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The Crown and The Cross

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1The Crown and The Cross  Empty The Crown and The Cross Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:14 am


The Crown and The Cross Pt.2

  • Esoterica

by Elva Thompson - Apr 13, 2014
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The Crown and The Cross  Blue_red_battle-700x485

by Elva Thompson


Ley lines and the planetary grid

Ivan J. Sanderson, a naturalist was  interested in earth energies and in the nineteen sixties,  mapped the disappearances of planes and ships across the globe.  He found that the lost vessels consistently vanished in twelve geographical locations,  equally spaced out across the planet. These ‘Twelve Vile Vortices’ as he called them, exhibited strange phenomena and magnetic anomalies; the  most notorious being ‘The Bermuda Triangle’ and ‘The Devil’s Triangle [the Devils Sea, east of Japan]

Sanderson thought  that although the planetary grid was made of elemental geometric shapes, it was predominantly icosahedral.

I found this very interesting because the icosahedron is the geometric for the second chakra, the water field of sex and emotion. Our reality is a feeling and emotional dimension, that’s why we cry water.  Our bodies are made  up of 80% + water, and it has just been discovered or rather re-discovered, that the planets in our solar system contain a lot of ‘starwater.’

The deliberate placement of structures on the Grid

Temples, pyramids, ziggurats, Blue blood castles, presidential palaces, government installations, underground laboratories, the Vatican and other religious sites, have all been deliberately built upon the grid lines. By pumping negative energies into the leys, the Black Twins have expanded their empires and enslaved the peoples of the world.

The pentagon in Washington is a good example of an esoteric facility that utilizes  the frequency of a dodecahedron situated on a ley. The dodecahedron is  found in the centre of a five pointed star and is the geometric of the space field.

Recently I became aware that major football stadiums in America are built on ley lines, no doubt this is to harness the energy of the unsuspecting fans.  Football supporters have a reputation for violence and it is this rah!..rah! base energy that is channeled directly  into the grid affecting everyone within a radius of forty miles.

The Line of death 188th ley.

The ley 188 runs from Astana, Kazakhstan across the globe. Situated on this line of death are the following sites.  Teotihuacan the sacrificial blood temple in Mexico, the BP. Oil disaster, the sites of Hurricane Katrina and Frederick[ Mobile, Louisiana 1979] New York[9/11] Washington D.C.   Boston bombings, Sandy Hook, Stonehenge and Damascus in Syria.

The Occult State of Colorado and ley line 104

Colorado USA is a prime example of an occult state.  The State seal carries the pyramid with the all Seeing Eye and the sun’s rays behind it.  Sun worship doesn’t get more brazen than that.

The state motto is:  Nil Sin Numinee: Nothing without God.

In view of the esoteric nature of the seal, I would translate it as: Nothing without Lucifer.

The British Queen bee of the Black Nobility, has invested in land around the satanic new World Airport in Denver, with its grotesque demonic blue horse guarding the horned temple of the Warrior House of Draco. Inside the airport, we are treated to masonic paraphernalia, and the bizarre murals of dead children and animals lying in coffins, while a Nazi in a gas mask flies above them in the sky.

The New World order airport and Aurora, Colorado, the scene of the Batman shooting are both situated on ley line 104.  Interestingly enough the name Aurora means The Goddess of the new Dawn. The whole incident of the Dark Knight Rising was a blood fest, a massive injection of human suffering and angst directly into our mother’s life stream and into the consciousness of all who live within the electro magnetic energy of the grid.

We will never be free from fear while we live in a manipulated, negatively charged matrix, and so it is up to each and everyone of us to do something about it.

 The Psychic Hit Squad

There are millions of spiritual warriors in our midst who will take up the cause of light if they knew how and where to start. The first thing to do is to educate ourselves about the grid lines and about the practices of the Black Twins of Crown and Cross.

‘For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against spiritual powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness……Ephesians 6

So many of us feel helpless and hopeless…we see everything we hold dear being trashed around us.  Now is the time to act.

The moment we begin to resonate through our hearts instead of heads, the Heart of the planet will be vibrating with us and, with every loving charge that we put in the grid, the downfall of the Black Twins is assured.  The more spiritual spanners we can place in the grid, the quicker their demise.

One positive charge into a negative matrix has to make a difference, no matter how slight. Think what millions of charges could achieve.

Start today, if you don’t know how, it doesn’t matter, because you do know how. We have the inspiration of desperation,  and the secrets of the cosmos are opening to us, so follow your heart and intuition.

You can download pictures of castles, sun temples, hotels where the Bilderberger’s meet…all kinds of good stuff…grid them with quartz and away you go, making magic for the earth.

Just do it!



Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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