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- The fulfilment of St Germain's plan -

  CONFIDENTIAL: For Release upon the 'Announcement'

   [Restricted Release September 2008 with removal of source and some other details]

   A new world of banking is upon us: it will be so different that maybe we should find another name for 'bank'.

   The new precious-metals based monetary system finally provides true "value for money".

   The announcement of NESARA and the implementation of its various aspects worldwide ushers in a welcome, enlightened new era for mankind. The "Golden Age" is upon us. It embraces new philosophies for industry and commerce and a new outlook for banks, which will take the public (and many of the bankers themselves) completely by surprise.

   It does not end there: 'saintly' banks will provide the finishing touches to a new image for the banking industry.
   Gold Bar All these changes will develop in sequential order and this will allow the people to accept the new order of business more easily. A certain amount of chaos can be expected in the initial phases, and there may be many angry people, particularly in the ranks of investors, who do not fully understand the implications of these beneficial changes. Profit will still be lawful but profiteering is out. There will be an end to corporate greed and false information to the public. Mind control devices will be shut down; products using mind-control ingredients will be banned.

   "There will be a clamoring such as has never been seen before. For those with wealth will bring much resistance to all that will transpire. The average working person will not realize the overall effects of this initially, but when he does, he shall leap for joy.
   "The banking system is a distinct part of the Divine Plan for Earth in this place and time as a social facilitation device, and will not be permitted to return to being a medium of control. I will be available for consultation as needed." - St Germain, 22nd August 2006
   "Be assured the dark cabal and all of their minions will lose their positions of influence and power to those who are spiritually motivated." - Atmos, 3rd May 2006

   Banking in the Past
   Banks have been used traditionally as an essential part of non-governmental (Illuminati) control exercised over the population, milking as much as possible from their assets and charging high rates for lending 'money', which had no value other than the paper it was written on. In many cases there was not even paper - 95% of 'money' in use until today is said to have been created electronically on a computer. It had no backing of monetary value.

   Interest rates (usury) have been charged on the money lent out and interest charged upon interest (compound interest) compounding the problem for the citizens of every country.

   This has been one of the most rewarding investments in history - charging for paper, with a figure of 1 to 1,000 or more on it, being offered as value for $1 to $1,000 dollars, then charging interest on top of that ..... all at a cost of less than 4¢ per note, being the cost of printing.
   Much has been written on the subject but suffice it to say that banks have been a canker on society and that that canker is now being effectively removed. Fraud has been the basis of their very existence. The course of history is being changed. The reputation of banks will actually be elevated under these new controls as the operating environment will undergo drastic changes for the better, creating an entirely new business environment, which will be welcomed by the general public. This is the end to 5% of the population owning 95% of the world's wealth. Money is not in itself evil, but simply the way it is acquired or used. The acquisition of money rather than spiritual knowledge became the symbol of a civilization that had lost its way. All that has now changed.

   The New Banks
   With the implementation of a new monetary system the rules for banking are radically altered. The purpose of a bank now is NOT to make a profit but to provide monetary services to the general public. Banks will no longer have or offer any SHARES. All existing shares will either be cancelled or purchased by the Treasury within 60 days. A reappraisal of bank assets and the manner in which they are recorded will also greatly depreciate the basis of the bank's worth. This will see many of the leading bankers resign - or be removed - as well as most other shareholders. In the USA the Federal Reserve Bank is no more.
   The term "stuffed shirt banker" is relegated to the archives: banks are here to SERVE the public and their leaders will be upright citizens specifically chosen for this new environment. The Board of Directors will in future guide corporations, including banks, as there will be no shares and therefore no shareholders. The constitutions (charters) of all banks are being replaced by a new charter, incorporating the revised philosophies dictated by St Germain, and operating as Treasury banks. Banks which refuse to accept this new charter by the 120-day deadline will have their licence to operate revoked. St Germain is of the opinion that most banks nevertheless will continue to operate under these new rules, without excessive profit-taking, and providing an honourable service to the general public. Precious metals (particularly gold and platinum) will be held at the U.S. Treasury and currency based on the holding of these precious metals is being provided to the various new treasury banks according to their needs locally, and also to one new type of bank - the 'saintly bank'.
   The changes are expected to create a greater demand for bank services than has ever existed.
   There will be no interest charged on monies lent out but reasonable fees will be permitted for bank services. This policy will apply to all banking operations: personal and business accounts, credit cards, mortgages and other services. With the abundance of wealth released post-NESARA, the need for loans or even insurance will greatly diminish. There will be no more profiteering investments in stocks & bonds, grains, pork bellies, other commodities or foreign exchange as there will be no more stocks and shares, and the stock markets and commodity exchanges will therefore close permanently. There will however continue to be marketing arrangements for foodstuffs. All major world currencies will have equal value: the pound sterling, the euro, the US dollar, the Canadian dollar.
   Banks over time have diversified into other lucrative fields to enhance profitability - real estate, insurance, investments, financial and tax planning and even travel services. These divisions will most likely be closed down and activities in the future will concentrate solely upon providing banking and related financial services to the general public, for the benefit of the public rather than the maximizing of profits.

   This new image will be promoted to the public to regain their trust in banking and the new environment will help improve public relations in the banking industry. The 'saintly' banks will benefit even more by their provision of funding as outright grants for humanitarian and environmental projects worldwide and a special management team (a Board of Governors), chosen from prominent and respected citizens, will be established to oversee such activities.
   The term 'bank' will take on an entirely different connotation, for the benefit of all concerned.

   Apart from the heightened, new respect which can be expected from existing customers, the new prosperity through the redistribution of the world's wealth and the largesse distributed from those in the various 'prosperity' programs; the sudden release to the public of the new rules concerning business and banking; and the release of previously withheld information on government and their shocking wrongdoings, should result in a veritable flood of new customers for the banks that remain.

   Curiosity will be stirred further by the use of a saintly name for a bank. The Vatican already has a bank, as does the Mormon Church, so it will not be the first bank with 'religious' connotations. Churchgoers, or those with a religious background, will find such names more appealing, engendering trust, as will those who have a spiritual background, but who may not be aligned with any 'religious' organisation.
   The fact that both the directors of the bank and the organisation which oversees it are spiritual in nature will be a shock to many initially but on the rebound it should reinforce the trust that a customer should have with the depository of his or her monetary wealth.
  It will also have an impact upon the Muslim population, whose banks already operate on the no-usury rule. This will make it more acceptable in many countries throughout the world. The saintly bank however will have advantages over the traditional Muslim bank, which insists on sharing profits when a loan is made to a business, so it is anticipated that the need for such Muslim banks will end and the Muslim population will make a move to saintly banks. The name of the bank will, in general, be such that it will benefit from the respect given to a (local or national) saint.

   Competition in the Future
   How will banks differ one from the other? Will there still be 'customer loyalty'? While banks in general are recovering from the shock of being effectively placed in the 'non-profit' sector, a new breed of banks will develop under the guidance of St Germain, founder of NESARA, and his staff.
   Apart from providing the usual monetary services, this new breed of banks will provide 100% funding for humanitarian and environmental projects worldwide - after approval. One bank has been chosen to start this new trend of 'saintly banks'. The prototype bank will offer special business accounts to those who have humanitarian or environmental projects planned and who require funding for these programs. These will be termed 'philanthropic accounts': the identity of the account holders will be held confidential except to Bank Officers, but their availability will be known to Lightworkers, followers of NESARA, and to those in prosperity funds and similar programs.

   All banks having a name attached to a saint will be very highly respected for two reasons:
   St Germain, Le Comte St Germain, Founder of NESARA and in charge of monetary matters
   St Germain, Le Comte St Germain, Founder of NESARA and in charge of monetary matters Firstly, they will not be affiliated with mainstream banking; a great many projects will appear to be 'spiritual' or 'spiritually guided' because we will soon become a people who will be guided by 'spiritual governance' and it will be commonplace to ask for heavenly guidance in earthly matters. Therefore many members of the public will be drawn to a bank that carries the name of a saint.

   Secondly, the 'spiritual banks' will be able to actually GRANT OUT FUNDS. However, this will not be known to the general public. Hence the reason for the remark (by St Germain): "These banks will have files on their customers that are more etheric than worldly, and thereby the banks will be able to lend out money wisely." There are already 'religious' banks in existence - operated for instance by the Vatican and the Mormon Church, so the next step to 'saintly banks is not all that great. Their philosophies however will differ significantly, as there is no dogmatic control exercised over members, as there is with religious banks.
   Further funds will be provided to the 'saintly banks' from philanthropic sources; participants in the various prosperity programs, and from individuals, for use in funding philanthropic projects.
   As the existence of saintly banks becomes better known, customers will flock to these new banks, which should eventually take over much of the banking industry, including Credit Unions and similar financial institutions, as the reason for their existence as alternative institutions will no longer be valid.

  Establishment of the first Saintly Bank
   This project will not commence until the monetary changes and the first official ET landings in North America have taken place. The world will then understand that we do have superior races in the universe - who come in friendship and wish to help us in pollution removal, creation of free energy devices etc, and it should come as no surprise that they have also said that they would be the real auditors for this and other banks and watch over all activities to ensure that no fraudulent use of funds occurs. So our official auditors will have higher help in ensuring that funds are put only to good use.

   Revised 2nd May, 2008
   [certain information deleted, illustrations added]

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