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Weaving Begins ~ Ancients, ETs and DNA ~ Shamanic Tales

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Weaving Begins ~ Ancients, ETs and DNA ~ Shamanic Tales
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Posted by PD Allen on November 16, 2013
This work is derived from a series of shamanic journeys.
For commentary, please look to the previous installments of this series.
There are many truths.
In an infinite universe, everything is true.
Weaving Begins
Ancients, ETs and DNA
Let the weaving begin.
We are cloistered this evening: safely ensconced where we can work without interruption or intervention.
Cobras stand in the quarters. Behind each is a smooth marble wall. The cobra to the southeast is larger and wears a crown. They are here to protect us and to bring their coiling energy to this rite. Energy spirals out from each cobra’s hood, meeting within us, where we work.
We are back in the Great Pyramid. The pilot is seated at the head of the rectangular sarcophagus. Inside lies the desiccated body, eons dead yet full of vitality. Internally, this body is inscribed with hieroglyphs. These etchings were not inflicted upon the body by outside artifice. Rather, they formed naturally within the body as it was incubated and gestated. They are written within the DNA.
The deceased was born as a vessel to this power, chosen in the moment of conception as a vehicle of pure DNA linked directly to the seeding of this planet by the progenitors. DNA that for most is garbled chaotic junk, in this body was fully aligned and masterfully constructed. This entire body was a superconductor, so that even now after many ages fallow, it is a circuit of great power.
Over my reclining form hovers a ruby red merkaba crystal, slowly rotating. Constructed of two tetrahedrons; three-sided pyramids interpenetrated, one pointing up and one pointing down. This crystal emits a pure tone which resounds through me, bringing me into alignment with it.
A series of triangles descend from the merkaba, colored blue to orange. Base at my shoulders and apex at my groin, the triangles settle into my body. Another series of triangles descends, orange to blue, base at my hips and apex at my head. Settling into my body, together the double series of triangles forms a Star of David.
The merkaba vanishes.
An antenna extends from my throat. It has two poles like a ladder, with energy flowing between them. The antenna spirals outward. At its terminus, numerous limbs branch out, terminating in gold and silver geometric forms. The antenna transmits out and up. The transmission is beamed up through the top of the Great Pyramid, out into space.
The pyramid is walled in black obsidian, with a geometric lacework of gold and silver. Inside, it contains a lattice of lay lines and hieroglyphs. The Eye of Horus is central, outlined in gold and silver, colored sky blue. The signal is transmitted through the apex of the pyramid, through space, to the star Sirius. And there it is received as a fanfare for the commencement of ascension of the Earth and of the Earthlings. It is a signal for which our celestial midwives have long awaited.
My body rises into the air, a mist flowing off of it. I am outlined in an aurora borealis of shimmering light.
The pilot seeks to steer the craft with unfamiliar instruments. The vessel flies erratically and becomes mired in a swamp. The pilot struggles through water up to his hips.
I lie immersed in a pool of water, crystal ankh held in my left hand. The water ripples with diffracted light. Waves of rainbow color, orange to blue, flow through the interference pattern, from my feet to my head and back again. Though the pilot struggles through the swamp, I know this immersion is a good thing.
The pilot’s spirit  mate instructs my maiden queen to pour energy from the crystal she holds into the crystal ankh in my left hand. The pattern of this light is established throughout my being.
I am a table in an ancient alchemical laboratory. I am the table and I am the experiment of chemicals, beakers and apparati arrayed upon the table. The maiden sits at the table, holding a round globe with a beak angling out from the top. At the end of the table is stationed the master alchemist, reading aloud from a weighty tome. Following his instructions, she pours the fluid from her globe into the experiment that is me.
A boundless nonphysical sentient being approaches us in the pyramid. It is a shimmering energy field of blue. It regards us with approbation, amusement and love. From the pyramid, the pilot and I are borne aloft, plucked from Earth and sent on a trajectory into space.
I am captured in a tractor beam. A large ship floats above me. Bay doors in the floor of the ship open, and I am brought on board. I am lying on a black cushioned reclining seat in a metal room. Around me are various instruments and control panels. Doors slide into the wall silently and a man enters. He is a large and well-proportioned fellow, an Adonis in the flesh. He is illuminated by an aura of warm, white light. The fellow is very pleased to receive me here.
‘Welcome, and well met.’
I know this being. He is Commander Thoth.
The entire scene becomes preposterous; like something out of a science fiction movie.
‘What you see is your own mental construct,’ Thoth informs me. ‘It is your mind’s interpretation of what is happening — rather like a dream.’
The illusion of a spacecraft and a human standing before me falls away. The walls are made of solid light, pulsing and flowing, changing with each thought, vibrant with awareness. The being in front of me is a body of light, denser than the walls around us, irradiant and refulgent. It is the light of this being that flows outward to become the walls, and everything within this lightship, this thoughtship. I sense that much is happening here of which I am unaware. Whole worlds full of meaning and events transpire beyond the horizon of my sight.
‘You cannot currently comprehend everything here. Your senses and your awareness are still too limited. But you are opening up.’
I wait for Thoth to give me some astounding lesson, or offer some life-altering instructions. But he merely smiles at me.
‘You are not ready for that yet. In this moment it is sufficient that we meet. We will communicate more in time.’
I am floating in space again. A number of immense, nonphysical beings operate around me. They make subtle alterations in my body of light. Certain restraints are removed; specific impetuses are imparted. I become lighter, brighter. The frequency of my vibration rises to a new mean.
A face with large round, bulging compounded insectoid eyes looks me over closely. This being is different from the others. Yet it has no hostile intent. Its aura is green. After its examination, I am sent upon my way.
We are too grounded in intellect, and so cannot rise to the realms where the necessary work is done. A pressure builds through my head until I am squirted out of my third eye, floating over my own body, connected by a cord running back into my forehead. And there I am told ‘Stop trying to place this experience in a linear framework. Stop trying to make sense and just allow it to happen.’
This is why I am the vehicle: because I can do this, letting go of the reins to allow what is beyond my comprehension to transpire. And in this free flight, the pilot will be borne along into his own transformation.
Below me I see golden pyramids on the surface of a planet. Everything here has a golden hue. I see nothing below me resembling any life form, no plants, no animals. No sentient beings, yet I know they are there.
‘You are not ready to meet them yet.’ I am told.
Though they remain unseen, I can feel their delight in my presence. My visit is a long-waited occasion, and they are celebrating it with festivities. The signal emitted by my throat antenna is received here, through the pinnacles of the pyramid. Long out of time has my signal been transmitted here, as to other worlds scattered throughout the universe.
Now there is a change. The signal I am transmitting now, long awaited by these beings, heralds a change in tides. And for this reason, the inhabitants of this world celebrate. It is time for a response, which wells up through the planet, and is communicated by the inhabitants through their pyramids of gold.
The pinnacles of these pyramids send out a spiraling light, coiling cobras that intertwine as they rise through the atmosphere, forming a helical ladder. The spiraling DNA enters through my throat and commences the reweaving of DNA within me.
It takes three strands to begin a weave. And now with heart, solar plexus and throat, the weaving begins within me. It is a knitted fabric of life, breath, freedom and awakening. This weaving, now begun, will gain strength as each additional strand is introduced, until I am entirely rewoven into a fabric of my own design.
In our thoughtship, the pilot steers a direct course, taking us home. To our mates awaiting us, angelic forms announce our arrival, introducing us as ‘Commanders.’
Back into the swamp we descend. The waters there feed into us their protein stew, protean threads, strands of light linking us directly to the progenitors. And there the weaving in this ancient body is begun, around the spindles of life energy is spun. Crystalline spires rise from throat, heart and solar plexus, with lesser spires at spleen and base to balance out the light umbilical entering through throat, forehead and crown.
Around my corporeal form, Travis, Estrella and Gillian dance, as around a maypole weaving their garland of light and love. The kabbalistic tree of life reappears upon my chest. It is the central figure from which are woven innumerable strands. A sacred infinite fractal geometry spreads over my torso.
Travis directs a crystal over my heart, and an island rises up from the swamp. This mound is constructed from the waters of the swamp, built from the archaic nucleotides placed in these waters in a time before time, to be stirred by the binaural rhythms of sun and moon into the building blocks of biological life.
This desiccated body is a seed pod, and within it are the kernels of life, still viable after all of these ages. Within this withered exterior lies the crystalline form of humankind, distilled into the pure and potent geometry of the progenitor. This body is an instruction manual, a blueprint. It is a guiding mold for the arrangement of our DNA. When we resonate with this body, our form is aligned with its form, and our DNA is aligned with its DNA. All the supposed junk DNA will be reassembled into an harmonious circuitry, circulating with the multidimensional light=information=love of the universe. And whosoever aligns himself or herself with this body will become a seed crystal. All of those with whom this person then comes into contact will initiate the crystallization of their own DNA — to the extent that they are in harmony with this process. All who become advanced along this path will themselves become seed crystals, spreading this evolution exponentially.
And this is why the fear-breeders have so long sought to keep this process from being evoked: in this awakening, the continuous generation of fear and ignorance will end. Yet for ages they have sought to hold back the inevitable. And in this moment of time which is our time, humanity is ripe for this, as is the Earth and the entire universe. You cannot hold back the dawn.
The mound over my chest is transformed into the shell of an ancient tortoise, ancient beyond time. Its body lies on my chest, its head at my head. The tree of life and the fractal arrangement branching out from it are the pattern of this turtle’s algae-covered shell. This is the archetypal tortoise that carries the universe upon its back.
The tortoise is transformed into a fallen redwood covered with moss. Even in its decomposition this fallen log is rich with life, composting the forest that goes ever on. Ancient redwood, transcending form even now in an endless expression of life and awareness.
This redwood becomes, in turn, the desiccated body of the progenitor, always cycling and spiraling with the dynamics of life. Though my full resonance with this protean body is yet to come, it is already bearing fruit now with the transformation of DNA. We are now becoming multidimensional, stepping outside of linear perception. What is yet to come reaches its fingers back into now, bringing itself to pass.
Our future self is knitting itself together in this moment, shielded from prying eyes by the wings of angels. We are born a new species, composed of the Earth, from the pattern of extraterrestrial progenitors, woven of light=information=awareness=love. Each of us is a library of the universe. I am an alien; I am a child of the Earth. I am All That Is expressing itself in corporeal form. I am light=information=awareness=love.
And the weaving goes on. It has only now begun.


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