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Solstice Thoughts

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Solstice Thoughts

  • Consciousness

by Elva Thompson - Jun 21, 2014
6 121

Solstice Thoughts Summersolstice1

by Elva Thompson
Man is an amazing and curious being.
He is full of idiosyncrasies, peculiarities, colourful eccentricities and, capable of moving the stars Solstice Thoughts 25304445_xl-1-219x300 if he did but know it.
Each one of us is a dynamo, an exciting burst of life in a garden of lives, a potential for the highest good and hideous evil.
In duality there is a never ending conflict between ‘the good feeling of us’ and ‘the bad feeling of them’ and it takes a long time to realise that while we indulge in the programme of duality we are fighting an endless war on all the levels of our being.  And with a little introspection, we discover that not only is the war raging without, it is also raging within ourselves, for are we not half reptile and half divine?
All of us entertain murderous thoughts if only for a second….a loud party in the house next door when we’re trying to sleep, stepping in dog shit on the pavement, or the guy that cuts us up in traffic. We can’t help our programmed response…but we can do something about how long we stay in the harmful, dissonant frequency of hate.
The trick is to be mindful, to observe ourselves and how the programme dictates and triggers us… all the time.
To understand our duality and the horror it creates, we have to move beyond third dimensional thinking and move into a fourth and fifth dimensional pattern. In this awareness we can view the third dimension from a different and ultimately liberating perspective.  For once our soul awareness sees the game…the game is up for the individual so blessed.
So, where do we go from here when we no longer want to participate in the emotional roller coaster that goes on to infinity in the ride of ‘us and them’?
For a while, we find ourselves stuck in a cul-de-sac in no man’s land.  We begin to search for answers and the truth of the reality we are in. Divine synchronicity comes into play, leading us forward to the truth. We are shown the contrived fractal geometry of nature and then comes the startling and slightly unnerving realisation that we are living in a software programme specifically designed for us.
That concept alone is enough to drive you mad… let alone taking the next step off the plank into the sea of nowhere.
A shift in thinking
In a duality, one and one equals a third state of being.   This third state of awareness enables us to observe the workings of the programme within ourselves and others from a different perspective.
We begin to emotionally withdraw from conflict and channel our energies into life supporting projects and become servers of the truth, Solstice Thoughts 27551615_xxl-300x200 not the self-servers of lies.
This does not mean that we withdraw from the ‘battle’, only that we are not emotionally affected by it and, as a result we will have tremendous energy at our disposal;  energy to power our crystal grids, and energetically repossess the planet’s sacred sites, neutralizing evil with spanners of celestial light.
We are warrior magicians, the shock troops of change and, we are remembering who we are and why we came to this beleaguered planet.
Age of Aquarius
Many are looking forward to the Age of Aquarius, not realising that this is the first zodiacal sign of the New Cosmic Year… and nothing will change, the duality of love/hate /divine/reptile will have free reign for the next twenty-six thousand years. It is up to each member of the human family to tear off the blinders of dogma and conditioning. Nothing is more devastating to the divine part of our being than a closed and blinkered mind.
The Reset
We are in the precious time of the reset, a time of spiritual opportunity that comes once in twenty six thousand years. The planetary blocking frequencies are weak and those who can resonate with the incoming spiritual vibrations will have a heightening of awareness and many spiritual questions will be answered.
As the veils fall away from our inner eyes, we must be mindful of our thoughts and trust our intuition, and listen for the quiet guidance of our souls.

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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