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Boomer On A Grampage

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1Boomer On A Grampage Empty Boomer On A Grampage Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:42 pm


Boomer On A Grampage
Friday, November 15th, 2013. Filed under: Just Zen

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Boomer On A Grampage Boomers
by Zen Gardner
It’ s no wonder the awakened boomer generation is so upset.  We’re the current elders who’ve watched these latest accelerating changes not just take place, but fully supplant the delicate human and planetary condition.  We’ve seen it happen step by premeditated step.
Even though we baby boomers were born in the heat of social programming experiments, the exponentially increasing onslaught on our world is next to unfathomable. Even we remember simpler times, while our forefathers are no doubt groaning from beyond.
Researchers have tracked these changes brilliantly, even naming the mechanisms being used on humanity. These include cognitive dissonance and other disorders brought on deliberately to create the passive disassociated non-response so prevalent in the current mind set. It’s infuriating, yet the great gap grows between the awake and aware, and the psychologically duped.
Boomer On A Grampage Accelerating-change
What Happened?
As far as I have surmised thus far this current psycho-ensaring paradigm began before and during the Third Reich and continued on into the Fourth Reich – modern Amerika. The rise and fall of Germany was a psy-op as you’ll come to realize eventually, and paved the way to a worldwide Reich-based world emanating from the United States that now permeates the European Union and the many other Amerikan satellites.
As did the Third Reich.
There are no national boundaries for this movement. It’s multi-pronged and deeply layered and rears its ugly head in such ways as trade agreements and UN treaties like Agenda 21 and various other international pacts. These need not pass the sniff test of congressional or other semi-sovereign organs around the world, but are agreed upon by higher ups while the entranced masses eat and drink their debilitating foods and watch their crafted circuses, as banking and corporate stooges and bought off politicians grin and back slap their way to their next bonus and pay grade.
Any  semblance of accountability went out the window a long, long time ago, if it ever even existed in the first place.
That’s what you come to learn. It’s actually been this way a long time, just at varying degrees with varying faces. We’re apparently in the death throes of these maniacal designers’ plans. What’s worse is not just ourselves having to suffer the consequences, but knowing our children and grandchildren will also suffer to even more horrific degrees.
Hence the Grampage.
What To Do
This is always the big one – “What is my role in this? I get it, so what do I do?” My answer is always the same. Cut your ties, detach from the system. Find harmony and truth and full awareness with a spiritual grasp on the really big picture and let it direct your life.
A changed life is the most powerful weapon we have.
From there we know what else to do, how to activate, where to direct our energies, and where NOT to direct our energies. Those are equally important. You’ll see the railers on injustice, the angry blasters, the frustrated journalists trying to get a lucid handle on all this. It’s all part of it but we need to transcend anything that stops us short of a clear perception of our situation.
This is our biggest battle at hand. The confusion is only going to grow. When we’re separate from their machinations it doesn’t have that debilitating effect. If we’re still attached, be it things, financial ties, pet beliefs or egoic attachments, the storm will catch those ill fated sails and twist your world around. This may sound a bit esoteric, but without a clear deck and ready crew our ships will not weather the storm.
Boomer On A Grampage FBI_Mine_Resistant_Ambush_vehicle1
Generational Perspective and Accelerating Change
It helps to have a few years behind you to get a clearer picture of what’s going on. The big difference today is the accelerating rate of change, as it’s become exponential. A good example is the so-called scientific march into the wild. While I remember the first hand calculator costing 400 dollars and was the greatest thing since sliced bread, we’re now moving past Star Trek level technology right on into pre-cog screening, or whatever subjectively interpreted potential proclivities now being scanned as part of facial, retinal and DNA recognition.
It’s no longer theory. They are throwing this at us faster than they can put their anti-riot armored MRAP vehicles on Amerikan streets.
The terrorism meme has worked like a charm. In the name of safety and security anything can appear justified. The compliant say “Bring it on, I have nothing to fear” while anyone of any apparent dissonant view is now a potential threat and has been seriously marginalized, further polarizing the population. These created vying sides are then set against each other while the manipulators watch with glee.

Order out of chaos. Their order, our chaos.
It only remains for people to wake up to this grand design. It’s not easy to face – your previous world view comes crumbling down, but would you rather have reality, or a fabricated dream swiftly turning into a living nightmare?
Boomer On A Grampage TheSocialBrain
Illustration by Michael Marsicano
It’s Just That Simple
The Awakening is an amazing phenomenon. Just imagine a room of 100 people watching a propaganda piece in some form – a play, a presentation, a press conference, whatever. The general vibe is excitement and compliant energy. Five people don’t fall for it and are sitting unimpressed and silent, or talking to others about what they realize they’re witnessing. Then 10 people. Now they are talking to others and some contrary comments are coming out. Then 10 or 20 more say “Yeah, this doesn’t make any sense. We see where you’re going with this. What about this and that?”
It grows. The question marks multiply, and the momentum is changed. The programmers soon lose their spellbinding power. They try to enforce “law and order” to restore the sycophantic adoration they started with. Too late. It’s too obvious. The cat’s out of the bag. The meeting or event is dismissed, or overthrown.
That’s where we are today. We’re talking, we’re responding, we’re no longer just reacting. We’re alive and awake and living.
That’s what they fear the most. So turn it up!
Truth Needs No Validation
Our effect is way beyond even our imagination, but we won’t see it manifested as such except in small glimpses. Intuitively we know it’s happening and fast. But don’t wait for that 100th monkey before you activate. That’s how the enslaved world operates – it’s programmed to get validation from the mass media in some form or another. For us it’s not forthcoming. We’ll only be stigmatized, marginalized or continue to be completely ignored.
We don’t need their acknowledgement. We’ll see profound effects periodically, but the Awakening will rarely get recognized except by alternative sources, and maybe a few outlets that are pulling out of the mainstream. No worries, we don’t need it.
Truth needs no validation. It just needs living and spreading.
With a vengeance. Our succeeding generations deserve our best shot. Give it. Don’t hold back.
It’s now or it’s not at all.
Much love,
- See more at: http://www.zengardner.com/boomer-grampage/#sthash.NfIAPL7F.dpuf

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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