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Creating Sacred Space

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1Creating Sacred Space Empty Creating Sacred Space Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:46 pm


Creating Sacred Space

  • Empowerment
  • Esoterica

by Elva Thompson - Jul 24, 2014
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Creating Sacred Space Sacredspace-700x525

by Elva Thompson
Man, as nexus of two worlds stands poised at this mid-between on razors edge
Gifted beyond angels
Benizoned in light and cast in the major role
Could he but know it.
George Griffiths.
Spiritual Refuge
Creating Sacred Space 10337886_ml-653x1024
Many of us seek spiritual refuge in this insane and violent world where life is cheap and money is the common language.
Our souls are battered by the machinations of the criminal elite and we helplessly watch as our world is destroyed around us… and we know not what to do.
We can spread the word about what is happening to our planet, we can demonstrate, get arrested for spreading the truth, write articles, tell our friends, but our efforts seem to come to naught and the machine of hate and destruction grinds on ploughing us into a barren wilderness, bereft of love.
But we are not of this world alone.
We are magnificent multi- dimensional beings who has fallen from our true estate. Glorious creatures that have been imprisoned in a piece of biological software with its own instincts and desires. Instincts and desires that are contrary to our true divine nature.
Constructing a sacred space, the Geometry of Prayer
The picture above is our sundance ground.  It is a circle with four gates, one in each direction.  When the tree of life  is raised in the centre of the circle and an imaginary line drawn from the top of the tree to the four gates, there is a four sided pyramid in three dimensions. This reality is dual so there will be one pyramid going up and one going down.
The octahedron is the platonic solid of the Air field that corresponds to the fourth ray…the emerald green of the Heart centre, the fourth chakra, the fourth rung on the rainbow bridge and the gateway to the fourth dimension.
Creating Sacred Space 1034px-Octahedron-e1406239398752
An octahedral sacred space can easily be constructed. It can be created with crystals, stones or boulders placed in a square with one in the middle and a circle drawn around it.
Be careful who you pray with
There are two kinds of human beings in this world: the servers and the self servers, and the self servers come in many shapes, sizes and disguises. The resonance of a server and a self server are as different in terms of frequency as chalk and cheese and we must be discerning in our choices of those with whom we pray.
Self servers are the ego centred madmen who regard themselves and their own opinions or interests as being the only that are valid, and many of them are cold intellect alone with no heart to hold the balance.
They are the debased beings that torture and kill their fellow men, make war upon the planet and its creatures. They are brutes who have descended into bestiality far below the noble and beautiful realm of animal instinct.  They are resonantly dissonant to a loving heart based prayer and need to be avoided at all costs.
We are energetic beings in a sea of resonance and there are many unseen beings hovering around us at all times, ready to exploit our weakness and our pride.  A sacred space is  no place for the power mad petty tyrant, the enlightened guru status, the bully, the narcissist, the egocentric know all who wishes to control. There is only a place for those who love and do not judge, those who can put aside their thoughts and feelings of the every day walk of life and can focus as a group with one heart, one mind and one prayer for the uplifting of all life.
Humility is a virtue and essential when creating a sacred space. It is not to be confused with debasing oneself or being in submission to ‘a greater power.’  It is a seeking of spiritual truth without expectation or judgement. It is a living prayer.
Leaving the frequency of Duality
We must remember that our minds are transmitters and receivers of frequency.  Once  we can rise above the eternal battle of ‘us and them’ we can create a sacred space that will open into unlimited possibility.
We can create such a space in a room, garden, woodland or other quiet spots and can connect with the power that is our birth rite…unconditional love and spiritual reality.

Thanks to: http://www.zengardner.com


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