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Holistic Alternative
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by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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Steve Beckow – Lifting the Veil

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Steve Beckow – Lifting the Veil – Golden Age Of Gaia
December 1, 2013
Steve Beckow – Lifting the Veil  Billy-Meiers
Steve Beckow – Lifting the Veil  Steve
Steve Beckow  -  Golden Age Of Gaia
Billy Meiers meets Semjase from the Pleiades: Most galactics around the Earth at the moment are human in form
We’ve heard many times that we are coming out of the veil that we’ve been under, the latest being that the “Event” will cause a dropping of the veil. Blossom’s Galactic-Federation sources say:
“When THE EVENT has taken place … there will be a rise in vibration FOR ALL … and we mean FOR ALL.”
“As one rises into the NEW WORLD … the NEW VIBRATION … the NEW ATMOSPHERE … they will ‘pass through the veil’ … ‘the mists’ as it is sometimes called … rising on up as the physical vibration allows itself to match the soul of that individual. As one attunes themselves to each ‘degree’ of self enhancement they progress/travel deeper into the HIGHER VIBRATION of where the NEW WORLD resides.” (1)
Let’s look at the background of the matter of the veil we’ve labored under and what others have said about the conditions of its lifting.
The Two Uses of the Term “Veil”

The Company of Heaven make two uses of the term “veil.”
The first relates to those starseeds who came here to assist with Ascension and have voluntarily assumed a veil or blindfold that closes them off to the nature of Reality and of their own identities.
The Pleiadians through Bella Capozzi call it a “cumbersome veil of forgetfulness.” (2)  The Great Divine Director through Tazjima tells us:  “Your awareness of Self has been blocked by self-imposed veils of forgetfulness.” (3)
Deep down all of us starseeds know who we are.  But our blindfolds prevent us from seeing it in the moment, as Saul, speaking through John Smallman, tells us.
“There are none among you who do not know that you are divine beings created in Love for eternal happiness. It is just that your illusory state of existence has temporarily hidden this divine truth from you.” (4)
The Pleiadians elaborate:
“For those who chose to take [it] on, …  you have known yourselves only as your current, perceptually limited human self. There has been struggle and pain as you have been fighting what has seemed to be an uphill battle, all the while aware, in that mysterious place deep with you, that there had to be something more, something you were missing, something far more substantial than what was readily apparent.” (5)
Saul makes the same point.
“You are all divine beings of power and might who have chosen to constrain yourselves within the very narrow confines of a human body. And now the time has come for you to move on — to move up into the higher dimensions where your spirits shine out brilliantly through the beautiful Light with which God endowed you at the moment of your creation.” (6)
However, the Company of Heaven use the term “veil” in a second way, referring not to the blindfold or blinkers we wear, but to the curtain it erects that shuts off the higher dimensions from our sight and other senses.  Sheldan Nidle’s sources use the term in that way here:
“The time is indeed ripe for a non-violent revolution of immense proportions. Your world has long waited for changes that have yet to become visible. Behind this veil is a vast movement that needs to become the present way of your world.”  (7)
As the veil of forgetfulness recedes, people are seeing through this curtain, as the Hathors through Wes Annac tell us:
“Nothing about your existence on the Earth says you have to deny the higher dimensions or otherwise not perceive of them; only you allow yourselves to believe that the veils between your world and the higher dimensions are too thick.
“Indeed they’re not, and at this stage they can be practically seen through as ever-more souls embrace the higher dimensions and all that comes with them.” (8)
Here I won’t be looking as much at the second veil that curtains off the higher dimensions as I will at the first veil of forgetfulness that has us accept the unreal, the illusion, or the dream as the Reality.
To do that, I need to say a word first about who we are and where we came from.
When we talk about the veil lifting, we’re faced with the need to make distinctions among groups. There are probably no “one-size-fits-all” statements that can be made. Sometimes the Company of Heaven make statements that apply to one group that may not apply to another and we have to pick our way between their meanings.
There are for instance beings here who’ll be ascending for the first time.  These are almost exclusively referred to as “terrestrial.” Then there are those who’ve ascended before and have returned to be the leaven in the loaf.  These are referred to as “starseed.”
The majority of “terrestrials” have lived under the veil of illusion since entering the Third Dimension. In one of his talks, Archangel Michael speaks to them.
“You have left the heart of One and you have traveled, beautiful beings, through many different realities, and for purposes of understanding, down into the Third Dimension. …
“As you left the heart of One, as you assumed different forms, there was what you have thought of as step down, step down, step down, step down. And then you have had the reverse.
“Now you are on your way home, so there is a progression — step up, step up, step up, step up.” (9)
Many terrestrials are serving Ascension. Some galactics as well have incarnated on Earth hundreds if not thousands of times to prepare for their Ascension-related work. The Pleiadians tell us:
“Beyond the races of the Galactic Federation incarnated on your world to bring forth truth and Light and act as conduits for our energies and impressions, there are a plethora of souls on your Earth now who’ve trained for the ascension taking place throughout various Earthly Lives.”  (10)
The Hathors add:
“The various souls on your world clearly incarnate to spread the Light of the higher dimensions have trained for their roles throughout a plethora of past Lives and experiences on your Earth.” (11)
That having been said, very few people, if I’m correct in my thinking, remain with one planet forever. Most people have lives on numerous planets and star systems.
The Arcturian Group tells us that “all of you reading these messages are Beings of Light – some more aware of it than others, but all trying to understand spiritual truth while living lives under a veil of forgetfulness that comes with an incarnation on earth.” (1)
The greatest number who are awake at this time and aware of their missions are probably starseeds, beings from other planets, dimensions, and even kingdoms, who have incarnated to help with this planet’s Ascension.
As the Hathors through Wes Annac tell us: “While a portion of your collective exists on your world as Earth-natives, the majority of souls have come from various other realms.” (2)
The Pleiadians through Bella Capozzi call us “angels.” In my conversations with Archangel Michael, I’ve learned that, when the Company of Heaven uses that term, they usually mean it literally. The Pleiadians explain our purpose in being here.
“You are each precious angels in human form. You are here with a purpose, each and every one – a purpose most unique and unlike that of any other. You are on Earth as representatives of the many cultures and races who watch you with avid fascination. You are a diverse community at the the very least.
“With the dismantling of the veil, this diversity and its accompanying intricacies are being gradually revealed to you along with your memories, your contractual obligations, your origins and the true facts about your history.” (3)
They give us a vivid picture of where we’ve come from:
“The truth is that you are so very much more than you ever might imagine! The earth is rather young, and well before she ever drew her first breath, you lived and thrived elsewhere.
“An unlimited and omnipresent being, you were and are having a colorful variety of life experiences in many other dimensions and locales simultaneously. You are supremely holy and of God, spun off from the Source of All That Is. As you, and the many facets of you, you live to learn and grow wise, and to aid your less evolved brethren in their spiritual growth.  (4)
Saul makes the same point.
“You are all immortal, divine beings of immense wisdom, but within the limited environment that you chose to occupy and engage with, your wisdom is hidden from you for the most part. …
“Being human, experiencing a human existence, places limitations on you; it is part of the human condition, as your full and magnificent God-given wisdom could not be supported by your human vehicle.” (5)
The Pleiadians list some of the star systems that the starseeds have come from.
“Various awakening Lightworkers take roots in our [Pleiadian] collective, as well as those of the Andromedans, Arcturians and Sirians.” (6)
However, not all live on a planet or inhabit a physical body.  The Pleiadian Council of Nine through Wes Annac explains that “some of you … have come from states of consciousness much purer than those that would require Living on a planet.” (7)
This latter group consists of beings who would, outside this body, be formless beings, a circumstance which we probably cannot imagine in our present state of consciousness. They assure us that help will be given to these beings to recover their original state:
“We are speaking, of course, of vastly pure states of consciousness that, while many of you have come from, you have not yet grown back into and we can say with happiness and Love that you will be able to fully remember these states of consciousness upon growing back into them.
“Indeed, there will be so very much for you to learn that will help you adjust to the pure states of consciousness you have long begun growing toward, and we mean this for your personal Lives and for the world stage.” (8)
Collectively, starseeds have come to serve as a bridge between the higher dimensions and this one, the Pleiadians explain.
“Souls who’ve come from our collective and from various other collectives working with the Galactic Federation and the Light Forces overall, have incarnated on your world in a direct effort to become bridges between the higher dimensions and the Earthly realms they’ve funneled themselves down into.” (9)
Not all of them work in the spotlight, the Hathors say.
“Some have come simply to hold the energetic space and stay out of the public domain of even the awakening Lightworkers, but they’re nevertheless performing a diligent and noble feat for the ascension of the Earth.” (10)
Archangel Michael tells us that he himself played the major role in selecting who came at this time to Earth and he took us from far and wide.
“Whether you consciously are realizing it or not, … this is the circle. This is the circle of 6 billion-plus that I chose to do this with.
“So, yes. You have gathered from far and wide, seraphs, archangels, those from the Outer Forces, the Inner Forces. It is a gathering the magnitude of which you are just glimpsing.” (11)
Apparently these too are not simply fine words. In my readings, Archangel Michael has identified several individuals as seraphim, archangels, and angels – though all wear the blindfold.
Sanat Kumara tells us that aspects or emanations of the heads of planetary councils are here, ship’s commanders, etc., all working for the same successful outcome for Gaia and her inhabitants. But this is not the aspect of things he wishes to draw our attention to.
“Some of you have what you tend to think of as elevated positions in other realms or in other planetary systems. But that is not as important, or certainly it is not more important, than thinking or allowing that what you are doing in form, in your current person, is not as important.
“So that is why we do not put emphasis on who is who. Who is the head of this planetary council? Or who is the commander of what ship? Or who has been, for example, Abraham or Moses? Or who has been Mary Magdalene? This is not the situation we want to create.” (12)
Earth is the first planet to ascend in physical form so this ground-breaking project has attracted the services of evolved beings from all realms and star systems. But we’re not here to parade around and say “what a good boy am I!” We’re here to work.
“Most Intelligent and Lighted of Souls”
This collective of lightworkers who are here to assist with Ascension is a talented bunch, the Hathors tell us. They also say this not to stroke our egos, but to kickstart our remembrance process.
“You’re the most intelligent and Lighted of souls, and we don’t say this to please your egos.
“We seek to unlock the understanding in you that you are indeed on the Earth for a grand purpose, as when realizing this, we‘re confident many of you will get to work on restoring your Earth in the specific ways you’ve found yourselves able to do so.
“Those who seem to be pioneering or leading the ascension movement have been activated by your ascension-energies ahead of time.” (13)
However, the process of regaining our original state of consciousness cannot happen too quickly or it would burn our body’s circuits out, the Pleiadian Council reminds us.
“Every one of you have maintained the strongest and purest connection to the higher realms; it is simply that such a connection cannot be made known to you all at once for indeed, this would burn you out, dearest souls.
“We do not wish for that to happen, and you as well would not want to gain a perspective that you have not naturally grown into because again, you would be overwhelmed.” (14)
This is from   -   Steve Beckow  -  Golden Age Of Gaia

Thanks to: http://higherdensity.wordpress.com


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Herb Lady
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