaps.
No. Just the opposite. In fact, anyone who does prepare and stock up supplies or grows their own food or even lives out off the grid or withdraws too much money is considered a terrorist suspect! Besides that, they want to disarm everyone at a time they’ll need protection most! If that doesn’t tell you who your enemy is and is bringing all this upon Americans I don’t know what will.
Meanwhile, like termites eating what’s left of any redeemable structure, the “powers that kill” are working statist programs like Agenda 21 and Common Core and introduce socialist seizure programs like Eminent Domain, all of which completely destructure anything left of sovereign rights. Concurrently the Obama regime continues the US mandate to sign any and every UN or other world organization agreement it can.
E. The Terrorist Excuse Meme is in Place

Just as the lead up to 9/11 and the ensuing “War on Terror” had it’s mini false flags with bombings by “terrorists” here and there so we knew who the designed enemy would be, Americans have also been sold the “home grown” variety – now ANYONE could be a terrorist. A little different from the fairy tale we were told as kids that anyone could become President. But of course all this fear mongering and need for more “security” is all because of Tim Osman…oh, I’m sorry, that’s his CIA name. I meant Osama bin Laden, you know, from that Saudi family that’s so close to the Bushes and has the contract to build all those US military bases in the middle east, that guy.
So, whatever they engineer, be it a phony internet banking hack, an “attack” on the US power grid, a triggered massive earthquake, a micro nuke on US soil, a massive pandemic of some sort, a staged assassination, a Wall Street/Bankster banking crash, or a huge flare up leading to WW3 in the middle east, we can rest assured who will be the perpetrators.
And the declared enemy somehow will turn out to be amongst the American people who will then need martial law to “protect” them.
The American Collapse – One Giant False Flag Brazil-protection-nsa-spying.si_2 Brazillian tech working on NSA proof system
Nations Assert Their Sovereignty While the US Implodes Its Own
It’s rather ironic what is happening on the world stage. Whether it is China warning the US about defaulting on its debt to them and saying they want to be the new world reserve currency, Russia facing down the Syria advances, or countries protesting US spying intrusions by the NSA and related alphabet agencies, people have had enough of this American regime. Even though the whole game is rigged, nations and peoples are tired of being bullied and extorted, no matter what kind of goodies the US is selling them or bribing them with.
And that’s a good thing. Could it also be they’re smelling the blood of a mortally wounded US?
The irony is the US is abdicating its own sovereignty at the same time. Not the citizens, the overt and covert governments are doing this intentionally. When the Americans figure that out fully, and it’s getting close, there will be civil war. That’s what the government is gearing up for. That’s also why for decades they have been sickening, weakening, fattening and dumbing down the populace.
They knew it would come to this because this is how they planned it.
Latin America Rising – Now Brazil Shrugs Off the NSA
Latin America too is rising up against US tyranny, and rise she must. Tired of US dominance, intrusion and exploitation, Latin America is saying “no more” one step at a time. Ecuador is a great example of this, standing up to and exposing CIA threats, American oil exploitation, chemtrails and even closing its US military base there. Bolivia is another, rejecting foreign ownership of its resources and vigorously protesting the forcing down of a Presidential jet which further united Latin American leaders. Venezuela under and since Chavez’ leadership has thumbed its nose at the US for years and is a constant target of US subterfuge. Even Colombia is tired of it and wants to legalize certain drugs to stop the American backed drug wars.
And now with Brazil standing up to the NSA, we have serious reclamation of sovereignty taking place.
Brazil is creating an email system intended to shield the government from NSA spying. The country is set to vote on a cyber-security bill following revelations the US spy network had infiltrated the highest levels of Brazil’s administration.
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff tweeted the news, stressing the need for greater security “to prevent possible espionage.”
Rousseff said the Federal Data Processing Service (SERPRO) had been charged with creating the spy-proof system for the Brazilian government.
“This is the first step toward extending the privacy and inviolability of official posts,” Rousseff said. (more)
The American Collapse – One Giant False Flag ChessboardB
The Chessboard – Follow the Money
Fundamentally the entire game is a chessboard being played on by the same people on both sides. Putin’s standoff was a nice touch. But you’ll notice Russia and many other countries are in on the same tactics and agenda as everyone else. Country after country is now tampering with people’s private banking accounts, including Russia who apparently just confiscated everyone’s retirement accounts “for a year” as some sort of financial security measure.
Same as wars being all about money, which for them translates into power, the most obvious precursor to the American fall has been the ongoing implosion of various financial sectors over the past 7 years and the siphoning of unimaginable amounts of money into central banks and mega financial institutions. It’s almost all gone. The only liquidity is whatever imaginary fiat currency they choose to print. Nothing backs it but the fragile faith of a weakening populace and the lie-projector of the banksters.
So whatever the moves on the chessboard, always follow the money flow. A lot of what we read and hear are head fakes, but even what we do see usually indicates the direction of world changes and always evidences the fact that everything is very carefully engineered in favor of the inner circle. It also shows the hidden hand of geopolitical maneuvering, using fake opposition between nations the same as the false opposition of political parties while all along carrying out the same agenda of centralized world dominion.
What’s sickening is watching them fall all over themselves to suck up to the Illuminist inner circle, out doing one dastardly fascist and murderous thing with another to prove their fealty. That’s what we’re watching.
You can bet any leader of one of the bigger or more powerful nations are fully in on this. Smaller nations still have some free leadership but these NWO elements are everywhere like a metastasizing cancer, so if they don’t outright own the leader there are plenty of plants and power brokers around them to keep them in line. But overall they’re almost all working towards the same end. Those who don’t will be ousted.
Or so they’d like to think. Let’s see how humanity handles this. And let’s do our part to help empower humanity with the ultimate tool. Awake, loving conscious awareness and resultant actions.
The American Collapse – One Giant False Flag Awakening-of-consciousness-640x360
The Awakening At Many Levels
The world sees what’s happening. The US is clearly on the brink of imploding and there is a lot of preparation for its downfall going on in the US and around the world, most of it behind the scenes. This parallels and intersects with the fabulous accelerating spiritual awakening the planet is also undergoing at this time. As far as I am concerned, whatever it takes to wake people up, bring it on, whatever is in store for us. Unfortunately that can get pretty nasty when the two by four has to be used but such is the way of the Tau. Let the old ways crumble. They’re supposed to.
But awaken we must. Sleeping people will only create another sleeping world of unnecessary pride, ignorance and suffering.
Until we’re fully aware and wide awake we can’t make the transition into what the real shift in consciousness has for us. That’s true spiritually, economically, mentally, psychologically and politically. Nothing will allow the real change Universe affords us unless we let go of the old paradigms in every way possible and experience and realize the Source is pure Love.
From there we understand there is no having to go anywhere. We’re already there. The rest unfolds by itself.
Now that is future technology. But it’s only available in the Now.
And while ultimately everything is right with the Universe, our challenges at this present time require right action. The awakening doesn’t happen all by itself. We need to participate in the change. The awakening is an ongoing process.
Each time we communicate our love, care, compassion, passion for Truth, and our sincere desire to share the simple solution we have found in true love, it makes a monumental change. Call it the universal fabric, the morphic field, the quantum level, the etheric, the energetic vibration, it changes for the better.
Use your majestic power wisely, and in love.
Love always,
- See more at: http://www.zengardner.com/911-archetype-american-collapse/#sthash.UogDjpPG.dpuf

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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