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Eliza: Are You an Energy Sensitive?

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1Eliza: Are You an Energy Sensitive? Empty Eliza: Are You an Energy Sensitive? Fri Nov 01, 2013 12:59 am


Eliza: Are You an Energy Sensitive?

Posted on November 1, 2013

Eliza: Are You an Energy Sensitive? Dscf2849
October 31, 2013
Are You an Energy Sensitive?
Impressions from the “Are You an Energy Sensitive?” Telegathering held on October 29th. This piece is a combination of my notes and impressions of the session, not verbatim. I also asked permission to share this with my readers as more people need to be contacted. Our time to come forward and claim our power is now!
Our hostess, Judith Dagley, put together the teleconference, but during the session she kept telling the participants that our energies were creating the direction of what was shared. And it was evident that there’s quite a bit more to share. I encourage anyone who feels that they might be an energy sensitive to visit Judith’s website, http://www.thecelestialteam.com . There is quite a bit of channeled material there and Judith does regular videos, which are posted on youtube.com.
First thing; why now; why have a telegathering of energy sensitives now? Judith stated that she felt a compelling call to reach out to those of us who are energy sensitives. As the session proceeded the reason became apparent. Those of us, who came to this planet with the specific intention to raise up the frequency level of humanity, came here with two blue prints for our life streams. The first blue print or life plan was to immerse fully into the energies we found here. Keep in mind that we emanate and exist on much higher planes than even the fifth dimensional frequencies that the planet is currently moving into right now.
When we arrived as babies, we immediately felt the dissonance, for we were holding in our little bodies a higher frequency template than humanity. Yet, we had to immerse ourselves, willingly, into these energies and undergo the process of slowly raising ourselves and everyone around us up. It was and is a complicated feat, a very complex endeavor. Many of us suffered from physical problems since we were highly sensitive to the misaligned energies we found ourselves within. Despite the enormous challenge, we kept on. We were / are Masters and were chosen specifically because of our gifts, determination and courage. No one less than a Master would have even been allowed to try.
Does this scenario resonate with you? It does with me, because I feel different now. Since the Shift occurred last December, the energies continue to become easier to bear. And the reason for that is apparent when you understand that there was a second blue print or life plan due to come online when the Shift occurred. Perhaps that is why I woke up on December 22 with a smile on my face.
Now, it was very apparent to others within our families that we were different. Were we aberrant? Weird? No! We were here to be front-runners to set new templates for humanity, a new blue print for future generations. And the second blueprint is activating in those who came here to do this great work of the ages. The energies are now supporting us more than ever before, and as Judith said, “You will begin to feel like a fish in familiar waters.”
What is the new template? There are no more linear constraints to the heart center. Every moment in the Now is multidimensional. No more laws or rules. Freedom to create and be.
Judith explained that we follow the Law of One and are a part of the Unified Field of Creation; we’re here to reinstate the Law of One in such a fashion that has never been experienced before on this planet. The Law of One was practiced for a time in both Lemuria and Atlantis, but its followers soon fell under the power of the devolving energies of the planet.
It is evident that as a group, we are holographic in nature, sharing a synthesis of points of view blending into one heart energy. When we come together as a group, our heart energy blends; we receive insights and downloads of energy packets, which integrate into our bodies to be assimilated later by our conscious awareness. Our variations of energy create a living tapestry of Light, one that is continually changing and developing.
Judith brought forth the concept that our rich perception of life in its full multidimensionality is way beyond that which is currently understood by mainline science. In her words, “Our rich perceptions are far more real than scientists and their “facts” that have served to denounce them as being false.” In other words, our perceptions of reality are beyond what scientists are just now beginning to explore on the edge of quantum physics. Judith described modern science as being a consensual reality, illusionary in its understandings, following rules of the game set by the participants and allowing no room for exploration. Any scientist who strays from the herd is soundly ostracized and cast out.
All these “rules” are very confusing to us sensitives. And we are spiraling into changes beyond the old paradigm. We are on the cusp of becoming visible to the rest of the world as change makers.
While many energy sensitives are still hesitant to step forward and to acknowledge their gifts, those who do are the frontrunners on the wave of change now overtaking the planet. Our coming out of the closet is being supported by Gaia, our cosmic families, the convergence of diverse energies being emanated from our Sun, from the Great Central Sun and the Cosmos. The Universe is supporting our efforts here in a big way.
For those who didn’t notice it, Judith says, “The past is GONE!”
With the advent of the current energies, no current (or old) way will make sense. We are moving into another dimensional perspective. And the energy sensitives are carrying the rest of humanity, those who are willing to change, along with them in their wake.
Judith reminded us that we are the radicals. We didn’t come here to blend and conform. We didn’t come here to be “normal” and fit in. We came as system busters in, from within the human condition. Blessed with warrior energy, we are and have been up to the task. And it is becoming quite evident from a brief look around the current news that something is up… we are going UP! And going higher and higher each day!
For those who are hesitating or nervous about coming forward and being what you came here to be, it is time to trust yourself. It is time to trust what you see and feel, for you are a SEER and a prophet. You are capable of seeing through illusion and into the full multidimensionality of existence. You intuit, you know things that other people don’t and for that reason, you were thought odd or weird by your family or friends when young. So you chose to withdraw, to contract your energies, to become invisible, even to want to leave the planet because it was so overwhelming. I know because I did these things. I experienced being rejected for being and acting different. We have all done these things; now is the time to forgive ourselves and to realize that we did those things for a purpose. It was only through experiencing the whole gamut of human emotion that we could understand and then transmute these expressions into something else entirely. And now it is happening, the world is opening up to love.
It is not an easy road to leave the old ways of being. We are conditioned to use past experiences to make choices for the future. We’re used to listening and following the words of others, gurus, masters, teachers, our parents, our bosses, and our ministers… those authorities outside of ourselves. If something went wrong in our lives, there was always someone to blame. Our parents were stuck in the past. We were constantly being victimized by the past experiences of others; disempowered by others because we didn’t fit. This was a travesty of experience, being either the victim or the victimizer and sometimes both.
The old way of being an energy sensitive was to contract our energies, to protect ourselves by withdrawing from the world, to defend ourselves from others… Unfortunately, by focusing on the very things we wanted to avoid, we amplified our victim perspective. BUT, now the old game is over, in overtime. The past is gone. No current way of being now will make any sense nor be authentic if based on past experience.
So why is this happening now? Judith mentioned the upcoming (November 3) solar eclipse in Scorpio, as being a catalyst for new beginnings. This past ten months since 12/21/12, we have been preparing for this time. Pluto’s relentless push is aiding us to step into what we are here to be. To be not to do!
It’s time to let go of the baggage. With every upward swing of the spiral, more baggage gets left behind. We are no longer the people we were a year ago; in another year, we will be unrecognizable. It is time to open to our inner knowledge, to trust that knowing, to trust even if our brains cannot comprehend what’s happening.
We can use these energies, impulses to empower our knowing, to be in full throttle, now, for the first time in our lives to feel alive and powerful. Allow the vastness of your truth and inner knowing to come forth into your waking consciousness.
With this solar eclipse, we are on the cusp of stepping into a new way of being. The energies of the eclipse are propelling us forward and upward into the higher frequencies, those that we know as Home. These are gateway energies to a new world.
Now it is time to move into Part Two of our two part blueprint. Now, with the changes in frequency there is enough emotional instability to keep us accelerating forward on our path. We need to disintegrate the old patterns in order to reintegrate into something new. We are in the process of initializing our new divine blueprint.
In the coming days and months, Judith told us that unexplainable extra-sensory perceptions will occur to each of us. If you react with fear-based assumptions, your energies will contract. If you approach the new sensations and experiences with an open heart, you will continue to expand your perceptions rapidly. Approach the new and interesting phenomena with curiosity, calmness and neutrality. You are being taught the symphonies of multidimensionality.
Judith told us that she already hears the symphonies, all the time. She said that the symphonies teach her.
Many of us, especially the younger Indigos and crystals have been subjected to being medicated because we aren’t normal and passive. We’re not here to be normal. We’re here to do our work, to teach by doing.
If you have children, recognize that they are BIG beings in little bodies. We all choose our parents and our parents chose us, before conception and before birth. Know that you are not responsible for that little one’s growth. However, by living your truth, you are demonstrating it to your children. While you are feeling the activations, allow time to process them and to own the energies and then come back to your children.
As an energy sensitive, you have a highly developed ability to discern frequencies. From now on, know that everyone on the planet will be moving into these abilities. You are a front runner.
There is a reason why we have felt so isolated. While we incarnated as a group, we were sprinkled across the planet into every culture, race, gender, religion, political system and whatever other division of human society that has existed. We suffered through being indoctrinated as children while infiltrating human consciousness from the inside out. Each one of us has held entire areas, raising the frequencies for others.
Know that we are much honored and loved throughout the Cosmos. It is time for us to come together and to become conscious of our energy sensitivity as the special gift that it is. It is time to claim our authority, our sovereignty and our divine nature. Our gift is the ability to discern frequencies; we can learn to command them, as well.
Now we can learn to tune into the frequencies, to decide is it me? By using our discernment, we can determine whether what we are feeling is “ours” or the “collective”. You see energy sensitives have the ability to plug into any frequency level and to begin clearing that level for the entire planet. Is it any wonder that you have felt overwhelmed by emotions, when more often than not, they weren’t even yours! So it is vital to tune into your own heart energy, to determine how much of what you are feeling is “me” and to release the rest. You can accomplish this with a simple command, “I release ALL of the energies that I am feeling that are NOT mine!”
This is a subtle art and it is needful to practice for it is a powerful technology.
With this technology that you intuitively understand there is no need to contract against what is yours. Allow yourself to feel INTO the energies. Release all judgment, allow resistance to the feelings to melt away, relax any sense of contraction. As you release fear and judgment, the feelings begin to balance and integrate coming to neutral. Love the old feelings (of fear, resistance, feeling less than worthy, etc.) and know that they are not real. Know that they are not you, but judgments that you have picked up from others.
If you move out of neutral while practicing these methods, pause for a moment and re-set. Know that by becoming ever more conscious of your process, by accepting and moving into your power, you are moving ever higher. Your movement will be like a child on a swing, now going high, then low and then higher, spiraling ever upward towards the higher frequencies. All the while, remember that you are drawing many people behind you, like the tail of a comet.
Accept that your very difference is your gift to humanity. You are here to assist the collective to rise in frequency. And not only is this planet being affected, but the entire Universe. Truly you are blessed to be here now.
Note to reader: This paper is a combination of my notes and impressions from the session, not verbatim. Please refer to Judith’s website, http://thecelestialteam.com for information on how to obtain a copy of the taped session if you so desire. There will be more Telegatherings in the future. This one was a great success, but it is just the Beginning to greater things to come.
Thanks to Judith for following her intuition to hold this session and many thanks to those who attended. And many more thanks to those guides and mentors who support us in our work here.
Many blessings,

Thanks to: http://bluedragonjournal.com


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