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We Are All One

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1We Are All One Empty We Are All One Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:41 am


We Are All One
Posted on January 16, 2014 by Ines Radman
The Law of One states that we are all from the same source, and with that understanding we need to strive towards having compassion and lover for every being on this planet.
There is a false light matrix that extends up to the 4th density. These entities that claim to be of the Light feed off people through worship of them, through various religions and using people to channel their messages through. All of this worship and the giving away of our energy from movie stars, sports figures, False Light beings such as Lord Sananda, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, feeds their matrix of the False Light.
No being of Light and being of service to others wants to be worshiped at all, because if you are of Service to Others, you want to help uplift someone. You don’t want to stratify yourself above them to do or think what they want. That is the mindset of the selfish beings, service to self entities that always have an agenda and it is not to enlighten you.
The bible talks about Jehovah commanding worship, that would be a service to self consciousness, that was using advanced hyperdimensional technology to dazzle humans. At that time in humanity’s evolution, people were genetically de-modified  so they could not discern the difference between a truly loving God and an asshole punishing God. To them it was all the same God.
A really deep study of the bible and the different books will show different beings posing as the Light God at different times. Sometimes it was fairly benevolent, other times it was very wrathful, a very punishing being.
So let’s get into the mechanics of how planetary evolution works, based on my 30 years of research and personal life experiences.
Every planet that supports life  has templates for the animals, minerals, humans and all living organisms it will support. The original human template was a highly aware, multi dimensional, multi-density and enabled being, so there are beings that could have a 3rd density form yet be aware of 4th density and operate in 4th density at will. That was going well until the disaster occurred starting with Atlantis, Lemuria and Mu, this disaster traumatized the survivors sufficiently to allow the “infection” of darkness on 4th density to get a toe hold because their awareness of 4th density diminished after that.
Every planet is essentially growing individuating unique beings who have experienced 3rd density who then move up in to 4th density once they’re done with the 3rd density realm, and they move up to all the densities until they become One Self. That’s the adventure that we are having with ourself here in this singular universe.
When a being is first grown out of the planetary fold, it doesn’t have an individuation, it’s developing that sense of self, and through the course of its life when it’s 3rd density incarnation is completed, then that body wears out, which is according to Cameron Day around 200 to 300 years. We have plenty of time to gain tremendous amounts of knowledge, wisdom and compassion all the key things we need to crystallize an individuated form.  At the end of the incarnation, you get to choose if you wanted to continue over in 3rd density or move into 4th density and work from that level.
I read an awesome article a few days ago where the author used an analogy of us being in a fishbowl. The fishbowl was tinted, so that not everyone could see outside the tinted glass, only a few but as those that could see started to tell others what they saw they too started to see what the others did. One day a fish decided to jump out, at first could not stay very long, but each time it jumped out, it adapted to the air and started to evolve lungs to breathe air. So these fish in the fish bowls basically started to explore the home and then realize there was more outside of the home, etc. That is a great explanation of us on this planet earth.
What happened though is that 4th density environment of the planet is completely taken over and filled with selfish service to self beings posing as Ascended Masters, Light beings and posing as the Lords of Karma so that at the end of a person’s  short life and already stifled existence, where they weren’t told anything true whatsoever, when they got to the end of that cycle, they were a new Soul Candidate for the Lords of Karma.
If they were good and decent and  strived to be of service to others, followed the only Universal Law which is don’t harm others and if somebody was actually living that path, they would basically recycle them and put that soul back into the pool of energies and not really allow them to progress.
These dark forces in the 4th dimensional trap have either been recycling back into non-individuated energy or just keeping souls trapped in endless reincarnations. It would make sense to me because all the research that I have found about reincarnation and using my NDE as an example, there is not any information about someone claiming to have had incarnations on other planets or different Universes.
Dolores Cannon has developed a method where she can bring them to a state of total consciousness and these people will remember their past lives aside from just planet Earth.
This process also explains how we as humans go through each life at different levels of awareness and soul maturity. There is also another group of very evolved beings from higher dimensions that volunteered to incarnate here that are powerful enough to not get caught in the trap of the 4th dimension and are able to return to Source upon their physical body death.
I am one of those beings. I do not have any recollections of being on this planet before, but I do have memories of travelling in different galaxies and universes, in one of my Lucid dreams, I was being  advised that I need to come to earth and that I could come back home as creator of universes when I finished my task here, that humans needed my help. During my NDE experience, that I wrote about in another post, upon leaving my body I did not go through tunnels or vortexes that other’s claim to experience during their NDE. They also claim to be greeted by beings they knew or know on Earth. I read in Michael Newton’s books that old souls do not go through that journey, they go directly to Source.
3d Planet Earth is a highly chaotic environment, most of us are recycled souls not being able to go through the intended soul growth process, of returning to Source and choosing our next lives and lessons.
Universal Law is not being taught on this planet and very few people even know about it. People are taught how to adhere to various aspects of service to self agenda. They tend to be selfish, not care about their fellow humans, their environment or even themselves.
There are beings that are totally committed to that path of service to self and it takes incredible effort to do what we consider horrible things, things we would never consider doing. They live their lives on a daily basis committed to doing harm to other fellow human beings. That’s part of their path, they want to get into 4th density and what is crazy is that they think they will be elevated slightly higher in the hierarchy and are told  they will become like Gods, but in reality they will have superiors above them in 4th and 5th density who are going to treat them badly.
Prime Creator’s directive is: Non Interference. Let’s define what that means because some entities are saying it’s the same as Non- intervention. It is not the same but neither are allowed. Non Interference is essential to us because we need to find out for ourselves why we came here. These beings that claim to be Ascended masters and different hierarchical entities are defying that law simply by contacting humans. They use their Love and Light messages to receive worship and adoration, yet they never tell humans that we are all from the same Source. There is no need to give us future predictions or let us know they are coming to visit us, that is our destiny, we chose this life path in order to discover who we are. That was the agreement we made under the condition that we would forget who we were, it was a game in essence to find out how fast we could remember that we are connected to source, that we are powerful beings.
If you read these galactic messages from different  beings, their messages have been the same for years, they have nothing new to say because they know they have no power or control over us, they use their ability to communicate with us to confuse us and bring ourselves to question our very existence.
There is so much degradation going on today, these false light beings work through many people including the Cabal, their goal is try and stop humans from discovering how powerful they are. These being KNOW we are much more powerful than they are, they know that once the Veil of Forgetfulness is lifted off the planet, we will no longer be subjugated to them or worship them. They will no longer have an energy food source, that is all we are to them. Prime Creator has plans for them, they will be placed in outer parts of the Universes where they will be able to complete their cycle of growth without the ability to harm others, eventually they will have opportunity to embrace the Light and become members of the multiverse in Unity and striving for becoming a Service to Other’s entity.
The only beings/entities that we can trust are those that communicate with us as equals, as being from the same Source.  These beings are the true Light beings and you will find that they do not interfere with our evolution, they keep reminding us that WE are the ones to find the answers and that only WE can do this together as Unity Consciousness.
I have known this for a long time, but it took me almost 30 years to start writing about it. Why? The Love and Light Industry is getting dangerous, it’s messing with good people who are not yet awake and aware enough to realize that they are not so special just because someone is trying to communicate with them. They have been chosen because they are NOT aware, they have not yet reached maturity enough to know that we don’t need anyone to tell us what to eat, what supplements to take, who to believe and who not to believe. I consider these entities dangerous, who have a hidden agenda. If you are contacted by any entity, you must ask them 3 times: “Are you of the Source”. They are required to answer the truth. No other answer is sufficient, they either are of the same source or they are not.  I know that some may not agree with me, but unless you know who you are, unless you have had an NDE experience, unless you have memories of past lives in other universes, then you are only second guessing yourself.
I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get home. So please, stop giving your energy to these beings, you are holding up my evolution and growth.  I’m tired of this place, I want to go back to creating universes, I made an agreement to stay here until the Planet Ascends and we humans become our original design, the one that was intended for us.

Thanks to: http://inesradman.wordpress.com


2We Are All One Empty Re: We Are All One Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:34 pm


"False Light beings such as Lord Sananda, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, feeds their matrix of the False Light.
No being of Light and being of service to others wants to be worshiped at all, because if you are of Service to Others, you want to help uplift someone..."

I disagree with this man's judgment of "False Light beings" placed upon Sananda/ Jesus, St Germain & AA Michael, based on what I've recently seen and heard of these "heavenly helpers"; I instead view them as "beings/entities that we can trust are those that communicate with us as equals, as being from the same Source." From what I see these are in deed "of Service to others", not seeking worship, but rather encouraging each to seek their own highest path soul journey. Jesus called himself "firstborn among many brothers/ [sisters]..." - that does not appear to me as "lording over" others, but equality instead, with potential to reach much higher dimensions of life, imo  ☀ 

3We Are All One Empty Re: We Are All One Thu Jan 16, 2014 2:23 pm


I knew that some here would not agree with her but that some would. :)

We are all discerning like crazy here lately. :)

I tend to agree with Ines. I am finding her to be a breath of fresh air in the community.


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