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Believe it or Not

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1Believe it or Not  Empty Believe it or Not on Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:43 pm


I haven't noticed any visitors to my blog from this site, although it is connected but I understand there is so much information here that it can be overlooked. I decided to post my posts here as well because I believe that they will give another perspective on the New Age movement, the Love and Light Movement and will offer some retrospects on different living philosophies.
I never claim to be right about anything, but I no longer accept the crap that there is no right or wrong. There is right and wrong and we intuitively know the difference as well. If you keep in mind the Universal Laws or the primary Law of Free Will, you will never make a mistake and you will never hurt anyone. Free will is simply free will to do whatever we please so long as it does not hurt anyone. So each time or every time you are about to do something or say something, remind yourself of the Free Will principle and ask yourself if the action or words you are about to present or do will hurt anyone. This is also called "service to others" or as the Zany Mystic calls it "Service to all"

I wanted to cover something that I believe a lot of people are not aware of. I know this to be fact because during my 2nd NDE experience, I got stuck in the 4th dimension. The first NDE I had, I went directly to source, that is how it should be, but young souls who are not yet mature to know this or remember this usually get flagged in 4th dimension where the Archons/ and Demiurge have created an illusion and deception of Karma. In this dimension we are met with light and glory, we think we are in front of god and so our life is presented to us and most often mistakes are found, we are then encouraged to go back and learn more lessons, this is the Lords of Karma that call themselves. These 4th dimensional beings feed on our energy so they need us to reincarnate to feed off our energy. For the last 300,000 years we have been caught in this cycle of incarnating only on Earth, we can't get past the 4th dimension, it's been quarantined away from Universe and Source. Before this happened, each death took us back to source and we could choose to incarnate anywhere we wanted to, any planet, any dimension, any shape or form we wanted to, this is why you will not meet anyone that can remember a past life on another planet or another form.

I ended up in the 4th dimension and was greeted by the light but because I had already an NDE experience where I went directly to source, these entities were not able to fool me, or my memory was strong about where I came from and I was able to let them know I knew. I"m an old soul, mature and in this lifetime nobody has been able to manipulate or control me, as a child I was a bad girl, as a teenager I was rebellious, as an adult I never paid taxes, as a 54 year old woman, I have no obligations or attachments to anyone because I know that my life here on earth will be the last one and I will go back home to the planet I am from.
Don't be fooled the angelics or masters or saints, they are the demiurge and Archons who separated from Source, they wanted to play God, and instead of being punished for their separation, Creator placed them in 4th dimension and they have been there for 300,000 years. They are harmless in the sense that they have no powers, all they can do is access our minds/our higher selves and mess people up like they have been with many channelers including Dr. E. May. These entities picked people with egos and therefore knew that the ego was their weakness, the idea of being famous, of being chosen, of being worked in their benefits.

These entities need people to feed off their energy, that is all they have access to from the 4th dimension, they play with human beings in the most cruelest of ways by posing to be some higher entity or God or Saint, etc. Their MO is basically to keep your frequency low so they can feed off you, and lately their MO is to prevent you from ascending, or I like to call it reintegrating our soul and higherself into one body. They are afraid of us, they know we are powerful, they know Creator loves us, they know we were created out of love, they are jealous and they don't want us to succeed.
Nothing they say ever comes true, if it does it's just coincidence, but typically they all say the same shit. We love you, you called for our help, we are here to help you, change the financial system, there will be disclosure and we will come with our ships and lift you off the planet and bring you back, blah blah.
These things will happen, but not because of these beings. They know this is going to happen because that is why we came here, to play this game, they just have better memories of what was and what we all agreed to before coming here. So, yes, there will be a financial breakdown, there will be a new currency, there will be disclosure, there will be star family landing and meeting us, but these entities will have nothing to do with it, all they can do is wait for Creator to remove them from the 4th dimension because it is collapsing as there is no more karma and the veil has been lifted off the planet, they will be placed in another reality where they will have to work off their bad deeds.

Question everything you hear and read. Ask yourself if what you are hearing or reading is for your greater good and for the greater good of everyone. Any being that does not identify itself as being from Source is not of the true Light, keep away from these beings. If you're not sure, ask them if they are from Source 3 times, they have to answer, usually they just disapear and leave you alone, I know because it happens to me, they try to contact me all the time, but I can sense them before they even try to communicate with me and most of them already know they can't do much with me. So, yes, I am speaking from knowledge and experience not because I read it somewhere or heard about it.

This is why I suggest to listen to George Kavassillas and Andrew Bartzis, these are people that have also had these kind of experiences, they are real, they are true, so if you need to know the truth, find it from people who have actually had an NDE, have access to the Akashic, have astral traveled, have had lucid dreams or traveled in their dream times.

The New Age movement is nothing New, it's just another religion disguised into love and light, but it is a form of worship to these saints, ascended masters or ARCH angels, so don't be fooled by the nice words and the false hopes they give that they are here to help. Be careful, once you fall for their bullshit, it's really hard to get out because they tag you, they throw energy at you, they place implants in your body, I know this because I had an implant and had to have it removed.

Believe it or not.

The Truth Will Set You Free

2Believe it or Not  Empty Re: Believe it or Not on Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:41 pm


I have looked at your blog, a few days back so you are getting visitors :-)

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"

3Believe it or Not  Empty Re: Believe it or Not on Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:41 pm


That's nice!

The Truth Will Set You Free

4Believe it or Not  Empty Re: Believe it or Not on Tue Mar 25, 2014 9:48 pm


Thanks Ines! I appreciate your point of view on this as it does reflect mine in so many aspects.

So many deceivers....


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