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Twin-Flame Deceptions are Everywhere!!!

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1Twin-Flame Deceptions are Everywhere!!! Empty Twin-Flame Deceptions are Everywhere!!! Tue Jan 21, 2014 12:13 am


Twin-Flame Deceptions are Everywhere!!!

  • Posted by Brenda Tenerelli on January 20, 2014 at 5:57pm
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Twin-Flame Deceptions are Everywhere!!!
By Brenda Tenerelli-Sacred Rose Energies
Hello, Beloveds.
A great deal of interesting things have been happening across the planet for Twin-Flames for months now. The energies are going crazy and most people are feeling the effects of it in many ways. I talked before about the different kinds of interference that is keeping many Twins from reuniting. I have covered it in many radio shows as well. Although there are these newer entities coming in from another universe, and most people don't know how to protect against them, there is more to it than that. These entities have been targeting mostly the Twin-Flames and those of high spiritual vibration. We work to get to a point where we finally rise above all the demons and other dark entities, trying to keep our vibration as high as possible, and then we get hit with these. I see it on an almost daily basis while working with and helping many Twin-Flame couples.
These entities stand behind the person and wait for there to be the slightest vulnerability. You may be extra tired, or having a bad day, or have an illness, or drink some alcohol or something, or you may be a little sad about not being reunited yet & are missing them. All it takes is one little place where they can get their foot in the door and they run with it. They throw a hood over the person's head so they cannot see what is really going on or that there is something attaching. They put a cloak over your entire energy field, making it so your Angels and Guides cannot see you as well or protect as well. Then they disguise themselves as light beings, Angels, Guides, higher selves, and even as our Twins. They are able to alter their energy to not only look like a light being and sound loving & warm like one, but also feel like one. They have even infiltrated the Angel lines to where even the Angels know that something is there, but can't pinpoint who it is.
Due to this, there has been a great deal of misinformation given to people that thought it was coming from a light being when it isn't. Some of them know that they are being influenced and insist on continuing anyway, and others have no idea they are being influenced. Twins are getting messages about their path and Twin that are incorrect. These entities have been using a great many of the people on the web that put out Twin-Flame information and this has misguided many. Many people that are not truly reuniting Twins are being told they are, which leads them down an extremely challenging path and extremely painful existence of waiting for someone who isn't coming into a relationship that is not even part of their soul plan. Many others that are true Twins are being told they are not reuniting and causing them to give up and the soul contracts are being broken. People are being used to put out all manner of incorrect information, and a great many Twins have gotten hurt in the process.
There are many sites and persons that have become this way with deceptive material and new discussions containing faulty information are hitting the web on a daily basis. I'm sure those reading this know some of them, but you may not know who has been changed to the other side and who hasn't. What Spirit really wants us all to do these days is to grow and expand our own abilities and discernment so that we'll be better equipped to decide what information is deceptive and which isn't. Discernment is everything these days as there is much, much more deceptive information than there is good information. Some of it may have certain parts within a discussion that rings true, but other parts that are not accurate. We all have our own abilities and gifts, and our own intuition and guidance. It is increasingly more risky to go around finding others to help with things rather than learning how to do it yourself. Some are giving faulty readings, some healing work that gives dark energy instead of healing, some claim to be someone they are not, some claim to channel beings that they are not channeling.
The truth of it is that the true beings of light have stopped the majority of channeled messages at this point. People that are still putting out channeled messages and such weekly or daily at this point are not truly talking to a light being, but are being influenced by dark entities. There are some I have tried to talk to and ask questions of them and get no response. Some have engaged in deceptive work and even when people found out, they continued anyway with no regard for the highest good. Part of the negative influence is that they don't want anyone to know they aren't that person they claim, or they aren't channeling who they say they are; they simply want the attention and glory. When this is done, negative karma is sustained. The more intentional it is the more bad karma they will incur. That is their path and their decision, although it would be great if all of humanity would make responsible decisions about their energy, choices, words, thoughts, and actions. Many are making very unethical decisions because they claim free will, but they forget that with free will comes the consequences for those actions. Every thought, feeling, word, and action carries an energy that vibrates into the spiritual dimensions, which effect not only their higher selves, but also everyone elses. We can't just assume that our own choices have no effect on others.
Although people are deceptive and it is our job to discern and not fall prey to them, the reason why this is becoming such a problem is because soul contracts are being broken, Twin reunions are being delayed or even prevented, and the entire Divine Plan is being pushed back. The delays and interference are causing a lot of damage spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, and even socially for everyone. The Twin-Flames are here for the purpose of walking the world back to the unconditional love vibration. The vibration carried by Twins singley and even much more so when reunited brings a tremendous amount of love & light to the planet for the good of all. It is not in the highest good in any way for the reunions to not be happening.
A great many were already supposed to reunite. Some contracts have been literally broken and either have to be rewritten or mended. That can take many forms. We all would love to continue thinking that these contracts are predestined and unstoppable and that the highest good will always prevail. There was a day when I believed that too, but it was true light beings that explained to me what is going on and why so many of us are not reunited when the Divine Timing is already passed. Some of them out there want the woman to think it is all her fault and that if she were doing everything she could to work on herself, the guy would already be there. That is untrue and is defeating to the women that have worked so hard to come into alignment and done their inner work only to be told that and feel horrible. That is akin to moving them away from their true potential and divine feminine goddess energies and is very defeating.
Some say the woman has to be here to bring the man up. That seems true for some, but not all, and we need to not try to fit every person/couple into a mold. Each Twin journey is unique and each pair has written unique things into their soul plan and mission work. Some are heavily pushing the whole idea of same-sex reuniting Twins, which is also deceptive and has hurt many. While people can meet their Twin-Flame of the same sex in a given lifetime and have a relationship, they are simply not in their last lifetime to reunite and go home. We always go back the same way we came, the way we were created, as one feminine half and one masculine half, Yin/Yang. This has nothing to do with preferences or what is right or wrong. It simply has to do with co-creation. The way Twin-Flames co-create is to make love, raise up a 3rd essence energy in high vibration, and create a new soul whether a physical child is created or not. There is simply no way for same-sex Twins to accomplish the task of co-creation and blending of the energies this way, and therefore don't create souls. The true Twin reunion has to take place in the last incarnation of the cycle. Those who believe they are same-sex twins and think they are reuniting may be with their Twins, but are not in their last lives. They are being told different, thereby dragging themselves through a terrible emotional roller-coaster ride for years without reason.
In closing, I just want to reiterate that we all need to grow, do our inner work, build up our discernment, and start stepping into our own power instead of looking for answers outside of ourselves. Considering how many this year I have helped straighten out the damage done by others, I see first-hand daily the harm and how it effects us all. There is still also an ongoing stream of Twin couples being attacked straight-on by demons, dark entities, and curses/spells/ etc. I am still doing a lot of curse removal and have had to retrieve souls among other things. I am here to help and guide in whatever way you need me, but also to help empower you into your own potential, and would love to teach people how to do these things for themselves rather than bouncing from reader to reader or healer to healer, which opens you up to so much more along with confusion of differing answers you get. People that bounce from one to another for readings a lot tend to get mixed answers and end up with more confusion than they had before.
I am still doing Twin readings for people who want to contact me and set one up through my site, and I have compiled a list of people doing deceptive work for those that want it. Be sure you really want it, though, before asking because some of the names will likely surprise you. If you want someone checked with the Holy Spirit for deception, message me the name and/or site and I am happy to ask and find out. Know that these names do not come from me or past experiences of mine because I have never gone looking to others in the Twin arena for help and answers and haven't worked with them. This is not an aspect of the work I enjoy, but have been told it is necessary. I have taken many risks myself to do this and to spiritually help alleviate and prevent more deceptive information/work from being done. These answers are straight from Spirit, and while most people don't know how, I do know how to protect even against the newest entities. Rainbow and infinity energies of Heaven are huge for this and need to be incorporated into all that we do these days. Love and blessings to all!

Thanks to Brenda at: http://illuminatingminds.ning.com



So I lost my twin flame six years ago. She was the brightest and most beautiful person I've ever met. She was at one point the only person I had left that I felt I could trust. Then one day out of nowhere, she took a 180 degree turn. She didn't just change how she treated me, she changed how she treated everyone. She went from being a happy girl with bright eyes and a beautiful smile to having dull eyes, and a poor attitude. I on the other hand became spiritually awake after this. I spend the next three years doing anything to have her back, but to no avail. Now she's away at college, and I'm stuck without her. She won't even respond to my Facebook messages. For a short while, she seemed to be her old self again, but it was short lived before she went back into the darkness. I fear that the Archons may be involved with this. I want her back so badly, that it hurts, but she won't come back no matter how many spells I cast, or how many times I pray. Please. Someone here help me. Give me guidance and tell me what I need to do, or help me rewrite a soul contract. This means everything to me, and I would do anything to have my Trina back.


Sorry to hear that Heinrich.


Heinrich first off thanks for your comment and request.
I have several thoughts on this... I hope to offer you some solace.

The first thing that popped into my head when I read your posting was that I know for fact that the dark ones put road blocks in front of those that have abilities to derail them. If you are adept enough this may be why Trina entered your life. She could be a tool to disable you and not your Twinflame at all. I am not saying this is so... just that is what came to me.

I stopped using the craft over 40 years ago as I unleashed darkness that almost took me out when I was 13 years old. But I had  more powerful guardians that intervened on my behalf and was saved for lack of a better word. I no longer use tools such as spells etc. to put forth intention other then mental ones which have developed as I went along my path.

That said I did ask a very powerful young man that I fully trust and has his shit together when it comes to such matters. This is what he said in regards to your post....

If he really wants to help her, and if she's really in danger, he needs to do whats best for her. Not casting spells to force her to return to him. He needs to set aside his desire for her and simply cast healing spells and protection magic on her.
He's only causing more problems by coming at the situation as a pining ex lover.

Does this make sense to you? Also sometimes we are only with our flames for a short time. We agreed on this or so it is said. The pain is what we contracted to feel. Though I have long felt this is bullshit as who in their right mind would wish to feel utter emotional and physical destruction, that is what we are told to believe. I am also wondering if maybe it would be best for you to heal your own heart space and disengage from her all together for your own self for a time. I am not saying that you should not try to send good healing to her.... but stop trying to message her until you rework your craft and mental state in doing these things. You might see a big change in how she connects to you. Women are funny like that. They do not like to be ignored. If she thinks you have moved on it may spark her interest.

Please feel free to message me if you need anything else. And please let me know what you think and how things are going. I will be sending you both Love, Light & Healing

Twin-Flame Deceptions are Everywhere!!! 12122924_10204084245541177_3155838506625161942_n



Thank you PurpleSkyz, your response is much appreciated, and I'm sorry I couldn't get back sooner, I've been terribly busy and I'm new to this whole site. With that being said, I'll begin by saying that I have thought that it is possible that Trina is not my twin flame. I do not believe this however. My reason for not believing this is because after meeting her, I suddenly started to become more spiritual and awakened, which is a common sign of meeting your twin flame, and I do not believe that the Archons would do something to try and wake me up. Before I met her, I was a very strict Evangelical Christian and that was very unhealthy to me and caused me a lot of pain. I never in a million years thought I'd be a free thinking spiritual person, yet after meeting her, here I am. The weird part is that now she's gone from being a bright spiritual and high vibrational person, to being obsessed with worldly things, and only caring about school and her "Girlfriends" It's like we flip flopped. Another reason I believe that she really is my twin is that a spirit once came to me and said that she wasn't, and in a way made me feel at peace. (Keep in mind that not feeling pain does not mean that the problem has gone away) I decided to hear the spirit through, but to be skeptical of it. It suddenly tried to squeeze my third eye and throat chakras leading me to believe that it was not a good spirit, and thus I made it leave after that. I have not felt it's presence since then. In spite of that, I am still opened to the possibility that she's not really my twin, however I think it's most likely that she is.

As far as focusing on healing her goes, and not casting spells to force her, I think I am starting to understand that. In fact, once I asked Michael to heal her, and the next song to come on the radio was "Calling all Angels" by Train. I then felt a powerful but peaceful presence followed my a strong tingling feeling through my entire body that almost made my cry. The Sun then came out from behind the clouds. I really do believe that the Archangel Michael was there with me. I also agree that soul contracts to make life suck are bullshit. We're suppose to raise the vibration of this planet, not make everything suck. Even if she's not really my twin flame, I think it's for the greater good that I help raise her vibration again anyways. Simply because I don't like to see beautiful things perish and because that's what Source would want me to do. So I am starting to get that, however at the same time I feel like there must be balance. I feel like I shouldn't just sit back and accept everything. I feel at limes like I need to stand up in be in charge. No part of me period should be allowed to not love me. I've loved myself from the very beginning, and I always sided with myself no matter how much crap people said about me. To think that a part of me would reject me almost seems insulting to me in a weird way. Really I have mixed feelings. One day I'll wake up feeling one way, and another day I'll wake up feeling differently. I do feel it could be a result of me evolving. I could go on forever, but I've already posted a novel.

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