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Steve Beckow: Paradigmatic Breakthrough

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1Steve Beckow: Paradigmatic Breakthrough Empty Steve Beckow: Paradigmatic Breakthrough Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:57 am


Steve Beckow: Paradigmatic Breakthrough
Feb 4
Posted by Wes Annac
Steve Beckow: Paradigmatic Breakthrough Eiureka-11 Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia, http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/02/paradigmatic-breakthrough-part-14/
Paradigm Breakdown and Breakthrough
We’re often troubled when we feel inner turmoil. But in the times ahead, we may grow increasingly uncomfortable with existing arrangements or the ways we see things.
Often matters come to a head and significant rearrangement needs to take place in our lives. And we don’t know how the process came about or what will be its outcome.
That same process is basic to the scientific endeavour and is the way one paradigm arises and succeeds another.
I wanted to spend a moment looking at it, because I’ve just had a paradigmatic breakthrough myself. I’ll discuss the breakthrough, which is quite amazing, in the course of the next few articles.
Given that we’re headed for a time that will probably show us the fall of one way of seeing after another, and given my own experience of it in the moment, I think the exploration of the topic is very useful.
We usually don’t think of the paradigms through which we see things as being paradigms. They’re simply normal for us.
But when they begin to be contested by anomalies, paradoxes, facts that just won’t fit in, and when those threads that stick out grow in number or become ever bigger problems, we grow increasingly uncomfortable.
And as we grow uncomfortable, we may become unpleasant to be around. The more difficulty we have rationalizing things in the face of growing anomaly, the more difficult we may be to be around.
When the difficulty reaches the point where we can no longer stand the situation as it exists at the moment, a time arrives when we cast down whatever the way of seeing the situation was that gave rise to the anomaly.
We may then accept the way of seeing things that has been forcing itself upon our attention. We may have a wholly new insight and see in a flash how things work that takes care of the anomalies.  Archimedes’ “Eureka” moment has become synonymous with this type of paradigmatic breakthrough.
This is one process by which a new paradigm is born.
It’s the more familiar process. I had a paradigmatic breakthrough just recently that wasn’t born in this way. I had a vasana attack (1) that threw into stark relief a paradigm that I had.
I stumbled into a new paradigmatic domain as a result of the stack attack (attack of many vasanas at the same time) and by a process of dawning awareness became aware of what I had stumbled into.  But more of that later.
Let me continue with the more common process of paradigm birth.
Whatever the new paradigm is resolves the anomalies and paradoxes that presented themselves to us before and allows us now to avoid those same anomalies in the future.
What that means for us is that the rise of increasing anomaly, leading to paradigmatic breakthrough, is not necessarily a bad thing. If we try to hold onto our paradigms in the face of increasing anomaly, then it may be become a bad thing.
But if we accept that increasing cognitive dissonance or anomaly may lead to a breakthrough in our seeing and understanding, then it may make the process more tolerable for us. If those around us can see it that way too, it may perhaps become tolerable for them as well.
Anomaly is present when we say things no longer fit for us or that our existing way of seeing things no longer brings us the resolution of events we wanted or the comfort with the way things appear to us.
If the anomaly doesn’t disappear over time, but increases, that’s a sure sign that an existing way of viewing matters is reaching the end of the road.
(To be continued in part 2.)
(1) A vasana is an automatic reaction pattern triggered by memories of earlier traumatic incidents.

Thanks to: http://aquariusparadigm.com



Steve Beckow: Paradigmatic Breakthrough – Part 2/4
Posted by Wes Annac
Steve Beckow: Paradigmatic Breakthrough Discomfort-22 Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia,http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/02/paradigmatic-breakthrough-part-24/
Photo: Time for a new paradigm
(Continued from Part 1.)
Stumbling into a Whole New World
I can draw on my own experience of what a breakthrough looks like.
I stumbled onto a paradigm of communication as an unintended consequence of sourcing a vasana. The vasana itself is unimportant. I regularly go through a stack attack at the end of each month over my frustrations.
This one brought up everything that was out in my life. And it brought up a constructed self I think of as the rebel.
But that wasn’t the most interesting part. The most interesting part was that it threw into stark relief my communicational paradigm, which wasn’t working, and introduced me to a new paradigm.
Let’s look at two paradigms of communication that we’ve had in the last, oh, hundred and fifty years. The new paradigm I saw would be a third.
Creative Repression
The Victorian era had a communicational paradigm that said that we grow by repressing or denying ourselves.
Victorian novels feature women collapsing because they became excited or hysterical (neurasthenia). Men were pictured as becoming debauched because they gave vent to their anger or cursed someone.
This view of things reflected the fact that the body was seen as having a fixed amount of energy. If we bled off energy in emotional reactions, that energy had to be borrowed from somewhere else, causing depletion in some other faculty.
So if we suddenly grew excited, our body was physically drained of energy and we fainted. If we expended energy cussing another, we bled off the energy needed to maintain our ethical refinement and became debased.
This paradigm is not “true.” In fact we have access to a great deal of energy from sources we know not. We’re just learning about that at the present time and I don’t consider myself an expert in the subject.
Creative Expression
The Sixties and Seventies saw a paradigm arise that said that we grew by expressing ourselves. This is the paradigm that I came to see that I was anchored in.
We let it all hang out, dropped the suppression, encountered each other, etc.
All our expression was seen as creative rather than destructive, which is where it differed from the Victorian perspective. Everything became a matter of creativity. I even recall a book called Creative Divorce, which took the paradigm about as far as it could go.
This paradigm helped end a lot of useless suppression in our society but it also took its toll. Our unbridled expression, which we considered “creative,” scared a lot of people who could not understand the benefit of owning and expressing our anger, etc.
When I sourced or completed my vasana, the fact that I lived in a context or paradigm called “creative expression” became plain to me because my vasana had me speak  … well, shall we say “creatively”? … to my guides, the universe, anyone who would listen.
I saw the limits of the old paradigm of creative expression and, in a glimpse, an “Aha!” moment, I saw the new paradigm – self-mastery.
The glimpse began to spread through me. It was a matter of dawning awareness rather than an explosion into the paradigm.  Let me look at this new domain that was made apparent.
The Arcturians through Sue Lie once said to me that the new leaders of our coming society will have to have mastered every thought and feeling. I sure don’t see myself in that place at this moment.
At the height of my vasana attack, I realized that my “creative expression” of it was not working. I railed at the universe and, while I knew somebody was listening, I didn’t get that the way I was expressing it was serving me.
I was watching myself as I blustered and saying to myself: “This doesn’t work. This is not having the desired effect.”
And either my guides whispered in my ear or I remembered the Arcturians use of the phrase: “Self-mastery.”
I more or less awoke to the notion as a paradigm, that self-mastery was the domain I now needed to explore. I was like the newest newbie on the block in a new domain I knew nothing about. But as the hours passed, I realized that I’d been given the answer I was looking for and now needed to build the context, the paradigm, the domain of meaning for myself.
Right now it seems like unexplored territory and dense jungle at that.
I could count the number of things I know about it on one hand.
Jesus has described in “The Third Way” (1) how it’ll involve observing our thoughts and feelings and not reacting to them. Others have encouraged us to get rid of our judgments. The new way of self-mastery is being imparted to us in bits and pieces.
Until I reach a point of completion with my past and the cleansing of all old baggage, issues, vasanas and false grids, I may not be proficient at it. I may stumble around a lot, but that’s the way with new paradigms.
I’ll share some of my realizations in the next piece and then in the last piece share the lessons I’ve learned about sourcing a vasana and breaking through to a new paradigm.
(Continued in Part 3.)
(1) “Jeshua via Pamela Kribbe: The Third Way” athttp://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/01/jeshua-the-third-way/.

Thanks to: http://aquariusparadigm.com



Steve Beckow: Paradigmatic Breakthrough – Part 3/4
Feb 6
Posted by Wes Annac
Steve Beckow: Paradigmatic Breakthrough Shouting-77 Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia, http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/02/paradigmatic-breakthrough-part-34/
(Continued from Part 2.)
Going Beyond Creative Expression
I needed to source the vasana while at the same time getting the underlying message about my communicational frame of reference. It was a two-stage process and I went back and forth with it.
I was maximally confused. And I stayed religiously away from people while I navigated it.
I didn’t navigate it alone. I had very competent help. “We” managed to find my way through it.
And now I’m left with the incidental discovery that my very paradigm of communication played a role in keeping me from seeing what I needed to see. My paradigm defined how I saw things. It limited my understanding. It was itself skewed.
As a  result of my breakthrough into a new paradigm, a new world as it actually seems, I could see that the paradigm of “creative expression” may not come with us into the future. Parts of it may survive, because they’re useful, but other parts may not.
The bar seems higher now. The bar, the paradigm of the future, appears now to be self-mastery and that takes things in an entirely new direction.
I feel like a fish having come up on dry land, I’m taking baby steps in this strange and new environment. I may as well be walking on the moon as be inside this new paradigm.
As a stranger in a strange land, I don’t know a thing about the paradigm. I want to ask someone where the washrooms are. But I agree that the paradigm is a good thing.
It isn’t the final step. No paradigm is. Every paradigm offers comfort for a while and then, as we expand more, begins to pinch somewhere. All paradigms are sooner or later superseded, as far as I know.  They’re all thought-born and that alone ensures that they’ll be superseded.
As each hour passed, the import and impact of this particular discovery spread through me and my amazement grew.
I may have reached here by stumbling into the Labrea tar pits (vasanas), but I got here, and not a minute too soon.
Being in quest of self-mastery, even if it means being the newest newbie on the block, is infinitely better than being in quest of creative expression.
Even the first minute of it, the first breath of it is invigorating. It’s like being in a bigger room, a bigger house, compared to the old paradigm.
I get to see how paradigms can be confining.
If this is not an example of paradigmatic breakthrough on the hoof, I don’t know what is. I’ve shifted from the old paradigm of creative expression to the new paradigm of self-mastery.
Ever since, I’ve been seeing things about self-mastery. It’s causing, not a creative explosion perhaps, but a building bonfire.
I get to see how much rides on me mastering my own thoughts and feelings. I get to see what vistas open up if I can get beyond creative expression to self-mastery.  I don’t know where to turn next. I’m like a kid in a candy shop only there’s nothing in the shop yet.
So let me stop here. I hope I’ve illustrated the process of paradigmatic breakthrough.  I thank the friend who helped me through this situation, who assisted me to source my vasana and who listened to me as one paradigm collapsed and another arose.
I can’t believe the journey I’ve just been on and will probably need a day or two to rest and make sense of where I’ve arrived.
Thank heavens I went off by myself while the noisy part lasted and limited the nuisance I might have made of myself while in this passage.
I honestly can’t remember many of the things that drove me. They’re all fading from memory quicker than a sunset and I’m left with this brand, new world to explore.
Now off to walk on the moon, all alone out here, taking baby steps into a whole new world.
In the last section I’d like to look at lessons learned and make some suggestions for others going through the same process of paradigmatic breakdown and breakthrough.
(Concluded in Part 4.)

Thanks to: http://aquariusparadigm.com


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