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2014 Galactic Call To Arms

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12014 Galactic Call To Arms Empty 2014 Galactic Call To Arms Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:30 am


2014 Galactic Call To Arms

Posted on January 4, 2014 by Deus Nexus Leave a comment

2014 Galactic Call To Arms 2014_road
Reposted from: In5D.com |By Michelle Walling, CHLC
Calling all Lightworkers, Warriors, Lighthouses, and Grounders! The time is finally upon us to spring into action! This is the time we have all been waiting for. It is time to suit up to perform the greatest feat ever in our Universe. We have heard these words before and we have all shown up to hear them once again. This time our suit of armor is our power to stand together as one and to voice our manifestation intention to bring the New Earth into our reality.
Before now, Lightworkers have had varied roles in preparation for 2014. Some have been Warriors of the truth- exposing and fighting the government lies, false flag attacks, and depopulation agendas. Some have been great bearers of light, standing tall like Lighthouses, attracting those who chose to awaken in order to help them grow their own light within. Some have focused on grounding the healing energies coming to us from the Great Central Sun of Alcyone into the planet 2014 Galactic Call To Arms Truth-seeker-a and into the grid system. Some of us have worked on a little of everything. All of us have been so passionate about what we are doing that we have been focused on what we thought was right and it has sometimes caused rifts between us as to where the most focus should be.
Light Warriors relentlessly uncovered and exposed horrible things happening on this planet, continuously focusing on death disease and destruction.  Some of them got a little frustrated with other Lightworkers who they felt just weren’t doing enough exposing and focusing on the darkness. Some of the Lighthouses faulted the Warriors for focusing too much on what we do not want to see on the planet. The Grounders got lost in nature and bliss, not caring what the warriors and lighthouses were doing, for it felt so good to be home.
All groups of lightworkers were needed to get us to where we are now. One group is not any more important than another group. The planet has been run for thousands of years by a group of fallen Anunnaki (we will call them the Fallen A’s) that have wanted to control planet Earth in order to keep it for themselves. The big difference in the Fallen A’s in control and the lightworkers in human form is the Fallen A’s worked together as a group with one single goal in mind- complete service to self control of the planet via mind control, chemical weapons, financial monarchy, and depopulation.
We now see how the lightworkers have been divided and most of the division was caused by New Age disinformation propaganda and paid “schills” who tried to discredit everything that would bring us together. For the past several years, tricksters made their way into channeled messages to being that one bit of misinformation that would make us all begin to discredit and question what is really happening. This includes the timeline agenda of 2012 and any timeline agenda after that, for the event will happen when we make it happen. Many Lightworkers were interfered with using off world technology that affected our brains and our physical bodies in general.
We are the multidimensional beings of the light that we have been waiting for
We all have a higher aspect of ourselves somewhere out there in spaceships, on another planet, or sitting in the Universe shining brightly as a star. Our souls are too big to move down into the third dimensional denseness- it is too compact, so we had to send sparks of ourselves. We have a soul family in the macrocosm that is reflected in the microcosm here on the planet asincarnated humans. We also have spirit guides and angels with us from our soul family helping us along this difficult path. We have aspects from our monad that are from the “past” and the “future” that are being healed and are merging with us in the “now” here on the planet, in our spiritual bodies. Our army is immense, and we have all been trying to figure out what it is we are supposed to do to end this battle with these dis-compassionate Fallen A’s once and for all. It is time to unite all aspects of ourselves and to call upon our Galactic family to spring into action.
The term “we are the ones we have been waiting for” may have been a little confusing in the past. It seems to infer that as multidimensional beings incarnated into human form, that the human for will be the one to once and for all bring the Fallen A’s down through peaceful protest and through peaceful non-compliance. While this is partly true, we haven’t seen the big shift yet as to how we can truly stop adhering to governmental control and guidelines since they control every aspect of living. Many have tried to start new financial systems that will break free of the shackles and cause the financial collapse in the U.S.- however it seems to keep running on thin air. We have all been waiting for the one big thing to occur that will allow us to stand in our power in order to take back our freedom.
People of planet earth, we cannot take down this Fallen A government and financial tyrannist sect just as humans. We must merge with our higher existence- thus the term “ascension” was coined and we  have been doing our “work” to prepare ourselves for the shifts in vibration that we have been experiencing. So to further explain the term “we are the ones we have been waiting for”, we must understand that we have to call on our Galactic family- our space brothers and sisters, the ascended masters, the aspects of our monads in the past and the future, our spirit guides and angels, and whatever other terms we use for our higher beings and the oneness. They are all us, we are all of them. They are patiently waiting on us to do this because they can only interfere to a certain point in keeping with Universal Law in order to keep the planet from being blown up without our free will request for assistance.
We incarnated into physical form to be able to use our free will to voice our desire to end the tyranny and control of this planet. That is what we all came here to do, and we can accomplish this in 2014.
Earth is being showered by pulses of galactic high vibrational energy from Source to Alcyone to our sun
In the latter part of December and the beginning of the New Year, the bursts coming to Earth from our sun have risen from an estimated 50 per day to over 500 per day. The Fallen A’s have no idea of the immense power of this energy because they cannot experience it. They are like robots on auto pilot and are not attuned to the changes, even though they have been told what is coming. They do know something is really, really wrong and they are showing their confusion with every move they make.
The end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 was the final clearing and preparation for the way showers to stand in their remembrance of this task and of the power that they all hold together. Yes, this could have been achieved earlier, however, it has been a tricky awakening and our galactic family had a bit of housekeeping to do. The top hierarchy of the Fallen A’s are being rounded up and are standing “trial” in front of galactic councils and will be accountable for what they have done. Their puppets are left with broken strings and have lost their energetic connection to the negative emotional pool of energies that have been farmed from the Noosphere. They are flopping around like fish out of water and are basically hanging themselves.
Yes, the U.S. economy will collapse eventually, but it is time to bring it down with the help of our family in order to make the smooth transition into the higher vibrations of the New Earth rather than simply watching the Fallen A’s painfully hang themselves while intentionally taking out as many humans as possible in the process. Too many people are suffering and the situation has gotten to the point of disaster with Fukushima and chemtrails.  Their sick and twisted goal has even included helping the financial collapse before our very eyes the hard way- making millions suffer and starve in the process.
Although it truly has seemed hopeless, there is a solution, and it is in place. Our galactic family has the technology to pass to us that can clean up the environmental disasters. They have a sound financial system ready to implement that can be run by the people that will eventually turn into a bartering system. There are many people on the planet qualified to form councils of elders that can be voted in and out in according to the people’s wishes. The mainstream media can be freed and the rest of humanity can learn in a blink of an eye what has been done to them. Holistic healthcare practitioners can begin to heal people and big pharma will quickly be a thing of the past. The oil and gas companies will rush into manufacturing of free energy devices and the automobile industry will begin to bring forth the most exciting free energy cars of all time. We can correct our soils and grow organic food once again. Our water will be safe to drink right out of the tap. The whole world really can change very rapidly if we want it to.
All we have to do is ask. We are in essence giving ourselves and our Galactic family permission to move forward. By asking, we are exercising our free will.
Many people are still trying to get used to the concept that we can co- create our reality. They are disillusioned by focusing on what is in front of their eyes. Even some lightworkers are lost in depression or have closed the curtains to the outside world because it was too frightening for their kind hearts to handle. There has been an erroneous statement spread like wildfire that “no one is coming to save us”.  Does this statement really feel right? There are millions of UFO’s cloaked all over the planet! Many are showing themselves to us and there are more videos than ever available in the internet and even on mainstream media in other countries outside of the U.S..
We have been led down a rabbit hole in thinking we have to win this battle do this as humans with our hands tied behind our backs.  The suffering is over. We must be the ones to ask, or command our aspects of us and our galactic family to end this now. The command had to come from the human heart. The spokes on the wheels have aligned in the cosmos and the door has opened for us to be heard.
The way we will free the planet is with a form of affirmation- prayer, meditation, or intention; whatever form you use for manifestation. Ground, invoke the light, and ASK YOUR HIGHER ESSENCE TO HELP HUMANITY MOVE FORWARD WITH THE DEMISE OF SYSTEM AND THE HEALING OF THE DAMAGE DONE TO THE PLANET. Verbalize or write it down and burn it.  You are masters, you know how to do this and you know what will have the most power. We do not have to all meditate at the same “time” for the ritual that we are performing is in alignment with our higher selves in the now. Do it whenever you feel you are ready and do it as much as you feel you need to. We have already won the battle in the now.
We The Masters will now manifest ourselves into the New Earth and we will celebrate the ease with which we will pass along a thousand years or more of peace and prosperity to our lineage, and we will become ambassadors in the Cosmos. From the now, we will heal our past and our future selves. We will teach how to free other planets from domination and control and how to live in peace and love. We will reunite with our galactic families within our consciousness and will use our Stargate codes within our bodies to travel the Universe, all while existing as a light bodied human here on planet Earth. We are multidimensional, multivibrational beings, and it is time to explore our wholeness again.
It may or may not be time for the spaceships to land for full disclosure. Would you want to land in this chaos? It really is not necessary now, for the majority of the human population would probably handle it out of fear. The ground crew is in place- we are here. We need space to be free to be who we are and to expand into it. Our Galactic family can help to give us the last push we need to get there, allowing us fight fire with fire. Go within your heart and unlock the key to your power. Use the voice within to shout out to the Universe- “WE ARE AWAKE, AND WE ARE FREE”!
About the Author
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events and as a contributing author for www.in5d.com. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.
Also by Michelle Walling: How to Ascend: Part 1-3

Thanks to: http://deusnexus.wordpress.com


22014 Galactic Call To Arms Empty Re: 2014 Galactic Call To Arms Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:39 pm


Thanks, Prpl 4 this here; just discovered this jewel- really resonates with me.

Been calling on heavenly helpers my entire life; in last 5 yrs my awakening & empowerment has strengthened me as a peaceful warrior, as pen is mightier than sword. Spirit has guided my moments & words- thrusting Truth amidst their deceit, bringing same to light. Learning who (& Whose) I AM- Taking Dominion, standing our ground, BEing the change, DOing the good work, honorably, graciously with our partners-in-contrast. Probably a "thorn in their side", but loving them in the midst of their terrorist attacks upon us, knowing they have perhaps been ignorant puppets of ptw, assisting their awakening also.

NO Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real), as I have unseen heavenly helpers and allies in High places, always in all ways providing, protecting, empowering, guiding my every thought, word, deed, step- Halleluyah!!

It's been an incredible journey I wouldn't trade for anything, continuing to mold & shape me into His/Her image, displaying increasing "fruit of The Spirit", by Grace within, for which I am so thankful.

This forum and all here have also been an important part of this awakening, empowering journey, adding to my knowledge, wisdom in many surprising, sometimes (initially) unbelievable manners, as I became more prepared to consider new unfamiliar paradigms, based on information never available to me before coming here.2014 Galactic Call To Arms 1238793177 

The Hearts & personalities of the precious expressive people here have added immeasurably to my life experience, each a jewel on their own unique journey.  2014 Galactic Call To Arms 4116976918 

 2014 Galactic Call To Arms 1598226751  & Blessings 2 ALL!!  :love-125: 

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