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What’s Going On?

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What’s Going On?
Posted on April 12, 2014 by Visionkeeper
What’s Going On? Favim-com-20481 http://www.favim.com
Music to read by below:
I imagine a great many people are thinking the world is crazy these days and rapidly falling apart. In some ways they would be right. The old world is crazy and falling apart, but the new world emerging is strong and heart centered. The insanity of everything going on is something to be welcomed by all, as crazy as that sounds. Each explosion of craziness bursting forth is exposing the old world and all that was wrong with it. This is good despite the anguish being delivered upon mankind as a result. Eyes are widely popping open now and hearts as well. The supposed disappearing Flight 370 plane has brought the whole world together and opened minds as well as eyes. We are all witnessing Governments vying for control of information and dominance, completely disregarding the many shattered lives and broken hearts of those aching for those who were aboard that plane. People have been shaken awake by what is taking place and hearts are opening with compassion for all those suffering at the expense of heartless Governments. This incident has brought people together from all walks of life and thankfully this sharing of this tragedy has allowed people to wake up amongst the masses so they are able to use each others support to lessen the shock of the reality of what is really going on in the world around them. This too is a good thing. Waking up is not an easy task.
The confrontation on the Bundy ranch in Nevada between farmers and the Federal Government has also slammed open people’s hearts and awakened their sleep fogged brains. Finally people are able to witness the Fed’s intrusion on people’s lives and their far over reaching powers to take what is not theirs and to try to intimidate the people into backing off, but it is not working. Just the opposite is taking place. People are coming from all over to give support to this family but more importantly stand up for the rights of all Americans finally. The sleeping giant has awakened at long last and there will be no nodding back off for this puppy. The truth of what the Government is trying to do to this country and it’s people is out there for all to see now and it would seem the disgruntled emotions are spreading quickly among many. This is good as well. Tragedy and heartache are never something any of us wish to endure, but sometimes it is these tragedies that awaken us and push us to move outside our comfort zones to stand up for ourselves and for what is ethically and morally right.
The incompetence of our Government is flapping about wildly in the wind like a tattered flag and I dare say there are few now who are not aware of this and long to see our world correct its ways and shift its direction. Obamacare was just the beginning of showing the people what is wrong with our Government and it has been encouraging to see how many are finally getting the message. I just hope we are able to carry all these new-found impressions in our minds to the polls and vote out the old and herald in the new when the time comes. By in large things are not working right now and for good reason. It is up to each of us to make and be the changes we wish to see. I sense the sleeping giant is aroused now and people are stirring into action on all fronts. It has been a very prolonged process, but I believe we are finally seeing and sensing for ourselves what needs to be done to get things right again. We must not give up hope or fall prey to fear. We must stick together and support each other in the battles as they come our way and fight back for what is rightfully ours. This is the final battle, now is our time and we have been called to action. Gather your courage and head to the front lines with love and compassion in your hearts and the determination to birth the new world.
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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