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The Elephant in the Room

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1The Elephant in the Room  Empty The Elephant in the Room Wed Dec 18, 2013 8:06 am


The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room  Elephant+in+the+room

The Elephant in the Room
By American Kabuki

December 17, 2013

We are in an amazing time of transition. Nothing is staying static, not you, your relationships, your interests. Even your very body is changing and in transition.  The old ways of being, class, "knowing your place", acceptance of abuse as just part of life, is rapidly becoming clear as the mental programming that separated your mind from your heart.  You were taught to distrust your heart.

The awakening journey is  a highly personal one.  How it begins is different for all of us. So is the ending, its all tailored specific for your journey.  How The Event, the amazing conclusion of duality happens to you, will be perfectly tailored for you.  There are no mistakes. Only learning and experience. There is no retribution for "mistakes". Only love and a welcome home.

You were taught you were worthless, valueless except that which the planetary control systems miserly begrudgingly parceled out to you for compliance.   Protocols, rules, procedures, beliefs and customs not even of your creation, we handed to you from birth and you told comply or else.  Social ostracism is a painful and powerful thing to experience, but you show me any spiritual seeker and I will show someone who has been booted out of at least one organized religion or another.  Friends and family connections lost, for as simple a thing as seeking answers by asking questions. Forbidden questions.

In the past, if you wanted to learn about things spiritual, you sought the preacher, or the guru, priest or monk. You were afraid of God. Afraid of his displeasure.  Afraid of making a wrong move.  And they told you such fear was consistent with a loving God.  Fear equals love? Fear of God equals love of God? What kind of messed up masochistic thinking is that?  Somehow the loving Creator of all behaved more like an alcoholic male deity in a white wife beater undershirt.  Yahweh or my way... as Stephen Colbert jokes.  They'd teach you anything but to turn inwards and pull from inside what is available from Eternal Essence all ways and always.

Whatever faith or discipline you had, you had a sacred book that you were told to read, if not learn by heart.  I say heart loosely because if you read those books by heart, you would not blindly follow them, you would have chosen what resonated with you and what did not.  But such diversity was not tolerated.  To do so was to be the heretic. The back slider. The jack Mormon. The Jew who lost his ethnic identity. The one who lacked zeal for the truth in whatever brightly colored labeled container they put it in. The mind was meant, in their world, to control the heart, not the other way around. Which is really strange when you think about it because most them do teach God speaks to you and through your heart, so why the emphasis on mental conditioning? They knew how to program the mind but could not program the heart. They laid down the rails your caboose was supposed to travel. Anything else was a mental derailment the thought police were quick to correct.

I don't remember where I first heard it but one of the words I learned early on after my departure from mind prison of my fundamentalist Christian origins was the term "higher self". Its not a concept from Churchianity, they have the "trinity" and you ain't in it. The higher self is an interesting idea.  Its very common in light worker or new age circles and everyone seems to know what it means, this vague part of you that can't fit into your body.  At first I took it mean simply God. Later I came to see via the ways its used, as the stuff that won't fit into a human.  I always wondered why someone didn't invent a higher self shoe horn? I mean women fit into shoes all the time that are not the right size for their feet. Middle age men try to fit into pants their tummy is way too big for.  Why not a belt line expander for the soul?  After all Eternal Essence is LIFE itself!  

I remember my first encounter with Law of One series, its an interesting read.  Most of my readers will have read parts of it one time or another, especially if you are a David Wilcock fan.  I read it long before I knew of David Wilcock.  Love David by the way, not making fun of him.

Coming from the computer training I have had I like specifics, and that book is full of them. Specifics make me feel cozy (an illusion of course) but when you spent a good half or your life programming and working with information processing, specifics are your bread and butter.  You can't a computer what to do without them, but humans are much more flexible.

The book is a channeling by Ra, an entity that purportedly interacted with Egypt during its hay day. According to the law of One channeling (and I am paraphrasing here - I was never good at quoting bible scriptures verbatim either so don't expect me to do any better on new age ones) Ra got in trouble karma-wise for letting the people of Egypt think he was a god.  How divine of Ra!  So part of his working off that divine Karma (according to the story) was to provide this information to some very psychic people in California during the 1970s who liked to drop a bid of LSD to kick start their pineal.

The book truly is remarkable, if you don't mind the fact that it reads like HAL 9000 wrote it... "I'm sorry Dave I can't do that..".  The precision of wording is truly somewhat unnerving.  Its machine like.  I think if Ra had just one chapter entitled  "How I fucked up Egypt and the Middle East and then had do all these channelings..." I would feel a bit better.  Humanize Ra a bit. But it does give some decent background information on what ETs call the various realms of energetic density (sometimes incorrectly referred to as dimensions), and its got them neatly carved up into onion layers of existence.  I call it the Russian doll model of the universe and of course those in the inner layers are assumed to be closer to the Creator Source...by implication of the model and its hierarchy of earned rank.

And that loosely coincides with another book "the partners in contrast" (aka The Cabal) love, the Urantia book.  Oh the bankers live by that book!  My friend GW Hardin describes the Urantia book as "the Orion perspective of the universe", he points out very carefully "its a perspective, not necessarily how it is".  Its the bible of the "power consciousness" but it is not the perspective of the Christ consciousness.  There are three consciousnesses in this universe, the Power Consciousness, The Christ Consciousness, and the Choir Consciousness (a consensus committee-like time-line-spanding consciousness) Earth has not encountered yet.

The Orion star system, is of course, home to what people call reptilians, dracos, Greys, and Cobra's favorite gnostic word for the whole shebang, archons. Archie the Reptoids.  And you know all that stuff from David Icke and others.  I don't need to repeat all that.  Hence the reason for its esteemed status as handbook and sacred scripture of the bankers, judges, politicians, illuminists, and magicians as to the structure of the universe. That's why they work with templates based the perceived "universal" templates, and they use them over and over again.  They are not very creative.  Learn one template you know the others when they show up. Heather learned that fact early on when dealing with the bankers.  Richard Hoagland has long pointed out all the Orion symbolism found in the NASA space programs. All that is not by accident.  They were the gangstas on the block here on planet earth for the last 6000 years.  They even convinced many people they created humans and the planet is only 6000 years old.

The neat organizational lines and structures the Law of One and Urantia book make between realms and abilities is an illusion. Its a logical construct to explain, but like all metaphors it falls apart when you take it too literally. The true situation is much more fluid than that. Creator source has always worked through direct relationships. Part of the reason these books exist it to perpetuate a belief in limits and separations.  I have no doubt Ra believes its perspective is the true one.  And Ra has worked hard to get where it is in the hierarchy. Same goes for the authors of Urantia book. However it does very little good to speak of Oneness and then tell everyone how separate they are from each other.  If am Eternal Essence and they are Eternal Essence and its all One... then what truly stops me from doing anything they do?  Simply the belief in limits.  So if your universe is series of nested Russian dolls, then that's the universe you will experience. I've spent the last 5 weeks walking, talking and eating with someone who does not have those beliefs and I can tell you she operates without those limits.  Is she something different than me? Only in current understanding perhaps, but if she is I AM and I AM too...no she's not different. This moment in time is about empowering YOU.  And you will be.  When you step into it and accept it.

But suffice it to say, the moment you release limits of perception and choice amazing things happen.  BTW you don't do it by saying "I release limits", or going to some guru who teaches you how to release so-called "soul contracts".  You do it by loving without reservation or condition YOURSELF, all of Eternal Essence and its various in-body-ments.  Even the partners in contrast. They are "I" too. If you have any blood lust for revenge you're going to find its going to produce an automatic limit on what you can BE and DO.  You play by their rules you play on their turf - separation and duality - and they are damn good at it - you take your chances.  You play by the rules of "I" nobody can touch you without your consent. Its not about raising your vibrations, the higher realms are coming down to join ours, the planet is not going away.  Earth is the primal point of creation.  What changes here on earth is quantum entangled with everything.  That's why its been fought over so much by every race of ET and "the divines".  But its been energetically separated from the rest of the Universe by design and choice of those who are here for the lessons and wisdom its would bring.

At this point at the end of 2013, we have a wealth of information about ETs compared to what we had 10 years ago.   There's been some very excellent human research and channeled material.  What has not been talked about, until Heather Tucci-Jarraf started talking about it last January, is another group and layer above that, which she refers to as "the divines", some call them "eternals", some call them "immortals"...and in times long past when the interacted more openly with humans they were called "gods" (I specifically distinguish this from monotheism's concept of Prime Creator). These beings have controlled the banking system through the BIS and the head of the Chinese dragon family.

We've talked in the past at how it was that duality got started, the choice we made to create a hierarchy (which is by definition separation of upper and lower) and who would play what roles.  Some chose to go through it largely semi-conscious, others full conscious participation of one side of contrast or the other. What got lost was they were only roles and the beings in the hierarchy started believing they were truly better than other instances of Eternal Essence operating in the privacy of perception. And as each realm of beings created the next realm of beings ('cause that's just what Eternal Essence does - "plays God" - CREATES - as taboo as that sounds...). Those the created they felt they owned those in the next layer. This of course naturally led to those who objected that idea they were lessor and rebellion and wars resulted.  And such is the Galactic history.  And of course here on planet Earth, things got really out of hand.

I believe its in the Law of One series it mentions that its impossible for "5d" and above beings to lie. Energetically its seen for what it is, a falsehood.  That much is true. What is not said in the Law of One series and similar sources is you don't need to lie to control perceptions, you merely don't be transparent with all information at your disposal and your and rely on the other party's presumption of the facts which is reinforced by their perception of their place, power and situation within the hierarchy.  Human lawyers do that all the time.  What the divines withheld is the true human value and creative power of humanity when operating in full consciousness.  They fear it.

But the true elephant in the room that has emerged lately, is a new aspect of duality that NOBODY knew about (Prime Creator Source's little surprise ending).  One that is not known to the divines (although a few know it now!) or ANYONE on Earth, is that the higher self you have been told about, the one you may have been even bowing down to and praying to, or in cringing fear of, is one in the same with those operating as the divines and higher (could be on either side of the contrast of duality or the same side).  Another fractal of YOU. The lowly human who's been told he needs to be instructed by his ascended masters and the divines and angels is in fact the same eternal essence in various guises of roles in those different energetic realms.  They  have the same quantum signatures just different energetics and roles.  If you want to see a good example of quantum signatures, rent the movie "Cloud Atlas".  It follows a soul group through the fall of Atlantis to the near future, and the same actors play different roles in each time period.  But if you watch the movie closely, the film maker puts a birth mark (a quantum signature) on certain inbodyments and its not always the same actor with the same looks, sometime it is, sometimes its not.

Its these fractals of the same being that will now be reconciled through the law of neutrality canceling out the worse parts of their respective fractals (just as two light waves 180 degrees out of phase cancel each other out) into one coherent whole being that can operate in any realm.  This coherent whole was the original state of each Being before the separation began and the amnesia set in.   And it all begins here on Earth with The Event.

So be careful who you despise most.  You might be just hating yourself.  And its going to be YOU who reconciles the energetics.  And that is done through love.  And that shouldn't surprise anyone really, if its all One. For One IS LOVE.  All is One. All is love.

Posted by Obi-Wan Kabuki at 11:06 PM

Thanks to: http://americankabuki.blogspot.nl


2The Elephant in the Room  Empty Re: The Elephant in the Room Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:56 pm


Prpl- this was very enlightened and enlightening to me.  The Elephant in the Room  1598226751 

 : thumbs up:  what this invokes from me now:

so "the Elephant in the room" is each in-bodyment discovering more aspects of Who & Whose they are and BEing and DOing ALL in Love with all others, as each (in full personal responsibility) is part of the ONE always and in ALL ways.  ☀ 

anyone else wish to comment? U R Each & ALL Welcome to do so here  :hugs : 

3The Elephant in the Room  Empty Re: The Elephant in the Room Wed Dec 18, 2013 5:35 pm


This post was very timely for me as well. I've been doing some shaman journeying to talk with various earth and animal spirits. I had a fabulous discussion the other day about soul fractals, which was explained to me as all those people in your life to which we are most bound and we innately feel are of the same soul frequency. When you look back on your life you will find five of them (unless you are young, in which case you might not have met them all yet) which is why we have five fingers/toes. These people are generally ancestors, twin flames, etc. but can also be an animal with which you had a special bond that aligns with this frequency. This is what was conveyed to me by an ancestral spirit (long deceased) who was one of my five fractals. So this statement fell right into place with what I felt after hearing that:

"Its these fractals of the same being that will now be reconciled through the law of neutrality canceling out the worse parts of their respective fractals (just as two light waves 180 degrees out of phase cancel each other out) into one coherent whole being that can operate in any realm."

4The Elephant in the Room  Empty Re: The Elephant in the Room Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:43 pm


You are always so very welcome 7fm.

Cloud Atlas... when I watched this movie I could totally relate as I have some memories though still hazy of past lives. Very close to how I think it is...

Raven... now I am trying to decide on 5. Is it ok if we go with 5+5 fingers and 5+5 toes so we can have 20 fractals??? I can not be held to the limit of just 5. LOL :)


5The Elephant in the Room  Empty Re: The Elephant in the Room Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:06 am


I think multiples of five are okay (smile.) Fractals are actually infinite! Oddly, Starbro's father, who I count as one of my five, told me the same thing years ago before he died. This was pretty esoteric stuff for this conservative-thinking guy, so his odd statement really stuck in my mind. It's not people you love necessarily, it's people who have the same soul vibration. In my case, they share a deep kindness, a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth, and a capacity for unconditional love. You feel blessed to have these people in your life, but the telling factor is their vibe.

6The Elephant in the Room  Empty Re: The Elephant in the Room Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:54 am


Well it is something I had not given a lot of thought to until now. For sure my foster mom. If not for her I would not have had any sense of family at all, and she could see right through me. My 6th grade teacher Mr. England for sure. It was from him that I learned of the stars and attached myself to Orion.
Now that I really think on this forget the twenty thing. LOL This is a hard one....


7The Elephant in the Room  Empty Re: The Elephant in the Room Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:58 pm


I know. I've been thinking it about a lot myself. The number part isn't the important part, it's to recognize those souls who have been pivotal parts of our personal evolution. Just taking the time to think of them and honor them is what matters I think. This is Shaman Speak. Plus I have noticed that as I dump old bad stuff that happened in this life and past lives, I have a lot more space to honor the good stuff. Amazing!

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