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“The Perfect Slave is the One that Ignores Its Servitude”

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“The Perfect Slave is the One that Ignores Its Servitude”

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by Admin - Aug 16, 2014
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“The Perfect Slave is the One that Ignores Its Servitude” Rock-and-water-700x466

Pablo Gacitua Stemann
Overwhelming evidence that we can no longer ignore, or even question any more, points directly out to the fact that – in this plane of existence-, we are being held captive… by a power vastly greater than ours, whose motives and goals may not have exactly considered our well being but rather our usefulness as a food and resources base. Whether we “chose” to come here in order to live out this experience, or were dragged into this realm by our captors, is something our souls will have to determine individually at some point… most likely, after our passing.
It takes a lifetime (and for the vast majority of us, it never happens), to break through the veil of delusion, and rescue “some” truth from the entanglements of the spider´s web, so cleverly set up to entrap us and enslave us. What we wrongly call “Our World” has a “pseudo” history, and a REAL one… The official version, handed down through generations is nothing more than a convenient and cunning distortion designed to prevent us from grasping the real one.
“The perfect slave is the one that ignores its servitude”. That’s nearly all of us, including the ones that think they rule, but in fact are nothing more than mere servants of their overlords.
The real history of planet Earth has been deliberately concealed to us for a very good reason: We have been (and continue to be) the “lab rats” of these Archons, Demons, Gods, interdimensional shapeshifters, and their affiliates, the Nephilim, the Anunnaki etc., who in turn would serve their Demiurge overlord “The Prince of this world” also known as Lucifer, Satan, Baal, the Old Serpent, or the Great Dragon. There´s an enormous amount of evidence that points to this “power” as being the ruling entity of this, and possibly many other worlds.
These Archons as far as we can tell, have managed to deceive and cunningly subdue our kind with great skill and ingenuity, and all of this, we could assume, in the pursuit of,- lo and behold,- comfort, happiness and well being for themselves of course! Sounds familiar? Does this shock us? Well, it shouldn’t! Isn´t that what everybody wants? The fact that their own comfort, happiness and well being is attained by “feeding” on all the horrific stuff (in our view, not in theirs) they manage to implement mostly at OUR EXPENSE is a matter for US and THEM to resolve… they´ve had a long and lavish ball feasting themselves to their heart´s´content for who knows how many thousands of years… that´s a pretty good run…, and it seems utterly naive to expect that some even greater power will ever come in our aid and deliver us from slavery. On the contrary, it is most likely that such task will be left entirely up to us.
Their methods and morals are seemingly not like ours (or are they?) Are we as kind hearted and benevolent as we think we are? Again, evidence points out to the contrary. What makes us think that once free of our oppressors we will be able to create a happy, just and egalitarian society for the benefit and enjoyment of all? What about the proposition that it was them (the Archons) that seeded us on this planet in the first place using different strands of DNA that combined would produce a race that would suit “their” agenda in the best possible way? (a slave race).
There´s a powerful driving force that impels us to behave violently and ruthlessly… and an underlying very good reason for that:
*THEY NEED the energy that springs out of violence, fear, suffering, anxiety, pain etc. THEY FEED ON IT..! it´s the perfect environment for them…, and let us not fool ourselves for one second; every single one of us has the capacity and the ability to, at any given moment, and if so required, “eliminate the opposition” by whatever means we find…, our history of conquest, deception, intolerance and murder can testify to that… it would seem that we were MEANT from the beginning to possess these capacities in order to provide our overlords with their “feel good stuff”! Just look at our behaviour all throughout our history and up to this day, and it seems very hard not to at least consider the likelihood of that hypothesis being true.
Again, it´s something we will have to unravel if we ever achieve a level of conscience that allows us to do so. So far, our behaviour mimics theirs, almost perfectly…, same methods, same ruthlessness, same lack of compassion, same desire for power and control, same service to self and not to others… not a pretty picture!
These, and other considerations will become relevant and will have to be addressed as required in due course. For the time being, it should be perfectly clear that we are a captive species in a prison planet, in the service of some very cunning and ruthless overlords that have always had the upper hand on us, and will not give up their hard earned privilege just because we have unmasked them and are resentful of our condition.
So, what is the primary duty of a prisoner? To escape its prison.
How do we escape our prison?
Zen masters could very well have the answer to this dilemma when they say:
“We become like water and find the path of least resistance”. And which is that path of least resistance?
Try to visualize a small stream of water finding its way through rough terrain…, accommodating itself to turns and contours effortlessly, going around obstacles instead of trying to brake them down with force, filling in all gaps gently, slowly, relentlessly… as in “knowing” that there are no real obstacles for whomever doesn´t present a full front, hence, doesn´t offer any resistance… and water always reaches its goal… whether in the ocean, a river, a lake, or in its gentle evaporation and further condensation into clouds, which will restart the journey all over again…. a peaceful journey, an effortless journey, and if we want, a happy journey… in tune with the rhythms of nature and universal harmony.
Is this analogy good enough for us human beings trying to work our way out of this severely conflicting situation we find ourselves in? I believe it is! So far, we´ve done a pretty good job in identifying our foes, or at least we have a fair idea of how they operate, to make us do exactly what they want -it´s called mind control- in order to obtain the results they want from us.
That´s a crucial first step. Let´s keep the water in mind… Let´s keep the accommodating non resistance thing in mind… Let us NOT do what we have been programmed to do..!! Let us not fall into the trap again..!! Let us appeal to our loving heart and rescue that energy, that we know we all possess, and be guided by it – let us deny them their sustenance, let us starve them out of here..!! Absolute non collaboration with their bullshit system is required! The price we pay for “belonging” completely and absolutely outweighs the “alleged” benefit it offers us… it only turns us into slaves… enough of that!
“Blessed are the kind hearted, for they shall inherit the Earth” is the formal promise of someone that clearly “saw” it all coming 2.000 years ago.
It´s crunch time baby..!!
I think deep inside we all know this to be true.
As McKenna said: “Let´s build our own damn boat” and stop paying tribute to a bunch of usurpers that have already burnt all their candles and have nothing to show for it but death and misery.
Love, Pablo.
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