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Posted on March 20, 2014 by Visionkeeper
Distrust….... Brother-chris-hemsworth-loki-thor-favim-com-1505677 http://www.favim.com
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These are very strange times blowing around us right now. The energies are trying and their seems to be no respite from them. We are being tested mightily, but we must remain strong and not bend beneath the weight. It seems that this Flight 370 disaster has come forth and shined a massive spotlight on what exactly is wrong in the world. I am sorry it took such a tragedy to bring it forth, but if we recognize the problem and come together to solve it, then this tragic mystery will not be in vain. When we are mired in the depths of tragedy and we play games and hide secrets over trying to save those in desperate trouble, then we have fallen about as far down into the cesspool as we can go. We can’t share satellite information to find a missing plane because we can’t let other countries know our capabilities. Indonesia is refusing search planes to fly in their air space. Very few countries will come forth and show their radar information for the same reasons they won’t share satellite information. My goodness, what does all of this say about the state of the world? Our distrust for one another runs so deep we can’t even come together and search for a missing airliner. We would rather hide our secrets than save the lives of 239 innocent people. What a very sad state of affairs. It is most shameful!
How have we gotten to such a level of distrust between countries? A great deal of our distrust has come about from the continual lying that has been going on. Countries say one thing but do another. The U.S. is deeply guilty of this along with everybody else. The quest for dominance and superiority over others has led us down this dark path. Look at what Putin is doing in Crimea right now with the threat to extend further out into Estonia. How have we become a bunch of countries being led by tyrannical bullies with no regard for life? Our leaders can only be as ruthless as what we allow them to be and we seem to not be doing a very good job at stopping their bad behavior. It seems the world at large is not agreeing with where our leaders are wanting to take us, yet what are we doing to stop them?
So many sit at home in front of their televisions and watch the unrest and rioting in other countries, but are we standing up as a whole to fight alongside them world-wide to stop what is going on? No. Until countries can trust one another this sad scenario will continue. Until countries stop wanting to control everybody and everything, there will never be trust. Until countries stop trying to expand their borders and steal others resources for their gain, wars will continue to rage. But can we not see it is not the people doing these things, it is the leaders of these countries, so what are the people going to do to stop them once and for all?
We want the trust between countries and between people to return. How can we truly care about one another if we can’t trust them? How can we truly love one another if we don’t care? It is all interconnected. If we can’t come together to save a plane full of missing people because we can’t trust each other, then this should speak loudly to us all about where we need to make changes in the world. We are being shown the ugly truth of where our leaders are failing, now what are we going to do about stopping them? It is time at long last to find our COURAGE!
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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