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Emotions: The Archonic Trap

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Emotions: The Archonic Trap
Sunday, December 29th, 2013. Filed under: Consciousness


Emotions: The Archonic Trap Trap
by Elva Thompson
Contributor, Just Wondering
Sea birds covered in oil, dead dolphins and whales, melting starfish, starving seals and polar bears, dead bees and bats. Everywhere we look our world is slowly dying.
For those of us who are heart based, the wanton destruction of our planet and its creatures makes us sad and depressed. We feel helpless and eventually our sorrow turns to anger and resentment.
I know these emotional states very well, and I want to share with you a different perspective of these very human feelings and emotions.
I am no stranger to animal cruelty. I spent the seventies and early eighties in the Hunt Saboteurs Association, a direct action group that disrupted the then ‘legal sport’ of  chasing and murdering foxes, hares and stags with packs of dogs.  The picture below was taken at a hare hunt. The trophy was left on a pub wall—I took the head to the road and showed the pathetic remains of a day’s ‘country sport’ to everyone who passed by.
Negative Emotion
One day, while we were sabotaging the hunt, a hare became trapped in a hedge and as the hounds rushed towards her, she screamed like a baby.  It was a heart breaking sound, a primal scream of death that I instinctively recognised on some level, as an unpleasant reminder of my own mortality.
I immediately internalized the pain and distress of the hare as a human emotion, as did my friends, and after the initial tears and gulping sobs of loss, there was a violent physical confrontation with the hunters.
Later, I realised that the violence I had felt and acted out, had put me on an energetic par with the life haters, I so despised.  My rage had sent a highly charged bolt of negative energy, a poisoned arrow to the Earth’s magnetic field.  Violence is violence and in terms of a negative discharge, I was just as guilty as the huntsmen.
A few months later, a hunter’s lure came into my possession. The whistle made a screaming sound that mimicked the distress calls of small mammals. The sound made my blood run cold. It was the same screaming sound the hare had made at the hunt.  I recognised that the scream had not been one of terror and pain as I had internalised, but a distress call to a predator to come and finish off the job. We see this cycle of sacrifice and mutual aid operating throughout the natural world:  dog/hare, lion/gazelle, cat/mouse, osprey/fish, spider/fly aphid/plant, etc. All are examples of opposite polarities that complement each other. The prey species on Earth could not exist without the predator and vice versa.  Even though nature is red in tooth and claw, it is not cruel. It is only cruel to our subjective and emotional way of thinking.
Those of us, who have been involved in any kind of moral struggle or protest against the insane behaviour of sociopaths and greedy corporations, will know that it is impossible not to become emotionally involved with a spirited cause.
But, no matter how moral and just our cause is, the fact remains that from an energetic standpoint, our negative emotions, our righteous anger’ is damaging the planet’s energy field.
We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
The revelation of being double damned, leads me to believe that human life is nothing more than a carefully devised energetic trap:  a frequency prison that was designed exclusively for us, and that elicits an emotional response from ‘I conscious’ beings taking part in it?
The Archonic Trap
Human beings as far as I know, are the only ego based beings on the planet.  It doesn’t matter if we are good guy or bad guys, whether we are heart based or ego based in the equation of duality. The moment we become affected emotionally by anything that is not love based, we become a destructive force. It would seem that all of us are an energetic and physical menace to the planet.
So what is our place upon the Earth? Do we have one, or are we just a scourge that needs to be destroyed?
My take on this question is as follows:
I believe that in essence, we are love based, multi-dimensional beings that millennia ago, became infested with mind parasites called the archons. Somehow, these soulless beings trapped our consciousness in biological computerised forms called the human body.  After trials and errors spanning millions of years, they perfected a species that they could energetically parasitise without the host being aware of their presence or existence: Homo sapiens.
After the genetic modifications by the archons, we could no longer decode 95% of the original information that was our true nature.  Science bears this out and calls it junk dna.
But what if, it isn’t junk?
I believe that because we were prevented from using this awareness in inner space, we have projected it outside of ourselves—and called it the natural world.    In terms of duality—the inner world and outer world are the two polarities of the same force, but we have been programmed and conditioned to believe that our species and the planet are two separate entities. That is a monstrous LIE and the root of many of human problems.
The archons engineered this ‘false separation’ and have blindsided us to the truth. We carry the planet within ourselves. It is inside our heads!
This is a liberating revelation for those of us who can grasp its significance, and is the true meaning of the phrase: That Art Thou.
Everything that manifests in physical reality is a trap for divine consciousness, and all the diversity of life is limited to the software programme it is trapped in: whether it be animal, vegetable or mineral, ourselves, our beloved pets, wild creatures, a tree, even a cauliflower or Brussel sprout!
We are everything that exists, and when we make war upon the planet, by whatever means, physical or energetic, we are attacking the living breathing image of ourselves—and we are totally unaware that this is happening.
We’ve got to get involved with life but we don’t have to be angry, frightened or upset by it. Our emotions are the Archonic trap and anything not based in love, is cocktails and food for these soulless beings.
If we can with intent, detach from our negative feelings and replace them with love and understanding, no matter what is going on around us, our spiritual power will expand and  so will our magical abilities—we will become  untouchable by darkness.
Understanding ‘That art Thou’ is the first step upon the long road to our true home.
Love to all, Elva
- See more at: http://www.zengardner.com/emotions-archonic-trap/#sthash.LiFRukQu.dpuf

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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