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Holistic Alternative
Health Care
by Bridgette Lyn Dolgoff




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Twin Flame Soulmates

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Twin Flame Soulmates

Humans are hard wired from birth to seek basic things for their survival; primarily food, freedom, shelter, comfort and safety. Beyond or perhaps beneath this also exists the need for communal living and family structure. We seek our place within societal realms which is tied to the survival instinct, and part of that instinct is to propagate the species. Even though those with hardened hearts may disagree, everyone wants to love and be loved. It's one of those primal instincts we're hardwired with from birth; you can deny it, but there's no escaping it. Each individual incarnates with a matched set of longings. The first is to return to source, the second is to find the missing half of their soul~ their split-apart, their twin flame.

As the common legend goes, at the time of physical incarnation each sovereign soul is split apart into two, one male & one female, who then proceed along different paths, according to what they have chosen. We arrive here in this place with a hollow, half remembered longing to find something hovering out there just beyond the veil of memory ~ and it calls to us throughout our life to come find it. We almost never know what it is we seek, we only feel the emptiness; so we begin a life long process of trying to fill that void with one thing or another, trying to scratch an itch we can't quite reach no matter what we try. This trial and error approach to fulfillment tends to waste a lot of valuable time while it gradually takes its toll on ones psyche and overall outlook on life. Almost nobody gets it right the first time, which is why reincarnation is so popular.

Twin Flame Soulmates  Twin+flames

Our journey upon the wheel of life is one of completion and unity. It is said that before this journey is complete each soul must experience the full curriculum that the Earth school has to offer; and from every perspective. Can't you just hear the lifetimes piling up? There is no set number of incarnations one must endure to graduate the course of study and escape the reincarnational cycle; it's all about how long a soul takes to "get it."

Twin Flame Soulmates  Truelovear

Not everyone presently incarnated is seeking a soulmate, although you couldn't tell it by watching commercials, or humans in public for that matter. In the earth school one of the required courses of study is naturally relationships; because to experience completion we must master the lessons only relationships can bring. To facilitate this there are three basic relationship incarnations. The first is the incarnation where you experience many different partners throughout the life. The second is where you experience loyalty to a single partner, and the third is the incarnation spent embracing solitude, probably after doing the first two a few times.

Twin Flame Soulmates  001-TWIN+FLAME+SOULMATES

Not only does society bombard us with countless messages about how successful people have successful relationships (which isn't always true), but life itself tends to be difficult enough for most of us to want someone with whom to share our misery. "Just me & you against the world"- that kind of thing; or as Bob Dylan put it, a little shelter from the storm. While most people are just seeking compatible companionship with someone who won't drive them crazy; an increasing number of awakening souls are hearing the call of their soulmate, and are actively searching. The concept of the split-apart, or soulmate has probably been with us for as long as humans have embraced communal living, but it certainly has enjoyed a great rise in popularity in the last 50 years owing first to the beatniks, and then the hippies, but mostly I think to the rise of the 'new age' and human potential movements in general.

Picking up on the increasing interest in soulmates; Hollywood has of course tapped the subject many times over the years with varying degrees of authenticity & success. From the fare offered by Hollywood, there are a handful of films which are very much worth seeing... here is my personal pick of the very best.

What Dreams May Come ~ Cloud Atlas ~ City of Angels ~ Made in Heaven
Defending Your Life ~ The Lake House ~ The Butchers Wife ~ Only You

As the basic lore goes, there are twin flame soulmates as described above; and then there are other types or levels of soulmate as well. It is altogether common for groups of souls to travel and incarnate together, time and again. Sometimes one or more of this group may not be incarnate at the same time as the others, (known as taking an incarnation off) and they often serve as guides and spirit helpers for their earthbound friends. In this same manner, twin flame soulmates do not always incarnate at the same time, (only about 5% do) so every life isn't only about finding your other half. In other scenarios, both twin flames may incarnate at the same time, but on opposite sides of the planet, diminishing their chances of reuniting. It isn't always about the reunion of our twin flames, even though the longing is always there. In those times when finding our twin flame isn't in the cards, very often 'surrogate' soulmates will appear instead and are most often part of the group we incarnate with. Like Steven Stills sang, "If ya can't be with the one ya love, love the one you're with."

Twin Flame Soulmates  002-MIRROR+OF+SELF

As difficult as it can be for an ordinary romantic relationship to thrive, many people think that if they could just find their soulmate, everything would be sweet and heavenly. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You see when the soul splits apart, each half is a perfect mirror for the other, and each knows their split-apart as nobody else ever can. When the split-aparts separate and go their own way, it is with the understanding that each is striving to learn, heal and grow...to become as complete as possible so that when the reunion does happen, between them they will possess all the pieces needed for unity, and moving beyond the reincarnational cycle. This is why some will tell you that twin flame soulmates only meet during their last incarnations. So even though reuniting with your twin flame soulmate might eventually culminate in the kind of bliss people imagine, getting there can be a very rugged ride, as each half of the whole will tend to mirror the other one's negative shortcomings and deficiencies. Twin flame soulmates tend to challenge one another, to bring out the best attributes, and the worst, often at the same time. Another thing to consider is that sometimes when twin flame soulmates do find each other in the same incarnation one is ready for the experience, while the other is not. One is open to change & growth while the other sleepwalks thru the incarnation. Every great once in a while twin flames who have each prepared themselves for reuniting with their twin soul will find each other here in the earth school, and that, is something to behold!

How to find Your Twin Flame Soulmate

I am sure that the intercyberwebnet and YouTube are chock full of all kinds of tried and true ways to find your elusive twin flame soulmate, and some of them might even have some useful information, but I will share the very best way with you right here. It is a deceptively simple & very effective two step approach.

Step One: Make a list of all the traits, attributes, qualities, & skills you will require of your perfect mate.
Step Two: Set about making sure you possess all of those same traits, attributes, qualities & skills .

If you do this, I promise...you will stand out like a lighthouse at midnight to your twin flame soulmate. Now, be advised this will also attract moths, & other insects, so you will want to acquire some discernment along the way as well, it never hurts. Primary among the attributes you will be developing will be an open heart with balanced emotions as this is usually what others will notice about you long before the more superficial things like buns of steel. Not that there is anything wrong with buns of steel, but if that is your first criteria, then you're probably not soulmate material..."sorry Charlie." It will not matter to your twin flame whether you are rich or poor; whether you live in a penthouse or a pick-up truck. What will matter to your twin flame, is finding their split-apart whole, happy and ready to move on to the next level.

Twin Flame Soulmates  001-TWIN+FLAMES

Clearly one must work on every level of themselves to prepare and be 'qualified' for stepping up to a twin flame relationship, and it just makes tons of sense to begin with the foundation of what you will bring to that relationship ~ the heart chakra. First, before anything else; check the heart for any residual booby traps left over from previous emotional adventures. Baggage & issues are like depth charges waiting to destroy all pretenders to the throne of our heart. Before we can be ready for unconditional love we must first purge our hearts of hurtful, negative programs, and drain the emotional charge from painful memories. It certainly does seem to be true that men tend to seek partners who remind them of Mom, and women tend to pick mates who remind them of dear old dad. This is not always a good thing and can cause recurring problems until the cycle is broken. The next step here is one called radical forgiveness* and entails clearing old emotional debris and negative thought forms from the heart and emotional network. Before you can turn the basement into a recreation room you must first sweep & mop up then clean out all the cobwebs.

Cleaning House

In order to transform our hearts into someplace a soulmate might be comfortable hanging out we must first spruce the place up a bit. This begins with monitoring your emotional thoughts for 'stinking thinking'. A classic example of stinking thinking is any thought which begins with the words "What if..." or "If Only..." so when they come around, do not finish the thought, banish it. A great banishing technique is when you catch yourself beginning to think or speak a negative thought, stop, and in your mind's eye see the thought burst into a fireworks type starburst, which should provide sufficient light to see clearly, if even for a moment. Remember, the technique used is not so important as your intention. If your intention is clearly stated & unambiguous your results will be also. You must re-train your brain in two regards. first by watching what you think (and why) and second by not believing everything you think. How much of what is crashing about in your noggin is actually original critical thought, and how much is just stuff the programmers snuck in on ya when you were in an alpha state, which happens every single time you watch TV?? How often do you take the time to go thru your computer to remove outdated programs and trash that came in with the cookies? How often do you defragment the hard drive to organize files properly so the machine will operate more efficiently? How often do you perform these same tasks on your own internal hard drive with random access memory ~ your brain? Nowadays, it is a good idea to not let negative or counterfeit programs clutter up your mind and distort your perceptions. Especially important if you are preparing to be with your soulmate, and absolutely mandatory if you expect your twin flame to recognize you.

Twin Flame Soulmates  0001-SOULMATES+MASTHEAD

The next step in this energetic makeover is a bit more problematic, as we are dealing with painful memories. Clearly, we just don't want to go deleting any major memories on account of the pain the remind us of. No, we want to keep those memories as they often times are the ones which brought us our most valuable lessons in how to relationship with someone we love. Gotta keep the memories, but drain the pain! Again, another technique. Whenever a painful memory surfaces to snag your heart like a thorn, do this. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and visualize the memory as a battery...AAA for small stuff, all the way up to a 12 volt car battery for the very gnarly ones. In your mind's eye hold this battery between two fingers, (or hands) making contact with both terminals. Now feel the pain associated with this memory, and let it simply drain right out of you thru your feet, all the way thru the floor and into Gaia; who will transmute your negative emotion into positive energy for her own sustained healing. As you feel this pain draining from you; look at the battery and see the charge draining from top to bottom. As you discharge the energy of the battery, you are also removing the energy of pain from the memory, balancing & healing it in the process. Yes, some of your painful memories will be healthier than others from overfeeding, so they may require more than a single balancing. Just keep draining the charge, until the memory shows up with nothing attached, then it is healed. Repeat as necessary.

Marriage in the Heart

Preparing yourself to be with your twin flame soulmate is going to require some extreme makeovers; and one of the very best is something known as the Marriage in the Heart ritual. It is something you do to transform your heart chakra into a temple of love worthy of your twin flame, it is a homecoming ceremony.

This ritual/meditation is going to involve the Heart Chakra, the throat chakra just above it, and the solar plexus chakra, below the heart chakra. The heart chakra is our energetic center of unlimited love. Above it is the throat chakra. The throat chakra is our full range of expression, & as such is the masculine energy center. Below the heart is the solar plexus chakra, our full range of emotion, the feminine energy center. Being centrally located in the chakra system, the heart chakra is not only our personal nexus for emotional stability, but when it is in tip top condition it tends to 'export' that clarity and balance to the chakras immediately above and below it...which becomes central to this meditation. Once the basic house cleaning is done we can go about creating that temple I mentioned. This is accomplished by merging the essence of the throat chakra, and the essence of the solar plexus chakra; into the heart chakra, or the coming together of masculine & feminine. Transmutation thru the union of opposites. Marriage in the Heart.

Twin Flame Soulmates  005-MARRIAGE+WITHIN+THE+HEART

When you are ready to do the meditation, center yourself in your heart chakra. If you use Om, or a specific mantra this would be the time to employ that, and any other techniques you customarily use to attain/enhance the meditative state. Once comfortably centered in the heart chakra, allow your awareness to drift upwards to the throat chakra where you will "see" the black half of the YinYang symbol representing your masculine energy. With your intent, bring this essence of masculine energy down into the heart chakra. Next allow your awareness to drift into the solar plexus chakra below, where you will "see" the white half of the Yin Yang symbol, representing your feminine energy. As before; use your conscious intent to bring this essence of feminine energy up into the heart chakra. Now snap the white half into place alongside the black half, and with your conscious intent, start the completed Yin Yang symbol to spinning, in a clockwise direction.

Twin Flame Soulmates  003-dreamstime

As the yin yang spins around envision the melding and blending of your individual polarity energies. See the disparate aspects of self, reuniting in a dance celebrating unity and oneness for you, and your split-apart. Spinning faster now, the yin yang becomes a solid blur of color neither black or white, but rather pink, as the polarities of masculine and feminine become as one ~ creating the sacred space for unlimited, unconditional love. As you bring your own heart into unity and balance, that resonance will reverberate throughout the causal plane like a searchlight at the county fair; and it will help attract your twin flame to you. So, make sure the frequency with which you do the meditation is in accordance with how serious you are about meeting your soulmate. According to your personal preference this meditation may be as simple and elegant, or as complex and detailed as you may require & desire it to be...just remember who you're doing it all for, and that intent is more important than décor. Think of it like homework. Its the work you have to do to go home.

When twin flame soulmates meet, there is never any doubt for either one of them, they simply know it. There is never any doubt as to whether they should be together; as both will feel the power, attraction, intensity and heat equally. When twin flame soulmates re-unite they become a very powerful & potent force, and they feel that as well. Twin flame unions are created by source when the two individuals have no more lessons to learn in the earth school, and when they re-unite on the earth plane, the universe conspires to help the meeting happen. Twin flame soulmates have a great wealth of knowledge & experience due to their many incarnations. This can enable them to easily inspire others to break free from conformity and find their own way. What graduating from this earth school means for the re-united twin flame soulmates is that they have reached a state of spiritual resonance which frees them from the reincarnational cycle, and they can now choose pretty much whatever they want to experience next. They can live free from restraint in any area of life as long as they remain here in this place; or they may choose to ascend together into the realms of 5D. If you ever wondered what 5D will look like, I think the scenes in What Dreams May Come may be as close as anything mankind has conjured onto film.

Twin Flame Soulmates  Alex_Grey-The_Kiss

The Law of Attraction

Twin flame soulmates who are walking the earth during the same incarnation but haven't met yet, can feel each other regardless of distance. One heart can feel the yearning of the other no matter the circumstance. It is not entirely uncommon for twin flames to actually hear their split-apart calling out for them. Now of course this calling out does not happen with the vocal cords or human voice, but rather it is the voice of spirit, the voice of the purest and truest love humans can experience. The universal law of attraction states that what you resist will persist, and what you pursue will remain just beyond reach; and twin flame soulmates are not exempt from this. Just because they are here at the same time, and the universe will help all it can, there are no guarantees they will meet. If each of them is actively searching for the other it is altogether possible they could become the proverbial "ships passing in the night." This brings us full circle, back around to the idea of attracting rather than finding your twin flame soulmate.

Twin Flame Soulmates  ALEXGREY+LOVERS

Here's why it works. When you prepare yourself for your soulmate by constantly elevating your vibratory rate, your inner light shines brighter and brighter the more you accomplish. At first a lot of moths and other pretenders to the throne of your heart will gather around; but soon enough that light will become blinding to them and they will fade from view knowing they are not compatible with or qualified for what and who you are becoming. The brighter and purer your light, the more you will stand out to those who are not afraid of it because they can match it. It won't be just your twin flame responding to your refined light, those others who aren't afraid of it will also be coming around to check you out, so remember to pack your discernment. You will suddenly start noticing there are more really high vibe spiritual people entering your sphere of influence than ever before. There will be a lot of commonality with most of these travelers, most will be actively seeking their soulmate, maybe even their twin flame soulmate. You could think of this as your final examination before graduating the earth school, time to keep your cool, use discernment, check credentials and always be respectful and polite. Maybe your twin flame has already spotted you and is watching to see how you treat strangers. You just never know.

Twin Flame Soulmates  AlexGrey-Kissing

Considering how rare twin flame soulmate reunions are in this place to begin with, it is probably contraindicated to spend obsessive amounts of time trying to find yours. Like I said, you will feel it in the ethers if your twin soul is about, and when you do encounter them, do you really want to project the image of a needy soul obsessively searching for love? Or would you prefer their first impression of you to be that of their accomplished other half, who has not only been expecting them, but who has also built a temple!

Source: Augureye Express

Thanks to: http://www.riseearth.com


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