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Gold: The Myth, the Metaphor and the Manipulation

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Gold: The Myth, the Metaphor and the Manipulation

  • Banksters
  • Economic Manipulations

by Zen Gardner - Jun 28, 2014
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Gold: The Myth, the Metaphor and the Manipulation Annunakia-Space-Annunaki720-700x311

by Zen Gardner
Gold has been sought after, coveted, fought over and used as a standard of monetary exchange for millennia. The reason for its intrinsic value is a subject of its own, but nonetheless it eventually became the monetary standard that it is today. Yet the world of monetary exchange in our current world is only metaphorically based on gold and has all but fully abandoned it as its true base.
Whatever the “exchange” medium, these self-acclaimed high priests hijacking humanity use it for power and control. Ironically, they themselves are hooked on their own fascination, feeding off of its control and the suffering of others attempting to find financial safety and security in their rigged system.
Meanwhile,  world bankers and plutocrats are currently amassing huge gold reserves as the world financial system approaches a major, world changing reset. Clearly something is afoot and gold is what the manipulators are fleeing to, all the while suppressing its value on the open market as they buy it up.
How we arrived here, and why, are huge subjects of research and debate. One thing we know, whether or not a currency is attached to gold, as well as the idea of personal holdings of gold, are extremely important subjects on which to get a fundamental grasp. Nevertheless, the deeper aspects regarding the value and true meaning of gold within earth’s historical context is well worth investigating as clearly the “powers that be” of every age have attached great importance to it.
Gold: The Myth, the Metaphor and the Manipulation Niburugold3
Forbidden History and the Build Up to Today
Civilizations have amassed gold for ages, way beyond so-called recorded history. Tales of great empires previous to recorded accounts abound while modern redacted, reformist history accounts say nothing of previous empires spoken of in the annals of ignored archeological and cultural history.
There is a deep, however esoteric, element regarding gold and its attachment to humanity and its currency. The Sumerian texts tell us the value of gold had to do with an alien race mining our planet of its gold in order to protect their dying planet’s atmosphere. That alien races are exploiting our planet’s resources is not outside the realm of possibility or consideration. We are a very young race in the grand scheme of things, and notoriously naive.
Whether this fits into your realm of thought or not, this ancient truth is valid history, but it goes beyond that.
Perhaps the planet has been mined for millennia, even previous to Sumerian records, for this precious metal and perhaps other resources, which gave gold and even earth its intrinsic value to begin with. Perhaps earth is being “offloaded” of gold and other precious minerals for use on other worlds plundering earths resources. Might this explain the disappearance of thousands of tons of gold even today, now being documented by investigators?
Many ancient texts and seers say there were vast amounts of gold on this planet in even more ancient civilizations. If so, where is it? And why the “lost treasures” meme, secret vaults and hidden enclaves in the world’s Crown capitals such as the Vatican and the Templar stronghold in the City of London? We can only speculate, but as the dots connect, the picture becomes clearer.
We don’t know any of this for sure. It’s clearly a time to keep an open mind. Something very strange has been happening for a long, long time regarding this precious metal, as well as many aspects regarding our entire planet. And it’s still being played out today in a grand manner. An after thought that could serve as a parallel purpose or tie in; this gold and rare metal craving is oddly reminiscent of the scientific hunger for gold and other extremely rare minerals for the production of advanced technological devices. Is there a tie in here?
The Metaphor
Just as the value of an arbitrary standard such as gold has been so blatantly manipulated through the ages, what about other fundamental aspects of our lives? Have other, more naturally established guidelines been not just conveniently “adjusted”, but eviscerated by controlling powers, much like the once trusted gold standard? Looking around today as the family unit crumbles and morality and sovereignty dissipate into suspended relativistic animation, all while the environment is manipulated into pure, dystopic synthetic toxicity, one can only wonder.
With trepidation. It definitely appears our race is under severe attack from every angle from some source. Once you spot the manipulation in one area, the rest begin to come into focus.
That a monetary standard of their choice, and desire, such as gold, is a fundamental cornerstone in an agenda of control and manipulation should not be any surprise. Once a civilization is “tagged” or attached to a certain established meme in any area it becomes easy prey for societal manipulation. The current stock market and fiat money and credit scam now in place, instead of a truly standardized system, is a monument to this takeover.
What a parallel to the eviscerated social and even spiritual fabric once based on simple and honest values.
Back to Earth Today – The Move to Precious Metals – Background on our Current Projected Mindscreen
Anywhere you search today on financial matters there will be pundits exclaiming the importance of investing in silver and gold. As fiat currencies continue their meltdown, having financial holdings in something of value rises in demand. Bank accounts are being raided as inflation and prices continue to rise while the destabilization of the world’s economies continue unabated at breakneck speed.
Very serious conditions to live in.
So how did we get here? There’s much to research in the financial world, but it’s clearly manipulated by very big players. It always has been, from the relatively recent Rothschild’s coup of the London markets following the Battle of Waterloo to the Great Depression, humanity is being played by money manipulators.
The question is how, and more importantly at this stage of the game, what to expect next.
Individuals are investing in gold and silver at a huge rate in hopes of keeping some fundamental and hopefully safe value to their money. Almost every financial prognosticator clearly says the US dollar is about to collapse and that investing in precious metals is the way to go. That’s fine on the monetary level, but again, where does this fit in with the big picture and what else is at play?
Gold: The Myth, the Metaphor and the Manipulation 1933-gold-actNYT1
What to Expect – Gold Confiscations and Manipulations – The Slippery Slope of Liberalized Fascism
When Americans were fleeing to gold in the early part of the 20th century the government had a swift solution. Confiscate it. Apparently that personal accumulation of solid value was threatening their economic manipulations as well as the funding of the war machine being put into place.
That’s when governments act:
Absolutely no one knows what the US Government will do during times of complete economic and civil chaos. If the worst-case financial scenario unfolds (a complete collapse and repudiation of the US Dollar by our foreign creditors), every previous court ruling, law or custom can be changed by a single stroke of an ink-pen at the bottom of a Presidential Executive Order (PEO). Source
That’s the bottom line. It’s a full on, built in dependency relationship from the get go, while people feel they have an ability to hold inherent value. A very sad state of affairs when your government becomes an omnipotent police state and you’re scrambling for some sense of security.
During the absolute bottom of the gut-wrenching depression which followed the collapse of the US stock market on 24 October, 1929 (“Black Thursday”), President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected. He called Congress into an emergency session on March 5, 1933, less than 1 day after his inauguration. The House and Senate quickly passed the rather noble sounding law titled:
“An Act To Provide Relief In The Existing National Emergency In Banking, And For Other Purposes”
How lovely at first glance. If you didn’t know what it really meant (as most of the US public certainly did not), it sounded like magnificent medicine for the current sickness of the depression. Everyone agreed that there was a national emergency. So some new rule or law to provide “emergency relief for the banks”, has to be a good thing, right? Citizens always look to their government for help in times of distress. Even when their own government was much more a part of the problem than the solution in the first place.
Sound familiar? Read on…
This paved the way for sweeping, unparalleled confiscation of private property from law abiding citizens. President Roosevelt wasted no time in flexing his new muscles. He signed Executive Order [Again, sound familiar? -Z] 6102 on April 5th, 1933 and Executive Order 6260 on August 28th, 1933. Order 6260 revoked and superceded 6102. These laws in short order made it illegal (a federal crime with outrageous penalties of a $10,000 fine and/or 10 years imprisonment) for any law-abiding US citizen seeking to protect his wealth by simply possessing physical gold coins or bullion which were lawfully, abundantly and freely in circulation! Can you imagine that? 
Our Government made it illegal to do one of the only things that would have guaranteed economic survival for American citizens wise enough to save a portion of their wealth in gold during one of the darkest economic chapters in our history. Keeping gold would have immediately almost doubled their purchasing power at a time when they would have needed it most. Franklin Roosevelt blew out the only candle available to ordinary citizens struggling woefully in the dark days of the depression.  Source
Others who confiscated their citizens’ gold via draconian actions in recent history include Mussolini in 1935 in his “Gold for the Fatherland” campaign, Hitler in 1939, Australia in 1959 and England in 1966. A quick infographic on this can be found here.
And that’s how it works. Cripple those you want to control and keep them working and producing for the state.
So what is this manufactured system really based upon?
Gold: The Myth, the Metaphor and the Manipulation 20091121-Obamas-Debt-Star
Debt Exhange – Fictional Money Based on Fictional Credit
Finally, we need to understand the current medium of exchange is valueless. It’s a created fantasy based on an unfounded, induced common belief. As long as we participate, it survives. If we refuse, or they pull the plug, it will be decimated. Who suffers are those unaware of the game plan.
Where does money come from?  You would think that question should be so simple that any 10-year-old child could answer it, but that is not the case.  You see, the truth is that the vast majority of American adults cannot even answer that question.  Yet we all use money every day.  Without money our lives would fall apart fairly quickly.  But most of us never stop to think about how it comes into existence.  The truth is that bankers are the source of all money in the United States.  Either the Federal Reserve bankers create it, or individual bankers create it through the mechanism of fractional reserve banking.  In both cases, it is bankers that are creating the money.  In our financial system, the U.S. government cannot print money and no individual citizens are allowed to create money.  Rather, it is the bankers who have a complete and total monopoly on the creation of money in the United States.
Most of the time, any money that is created comes into existence as debt.  Either the U.S. government goes into more debt when it gets more dollars from the Federal Reserve or individual Americans go into more debt when they take out loans from individual banks. Source
Gold: The Myth, the Metaphor and the Manipulation 429_lionintrotoshamanism
It’s all being programmed according to the manipulators, masquerading as advisers, “leaders”, “Federal Reserve” appointees, banking and corporate moguls and the like; i.e. the latest thugs in charge who carry out their controllers’ instructions on how to maneuver supposed “standards” of exchange, or whatever else they want to tinker with. They consider us easily controllable pawns while blinding us with complicated debt based schemes and worthless fiat currencies. The objective is to have “wealth” exchanged in a fully digitized and controllable form, to be turned on and off at the whim of an all powerful centralized power.
Just look at the Ukraine and the recent gold transfers, or the overthrow of Godaffi who wanted to convert to a gold standard in Africa, or Iraq moving away from the dollar as a currency of exchange for oil purchases and what happened to all of them and things start to come into focus. Hence the BRICS countries moving in the direction that they are – away from these shifting, agendized centralized standards. Or so it currently appears.
Gold and all “currencies” are manipulated by an elite few central controllers from ancient blood line families based out of the City of London, and the move is to make all countries and the planet centrally managed by this same elite few and their affiliates. Those in the way will face retribution, as is happening again now in the Middle East and working up through the Balkan states.
But the world is waking up to their machinations.
Don’t be deceived. This manipulated system they’re attempting to foist upon humanity is doomed to fail, but it will come with a price on a society deliberately built on a false economic foundation. Be prepared to stand as their fabricated house comes crumbling down.
Invest in life. And life giving investments. Truth, spirituality, love, family and community. Be prepared with the right location,, food and essential commodities, and if you do have any precious metals or have made other wise preparations, be careful about whom you tell. Help others prepare but the sweep for your wealth and supplies will most likely one day come, and jealous snitches get paid handsomely.
Plan accordingly and stay active, warning and most of all encouraging others. Truth cannot be extinguished and will lead us on through the night we’re passing through.
Much love,

Thanks to Zen at: http://www.zengardner.com


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