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Kp Message… the “P.E.A.C.E Event”… 3-17-14 at 3:33 (your local time) (#kppeace333)

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Kp Message… the “P.E.A.C.E Event”… 3-17-14 at 3:33 (your local time) (#kppeace333)
Posted on 2014/03/15 by kauilapele
Kp Message… the “P.E.A.C.E Event”… 3-17-14 at 3:33 (your local time) (#kppeace333) Kp_peace_event
The “Pre-’Event’ And Clearance Endorsement” event…
3-17-2014, 3:33 AM (local time, wherever you happen to be…)
This has been going through my Inner Space for a few days now. Since 3-11-14.
After viewing Courtney Brown’s recent revealing (see this post), it “popped up” as a clear signal to me (namely, I really saw, in a deep heart kind of way), that this “disclosure” business, this “clearing out of the old paradigms” business, etc., was really in our hands… not someone else’ (whether that be human, Hue-person, or Galactic). Not that I know how all this would be done, somehow, but it’s in our hands.
On 3-11-14, I sat with my (little, $1) planner book, at Java on the Rock, and it somehow hit me that the 3-17-2014 date would be a date for a kind of “clearance” signaling event. A “pre-Event” event, if you will.
Just prior to this day, Cobra had written this statement in his 3-10-14 post…
[Cobra] “As of March 8th, 2014, only one last layer of etheric Archons and their exotic etheric weaponry remains. The vast majority of etheric Reptilians are gone, most of their technologies are gone, there is mainly a small group of crazy Archons with their exotic etheric weapons. Whether they have strangelet bombs or something else is unclear as that intel is still withheld for security reasons. This is the only factor remaining which prevents the Event right now. How long will this layer last is also unclear for the same reasons.”
And so this this 3-17-14 “pre-Event” event idea was somehow connected with what Cobra has posted. So I got that I was to post this message, and “create” this 3-17-14 “pre-Event” event.
Now looking at the numbers, 3-17-2014 = 3+1+7+2+0+1+4 = 18, 1+8 = 9. A completion day (9 = completion). As for the time, I “got” 3:33 AM, 3+3+3 = 9. So it’s a 99, and then there’s also lots of 3′s there, 9 = 3×3, time = 333, so you could say there are five 3′s associated with all this (and that probably means something really deep, too, but I’m doing zero speculation about it).
So, my intent for this is to assist the Planet in releasing all old paradigm concepts and then to basically signal, via collective intent, that we are ready for this “Event” deal (whatever that means), and for the “massive” clear out, and clean out, of old paradigms, and all of the things, beings, stuff, associated with them. That old paradigm, duality, us vs. them, cabal (add your own) “stuff” we are finished with. Here it is again…
The “Pre-’Event’ And Clearance Endorsement” event… “P.E.A.C.E.”
3-17-2014, 3:33 AM (local time, wherever you happen to be…)
(and this is not, of course, “my” event, but is everyone’s event, connected to and connecting all who wish to participate)
I’m leaving it up to each to just do whatever you feel drawn to do… a ceremony, a meditation, a diving into the water off a 100 foot cliff… Find what resonates with you.
Question: “Do I HAVE to get up at 333 AM to do this?” No. Just align with that time internally, and do it whenever you feel you can do it.
I’ve searched the Twitter-verse, and found this Hashtag is available,
#kppeace333, so please use that when you Twitter.
I’ve also created a FaceBook Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/739070556124178/?context=create&source=49#
If you feel drawn to this, great. I’m just doing what MY Guidance has suggested to do.
Mahalo nui Loa (Thank you very much)
Notes about this “Pre-Event” event

  • I’d like to remind all (including me), that the “clearance” and “disclosure” deals, are all inside jobs. “First within, then without.”. So this is an “Inner” Thing. But we will see it (at some point) as an “Outer” Thing.
  • Hashtag (for Twitter users): #kppeace333
  • Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/739070556124178/?context=create&source=49#
  • I considered the title, The “PRO-’Event’ And Clearance Endorsement” event, but felt the other title was easier to remember. HOWEVER, the intent is aligned with the “PRO-Event” essence, namely, in support of “The Event”, and of our “Planetary Liberation”.

Thanks to KP at: http://kauilapele.wordpress.com


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