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The ‘Family Connect’

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1The ‘Family Connect’ Empty The ‘Family Connect’ on Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:49 am


Seasoned in the Warrior’s Way II
Posted on February 26, 2014 by talk2momz

An old lady… hummm. She is a ‘repository of wisdom’ in Indigenous cultures and much valued, but here in the West, not so much. Our old lady walks slowly, and sometimes painfully; she needs help getting out of the car or up the steps; maybe she sports a white bubble-head hairdo and a little weight around her waistline… not exactly someone your eyes zone in on; in fact, looking away is easier, and that’s what we do.

The young people around me respectfully point out that I’m going to be an old lady pretty soon. “Are you finally admitting it, Mom… you’re getting old?” My son jokes as I tell him I need to rest for a bit. “Okay, someday I may admit it,” I tell him, “…but not today.” Not until we elevate the ‘old’, and create a more appropriate way of looking, as if in a ‘Book’, rather than looking away from something we fear or simply dismiss as unusable.

What is the highest good that a ‘repository of wisdom’ can do? To me, it seems apparent that at least one ‘high good’ is that she can connect the family.

We talk movement, but in an imaginative way. When does movement take on power? When we realize that although, as individuals we differ greatly, we’re here for the same reason: the change of worlds is upon us. In our intent to consciously deal with this change, we are moving and we are together.

I’m thinking now of Stuart Wilde, whose voice I first heard some years ago. He called himself a soldier, and I’m seeing that ‘soldier’ is what we all are. In one way or another we have felt the call to participate. It’s time to bring in the light… the wrong must be turned to right, the cold heart must be turned to warm, the lie must be turned to truth, the hate must be turned to love. It is a matter of Ultimate Concern, and we well know it.

Nearly 30 years ago my husband introduced me to a branch the Afrodescendant human family, and a few days ago I attended their annual meeting – one that we had always attended together. During the meeting I was called to the stage, and shown, in so many words and smiles and hugs… “We are proud of you.” What had I done over the years? Something that a white person, who knows how our contrived, convoluted bureaucratic systems work, could do: I opened a door.

The open door helped them connect their family. Descendants of enslaved Africans scattered widely across the western hemisphere, speaking different languages, thinking they were alone in an unwinnable situation, were able to meet together… with interpreters. What they discovered was a profound resonance: the similarity of their experience and the synchronicity of their movement.

Before we leave the meeting, let’s return to the ‘old lady’ image. As the final thoughts were delivered, an 84 year-old woman called out loudly: “Elder Privilege!” The room went silent and everyone listened. The essence of her message: “Be the vanguard if you wish, but don’t forget to honor all of our soldiers who have put in work. I know what their organizations have done… contact them and recognize the work.” (Just the thing a wise Elder would say.)

Soldiers who are here to bring in change exist in all families. We may not have met each other in the heart space as yet, but we are universally connected – distinct from each other in experience, and yet part of that movement for change.

The consciousness movement has elements of a family as well, with a resonance that can be felt when we meet in person or even online. I’ve recently experienced the family ‘connect’ that we have, in a very profound way, and I’ll get into that. But first, a story.

I had been writing my blog for about four months… talking about the spiritual journey, self-knowledge, meditation and so on, and I was enjoying it; feeling a return of energy. Then one night I turned over in bed and my hand fell on my breast. I was suddenly awake with a “What’s That”! I felt a lump, and my thoughts scrambled to ease the worry. I have been a vegetarian for years, my diet is alkaline, I meditate, I monitor my thoughts and intentions… there is no way that cancer cells could be going renegade in me. It’s not cancer.

After that, the lump became the journey: tons of research, a stricter diet, attempts to get funding for alternatives, getting the ‘this is the type and stage’ diagnosis, talking to family, interrogating doctors, and making hard decisions. Empirical knowledge gained in the trenches, so to speak.

Yes, we are in a very dense energy here in 3-D; and yes, the stress of our soldiering takes a toll; and yes, the earth is experiencing the onslaught of rape and pillage as are we; and yes, we are not exempt from the effects of it. Immune systems and ecosystems: how delicate they are and how they change when one thing is out of balance.

In September I began a treatment program; agreeing to give up something to gain something. In February of this year I reached the end of treatment, and the beginning of recovery. Now, as I digest and process the whole thing, I’ll share with you in future blogs anything that might benefit us all.

We have some excellent health and manifestation practices in the consciousness movement, but we don’t have it all by any means. We cannot categorically state: “If you get cancer it’s your thoughts, life choices, energy issues… manifesting in your body,” or, “Raise your energy and you will not be sick.” Disease begins in the energy body… that I can certainly accept. But I suspect there is much more to consider within our defense mechanisms. We’ll grow with this knowledge when we broaden our minds and deeply communicate, i.e. help ourselves and each other heal.

Our stories can be healing when presented without fear of judgment. When the Afrodescendants connected through their stories, the false impressions and judgments of each other, generated by the matrix to keep them apart, fell away. This served to disempower the matrix and empower them exponentially.

And now to conclude my story: recently I humbled up and with the encouragement of a caring friend, I posted a message about the cancer, and the energetic and financial drain I was experiencing. And I put out a call for donations. The response was incredible and loving: a pure elixir. I have so many people to thank, and I will thank each one personally. That’s the ‘family connect’, and was it ever Real.

The matrix values what it can use, or consume, or profit from. We value the information and experiences that help us to evolve and fulfill our lives. I’m so honored to feel a part of all of your lives. In a few days I’ll enjoy my 68th birthday: not quite an ‘old lady’ yet… not in the western world way at least. But in this movement conscious elders abound, and we don’t dismiss them as unusable. In fact, an elder in this family is quite an appealing image… one I now will enjoy growing into.

This post is a Thank You to all! As time goes on I will be addressing what I learned from the challenge of cancer, because… what is disease for if not an experience meant to teach you something. ‘The Warrior’s Way’ is the life so many of us came here for.

Thanks to: http://talk2momz.com


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