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Are We Ready?

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Are We Ready?
Posted on April 24, 2014 by Visionkeeper
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Well April is shaping up to be one heck of a month so far and more is yet to come! As I have mentioned before, our long and difficult journey is no different really than birthing a child. We are at that point now where it seems we are ready to be born and the pressure is at its greatest point at this time. Often the pain in childbirth seems so intense at the very end and yet the worst is really over in many ways. We are about to get the fruits of our labor at long last and we best be ready to accept it. We have suffered the weight of oppression on our backs forever, we have watched our world be decimated, our rights be trampled, our resources for living be poisoned, everything in the world seems backwards and upside down to what it should be, but we have persevered with open hearts and as much love as we can muster up under the circumstances. So what is next?
Nobody knows for sure what is next, but the general feeling amongst the many has been that we are close to seeing the final downfall of our oppressors. We can smell freedom wafting about our heads. But, are we truly ready for it? It takes great strength to stand up to oppression, but it will take greater strength to finally embrace freedom as well. We have no earthly idea what being free will be like. Often times once caged animals cower when their cages are finally opened so they can be released. Being caged is all they have ever known, and the same goes for ourselves. For so long we have all assumed we were living freely when in actual fact we were being held in captivity. Will we be like the young teenager who finally gets the chance to drink and becomes drunk and unmanageable because they forgot to use control? It is important for us to get our houses in order and begin planning how we desire to live our lives, what is it we want to do or be?
I guess the first thing we need to get in order is what kind of life laws do we live by? We need to establish New World life laws that embrace our new way of living. In the new world there will be no acceptance of judgment upon others, no room for the games and dramas ego drives us to act out. We must get our life laws firmly established in our captive lives now so when the door is finally sprung open we can stride out in confidence knowing who and what we desire to be. Loving and compassionate, giving, patient, kind, sharing, non judgmental, accepting and believing are the foundations of what the new world expects us to offer the world. Have we mastered these yet? If not it is time to bring these traits into our lives fully so we can be ready to fly free. If we are not ready we leave ourselves wide open to failure in our new world and we don’t want that. As I continually tell my readers, read the book The Four Agreements, practice them faithfully and you will be ready to embrace whatever lies ahead with grace and confidence.
There is so much distraction being thrown our way right now it is almost overwhelming. Do not fall for it. Turn away from the dramas and instead practice hard for the new world way of life instead. The fall of the old paradigm is upon us, there is no ‘ if ‘ about it. Everyday we see more and more of the old ways crumbling and no longer working. Feel excitement at this development not fear. We no longer WANT the old ways, they do not work, they do not support our freedom. Our job now is to find our inner strength and make ourselves ready to let go and open up to the new. Letting GO is now our journey but we must hurry. We should have been doing this for quite some time now, but it is never too late, so get busy. The rest of April could get intense, for there is always discomfort in change and we are in the thick of it. Grab hold of your courage and stand tall with open arms to whatever is meant to be.
Blessings to us all,

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