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Sync Act: Visualise Peace. (Text)
Posted by Tony Z
by Geoff Byrd
I believe that the most important thing we can do as human beings to counter the obvious darkness rolling in is to use the power of imagination and visualization. There are forces at work here. There is a scripted version of events taking place shaping our future based on the screenplay of an out of control power structure.
There is a plot to dumb down, wipe out and step on the neck of decent, hard working people. Meanwhile, they want to elevate a bloated, ego driven death cult called the Illuminati. It’s been in place for thousands of years so it’s nothing new. But what is new is the speed in which these changes are taking place.
There is a trans humanist agenda, a post human, moral relativism taking hold. There is a lack of empathy and emotion in a society that is turning our kids into nihilists and megalomaniacs. The crowned and ruling child has conquered the world. Society is pouring out messages to identify with ego and being “better than” the next person.
Sync Act: Visualise Peace. Truthweb_n
They encourage kids to constantly compare and contrast themselves with others, which is the exact opposite direction of enlightenment. Social media distractions, peer pressure especially on the Internet, bullying and Ego led interactions are creating whole generations mired in dangerous narcissism, even psychopathy.
It is good to point out evil in the world otherwise, how do we change course? But it’s also not healthy or proactive to only focus on dark conspiracies without pondering, brainstorming and suggesting the solutions.
This left brained prison we have all contributed in creating through our energetic acquiescence, needs a right-brained, creative solution. All the greatest minds throughout history hold the same basic tenants: imagination is more important than intelligence. And wisdom is more powerful than knowledge. These truths are profound.
I don’t claim to have the answers to unseat this evil. I don’t claim to be anything more than a voice in the wilderness.
But I know that I care about people. I know that I truly want this dark power to be replaced with love and compassion for one another.
I know that the script is written and we are heading for a cliff. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of following someone else’s agenda. I’m tired of children being hurt, tortured, mind controlled and worse.
I’m also tired of trolls on Internet boards and people falling into the same trap over and over. Divide and conquer, “ordo ab chao.” They create the chaos and then pretend to create order by taking away the freedoms and rights of the people. This is an unsustainable plan and an outright amoral one.
We have to stop lining up like cattle and falling into the same trap over and over, this Hegelian dialectic of left vs. right, Christian vs. Muslim, dumb vs. smart, country vs. rap, white vs. black. It’s all a plan to keep us constantly divided and if you read literally ANY web board or comment section, you’ll see the plan has worked to perfection.
There is no more such thing as common sense, because the most basic truth would be immediately picked apart, laughed at, and scoffed by these very same Internet trolls. You could say gravity exists or blood is red and you’d still have hundreds of people telling you that you’re an idiot and you don’t deserve to live. And somewhere in the conversation you’ll be labeled a liberal scumbag or a tea party moron for saying so. But these trolls are people. Human beings that have been led down the dark path of mind control.
Would we every say these comments directly to the face of another human being in an elevator? If you say “yes” you’ve graduated from narcissist to sociopath. I’m sure most would agree it’s gotten out of control.
They believe that no matter what you say, it’s wrong because they didn’t say it. It’s as simple as that. The crowned and conquering child is the out of control ego identification and manipulative psychology that allows the most base, violent tendencies to rule. The Reptilian Brain loves to be right.
But this struggle is not fought in the visible world. It is a war waged in an invisible world of frequency. We must be the noise cancellation technology to their blatantly evil transmission. The real battle is the one waging in the morphic field.
The good news is that love and compassion operates at a high and fast frequency that is 100 times more powerful than the low and slow frequency of fear, hatred, narcissism and evil. So truth and justice actually ARE on our side.
But here is the kicker and this is the information that no one tends to talk about: our natural abilities allow us to synch our frequency to theirs. Our natural human instincts are to connect.
The controllers know this and use it to their advantage; hence TV, Movies, Music, Radio, Commercials and other mind control devices appeal to our amazing ability to synchronize and match the energy of others. This is an amazing strength that stems from our propensity for empathy.
But they use this strength against us. For example, a well-intentioned researcher in the truth movement might become attuned to the frequency of the dark Illuminati rulers he is trying to expose.
In the morphic field; that is, the field of intentional energy, the researcher becomes synched with the low and slow vibrations of the control system because his natural tendency is to understand and thereby connect with his enemy. That is why acting is a dangerous art. It’s a brilliant skill that comes from this same organic ability to imagine and recreate and synchronize with the character’s vibrational frequency.
This is why you hear so many stories of actors that go “mad” for a period of time while conjuring up an evil character. They are creating this energy vibration and resonating with it in their preparation even though they believe it’s just acting. The universe doesn’t now the difference between the show and the rehearsal and the law of attraction is applied regardless. So they attract this darkness they have become attuned to.
It is the intentionality that matters, not the context. That is why the very same evil control system wants corporate culture to be cold and unfeeling and connected to the base, reptilian brain. People step on each other clamoring over the corporate ladder to get ahead, stepping on even the heads of their friends and co-workers as rungs of that ladder. This creates a culture of competition and fear of loss. This synchs with the energy of the CEO, the board, and the shadowy characters above them in the hierarchy.
This is why those that shape the future, those that control the agenda love video games. Because when kids go around “pretending to kill” other people while engaged in a game, they are vibrating with the frequencies of murder. They might be great kids: brilliant, creative, intelligent geniuses.
But while they are playing this game, they are vibrating with those low and slow vibrations of murder and “I’m the good guy and they are the bad guy and they deserve to die. I don’t know why, they just do, because they are not me.” This creates a frequency that then attracts like frequencies into their lives.
The astronauts were told to rehearse the space walks and the tasks they were to perform in space in their minds as rehearsal. They tested the sequencing and firing of muscles while they were visualizing their tasks and they were identical to real thing. Science knows this and generally keeps it from us.
Runners and athletes know the power of visualization as well; ask Tiger Woods and his countless championships about that little skill. He imagines the ball going in and the intentionality of that mental rehearsal gets attracted in through the morphic field and filters into the 3 dimensional world of our reality.
It is what they call magic but it’s our birthright. And we can use this to unseat the thrones of power without any violence or one gun raised. A non-violent energetic revolution is the key to getting back our freedom. That is why prayer works regardless of what God people believe in. It is the power of intentionality. We are all connected to this source of power; all we have to do is act upon it.
We are part of the God mind, not separated from it. There is even a collective intelligence that no one can explain. It is similar to the 100th monkey syndrome. 5-10% of the monkeys learn a task and like osmosis, all of the other monkeys immediately knew that same skill. It’s like in the movie the Matrix when Neo downloaded martial arts ability simply stating: “I know Kung Fu.”
And although we are not monkeys, we have the ability to connect and plug into that same collective and universal source of power. Eastern Indians call this phenomenon the “Akashic Record.” It is a source of pure energy; a hall of records in waveform. This is good news because that means only 5-10% of us have to truly wake up and understand the truth. If a few hundred million people visualized peace at the same time with an intense laser like focus, the entire control system in all it’s Machiavellian glory would crumble on that self same day.
That is how powerful we are; we are moral people by nature, not moral relativists. I feel compelled to dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to visualize the world in my way. I simply ponder visually what a peaceful, beautiful world would look like if this system were no longer in control, replaced by a higher wisdom of true human potential.
We have been convinced and programmed to believe that human nature is base and lowly and reptilian in nature. No. Human nature is kindness and compassion and love at birth. We have to convince beautiful babies to become evil people through the nurturing of that evil. In fact babies and animals are often closer to the source of true power than adult human beings are. Everything but love is an illusion.
Killing and maiming are not true human nature. That is the nature of the elite that have hijacked and controlled history. We have allowed it to filter down into the gutters where they serve up this swill as if it were fine cocktails. We drink it in through the media and through movies and through popular culture, getting a dull drunken stupor that most people call “normal.” It is nothing more than low vibrational energy.
We have been convinced to think people are vile. No the hijackers and controllers that have perpetuated a slave world are vile, not the majority of people and not human nature itself. In fact they think of themselves as trans-humanists merging with machine and hurling toward an inevitable and nihilistic singularity. No, human nature is kindness, compassion and love. It is time we remember our true history, the one that exists in the Akashic Record, our cellular memory: our true DNA.
There is no right way to meditate. There is only your way. But I believe meditation is turbo charged when combined with you will, your intention and a visual representation of this will.
I see laughter and happiness roll over the darkness becoming liquid Technicolor painting the landscape in fields of color overwriting the grey. I plunge into pure organic waters and swim through caves of pure crystal. I create my own archetypes, plot and story line in my visualization that then affects the real world through the power of my pure intention.
First I start with this intention, then it becomes thought, that thought becomes a visual movie played within my mind. It then turns into waveform energy tuned to a specific frequency that vibrates at a high and fast frequency.
Finally, that frequency is willed into existence in our 3d world that we call reality. Not only have I created our own reality by using pure imagination, but I also attract people, experiences and exponential realities attracted to this frequency, so I am doing good for myself and for the greater world as well. How can it be anything but a win-win scenario?
Granted this might sound a bit like Middle Earth, but I’ll open up and give you an example of my own meditation session.
I imagined and conjured up a “Raiders of the Lost Arc” looking scene steeped with traps springing to life all around me. But I see myself as an avatar, a character with exceptional strength, speed and skill. I am playing the part of a winged white Lion with swords crisscrossed on my back and the ability to project light out of my hands and eyes. I navigated the maze in record time watching the traps fall harmlessly around me.
I arrive at an altar; there is an amulet made of pure amethyst. I intuitively know that this will only enhance my natural power so I put it on. It creates a force field around me protecting me like a shield from any malevolent force or mystical attack.
It’s a perfect sphere of electric blue sizzling energy and pure protection. I visualize this at the beginning of every day now and I find myself more at ease, in a better mood and I attract good energy and events as a result. I feel protected from mind control and also from any unseen malevolent forces at work.
This fantastical journey led to an actual change in my physiology. I simply feel better because of it. I use this archetype as a source of protective power on a daily basis.
This will literally protect me from dark forces in the real world Why? Because I used my power of intention to create reality. You can do this in your own way, with your own stories, unique characters, and archetypes.
So now focus on seeing the world change and focus your intention outward. See the control system fall and freedom spread across the world. See money turn from a system of control and slavery into a system of natural bartering and trading. See people encouraging other people to pursue their passions in life and watch competition fall away.
See not a collectivist society but one based on small villages set in the natural world. The individual is encouraged and instilled with freedom but people come out of the woodwork to help out when people need it. See the toxins and poisons and they way we treat animals fall away, replaced by natural law and respect for each other and nature itself.
See children playing and happiness expanding. Visualize technology being used to enhance rather than control life. See the invention of Scalar wave cell phones, which enhance our health rather than destroy it. No more radiation, EMF, cell phone towers or cancer causing frequencies. Mind control ceases to exist and everyone is given back his or her free will, no longer acquiescing vital life force energy.
We are no longer complicit in this evil power structure, but set free. We build tree house communities connected by suspension bridges and underground villages. We maximize our potential and harness free unlimited energy from the sun, from hydrogen, from cold fusion, and from Orgone, Scalar wave energy.
This is the power of imagination. This is the power of intention. This is an actual power that we possess, so instead of using it to simply get the “car of our dreams” or the “girl of our dreams” as the Secret insists, let’s engage this power it to make the world healthy, happy, peaceful and not divided.
Sure, this might sound like new age, airy-fairy junk, but you consider yourself open-minded right? Try it for a week, 20 minutes a day, in your own way. Create your own unique scenes and set the story lines to synch up with your intentions of seeing the world set free and as humanity enters a quantum paradigm shift.
If you study Dr. Emoto and his groundbreaking work with water, you know that water has memory and intelligence.
Crystals started the whole computer revolution because memory and intentionality could be stored in gigabytes on a computer chip the size of a speck of dust. Those things are incredible; but our ability to harness imagination and create our own reality puts them to shame. That is how powerful we really are and this is what the control system is desperate to keep from you. They do not want you to realize your potential, but I certainly do.
Not all video games are evil, not all movies are bad for you and even TV if watched with a vibrant consciousness, can be de-hypnotized through simple awareness of these truths. Believe it or not, this is all possible.
Just try it for a week and do your due diligence. If you always credit yourself as a truth seeker and open minded, intelligent skeptic, good. Be exactly who you are and test my theory yourself. If it doesn’t work, go back to doing whatever it is that you were doing. But if it DOES work, well, that opens up a whole new portal doesn’t it? It offers a veritable quantum shift in awareness. We are all super heroes that have been told we have no true power. The truth is, we are more powerful than we can ever imagine.
Much love and visualize peace.

Thanks to: http://syncrenicity.com


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