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St Germain: "Help the World to Claim NESARA!"

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    St Germain: "Help the World to Claim NESARA!"

           Ashtar On The Road Teleconference - February 25, 2014

"I Am St Germain, and I come before you, Beloved Ones, to continue to encourage you to rise into the very Highest Levels of your beings!  Absolutely, for you see, you already occupy High Levels of Dimensionality - it is simply that you are still in your physicalities.

"I understand full well how a human can feel limited by the densities of the human body.  You will recall that I have occupied many human bodies, but I have also turned my focus to the Higher Levels, so as to not be so encumbered by the inconveniences that the human body presents.  Let’s take aging. I was not given to aging in my identity of St Germain.  I appeared to be ageless, and I had called upon that particular gift to make it so, to make it my reality, and thus to share that reality with those who were in observance of me!

"I lived a long time.  Having reached a certain age I simply said, 'Stop!'  And that is where I remained.  I knew and trusted that I had the ability to do that, and so I did!  Of course you know that I have accomplished Ascension.  Now I have had other identities, and I am not here to participate in the telling of the stories of that - you have plenty of sources that you can look to if you desire that information.  You can start by calling in the violet ray and sitting in council with your Magnificent Selves and your Guides.

"If your truth happens to be a little different from what you have found published or from other sources, remember there are different levels of Dimensions and there are different parallels. And it is not to be frustrated or concerned - it is simply that if you have that curiosity, there is absolutely no reason why you should not do some additional research on that topic!

"What I am here to discuss is NESARA – the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.  Now you have heard other documents, or shall we say, that the inspiring of other documents has been attributed to me.  This is true - the most famous ones, of course, being your Declaration of Independence and - a portion at least - of your Constitution of the United States of America. Actually, the founding of the United States of America was inspired by me!

"Freedom is my mantra, shall we say - it is my legacy!!! It is to be free in every sense of the word.  I was present, of course, during the French Revolution and I was a keen observer of all of the different attitudes and lifestyles that were in existence.  It was my mission to try to influence the aristocracy - the illuminati, the beings who were at the top of the pyramid at that time - to be more in connection with the majority of people of France who were poverty stricken, for the most part.  There was a bit of a middle class, but for the most part there was either poverty or wealth. Those were the two options that life had to offer.

"The reason the French Revolution took place - and all of the ensuing violence - was because the people on the top were not able to reach out and connect with the poor, and the poor had been so mistreated by the wealthy - by the aristocracy, they called themselves - that they went into a cycle of revenge. And so it was.

"With the United States of America, it was an opportunity to bring Freedom and all that Freedom meant to the humans, the individuals, in a new place.  But the illuminati came as well. They didn’t call themselves the illuminati back then, but they were the dark ones, and they came as well.  They were successful, as you know, in initiating programs that were just the opposite of the Freedom that this country was founded upon.  But the principles of Freedom and Equality – equal justice for all and so on - were much touted.

"Of course they were not adhered to by this group.  They made up their own rules, and they made rules for everyone else and punished severely if anyone broke the rules, but they broke the rules all the time.  Your insider trading is a fine example of rules for the many vs. rules for the few, which were broken blatantly. But this is all in the past, and now True Freedom is about to dawn, not just in the United States of America, but in the entirety of the World!!!  It just so happens that NESARA, the actual law as it was written, originated in the Unites States of America, as was fitting for a country with such a Declaration of Independence!

"Now, suddenly, all that is just, all that represents Truth and True Freedom, is about to come into the lifestyle of all who live -not just in this country - but in the World!!!  So here is NESARA, waiting in the wings.  And NESARA is a living entity.  We speak of Lady Nesara and we do so because there is a spirit that is very much alive behind these words and documents, the documents of NESARA!
"What is important for you to understand is that NESARA will bring about True Justice, True Equality, and that means True Freedom for all!!!  Now, we know many of you have been focusing on the abundance that NESARA will bring, and this is entirely appropriate so long as you connect this incoming abundance to the Higher Dimensional Lifestyle.  In other words, yes, you will all be receiving abundance and yes, it is all first and foremost for you to nurture yourselves with, and your loved ones, and then you can reach out and share with whomever you choose to share with!

"You deserve it, make no mistake!  You deserve all of the abundance that you could possibly, possibly imagine having and more.  But it is abundance not only of dollars but abundance of Love, abundance of caring Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, directed first to your beautiful Selves - your deserving and Divine Selves, and then to everyone else.  It is coming together in the Oneness - that is True Abundance!!!

"But we recognize that during this interim period we are calling the Golden Age, it will be a grand freeing, or liberating, event for you to receive abundance of dollars.  While we are discussing dollars let me make this perfectly clear, NESARA will provide dollars for everyone, no one will be left out anywhere on this Planet!!!  There are those dark ones who are having their dollars stripped from their bank accounts even as we speak.  Arrests are under way, and the tide has turned, and changes are in progress. Just know that Liberty and Equality are coming!

"NESARA will bring all currencies of every country, of every region even, to a par value.  The trading of money will end, because all currencies will be the same and they will all be backed by gold and other precious commodities, as you call them. We call them precious treasures of Planet Earth - and of elsewhere!  The trading in dollars will stop.

"Now, there are those who are telling you that you have lot of money to be made ahead of the disbursements from the funds - the World Trust and my bank.  If you want to follow them and hang on, we will only suggest to you that you counsel with yourselves again.  Please use the violet ray!  Archangel Michael invites you to use the sword Excalibur and wave the blue light of Truth!  We would advise you to spend your moments - instead of following the 'today-today,' 'tomorrow-tomorrow' reports of the 'RV's' - to instead focus upon yourselves as beings of absolutely infinite value or worth, and to know that you have only to open your gifts to receive whatever it is you desire!!!

"There are many false prophets, and if you choose to follow them, that is your choice and you are welcome to do so, but we promise you that your wealth is waiting for you to claim it.  And as soon as enough of Planet Earth reaches that certain level - and you are so close - then everyone will have the equal abundance! Everyone with the exception of those who are in the prosperity trusts - those who are receiving the humanitarian funds - and they are going to seed, if you will, the disbursements.  They will get the first round of disbursements so that they can start their humanitarian projects, so that they can be in sharing of the dollars and getting people into the mindset, if you will, because the Hearts are already open and ready to receive!

"Not that they will have it all and you will have none, but simply they will lead in giving abundance, in sharing and caring. That will literally open the floodgates and the dollars - or the yen, or the renminbi, or whatever - will be flowing freely to all, and everyone will have all that they could possibly desire to have! That is Equality, that is Liberty, and that is Divine Destiny for every man, woman and child in human body upon Planet Earth!!!   "Now, what will this do?  This will free up all of Humanity to not be enslaved, to stop working two or three jobs just to put substandard GMO inhuman food upon the table.  This will free up those who are awake, who are knowing that they have a chance to participate in bringing and anchoring the Golden Age onto Planet Earth as it rises, because of course, there is a certain level where this is all accomplished anyway. That is why the Ashtar Command has the ability, and tells you that they have the ability, to partner with you!

"You get it started, you provide the impetus for the clean-up! Let’s liberate Mother Gaia from the pesticides and all of the poisons that she has been so, so inundated by.  It’s not just the human kingdom, it’s the entirety of all the kingdoms who have been suffering with all of the toxicities that have been released into your atmosphere, and your land and your waterways.  It is to provide free energy, quantum energy, to provide heat where it is needed, to provide whatever it is during this interim Golden Age Lifestyle. until such time as you reach high enough levels that you simply create.  You are walking, living, breathing holodecks all on your own!!!

"What do I mean by that?  I mean you can access your reality, your Truth of Who You Really Are at any time you choose!  You can manifest and create seemingly out of thin air!  You know I do that all the time with precious jewels because, especially the women really like that, and it gives me a certain level of connection, because they allow themselves to see the miracle and experience the miracle and then they come up in their energy fields!

"And that is what I am speaking to you about, Beloved Ones!  I Am telling you it is time for you to claim all of the Freedom, all of the Liberties!  NESARA brings way more than dollars - NESARA brings Justice for all; NESARA brings the Truth of your Heritage to all!!! Oh yes, the doings of the dark ones are a very important part of your heritage, for it is their darkness, their programs, their agendas, their deeds, their cruelties, which have caused humanity to say, 'Wait a minute, there must be a better way!'

"NESARA is the means of bringing the better way, as you call it, in one gigantic leap into the future that is Now, on just a Higher Level of Dimensionality for all!!!  So welcome NESARA, greet the spirit of NESARA, greet Lady Nesara and welcome her!  She is the compassionate one, she is the spirit of Compassion!  It is the male/female energies which have combined to write this law.  It is I, St Germain, who has helped to inspire this law, and I have acted as One in Company with all of the Masters, the Angels and the Dwellers of the Higher Dimensional Levels - all of the Light Beings - to come together and to provide this as a road map, if you will, for your Golden Age Lifestyles to anchor into Planet Earth - or shall we say for you to rise into the Levels of Planet Earth where they are already existing!!!

"Allow yourselves to view all, knowing that whatever you might see or encounter that is dark, it is up to you to just breathe the LoveLight onto it, to be the Compassionate Observers, and to allow it to pass from your energy fields.  If it has come in, let it go out and know that you are here in Mission and Service, that you are Divine Beings and that you are fulfilling your Divine Destinies by being participants in the Ascension of all of Planet Earth!!!

“So we thank you for coming, we share with you the visions of NESARA and we tell you, Beloved Ones, that it is coming with great rapidity, and it is because you are rising up with great rapidity to meet it!!!  We love you all and we thank you all for being in such great assistance to all that NESARA brings to you. NESARA is the solution that will set the movement into an even Higher level of speed and direction for all of Planet Earth!

"All that you see as problems or darkness here, you will rise up and out of, and before you even know it you will be living that Golden Age Lifestyle - free, accessing all of your Divine gifts, and enjoying perfect health and abundance in all that you could possibly create or imagine for yourselves!
"And so thank you for your attendance here in this Gathering! We invite you to share this great news.  There are more and more who are able to understand the imminence - not just the importance of, not just the advantages of, not just what NESARA will end - but they are more and more able to understand the imminence of it becoming the Reality of the Lifestyle of Planet Earth!  So care and share, and above all else, keep on beaming your beautiful Lights of Love!  And so it is. Namaste!"

Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, February 25, 2014. www.AshtarontheRoad.com

© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2014. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.



St Germain: "Help the World to Claim NESARA!" Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTxuqJIg6XWPEWnn_jA2kkW4GyjQZsLvnlNKcwjdEIMu7TuMdkn

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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Herb Lady

Thanks Yman.

Take care of the land and the animals and they will take care of you!

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Very subtle Nann... lol    :wee folk 2: 

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
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LOL what?

It's the simple things, small every day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.......~Gandalf~

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