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Challenge Yourselves…

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1Challenge Yourselves… Empty Challenge Yourselves… Wed Aug 13, 2014 7:12 pm


Challenge Yourselves…
Posted on August 13, 2014 by Visionkeeper
Challenge Yourselves… Change-inspirational-life-quote-favim-com-1315147
Music to read by below:
As crazy as things are in the world today, so many question what they can do to make things better. Is it possible to actually bring about change in the world, can we each really make a difference? The answer is definitely yes and it all begins with changing ourselves. Perhaps so many people refuse to change themselves because what needs changing seems so mighty and overwhelming, after all, their life is all they’ve ever known . A life time of bad habits to try and undo, where do we begin? We begin by changing our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and about the world around us. One easy way to begin is to pick one change and choose to live your life by it. Make that change your mantra, your passion and your day to day challenge to live up to. It is always good to embrace challenge because it empowers us and builds self confidence. The challenge I choose to live by everyday in every way is to wake up and ask myself first thing in the morning ” How can I make the world a better place today and do it” If each and every one of us were trying to make the world a better place, the world would be in a very different state than it is now. Find your own challenge and embrace it fully.
The way forward in this new world is to choose challenges that are outside of ourselves. It is no longer just about how we can change our own lives and what we can get out of it. Our thinking has shifted dramatically and we now find ourselves wishing to improve life for others, to make changes for the good of all, it has become a WE world instead of a ME world. It is welcoming to see see this shift. Slowly we have come around to understanding how shallow selfish living leaves us, empty and without purpose. Ones whole life can shift tremendously when they can see their actions change the life of someone else for the better. It fills us up inside and gives life a deeper meaning. We grow and improve upon who we are and what we can offer the world at the same time. Change is the essence of life, it keeps our growth expanding giving us new insights to spur us along. Change should never be something we fear but rather an opportunity in life to make friends with and embrace, for it offers us a chance to create ourselves anew.
So, choose a positive mantra to live up to everyday and I guarantee it will begin to bring more meaning to your life. Just the act of challenging yourself to do it everyday will change how you feel about yourself, then if it is a really uplifting mantra you can not only change your life but others lives as well. You can do this in groups also. Everyone chooses a mantra to live up to and each of you helps encourage the other to keep at it. Share your stories about how it is going, what is changing, encourage others you meet to do this as well. A world full of people working to make it a better place is a happier world and our world needs a great deal of love and joy right now. All it takes is our participation and we will see the changes before long. Give it go and see what happens.
Blessings to us all,

Thanks to: http://oneworldrising.wordpress.com


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