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Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up

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Notes From the Center of the Spiral

Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up Ee56320fd0e36247503d94adfb40b333?s=89&d=http%3A%2F%2Fs0.wp.com%2Fi%2Fmu
Time to Step It Up

October 17, 2013 by andreastar00

Barry Kapp (at wisdomoftheeath.com, a close friend and a fellow co-owner at the Golden Age of Gaia discussion forum) sent me this newsletter from Michelle Manders last night with some comments about how this is what he is also hearing about from many sources.  I have to say this is also consistent with what I hear and see going on around me as well.  Not so much in my inner circle, just what I’m observing outside of it.
It seems to me like those of us who’ve been paying close attention to aligning with Gaia and the Divine Mother, and also have practiced setting firm boundaries (as suggested below) are truly being highly and divinely protected.  I know we are over here in my circle and none of the chaos seems to be able to penetrate at all.  It is like being in the eye of the storm.  I highly recommend it.
On we go…
PS.  As usual, discernment is so important now.  For me this means (in its simplest form), if it feels wrong, there is something wrong with it, even if I have no idea what it is, as is often the case…
Lemurian Light QuestOctober 2013

Greece, Fall of the False Gods Series – Part 5, Athens
Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=r3W%2fViPtnzV4WUe41MHcKjDpLSph9mqUBnsdhdpKy8w%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2fih.constantcontact.com%2ffs186%2f1105784871279%2fimg%2f110
“We now begin to merge your bodies with the original time of Atlantis before all darkness befell it. Relax as we bring the dimensions together. Surrender as these timelines connect. This is now where your body receives the blueprint of the energy that governed life before you became the form you know; the human form, as it is now. You are now merging with your original Atlantis blueprint over self. Surrender to this.” Excerpt, Hermes Trismegistus.
Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=r3W%2fViPtnzV4WUe41MHcKjDpLSph9mqUBnsdhdpKy8w%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2fimg.constantcontact.com%2fletters%2fimages%2f1101093164665%2fjmml_opgr1_img1                    
Greece, Fall of the False Gods Series, Part 6, Epidaurus, Greece
Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=r3W%2fViPtnzV4WUe41MHcKjDpLSph9mqUBnsdhdpKy8w%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2fih.constantcontact.com%2ffs186%2f1105784871279%2fimg%2f111
“We are now giving you the tools to reverse what the matrix of illusion created which became the means to ensure your eternal entrapment in a matrix of density where you could be utilized in any form and in any way those of ill intention so desired.” Excerpt, Kuthumi-Agrippa.
Fall of the False Gods Series, Part 7, Olympia, Greece
Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=r3W%2fViPtnzV4WUe41MHcKjDpLSph9mqUBnsdhdpKy8w%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2fih.constantcontact.com%2ffs186%2f1105784871279%2fimg%2f112
“No longer are you to wage war upon yourself, for in the presence of the Olympian Gods and Goddesses you are asked to see the parts of you that have the potential to grow in strength, to expand in power and this is what is being called to be embraced and nurtured.” Excerpt, Kuthumi-Agrippa
Fall of the False Gods Series, Part 8, Delphi, Greece
Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=r3W%2fViPtnzV4WUe41MHcKjDpLSph9mqUBnsdhdpKy8w%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2fih.constantcontact.com%2ffs186%2f1105784871279%2fimg%2f113
“This is a window opportunity for more to awaken, for more to see the light and to hear the voice of the True Oracle within; the voice of the part that knows the truth, that knows there is something that lies beyond the fixed state in which they find their consciousness bound and imprisoned, attached and trapped within a paradigm of consciousness no longer serving their pathway. This in itself is a wave of awakening. This wave is a cause for great celebration for it serves in perfect alignment with that which the new planetary grids are bringing to Earth.” Excerpt, Kuthumi-Agrippa
Fall of the False Gods Series, Part 9, Mykonos, Greece
Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=r3W%2fViPtnzV4WUe41MHcKjDpLSph9mqUBnsdhdpKy8w%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2fih.constantcontact.com%2ffs186%2f1105784871279%2fimg%2f114
“The original beings of the first stage of Atlantis now step forward and create a circle of light enfolding you. This light serves to assist you in bypassing every fixed aspect inhibiting your divine nature from ascending to the next level of receiving your unique divine dispensation of light.” Excerpt, Kuthumi-Agrippa
Fall of the False Gods Series, Part 10, Mykonos, Greece
Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=r3W%2fViPtnzV4WUe41MHcKjDpLSph9mqUBnsdhdpKy8w%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2fih.constantcontact.com%2ffs186%2f1105784871279%2fimg%2f115
“The energies coming forth at this time are opening the inner caverns of authenticity so as to show you the pathway through the dark valleys of the 12 holograms of illusion are not a passageway to destroy you, but rather a pathway to be walked and passed through so that you meet the higher overself in a place of familiarity and comfort.” Excerpt, Mary Magdalene
Fall of the False Gods Series, Part 11, Delos, Greece
Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=r3W%2fViPtnzV4WUe41MHcKjDpLSph9mqUBnsdhdpKy8w%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2fih.constantcontact.com%2ffs186%2f1105784871279%2fimg%2f116
“Open your energy now to receive the power of your unique sacred sound. Welcome back all of the fragmented aspects of your sacred voice which you have lost, which you gave away, which has been hidden from you and every part of your sacred voice you yourself never understood and thus rejected. Welcome home the return of your sacred Heart Light Communicator Crystal now coming to find its roots within your heart.” Excerpt, Mary Magdalene.
Fall of the False Gods Series, Part 12 –  Mykonos, Greece
Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=r3W%2fViPtnzV4WUe41MHcKjDpLSph9mqUBnsdhdpKy8w%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2fih.constantcontact.com%2ffs186%2f1105784871279%2fimg%2f117
“Commander Ashtar, Lady Quan Yin and Archangel Michael have gathered in council meeting with the leaders of your solar system as well as the leaders of the Light Universe ensuring sufficient Lightworkers and Light Warriors activate the pathways and freeways directing energy toward the Light Universe. For those of you who are not sure of what I speak of, we have mentioned on occasions the Light Universe and the Dark Universe and that the time coming is the determining point of whether the Dark Universe will be the primary governing forces of energy or the Light Universe. This is why this timeline, post 2012, is the most important in Earth’s spiritual history as well as in Earth’s collective history on every level.” Excerpt, Mary Magdalene
Fall of the False Gods Series, Part 13 (Final) Mykonos, Greece.
Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=r3W%2fViPtnzV4WUe41MHcKjDpLSph9mqUBnsdhdpKy8w%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2fih.constantcontact.com%2ffs186%2f1105784871279%2fimg%2f118
“Welcome now the next level of your True Oracle Self. Welcome the light and the presence this being of immense wisdom now wishes to extend to you and with your consent weave into the sacred and divine blueprint of your collective soul. This light is automatically attracted to its equal and through this all common units of light, positive power, strength and unconditional love unite forming the communities of light through the heart chakra, base and crown chakras, securing the reactivation of the dormant portals of peace and positive power which were frozen in time upon this land, extending to all the other points upon Mother Earth’s body where her positive power has been frozen in time and locked down by the malevolent forces of ill intention.” Excerpt, Kuthumi-Agrippa.
Dear Palace of Peace Friend,

As we find our selves fast approaching the end of another year, the Spiritual Hierarchies of the Light are sounding the call to us to stand up and accept that time as we know it is moving faster than ever before, and we have to now adapt and step fully out of denial. Our world is facing very challenging times, and before it gets better it is going to get worse. Thus, we the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors of this time-line must now come together, stop competing with and hurting each other and lay down our wounding weapons and collaborate. Kuthumi-Agrippa, St. Germain and Mary Magdalene have indicated that if we, the supposed Leaders of the Light do not stop this lower human-ego based nonsense our world does not stand a chance against what is coming leading up to the period between 2048 – 2050! This wounded and immature behaviour is playing straight into the hands of the controlling forces of darkness. 
The so-called Light and Spiritual communities are creating more havoc, further pain and wounding than they realize, by doing and being the very things they are claiming not to be. Back-biting, back-stabbing, squabbling, jealousy, gossiping, judging, criticizing, projecting, blaming and psychically attacking is rife amongst these communities, and to my shock and horror the Masters have confirmed that the elite forces of darkness and control have in fact managed to take control of and overshadow approximately 68% of these communities. This means that approximately 68% of people CLAIMING to be Lightworkers are being shadowed by some very nasty energies, all of which have been enabled, and maintains its grip, through what I have mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph. Therefore, this kind of negativity and behaviour is confirmation of the presence of the malefic shadow presence controlling the person/group/community etc. There are so many Lightworkers vying for control, recognition and centre stage that they have totally and completely lost the plot, and as a result have further endangered our planet by being puppets and further stirring up more an more anger and contributing to the WAre Right being waged. Religion does this all the time, now so-called Lightworkers are doing it too!
I was sick to the pit of my stomach when the Masters showed me this. The reason why it is so powerful is because these people are in fact working with the energies of the new realm, however they are feeding it’s malefic purpose! Each and very single one of us have to stop this nonsense NOW and grow up and see one another as brothers and sisters meant to work together, not as someone to compete with. Because of our first hand experience with the energies we have now implemented the new Palace of Peace Policy, which I speak about further on in my newsletter.
In September we completed the Greece 2013 “Fall of the False Gods and False Oracles” Project which was a huge feather in the cap for all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, and we successfully anchored seven of the 99 very important new Star Code Tablet Planetary Grids and time-lock unlocking sequences (which I will begin releasing more information on soon). As a result, the Lords and Ladies of the Lemurian World of Spiritual Intelligence have stepped forward to action the next very important project happening in November 2013, which is called “Madagascar 2013 – Lemurian Lights.” The actual activations themselves will take place between the 21st and 26th of November 2013, however the preparation and channellings for the series commences this week. 
Whilst in Greece, Kuthumi-Agrippa and the Light Master Team we work with gave some incredible information which I urge you to work with. As a result of these teachings and activations our Pilgrims and Guardians underwent some very powerful process of personal healing and deeper awakening. You can take a look at the generous excerpts from the channellings on my website. http://www.palaceofpeace.net/default.php?ipkCat=140&sid=140
During the Greece Project Madagascar was mentioned, and here we are, ready to delve into realms of Spiritual Awakening we have to date not encountered in human bodies as we know them. This is part of a vitally new Spiritual Awakening Ascension Wave the Light Masters of our Universe are activating with their Light Groups.
Within the system of creation on Earth we are now ready to learn more about how the systems of control have infiltrated our individual and collective make-up, making it almost impossible for people to break out of the mechanisms used to control everything and everyone negatively, that is up until now. We are now ready to receive these new dispensations and can expect that as a result, our lives will never be the same again. 
As a result of the very sensitive and highly intricate new energies coming to earth, we have to be 100% certain within ourselves which part of our true selves we serve – our Light Self, or our Dark Self; the lower human ego-self. Over the past 10 months our projects have triggered some of the deepest healing for our participants brought on by some very challenging issues that needed to be faced. Due to these challenges, which were in line with what I mentioned earlier in this newsletter, and choosing to find solutions, we have now implemented a Palace of Peace Participation Policy for everyone wanting to participate in the Projects of Light. 
It came about under Kuthumi-Agrippa’s insistence due to the amount of interferences we encountering through people and experiences that were being overshadowed by some very nasty energies. Due to this Policy I am very happy to say that this is no longer going to be a problem as it was in the past, because we now have a secure etheric security grid installed, due to this Policy. It is at this point that I want to affirm that I and all Palace of Peace team members have committed to standing alongside one another, and in signing the participation policy we have made a commitment to one another and to the Masters to work in accordance with the Principles of the Light Universe and to stand United in Light and serve for the greater good of all. We have committed to honouring, respecting, and supporting each other by serving from a place free of lower-ego mind games, wounded projections and insecurities. We have chosen and committed to getting on with what is most important  to saving our race and our planet! We don’t have precious time to waste on these old paradigm distractions. We have work to do, and we are here to do it!
Kuthumi-Agrippa, St. Germain and Mary Magdalene have in fact suggested that we all create a Life Participation Policy, which we are to create for ourselves, which are designed to instill the boundaries we desire within our lives, enabling us to safely and confidently anchor within our energy field the policy that determines what we will and won’t allow in our life. This will most certainly rattle a lot of cages, because this kind of Life Policy activates a powerful electromagnetic field of protection around you and everything important to you in your life, and it’s vibration drives home the fact that you mean business – that’s if you are willing to go through with it and roll with the punches that will follow. This is a very simple and basic example of the new technology techniques the Masters are teaching through our new Palace of Peace Projects, which fall under the Aquarian Rising 2020 Projects of Light.
When we implemented this for the Palace of Peace, Kuthumi-Agrippa warned me that it will upset many ‘apple-carts,’ which it did, and in some cases it hurt like hell, but it did beyond a shadow of a doubt reveal to us people’s true intentions, as it will reveal to you the intentions of those whom you share your life/energy with and how they perceive, honour, respect or disrespect and devalue you, as it did for me and Palace of Peace. Every time something like this happens I am getting better at seeing it as another layer of old energy being removed and what remains is purer, stronger and more powerful than ever before. I have seen on umpteen occasions how people are given a number of opportunities to shift their perspective, heal and change what must be changed, as must I, but when the lesson must be ended, the Masters always present the final initiation to all concerned by implementing a change or presenting challenges that reveal people’s true intentions and motives. This you will see happen for you too, which is why I say you must roll with the punches, whist looking into yourself to see what the reflection is and then let go, because sometimes its NOT a reflection but rather a projection, and these too we have to rise above when it is aimed at us. 
Kuthumi-Agrippa reminded me very recently that because of the nature of the new energies we are dealing with, many from the old paradigm who are being overshadowed will attempt to pull us down and back by bombarding us with some very hurtful projections intended to make us ‘fall.’ But we are fast learning how to become immune to this, however there will be times it will sting, which is to be expected. Stepping into and working in the new realm energies will make things easier, but as I said, it will appear to get worse before it gets better. The time-frame is much quicker now and in this new realm we are overcoming things very quickly too, when we apply the higher principles of Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence.
Mercury is about to turn retrograde in Scorpio, thus this is the perfect time to sit yourself down and review your life and what you Life Participation Policy consists of. 
Kuthumi-Agrippa suggests you begin with you Life Mission Statement – a very short paragraph of what you stand for; like a company slogan representing their main aim. Add to that your Goals, this too needn’t be a book long; a few simple realistic goals will suffice to begin with, and finally, your purpose. Take a look at ours, which is now on our home page, if you are not sure what to write, and apply your version to your personal life. 
Next, look at the areas of your life where you experience the most negativity and challenges and decide what you now want removed and will not accept as behavior toward you or those most precious to you, in this case minor children and other dependents who are unable to fend for themselves. Thus put together and zero-tolerance clause around bullying, harassment, discrimination etc, and make sure you set this boundary in place with regards to the parts of yourself that do this to you. 
Once you have decided what is “zero-tolerance” for you, decide who in your life you insist must abide by your Policy. You have the right to implement this and this means you will need to extend the same level of honour and respect to others implementing such a policy in their lives. Initially you might not feel comfortable handing your policy to people, for real, so initially do this in visualization/meditation and see yourself handing this policy to them. You might want to read it out to the person in your visualization and state that acceptance of your policy means they are 100% committed to honouring you, your path and those whom you serve and protect. You might even find that whilst you read it out you want to add or amend what you have written. Continue until your Life Participation Policy is perfect for you and your family. 
You can also decide to do this with your children, family and close friends as a process of honouring everyone concerned and making the sincere commitment to honouring each other, which will form very powerful new heart and soul connections of renewed trust. This is vital for all of us now as we get closer to December 2020 because things are going to fall apart for many very quickly. It is happening already, so there is no denying life as we know it is changing and we have to adapt. This is exactly what Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene meant when they often told us prior to 12/12/12, that post 2012 we become responsible for what shall be created, and will determine whether the Dark Universe or Light Universe becomes the ruling energy for our planet. We are in that space now and denial of this truth and fact will only set us back more than we can realize and afford. 
The use of highly sophisticated technology is increasing exponentially and we have to learn how to use this for the greater good of the whole if humanity is to survive what is to come. We have to confidently stand in our truth, acknowledge what is really going on, accept it and take action to use it to our advantage. Thus, by setting these firm boundaries for yourself and your life you will rapidly flush out the people and energies contributing to keeping you trapped in the false matrix. If you would like to know more about all of this please read what I have written about in the Madagascar Project content. 
The MADAGASCAR Project invitation is being extended to you to participate in if you feel the call to serve. This is not a physical Pilgrimage, you will “work” from the comfort of your home . Please click here to access it. Bookings are open, but numbers are limited due to the amount of work involved that I will need to finish for each participant in time for the 21 – 26 Nov, activations week. 

India/Bhutan 2014 Project of Light – Return of the Rainbow Warriors 
Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up ImageProxy.mvc?bicild=&canary=r3W%2fViPtnzV4WUe41MHcKjDpLSph9mqUBnsdhdpKy8w%3d0&url=http%3a%2f%2fih.constantcontact.com%2ffs186%2f1105784871279%2fimg%2f55
Our next physical Pilgrimage will be to India and Bhutan in March 2014. This will be Project 5 of the Aquarian Rising 2020 Universal Projects of Light™
INCREDIBLE INDIA - Delhi, Taj Mahal, Varanasi and the Himalayas With an Optional Extension to BHUTAN, Land of the Peaceful Dragon - 06 to 17/2March 2014
The purpose details of this itinerary will be published shortly. We are currently working on the Madagascar Light Project, which is preparation in part for the India and Bhutan projects. Expect the purpose of this pilgrimage to be published by end November 2013. Besides the Purpose of the Pilgrimage, the FULL itinerary is available. Click here to read. Bookings for this Pilgrimage are open. You are also welcome to make a tentative booking, however the Pilgrimage is filling up quickly, so don’t delay for too long Notes From the Center of the Spiral ~ Time to Step It Up Icon_smile 
I would also like to officially welcome our latest Palace of Peace Supervisors, Service Providers and Assessors who are key to helping us manage all the Project energies and support our participants with their healing, integration and life-changing transformations. I am so excited about the wonderful team we have on board, and I am also very proud to be working alongside these amazing Lightworkers and Lightwarriors. Read about all of them in our ABOUT US section of my website, you never know, one of them may very well be exactly what you have been looking for to help you along your path of healing and transformation. 
You might also enjoy reading our continuously growing TESTIMONIALS section to see how our participants are enjoying the benefits of their hard work and dedication to transforming their lives. 
Thank you to those of you who have e-mailed us to ask how to send donations. We are currently working on some upgrades which will include this feature. In the mean time please use PayPal using the address sean.urbandragon@gmail.com We value this support.
I wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you, our loyal Palace of Peace participants and followers of Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene’s teachings. You are greatly appreciated. If you haven’t see it already, visit the FREE section of my website to access this month’s FREE CHANNELLING – “Expressing the Divine Light of Self.” Enjoy!
Have a wonderful week,
Michelle Manders

Thanks to: http://andreastar00.com


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