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Posted on October 22, 2013 by Visionkeeper
Circles…....... Autumn-beautifull-beauty-blouse-favim-com-683456 http://www.favim.com
Music to read by below:
I am finding as I go along on my journey that everything we ever needed was already a part of our lives and often times can be found in nature. What we don’t seem to need is man-made and often straight lines that separate us from what we need to know. The simple yet beautiful circle is such an example of what we do need. It has been around forever, its meanings have been passed down through all cultures and its message is so strong but sadly we took so long to embrace it.  The circle represents any number of things. Completion, the unbroken connection to life, no beginning and no end, the returning of life cycles, all things inherently connected, the oneness of all. I think if you broke them all down you would end up with the core essence being the word ‘ Unbroken ‘. Because there is no beginning or end to the circle it continues on for infinity as does the oneness of the magnificent universe. So what is it we can learn or discover about the circle and how it relates to humanity?
Humanity is unending, we do not stop or start, we just are and continue on through the never-ending cycles of life, the seasons of Gaia, the shifts in who we are and who we are growing into. We may change just as the seasons change, but our cycles are unending, humanity will arise tomorrow with the sunrise and begin a new day in a new way. It is humanity’s mission to continue to reinvent itself and evolve into different stages of being. The message that resonates strongest for me of the circle is the oneness and as we go along on this journey we are taking, we are finally letting that message sink in and take hold. We are all one, it was our overseers who chose to force separation upon us and drown us in our differences. We are now seeing those lies for what they are and many embrace the oneness of all. Over time others will follow.
I have to wonder about crop circles as well. Whoever it is creating these masterful works of art are putting their messages inside of circles which suggests to me that the messages are for all, for the oneness of humanity. They could have put them inside squares or oblongs or hexagons, but they chose the sacred circle of oneness. Seems like a pretty powerful message in and of itself. The sun and moon are circles as are the centers of our eyes, the planets floating about in space, the wheel and so much more. Circles are everywhere we look but natural straight lines are not. They are mostly man-made, they are limiting, they create walls. We should design our lives around what flows and goes on forever such as circles. We live in square boxes we call our homes, where our energies get stuck in the dark corners rather that flowing about into the curves of a circle.
Circles seem designed to keep the flow moving, rolling along to wherever unencumbered. Look at the Native American’s tipi’s. Round. They could have built straight structures from trees but they chose a circle. There seems to be great power in the circle as it speaks to the unbroken connections in life. Many seem to fear the coming changes we are encountering right now, but is it not just part of the circle, the flowing into the new cycle? We are altering who we are and what we are evolving into is nothing more than the next cycle. There is nothing to fear but there is much to rejoice about. We have learned we do not end but rather continue on our journey, not always in this human form, but our spirit forms float on forever as we reinvent ourselves again and again. That is a lot more promising than what we knew of life many years ago. So let us be happy and embrace life in all of its many creations.
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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