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Are You An Eloi Or a Morlock?

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Are You An Eloi Or a Morlock?

Posted on May 1, 2014 by Dave Hodges
Are You An Eloi Or a Morlock? Eloi-morlock-600x329
Are you an Eloi or a Morlock? Are you the hunter or the hunted? Are awake, or brainwashed? This article will identify the dichotomy that the citizens of this country exist under.
As Americans, we live in an unparalleled and an unprecedented time in American history. The historical American character has been one of resisting tyranny and meeting force with force. This is best exemplified by the fact that our Founding Fathers rebelled, in part, over a mere 2% tax on tea. Our Founding Fathers also rebelled against the Quartering Act, unreasonable search and seizure, violation of due process rights and the denial of the right to trial by a jury of one’s peers. Unfortunately, today, It feels like America simply accepts this kind of abusive treatment from their government as the cost of living in the system which we have had imposed upon us.
Today, American taxpayers have had 43 trillion dollars stolen by the Federal Reserve and given to the bankers and yet, we remain silent. Every email, phone call, fax transmission and even private conversations can and often are monitored by the government and yet, we remain silent. Americans are videotaped several dozen times per day and yet, we remain silent. Your cell phone tracks your every movement, and yet, we remain silent. Soon, the internet will be controlled by the United Nations, we have no due process rights and American citizens can be murdered without cause thanks to the NDAA, and yet, we remain silent. And the next move for the globalists will be to come after our guns and most of us who are truly awake believe that most Americans will remain silent. Conversely, when the British came after the colonists guns, the colonists fought back and fought well.
Tragically, the nature of the American character has changed, and changed for the worse. An estimated 10% of Americans fully understand that our nation has been conquered by the international bankers as we have fully assumed their derivative debts and then some. The same 10% of Americans, who are fully awake, understand that we live under a scientific dictatorship which is designed to reduce the population through both soft kill and hard kill methods until 90% of the present population is destroyed. Yet, most of our countrymen would label this statement as emanating from a crazy “conspiracy theorist” as if two evil men would never conspire against anyone for any purpose. We, as a people, are so controlled, so programmed, that the general public has come to believe that everything that happens is due to coincidence and never due to a conspiracy. Is that the way your life works? Do most of your days get lived out by one series coincidences followed by another? Or, in large part, is your life the result of your actions and often your planned actions which occur in concert with another (e.g. spouse, friends, boss)?
America’s mindless compliance to these criminally destructive authoritarian forces is on full display on a daily basis. Americans willingly eat poisonous GMO’s, accept toxic chemtrails in our skies, and continues to allow the TSA to grope our daughters, our wives, our mothers and our children despite the fact that the pot bellied, blue shirted TSA perverts have not thwarted even one terrorist event in their 11 year history. In short, 90% of our country has acquiesced to the enslavement blueprint of the New World Order in the same manner foretold by H. G. Wells.
What has happened to the American character which historically would never back down in the face of abject tyranny? Has America lost her soul and her courage? And when the “peacekeepers” of the United Nations show up at your door to seize your guns, what’s going to be your reaction? Are you going to resist like our forefathers did at Lexington and Concord? Or, are you going to cower and not only surrender your guns, but your manhood as well?  I think it is likely that 90% of the population will acquiesce to the to the demands of the globalists and their puppets running the government. The FEMA camps have not been built for the sheep, but for those who are aware and publicly identify the dangers of living under the present tyranny.
Americans have been brainwashed into believing that their government will care for them in their time of need. Has this time in American history been foretold? I believe that it has and that H. G. Wells was the prophetic messenger of the New World Order.
The 1960 movie, The Time Machine, was actually written by H. G. Wells in 1895. Wells was an avowed globalist and Eugenicist, portrayed the experiences of a time-traveler in the year 802701 A.D. HG Well’s work demonstrated the complete and present day suicidal compliance of the American people which was portrayed in first, the novel and later in the movie starring Rod Taylor, as George, and Yvette Mimieux, as Weena.
When George arrived, in his time machine, to the distant future he found an extremely passive race, almost appearing to have been lobotomized, known as the Eloi. On the surface, this passive race lived a blissful life along an idyllic riverbank eating fruits and berries and engaged in meaningless conversation. Every need was “magically” provided for the Eloi by unseen benefactors. Upon his arrival, George thought the Eloi lived an enchanted life, but how they maintained their lifestyle remained a mystery. George took note that hard work and struggle had been replaced by a lifestyle which contained no cares, no anxieties, no responsibilities and this race of people were devoid of any ambition as it appeared to have been bred out them. Today, the Eloi would all own an Obamaphone.
Are You An Eloi Or a Morlock? Obama-phone-3
In an early scene in the movie, Weena, was being swept away by a swift river current and not one of the Eloi lifted a finger to rescue her. George rescued Weena. Isn’t that what America is doing today in that most are not expending any energy resisting the tidal wave of tyranny which is threatening to sweep away the members of our country? This begs the question, where is George?
George quickly realized that the Eloi had no real culture, no accomplishments and were devoid of any knowledge of their history and mindlessly recreated with no cares, no worries, no responsibilities, and no ambition. They all looked alike, they all acted alike and lived happily together in their ignorant and blissful collectivist life-style. This is the third world country that America is quickly becoming in which we stand for nothing, excellence in accomplishment is not often sought after nor honored and our people completely lack any demonstrable sense of courage.
Searching for answers to the question on why the Eloi were happily living in a state of arrested development, George visited the abandoned library of the Eloi and discovered that humanity had bifurcated following a nuclear conflict. The Eloi remained above ground and the physically mutated Morlocks inhabited the underworld but, through stealth, controlled the Eloi. Analogous to Wells’ story, today’s leaders have bifurcated from the public and are literally and figuratively serving the dark side which seeks to destroy humanity.
Are You An Eloi Or a Morlock? Eloy-6One afternoon, in the classic movie, the air raid sirens sounded and the Eloi fell into a pre-programmed trance and mindlessly marched toward a pyramid looking bomb shelter, entered, and disappeared as the doors automatically closed. Before George could rescue Weena, she too, was among those who disappeared. When the sirens stopped, the Eloi stopped marching toward the bomb shelter and they returned to normal. George frantically pressed the Eloi survivors, who remained on the outside, as to what had just happened and the only programmed response that he received was that everything was “all clear.”
“All clear”, the familiar phrase which has been uttered by every population following the cessation of bombing raids. Like the Eloi, America is marching to a silent siren being repetitively played by the media in which we constantly receive the message that we should all mindlessly and unquestionably trust in the government.
The Eloi showed no sorrow and no concern for their fellow citizens who simply disappeared behind the structure and never returned. In the same manner, America shows little remorse for our loss of liberties and financial well-being, which may never return.
Eventually, George was able to gain access to the underground bomb shelter and he discovered that the Morlocks, were cannibalizing the Eloi. As it turned out, the Eloi had been mindlessly programmed to march silently and obediently to their own destruction with no absolutely resistance. The Morlocks, forced to live underground after the nuclear conflict, provided every need for the Eloi in order to fatten them up for the kill, but most of all, they had conditioned the Eloi, in the Pavlovian conditioning tradition, to completely obey.
The Morlocks are a symbolic representation of America’s present modern-day Obama administration and symbolizes the global elite who largely hide in the shadows as they attempt to control every facet of our lives. Like the Eloi, Americans are taught by the government that they must be protected for our own good. We not only have to be protected from outside threats, and we also have to be protected from ourselves (i.e., returning veterans, Ron Paul supporters, etc).
This bomb shelter scene of the movie was indeed very prophetic and very telling, as this precisely represents the globalists reality being carried out in America today in which the government is in the process to taking care of all of the basic citizen needs as the last vestiges of liberty and the accompanying sense of responsibility is removed. Subsequently, the public’s work ethic and the determined conviction needed to preserve the ideals of freedom are all but gone.
If you are one of the 50% on the federal handout list, you are contributing to the demise of civilization as know it. The government is the new God. It is trying to become the purveyor of truth and the source of all wants and needs. What the American sheeple do not realize is that by allowing the government to provide the basic needs for so many of our people is a kind of an appetizer, while, we the people, are the main course.
America has been conquered by the five megabanks and most of us are totally unaware that we have been subjugated and are in the process of being domesticated by organizations such as the TSA and their invasive policies which teach Americans that your body does not belong to you, it belongs to the government. Yet, Americans cannot attend a public event in which we are constantly reminded how free we are because of the sacrifice of our troops (which are now under the control of NATO and the United Nations as they serve the corporations). As far as the Eloi knew, they were also living under the illusion that they were free. The Eloi, the same as Americans, had been conditioned to mindlessly obey authority even when it would lead to their destruction.
Are You An Eloi Or a Morlock? Eloi-7In the Well’s novel, the main character, George, had not been a product of this conditioning and descended into the Morlock’s lair and defeated the Morlocks. Through his courage and determination, George showed the dumbed-down Eloi how to defend themselves against certain death and how to actually fight for freedom. Surprisingly, the Morlocks were relatively easy to defeat when they were forcefully opposed.
H. G. Wells was a globalist. He was the lover of Margaret Sanger, the founder of the baby murder factory we call Planned Parenthood. In the book, Wells clearly laid out his vision for the domination of humanity by shadowy underground groups and individuals. What Wells apparently did not realize is that someday a man named George would appear and show us how easy it would be to defeat the globalists. In other words, a globalist taught humanity how to defeat the globalists. One only needs a savior.
The truth is that no one human will lead us out of the morass we find ourselves in as both our lifestyles and the hope for a better future are being cannibalized by the shadowy forces which controls our government, our media and the public’s world view.
Twenty years ago, many people pinned their hopes that the modern-day George was actually Ross Perot who had appeared to effectively challenge the establishment. In more recent times, many of us in the Patriot movement thought George had changed his name to Ron Paul and have we ever been disappointed. In reality, the spirit of George does not exist in any mortal man. George will never be our savior. However, the spirit of George, which resides in all of us, is Jesus Christ. Through Jesus we will defeat all evil. Yes, there are things that the “awake” should be doing. We should be informing, teaching and leading the resistance against the globalist tyranny. We should start our own radio shows, write editorials, attend meetings and attempt to impact the political process. However, the ultimate victory will be achieved through spiritual means and there will be no victory unless America reclaims its spiritual side and once again, reassert itself as a force of moral courage in the world backed by Biblical authority.
Dave Hodges is the Editor and Host of The Common Sense Show.

Thanks to: http://www.dcclothesline.com


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