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You’re Talking to Me?

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You’re Talking to Me?
Posted on March 3, 2014 by talk2momz
Communication within the consciousness movement seems like the Tower of Babel sometimes, with all of us speaking different languages. That old Tower story is definitely a separation story, maybe even an ego/separation story. Since we’re into oneness, and that requires a whole lot of allowing, accepting, and affirming the divinity within all, I’m thinking that our communication is worth a look-see.
Today I listened to a speaker who asserted that if you’re driving to a building, let’s say an office building, that building doesn’t exist until you arrive there and observe it. Huh? Did the people in the building not exist either, or did they materialize the building before I got there, because they’re observing it? My grandkids are in another city and I can’t see them… does that mean they’re in wave form?
There’s a reason I’m talking this silliness… my point is to ask the purpose of our communication. Are we expressing ourselves for the benefit of others? It’s interesting to play around with disappearing buildings and so on, but how will putting our minds there help us in this journey?
Communication is an art form, and as with other art forms, we’re allowed to ask… is it inspired, is it regurgitation, is it imagination, is it valuable. Regurgitation can be fine, if the information is accurate, the speaker understands it, and it has value. Imagination is fine too… lessons from fiction can be applied to life. But ‘informed by experience’ or ‘inspired Knowing’ is what we really want to hear.
We’re soldiering in a really dark and dense matrix and we’re breaking new ground. So people are looking for communication with some ‘juice’…  nourishment for the fringe dwellers, in a language they can understand.
’Inspired knowing’ might come from intuition, feeling, visionary experiences, or, most often, expressing what one has learned and experienced by putting knowledge into practice. Communication of this quality can be a huge benefit to others. ‘Informed experience’ would simply be telling stories of life experiences, informed by our consciousness. Stories can be good ‘juice’ too, especially if they help us tie things together and heal.
Does a spiritual path have to be applicable to our lives? I would think so, otherwise what’s the point? A path that focuses on self-knowledge, helps us with perception, leads to liberation, helps us connect with the divine, eases suffering, is True information… that’s what I call the warrior’s way.
The speaker I referred to earlier, also said, “Love is the only thing that is real.” Well that’s cool to think about.  Isn’t love pure energy and information? Isn’t pure energy and information also Truth? Aren’t they one and the same? Can we say Truth is God and God is Love? Seems to me the moment deception enters the picture, that’s the moment separation enters the picture, eliminating both truth and love.
And that relates again to the Tower of Babel. I’m not into religion or trying to discuss anything Biblical for the sake of Christianity… I’m just using it as a story. To me it’s an image that can tie together the ego’s tower, with separation, with deception, and the inability to communicate successfully. If we can find a way to reverse that story, then no more frustration! We’ll start to feel the oneness.
Story telling is a fairly common level of communication that can lead us toward healing, and take us up a notch to a higher level of heart connection: intuitive, barriers-down, trusting, psychic, intimate, love the love communication. Eventually we’d like our life on this beautiful earth to be as we are meant to be… the energy of love and truth, in the flesh. And the heart/mind is the way.
Sometimes people will say, “Detach from your story… everybody has one. Let it go and get on with living.” The ‘venting’ ‘poor me’ story is pretty common, and yes, detach from it. It benefits no one. But there is another kind of story that I find uncommon and courageous.
A woman in her thirties, who enjoys some recognition for her YouTube TV channel, put out a video about herself. She spoke of the time in her early twenties when she contracted herpes, and how she lived with her shameful secret. I found this woman’s video to be a beautiful communication… no Babel here, but simply a brave example of loving Self and trust in others. For some of us this kind of talk might be a bit too Oprah-ish, but for others it  can be a connection… perhaps even a vital, problem-solving one.
Simple communications like this, not having to do with energy or metaphysics or ascension or past lives or disappearing buildings, have a place in the renewal. Stories can bring the speaker to peace, and bring the listener to non-judgment and a loving heart.
I hope we continue to tell our stories. I recently told a bit of mine, and I have to say, it took some courage! I was afraid of judgment and opinions, and what I experienced was a Warm embrace coming back to me. Dang it… it sure made me bow to the quality of this family.
Now let’s go back to the speaker that I expressed some frustration with. Maybe she was just a little too distant for me, as I like to keep it down to earth. And yet, I have to give it to her for saying something that I could hear: “We are all players on a stage… we walk on, play our role, and walk off.” Yes we do, and it’s a fantastic change of the worlds we’re performing… the entry of the light into this dark and dense dimension.
Who is on stage now? There are communicators, kind souls that you can trust, problem solvers, people who make you smile, artists, healers, teachers, nourishers, builders, partiers, story tellers, gardeners, soldiers, guides and fighters. And for a while longer there will be people in towers looking down. No worries though… life has a way of leveling and balancing.

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