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Tall Whites (Kenny’s Side Show)

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Tall Whites (Kenny’s Side Show)
Posted on January 21, 2014 by Dublinsmick
Kenny at the Side Show has written a very thought provoking piece which is something I try and touch on quite a bit.
Tall Whites
The story of the ‘tall whites’ has been making the rounds over the last week. It started with the Sorcha Faal/CIA disinfo site, got picked up by Iran’s FARS news agency (why was that?) and then paraded through the mockingbird media including Forbes, Haaretz, HuffPo, Washington Post and many others. Attributed to a Snowden ‘leak’ and backed up by Paul Hellyer, former minister of Defense of Canada at Russia Today.
Basically the story was planted to discredit Iran but is there more to the ‘tall whites’ than meets the MSM eye?
It begins with the interpretations of some regarding the Sumerian  texts which are the oldest or among the oldest writings we have access to even though when written down the stories may actually have gone back hundreds of thousands of years.
As the science of the origins of humans leaves many gaps in understanding and as the plagiarized ‘religious’ writings such as the Old Testament are being scrutinized by more and more, there is an opening for other explanations. Many will argue that extraterrestrial manipulations of the human race and history are only the new myths that are replacing the old ones. One will have to come to their own conclusions if so inclined.
At the moment one of my favorites in discussing our origins and history is Wes Penre at WesPenre.com. Penre insists that you don’t take his word for everything, do your own research, which is good advice. His writings are extensive and go much further than the history including solutions for our present day predicaments. The ‘tall whites’ are also part of the history.
Penre uses Sitchin as a starting point but is not afraid to offer some criticisms of his work including that he had his own agenda or was being used.
Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) was a Russian linguist and author (later a New York resident), who took on as his life mission to translate the old Sumerian clay tablets. I am not going to go into much details here about how Sitchin came to his conclusions, as this can be studied elsewhere, but in general, he found that about 450,000 years ago an advanced race of creator gods came to Earth from their home planet, Nibiru (NI.BI.RU.), or Ša.A.M.e. in their own language (pronounced: shaamae; “to cut or break /creation/red ocher + watery father + office/ideal norm”, in the Ša.A.M.e. language, Anemegir, having nearly identical meanings in Sumerian as well). According to Sitchin’s translations, they didn’t originally come here as settlers, but to dig gold and minerals, something that Earth was (and still is) rich on.
With time, this space-bound warrior race decided to use the existing primates as slaves in their mines and started an additional genetic manipulation of the early humans. The Sumerians, who left accounts of their myth inscribed on cuneiform tablets some 5,000 years ago, tell a spectacular story of these “gods” who came down and ruled over them. Not only do these tablets tell their present time story, but they also told the story of their own creation, and how the gods arrived on Earth and manipulated the DNA of early humans. Apparently, these stories were taught to the Sumerian people by this warrior race and go back about 450,000 years in time. Even today, these stories (and more) are passed down to a few initiates into the Mystery Schools and secret societies around the world. As we shall see, this species is equivalent to the biblical Fallen Angels and Nephilim.
Zecharia Sitchin has been accused of many things, from being a complete fraud who’s making it all up, or being a government disinformation agent, a shape-shifting reptilian, part of the establishment because he went to a famous university, and more. But at the end of the day, his translations and conclusions are surviving the winds of time. Of course, he was human, and was not always right (who is?), but he did a good job in helping us understand our past. And not only can we see the effects today from what the Sumerians wrote on their clay tablets and thus see that this is not a fable. Sitchin did the best he could with what he had at his convenience. I’m convinced about it.
However, just because he did an outstanding job translating the tablets doesn’t mean that the tablets were totally accurate. I have reasons to believe that on some accounts, the scribes, who wrote down what’s on the cuneiform tablets, were not always told the truth by those who dictated them, the Anunnaki. Scholars and others may object and say that these tablets were not written by one person, and not everything was dictated, so that doesn’t hold water, but it does. Most probably, the present time which the Sumerians were depicting in clay was most certainly correct from their point of view, but the past history of Earth, seen from their present, was to some extent altered to more fit into certain agendas, planned by a faction, and sometimes most of the Anunnaki themselves. We know for a fact that Marduk Ra changed the Earth history at least once, and Ningishzidda (Thoth) probably did, too, and there were more… Still, they didn’t bother keeping their own struggle with each other off the record, clearly showing the character of many of these beings. On the other hand, they probably had little choice, because the humans knew how they were.
Despite this fact, Sitchin’s version is a must-read if we want to know our own true history and our origins. This alien species had reasons to edit out and change a few things, because they also knew that those from the home planet would return to Earth one day, and they had to prepare humanity for this, so that their arrival would be as smooth as possible. More
As previously stated in another post, all of this is an exercise in entertaining thoughts without necessarily accepting them. The star beings as creator ‘gods’ story is swirled in disinfo and misinfo. It is not a subject to blindly hang one’s hat on in any particular area. What we do know is that the whole truth of our origins are not be found via checkbook journalism, checkbook science or checkbook religions. It is far deeper than we can imagine. Haven’t humans always asked “Where do we come from” and “Why are we here.”
Another thing we do know is that in our recent history we have seen the looting and destruction of Babylonian archeological sites in Iraq by our own troops. This was probably done by design. Is there a concerted effort to hide certain facts about our history? Not only in Iraq but also in Egypt, Syria and throughout the Middle East and the rest of the world?
In a report found on the British Museum’s website in London entitled [url=http://www.britishmuseum.org/PDF/Iraq Report_with images.pdf]An Assessment of Archaeological Sites in June 2008: The Iraqi-British Project[/url], you’ll find references to this “damage from looting” that the British Museum seeks to address. They specifically call out damage from looting and neglect—and those exposed sites must be protected by new, invading, evil forces, I suppose. New fences have to be built, buildings have to be repaired because of their ‘deteriorated condition.’ Well, yeah…anything that old would be deteriorated, and repairs would have to be conducted after the military filled sand bags with artifacts. Is funding needed because repairs from internal forces have torn apart Sumerian holy sites, or is funding needed because tracks have to be covered?
The meeting discussing these things at the museum was attended by Major-General Barney White-Spunner, who was informed of a need to ‘protect’ these Sumerian landmarks. This just bothers me, as it is the military which has seemingly done the most damage—not looters. In addition, it is the British Museum itself which has the massive collections of Sumerian artifacts and actively hire researchers to review and restore the findings—to me, this is an example of a ‘darkening’ force, especially when only select findings are shared with the public—those that say little, or next to nothing.
As a result, it is no stretch of the imagination to see this in two ways: the intentions of British Museum officials and the US/British military are genuine, mistakes were made, and they need to rectify those mistakes and request funding to do so. Or…their intentions are double-speak, and the damage that has been committed is their own fault as they sought to perform certain rites of passage for some other higher force. To me, it seems that governments are there to protect the truth of man’s origins at all costs instead of clue them in on those origins. Keep the people ignorant. Hide the smoking guns. How? By sending in the messy people, the foragers, and then the cleanup people–all performed on behalf of a higher power through the fundings of the taxpayer public who receive no direct benefit. Why? For what purpose?
This is not just our story being told, folks. Ours has been infected by an outside intelligence which is 50% fabricated on a much higher level. They hand us our language, our truths, our myths, our knowledge, our money. We thus cannot form a thought without the use of their tools. They hand us our tales, our awards, our organs, our genetic development, and keep the secret keys to the collapse themselves. Our bodies seem to be intentionally designed to reproduce, to work, and to provide a filtration system to handle our addictive tendencies as we smash our heads against the walls of our prison. They medicate our consciousness to keep us here. Furthermore, the lessons our bodies try to teach us are meant to confuse, and like a deer in headlights, once you are confused, there is no escape. Hence we feel someone isn’t being “logical” enough or “emotional” enough, or practical enough, or impractical enough. We divide our thoughts, ourselves, but do not conquer. They conquer using the division of us that we stupidly try to emulate…them, with their inbred network of puristic family trees. More
Protect the truth and dish out little morsels to keep us confused, divided and conquered? Sounds like a plan to me. From the earliest of days our origins and true nature have been kept and passed on by secret societies. The knowledge wasn’t for the slaves, only for those who want to rule over us…and they have fairly well succeeded. The internet has put a dent in their armor but only if we can wade through the BS and of course if we can keep the free flow of information continuing.
Back to Penre…
It’s easier to see darkness and evil in someone else than it is to confront that we all carry those traits inside, alongside our human friendliness and benevolence. I would go so far as to say that the incapability to see our own faults and shortcomings have led to the situation we are facing today with authoritarian governments, a failed economy, war, famine, manufactured diseases, incest in high places, rape of women and children, and so on. It’s become a very solid trap, and ever since that time in the ancient past when it all started, mankind has done very little to free themselves from the master-slave situation that is still prominent on this planet. Instead, we have accepted that we are slaves and a working force for a small clique of super-wealthy people—an unelected power elite who runs the show behind the scenes. We have also forgotten that above this level of manipulation are the cosmic visitors themselves, pulling the strings on those who are selected by them to control the rest of us.
What we can see and perceive, however, are the huge corporations and what they do to us and our planet. We can also see (if we choose to) the international bankers who keep us on a tightrope with great help from the moneymaking multimillion dollar corporations that benefit the few and make billionaires, while most of the population is on the brink of starvation and poverty. We can also see (again, if we choose to) how we are all used in a system where we have to work ourselves to illness and exhaustion in order to make the owners of the big corporations wealthier and even more powerful. We can see how governments, for their own personal, often financial, gains start wars in other countries, killing thousands, even millions of innocent people, while the super-rich again become wealthier by creating this giant war machine. We can see the unfairness in all this—nevertheless, we agree to play their game. Why is that? Why are we putting up with it when statistics show that even here in America we are a million to one against a small clique of powerful super-rich families?
It is because the families in power, and the AIF {Alien Invasion Force} above them, keep the population in fear and terror. People are afraid to look outside the box because they are scared that they will be punished for it in one way or the other by the authorities and maybe become unable to survive on their own. Ultimately, they are afraid of death, something the Elite knows and, therefore, keep us in the dark when it comes to what happens after we die.
Only by confronting the darkness inside of us can we free ourselves from such an immense, negative power. After all, the AIF and its minions, the Illuminati or the Global Elite (whatever we want to call them), are not the real problem. They wouldn’t even be able to do what they are doing without our consent, so the responsibility comes back on us. If we want a change, we have to create it because no one else will. This is way too much for most people to comprehend and deal with—therefore, the majority of the population gives away their power to others, who they hope will fix the situation—be it cults, religions, alien saviors coming down from the sky, or the next door neighbor. We may outnumber the slave masters by a million to one, but fighting them is still not an option. If the reader doesn’t believe me, look at our history. People have tried many times to stand up against the Beast, only to have been defeated, resulting in the death of many good people. No, the actual solution is to look at the Inner Universe, which this book will not only show, but also prove. There is no other way to achieve real inner peace and freedom from oppression. More
OK, by now I’m sure many of you think I’ve lost my mind but if I have, it happened decades ago. Asking these questions is nothing new and at the least it makes more sense than the tribal ‘god’ story of the chosen ones. We quit entertaining those thoughts when we were very young. No doubt some will say that the extraterrestrial aspects of our existence is nothing more than diversion away from the tribe, who do occupy key positions in the control mechanisms.
At the worst we’ve been entertained by a new myth that came out of old ones and continued a human tradition.
[url=http://www.sjsu.edu/people/cynthia.rostankowski/courses/119a/s4/The Epic of Gilgamesh.pdf]Epic Of Gilgamesh‎[/url]

The Origins of Human Beings According to Sumerian Texts

Sacred Texts: Sumerian

A Series of Essays by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D (UCLA Anthropology ) 
from Enki Speaks
Tellinger, Michael: “Slave Species of Gods” 
Origin of Life and Man 
Barely scratching the surface…..
hat tip to Visible for his mention of the ‘tall whites’ and causing me to go down this rambling rabbit hole…..
The origins of hu
man beings according to ancient Sumerian texts – See more at: http://www.ancient-origins.net/human-origins-folklore/origins-human-beings-according-ancient-sumerian-texts-0065#sthash.5xEY8CjH.dpuf
The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts – See more at: http://www.ancient-origins.net/human-origins-folklore/origins-human-beings-according-ancient-sumerian-texts-0065#sthash.5xEY8CjH.dpuf
Older posts touching upon this subject
You know the first thing someone will throw out is well Sitichin was a Jew. That is very true but then there are some discussions indicating he put out too much information to suit some Jews. There are other Jews who go well and beyond trying to discredit Sitchin like Michael Heisler, I believe that is correct.
I certainly have found some inconsistencies in Sitchin but overall it is still pretty close. The eastern temples refer to Antu as the male and Anu as the female. I once met a Chinese girl named Anu.
For me personally after reading some 15 books written by Sitchin it is very difficult to see that the majority of the work is not pretty close. I am pretty sure that initially the “all seeing eye” was simply a reference to the pineal gland. It goes back way before Egypt however to MU. I like Penre also. If we don’t know where we came from it is hard to know where we are going.
The tall whites by the way are categorized in China as there are 8 to 9 foot tall mummies there with blue eyes and blonde hair. They were most likely intermingled with the current Chinese gene pool.
There is also an interesting piece by a researcher who claims the underwater pyramids in the Azores are 28 million years old.
For those who don’t have time to read 15 or 20 of Sitchin’s books I have paraphrased a little bit of it.
Breaking News

Thanks to: http://dublinsmick.wordpress.com


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