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The Spirit World Chronicles: Every Transition is Unique

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The Spirit World Chronicles: Every Transition is Unique – Part 1/4
Mar 13
Posted by Wes Annac
The Spirit World Chronicles: Every Transition is Unique  Life_after_death_3 Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm
The Spirit World Chronicles is an ongoing series based on channeled accounts of what the afterlife is like. Some of the material examined in this series dates back to nearly a century ago, and the referenced sources discuss a wide range of topics that have to do with life after death and the conditions of the realms beyond.
Previously, we examined the relevance of the silver cord’s severance to the death of the body, and now, we’re going to continue our discussion with material about the benevolent nature of death and the uniqueness of each person’s transition.
The departed souls who speak here are more alive than ever and loaded with information about the uniqueness of each transition and the extent to which death liberates us from mortal pain, and we’re going to jump into their material with a quote from Julia Ames about the usual manner in which the transition takes place.
“There are many ways of passing from your side to ours. Of these the most general is painless waking up and the first sensation is one of rest, of relief, and of peace.” (1)
Any pain that was experienced before death is gracefully lifted, and even though we’ve associated death with pain, it’s actually a great relief for most people.
I’m sure a lot of people who were in pain appreciate when they cross over and their pain leaves them, and with a new lease on life, they’re able to soar, freely and painlessly, and do all of the things they weren’t able to do in physical life. Their existence takes on a whole new flavor, and it starts with the death of their plagued physical body.
We’re then told the transition of leaving a body that’s in pain can unfortunately be painful for those who don’t instantly cross over.
“Unfortunately the moment of transition sometimes seems to be very full of pain and dread. With some [the time of quitting the body] lasts a comparatively long time. … With some it is momentary. The envelope opens, the letter is released, and it is over. But sometimes the deathbirth is like childbirth and the soul labours long to be free.” (2)
Leaving the body can sometimes be a long and arduous process, and I’m sure the people who resist death take the longest amount of time to be freed. Again, understanding the situation will make the entire process much easier and more graceful.
Ames continues: “I do not know why some should pass so much more easily than others. That it is a fact is true. But, after all, the parting of soul and body is but an affair of moments. There is no reason to regard it with so much alarm.”  (3)
Even if it takes a while for some people to be released from the body, we have no reason to fear death or regard it as anything that can’t be enthusiastically embraced when the time comes. Instead of fearing it, we can learn about the realms beyond in preparation for our eventual entrance into them.
As we’re told below, the ‘preliminaries’ of death are the only potentially painful aspects, and the aware seeker can greet the transition easily.
“The tranquil soul that prepares and knows need not feel even a tremor of alarm. The preliminaries of decease are often painful; the actual severance, although sometimes accompanied by a sense of wrench, is of small account.” (4)
The ‘sense of wrench’ being referred to could very well be the silver cord’s detachment from the physical body, and that aspect of the process can be met gracefully by people who understand that they aren’t actually ‘dying’ but moving into a newer and much freer life.
Most people either fear or avoid death, but understanding that it liberates us from physicality and introduces us to a higher state of consciousness will drastically decrease any pain or difficulty we might’ve otherwise experienced.
Mike Swain tells us that the most ideal way to pass on is to do it with assurance of where we’re going and why we’re going there.
“There are three ways of moving into our world from yours. The first is to come as I did, with the violence of an abrupt end. The second is to come as a result of the body breaking down; for example, from illness or old age. The third way, the logical way, is to come to us with full and conscious understanding of why it is happening.” (5)
Understanding the circumstances surrounding one’s death makes the overall process much easier, whereas transitioning violently or abruptly with little spiritual knowledge could make it difficult.
Like I’ve said before, the seekers who understand that consciousness is eternal can make it much easier for our guides and family members if we cross over before we evolve, because we’ll decrease the amount of work they have to do to make us aware.
Continued in Part 2 tomorrow.
(1) Julia [Julia T. Ames] through W.T. Stead, medium, After Death. A Personal Narrative. New York: George H. Doran, n.d.; c. 1914, 159.
Ames’ family name does not appear in the book, but can be found at “William Thomas Stead,” Red Pill, http://redpill.dailygrail.com/wiki/William_Stead.
(2) Ibid., 66.
(3) Loc. cit.
(4) Loc. cit.
(5) Jasper Swain, From My World to Yours: A Young Man’s Account of the Afterlife. New York: Walker, 1977, 48.

Thanks to Wes at: http://aquariusparadigm.com



The Spirit World Chronicles: Every Transition is Unique – Part 2/4
Mar 14
Posted by Wes Annac
The Spirit World Chronicles: Every Transition is Unique  Ff272-lifeafterdeath Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm
Continued from Part 1
Our guides in the etheric realms work very hard to help the recently ‘deceased’ become aware of what’s happened, and it can be a difficult job when the departed either assume they’re still alive or refuse to believe that death isn’t the end.
We’ll make it much easier, on ourselves and our guides, if we understand our eternal consciousness and decrease the effort they have to put in to awaken us when the time comes so they can put their focus on other matters of importance.
Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson tells us that recounting each unique transition would require volumes upon volumes of books.
“Circumstances diversify individual cases to such an extent that it would require many volumes to recount even a part of the experiences of others in the matter of arrival in the spirit world alone.” (1)
Every transition is planned in a way that respects the personality of the initiate, and no two experiences of death will ever be the same. This can also be said for our experience of life in general – no two people will ever experience life on earth the same way.
Even though we’re facets of Source who are intended to rediscover our interconnected nature and the importance of coming together, we’re also unique souls who each have a special story to tell. The average person is far more valuable than they realize, if for no other reason, than for their uniqueness.
Benson affirms what I said above, telling us that the variations between transitions are huge and that the help given in the spirit realms is strictly coordinated for each departed soul.
“There may appear to be a great similarity between one normal transition and another when viewed by earthly eyes, but from our point of view the variations are enormous. They are as great, in fact, as the variations in human personalities. What to the earthly beholder is the end of life is to us and the person chiefly concerned the beginning of a new one.” (2)
Spiritual life really begins with the death of the physical body, depending on each person and where they choose to go after death, and when the time comes, our friends in spirit will accommodate our unique personalities and help show us the way to our new lives.
Benson continues: “It is with the personality that we have to deal, and, according to the personality, to the knowledge or ignorance of spiritual matters of the passing soul, so is our especial task governed and our course of action regulated. In short, every ‘death’ is treated and served with strict regard to its essential requirements.” (3)
No stone is left unturned when it comes to helping a departed soul realize they’ve passed on, and even the sternest souls are eventually able to come to terms with their passing. As difficult as it could be to confront such a startling and probably confusing truth, initiates are given endless assistance with doing just that.
It’s probably easy to spiral into a denial-driven, depressed confusion when death initially takes place if it was feared all throughout life, but we have loving friends and family to lend a helping hand when our time comes to reach the other side again.
Gordon Burdick tells us that if more of us understood death’s benevolence, we wouldn’t fear or avoid it as much as we do.
“I feel sure if people were to know that the actual moment of passing is not even noticeable, the fear of death that haunts so many people would vanish.” (4)
If we could only understand that we have nothing to worry about, the heavy fear of what lies beyond would be replaced with the simple desire to enjoy ourselves while we’re here.
We don’t need to seek immortality, because we’re immortal by nature. Source created us, the individual extensions of its omnipotent consciousness, to experience endless life in lower spheres of existence until we were ready to merge back with it in a series of continual, blissful ascensions from dimension to dimension.
Our immorality goes beyond the limited life span of our physical bodies, and our consciousness will continue to live on and evolve until we’ve merged back with our infinite and all-loving creator.
F.W.H. Meyers tells us that death is usually met with care and tenderness instead of pain.
“Death is … a mere episode which we regard with a certain tenderness and not with any pain. … There is contained in it a time of stillness, of sinking gloriously into rest.” (5)
Rest is a big factor of a lot of people’s transitions, especially people who worked hard all their lives, and it probably feels good to relax for a while after a hectic physical existence. Resting after the body dies will enable us to emerge out into the etheric world with curiosity, which’ll blossom into enthusiasm to understand what it has for us.
The actual process of reaching the etheric is generally mild and initiated with care, because our friends beyond the veil won’t gain anything by startling or dazzling us when we initially pass on. Their minds are probably more on what they can do to comfort the recently deceased.
As John Scott tells us, when the body’s at the brink of death, the spirit gets its first glimpses of eternal life.
“They do not suffer, these people, in their passing. I think sometimes their friends suffer more, when they see the body writhing in apparent agony, while in reality the spirit is already tasting the first freedom from pain, or lies in a blessed insensibility.” (6)
As the body nears the end of life, the etheric body starts to regain strength and prepares to return home, and it must be a joy and a shock to realize that death isn’t the end.
At a certain point, we’ll cease to feel the pain the physical body feels as it readies itself to shut down and release the spirit to return to its original form. We’ll start to feel the blissful perception spirit has to offer, and for people who’ve expected death to be the end of life, it’s probably confusing but welcomed nonetheless.
If I didn’t know anything about death and suddenly passed on, I’d be pretty relieved to find that consciousness doesn’t end.
Continued in Part 3 tomorrow.
(1) Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson through Anthony Borgia, medium, Here and Hereafter. San Francisco: H.G. White, 1968 (dictated in 1957), 42.
(2) Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson through Anthony Borgia, medium, More About Life in the World Unseen. San Francisco: H.G. White, 1956; c1968, 12-3.
(3) Loc. cit.
(4) Grace Rosher, medium. The Travellers’ Return. London: Psychic Press, 1968, 60.
(5) Paul Beard, Living On. How Consciousness Continues and Evolves After Death. New York: Continuum, 1981, 57.
(6) Ibid., 56
Photo Credit

Thanks to Wes at: http://aquariusparadigm.com



The Spirit World Chronicles: Every Transition is Unique – Part 3/4
The Spirit World Chronicles: Every Transition is Unique  After-death-1 Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm
Continued from Part 2
Sigwart, an artist who died in World War one, tells us that the last, painful moment of his earthly life was replaced with infinite peace, calm, and healing.
“The last minute was terrible, but only for a moment and then it passed, which means the sleep of death relieved me of all pain.” (1)
The ‘sleep of death’ was able to release Sigwart from the potentially gruesome circumstances surrounding his death, and a tremendous weight was lifted off of him that saw him able to experience the joys the other side has to offer.
Sigwart’s transition might’ve been another instance of someone choosing to rest for a while after they cross over, and anyone who experienced a particularly busy life or a particularly violent death are able to rest for as long as they need before they greet what comes next.
Going from pain and violence to infinite clam must be wonderfully soothing, and luckily, the higher qualities we glimpse at death are unflinching aspects of the afterlife and will be endlessly felt and experienced.
According to Arthur Ford, every soul responds to the universal pull to move on when the body’s ready to die.
“Death is no more than the passage through a beckoning door. It is so brief, so transitory as scarcely to be noted for it is what lies beyond the door that counts. The body, let us say, is tired and weakened.
At a certain point the heart stops, not merely because the body mechanism will not function, but also because the soul has slipped off through the opening door. Some go gladly, some reluctantly, but all in answer to the universal urge for peace and tranquility.” (2)
It’s probably easy to leave a place like the earth for the wonderful states of consciousness that exist beyond, and I’m sure the peaceful and tranquil pull that gently draws the recently deceased out of their bodies is embraced by a lot of seekers who understand what death is really like.
Even a moment of infinite etheric peace would be wonderful, and I can only imagine what it’s like to leave the heaviness of the body behind and bask in the gentle lightness of the liberated etheric body. This body, being a gentle yet infallible form of energy, is weightless and obviously much freer to move about than the physical body.
Joy Snell tells us about the first physical death she witnessed from the spirit realms.
“It was the first death that I had witnessed. Immediately after her heart had ceased to beat, I distinctly saw something in appearance like smoke, or steam as it rises from a kettle in which the water is boiling, ascend from her body. This emanation rose only a little distance and there resolved itself into a form like that of my friend who had just died.” (3)
Initially, death seems to be a graceful release of the energy; the essence of the person who inhabited the body. The etheric body resumes its shape quickly after being released from the physical, and perhaps this is when the departed become conscious in the spirit realms.
Joy continues, telling us that her friend’s etheric form gradually changed to include a white robe.
“This form, shadowy at first, gradually changed until it became well defined and clad in a pearly-white, cloud-like robe, beneath which the outlines of the figure were distinctly visible. The face was that of my friend but glorified, with no trace upon it of the spasm of pain which had seized her just before she died.” (4)
Her friend must’ve felt the immense bliss that comes with being released from the physical body and into the ecstatic spirit realms, and even if we experience the worst pain as we pass on, it all disappears once we’re out of the body.
Just like Sigwart, Joy Snell’s friend was able to depart into bliss after experiencing intense agony. Pain is completely lifted at the time of death, because we’re freed from the temple that enables us to exist in a state of consciousness that’s dense enough to accommodate it.
In Joy’s experience, every transition, however physically painful, entails the etheric body peacefully rising out of the physical.
“Whether the deaths I witnessed were peaceful or painful, preceded or not preceded by the recognition of someone from the other world, always, immediately after the physical life had ceased, I saw the spirit form take shape above the dead body, in appearance a glorified replica of it.” (5)
Our vibration rises when we leave the physical body, and because of this, we’re able to take on a beautiful etheric form. For those of us who are aware, it might be pretty easy to discern what’s happened if we suddenly find ourselves surrounded by departed family and wearing a white robe.
The release of death enables one to express themselves in a much more beautiful form, and our true essence, having been set free, is able to take whatever shape best suits it.
As Joy tells us, there’s an immense contrast between the physical body that dies painfully and the etheric body that’s liberated from the pain.
“However painful might have been the last hours, however protracted and wasting the illness, no trace of suffering or disease appeared upon the radiant spirit face. Striking, at times, was the contrast which it presented to the human features, pain-distorted and deep-furrowed by suffering.” (6)
Freedom from the physical body enables the disappearance of all pain, stress, and fear, and one’s able to enjoy a blissful state of consciousness that most people can’t touch here on earth. Most of us haven’t been able to reach such a level of bliss because we’ve been unaware of the realms beyond and our ability to access them.
According to Mary Bosworth, death doesn’t need to be the fearful atrocity we’ve made it into, especially for those who live basically good lives.
“There is no darkness for us as we watch our loved ones coming across the little dividing line. We think that the close of life should be lifted out of its sorrow and fear and regarded only as a peaceful sleep, with a blessed and bright awakening. This of course refers to those who have cultivated their spirit life when on earth.” (7)
We create our fate, and the choices we make in this life determine what we’ll experience when we move on. As we’ll learn below, some people experience a decidedly worse state of consciousness after death because of their actions in life.
Mary continues: “Death may indeed be a darkened path for those who have no fitness for this life – and yet it is not the death, but the awakening which is so dreary and oftentimes terrible for those whose lives have not been just or merciful or spiritual.” (8)
Awakening to spirit could be pretty difficult for someone who’s been lost in the darkness of the earth all their lives, and by the natural law of karma, we’re intended to fully understand the significance of the things we’ve done in our lives once we pass on.
Infinite etheric records are believed to exist that hold everything that’s ever been done, and these records will remind us of our earthly choices in the realms beyond. There’s an incredible significance to everything we do, and we’ll understand this when we’re finished with the lower vibrations.
Concluded in Part 4 tomorrow.
(1) Joseph Wetzl, trans., The Bridge Over the River. Communications from the Life After Death of a Young Artist Who Died in World War one. Spring Valley: Anthroposophic Press, 1974, 10.
(2) Arthur Ford through Ruth Montgomery, medium. A World Beyond. New York: Fawcett Crest, 1971, 15.
(3) Joy Snell, The Ministry of Angels. Secaucus: Citadel Press, 1977; c1959, 18.
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(8) Loc. cit.
Photo Credit

Thanks to: http://wesannac.com


The Spirit World Chronicles: Every Transition is Unique – Part 4/4
Mar 16
Posted by Wes Annac
The Spirit World Chronicles: Every Transition is Unique  After-DeathConsciousness7859789 Written by Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm
Concluded from Part 3
A woman named ‘Hilda’ tells us that one of her biggest regrets in life was fearing her eventual death.
“When I [died], I found that the most foolish mistake in my life was my long, long terror of death. Year after year I was afraid of it when I needn’t have been in the least afraid. I had much illness and suffered a great deal from worries, fears, anxieties and bodily pain in my life. But at the moment of death there was no pain.” (1)
Despite the pain she experienced during her physical life, Hilda was freed of every bit of pain when she greeted a process she’d feared so much.
Especially for people inflicted with illness, it can probably be easy to fear death and non-existence in general, but luckily, death sees a continuance and enhancement of consciousness that’s probably welcomed by a lot of people who were in pain.
Hilda then tells us that she was able to notice departed family around her before she died.
“When I knew I was dying, I was just able to say: ‘Take care of little Tough.’ He was my darling baby grandson. But I wasn’t unhappy or frightened or lonely; for I saw my fathers, my sisters, my brother whom I had thought of as dead – and by dead, I mean asleep till Judgment Day.
But they weren’t asleep, they were quite close to me. I could see them through a pale mist.” (2)
She was able to be in the comforting company of her family, the very presence of whom displayed to her that death isn’t the end of life. If you’re on the brink of death and you start perceiving long-passed friends or family members, I think it’ll become clear that you aren’t about to blink out of existence.
A lot of departing souls are able to be comforted by the apparitions of their friends and family, and even though some might refuse to believe that death isn’t the end, others will be able to accept the process with relative ease.
As Hilda tells us below, the last few moments before death certainly aren’t lonely.
“So if anyone talks to you about the loneliness of death, tell them it is all nonsense. I was never less alone than in those few minutes – I suppose they were minutes. I wasn’t in a state to take the time when I was dying. I was quite helpless. I couldn’t move hand or foot, but I wasn’t in the least afraid.” (3)
Can you imagine being in such a condition and having no fear over your fate or where you’re going? The presence of departed friends and family probably helps eradicate any fear surrounding the transition, and as long as we let ourselves, we can experience the process relatively calmly.
Hilda then delivers her ‘message to the world’, telling us that her death was one of the best and most freeing moments of her life.
“So my message to the world is that, for me, one of the happiest moments of my earth-life was the moment of death.
Of course it was much longer than a moment, but the wonderful freedom from pain, the feeling of peace and security when I saw my loved dead alive, smiling, waiting for me, drive away loneliness, fear, and, for a while, all the grief of separation from my two boys.” (4)
Pain and fear wash away when we greet the liberated etheric realms, and our minds and hearts are expanded as we welcome the new life that opens up before us. When we rediscover that consciousness is eternal, our opportunity to explore the realms beyond will be infinite and we’ll merrily forget about the pain of earthly physicality.
Everything that overwhelmed us on the earth will be nearly forgotten about when we start exploring spirit, and we’ll enjoy ourselves far more than we did when we toiled and squabbled our physical lives away.
In an inspiring, final quote, Hilda advises that our definition of death should be changed to match its benevolence and the release from physical pain it offers.
“Other people may die differently – I don’t know. I can only tell you that the word ‘death,’ judging from my experience, should have its definition altered in the dictionary to ‘the first human experience of a peace that passes understanding.’” (5)
We can research and write about the blissful peace of death all we want, but we’ll never understand it until we experience it. Until we feel this bliss ourselves, we’ll never really be able to examine or discuss it and our earthly interpretations of it will forever fall short.
This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work to understand this peace or the realms that provide it, but no matter how hard we try, we’ll only gain a premature and distorted glimpse of it here on earth.
Death is a process that each initiate experiences in a unique way, and I’m happy to have presented this material about its uniqueness and the liberation of mortal pain it grants us. In future installments, we’ll continue to examine the uniqueness of death and the things people experience when they initially pass on.
There’s much more to the topic of death and the realms beyond than even most seekers realize, and the material we have yet to examine will illuminate this interesting facet of life with incredible insights about it. Because of these insights, we’re able to understand something that few people on this planet lend their attention to in a positive way.
Wes Annac – Happy to serve as a conduit for the expression of death’s benevolence.
(1) Geraldine Cummins, They Survive. Evidence of Life Beyond the Grave from Scripts of Geraldine Cummins. Comp. E.B. Gibbes. London, etc.: Ride and Co., n.d, 139.
(2) Loc. cit.
(3) Loc. cit.
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(5) Loc. cit.
Photo Credit
I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.
The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.
I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.

Thanks to Wes at: http://aquariusparadigm.com


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