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Re-inventing Holidays…

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1Re-inventing Holidays… Empty Re-inventing Holidays… Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:10 pm


Re-inventing Holidays…
Posted on October 31, 2013by Visionkeeper
Re-inventing Holidays… Halloween-autumn-candle-fall-favim-com-6279991 http://www.favim.com
Halloween has arrived. It has been a great many years now that I have shunned away from holidays and many saw me, I’m sure, as a fun buster. For a long time I never could understand why I didn’t get into the festivities along with everyone else. Since those earlier days I have come to understand my hesitation to join in. Somewhere buried deep within I grasped the reasons for the holidays being not quite what we were being led to believe. Our holidays were created for corporate profits and many times not for our best interest. Look at Halloween for instance. We dress our kids up and take them around neighborhoods collecting what amounts to bags of poison!Sugar is a poison and yet we have grown up consuming it often in generous quantities and in the end it is to our detriment and sadly to our children’s. Of course the corporate candy creators love Halloween and use it to stuff their pockets with our hard-earned money and we end up destroying our health. Christmas is all about business profits, filling our voids within with stuff that in the end will do nothing to fill that void. Corporations love Christmas as well as it once again fills their pockets and empties ours.
It is time for all of us to re-invent our holidays so they match the higher consciousness we are engaging in. Holidays should be about gathering together and sharing happy times, expressing our love towards one another, giving thanks for life and all we are blessed by. Thanksgiving is not about Butterball turkeys, stuffing and sweet potato casseroles. It is not about the food, the grocery industry wants you to indulge in food, once again for profits. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for life and for the people who bless our lives with our presence. It is time to attach new meanings to holidays and once again give them purpose and meaning from the heart. We don’t have to buy the candy, we don’t have to go into debt buying Christmas gifts, we don’t have to walk around the block after the Thanksgiving meal because we stuffed our faces and made ourselves sick.
Each one of us can release the negative aspects of the holidays and create new and meaningful ways of celebrating. The more we do, the less corporate America scores big and robs us blind and the harder they feel the loss. We score big by re-inventing holidays to bring back more meaning and celebrate these times from the heart. This is how we are slowly changing the world and so we need to continue to create how we wish our new world to be. Spare your child’s health this year and stop the insanity of consuming massive amounts of poison. Halloween has been made to be unsafe now unless we spend millions on wrapped candy. Clever. Don’t do it. Re-invent a new way of celebrating in your neighborhoods, keep your kids healthy, create new meaning to holidays and stay in your hearts where we need to be all the time anyway. Happy Halloween to all.
Blessings to us all,
Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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