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Archons and Archangels

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1Archons and Archangels Empty Archons and Archangels Tue Sep 02, 2014 12:11 am


Archons and Archangels

  • Esoterica

by Elle - Aug 31, 2014
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Archons and Archangels Archon-700x295

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.com
Is there a difference between archons and archangels or are they both ultimately working for the same team?
When you look at the etymology of words, you not only look at the root of the word but also the sound of it.  For example, the word “on” sounds exactly the same an “AN” as in Anunnaki (ON-unnaki or arch-ONunnaki).  In the case of archons versus archangels, it is close enough to warrant attention: Archon-gels.

Who are these archons and what is their purpose?

Archons are part of the demiurge who basically feed off of our fear through various control systems, such as religion, government, the main stream media and money.  According to Cameron Day, Jehovah plays a main role in this deception, along with every religion that uses fear as a tool for control.  The archons are basically imposing their dominance over another person or group of people and are violating your own personal energy.

Who are these archangels and what is their purpose?

Archangels appear to be working in humanity’s best interests but they are yet another layer of subservience as the look to control and guide your thoughts and actions.  One must even look at the etymology of thesearchangels, such as Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Remiel and Saraqael. If you notice, each of these names end in “EL” which in etymology means “God”.  These are the same beings as mentioned in the bible, the ELohim, which answers the question, “Who are US and OUR in Genesis (the Genes of Isis) 1:26, where it says, “Let US make man in OUR own image.”
So, in essence, you could view the word “archangel” as “archon-ang-elohim”.
Archangels are often channeled through various people who give their fluffy reports about how dear and loved we are, yet they rarely ever give any reliable information about what the future may bring.  More often than not, they make false promises of hope that are always around the corner, but never arrive.
The archangels are here as minions for the archons to ultimately keep us locked into this system of economic subservience, control and conformity. Just like the archons, the archangels are also imposing their dominance over another person or group of people and are violating the channeler’s own personal energy.


Many people who channel these entities unknowingly are being deceived by these perpetual liars.  Time and time again, you will see channelers being told several pieces of truth, only to be led astray by their particular “EL” contact.
Channeling is real, and while the messages appear to be uplifting, the only thing they usually deliver is hot air and bullshit.  There is a reason why I never mentioned how I have the ability to channel and it’s because I knew there wasn’t something right about it, especially after they told me where “they” are from, Zeta Reticuli.
When channeling, it’s all done telepathically as they’ll start answering your next question before you even finished asking it in your head.  I asked “them” how it was possible for them to contact me and they said that it is easier for them to connect with channelers when their brain is in the alpha state which, for me, is right before I’m about to fall asleep.  If you can keep your mind in the alpha  state, then anyone can channel, but I wouldn’t recommend it.
I am sure there are some valid channelers but in my experience, a huge red flag pops up when a channeler says, “Dear Ones” or “Beloved Ones” because when you channel, they talk just like you and me. If you follow the “Dear Ones” channelers, you’ll find that they will ride the coattails of anything that is hot in the spiritual and metaphysical world, AFTER the news has broken. In the very near future, I bet they start talking about thearchons and the false tunnel of light.
The “Law of One,” is a series of channeling sessions of an entity called RA through Carla Rueckert. The Law of One mentions a “harvest” of souls.
I firmly believe the Law of One was channeled with honest intent by Ms. Rueckert, as the archons, who keep us living in fear, were using Carla as a host for the harvesting of souls.  Much of the information is quite fascinating but once the rose-colored glasses are removed, then what are we really seeing?
By acquiescing to a harvest and being subordinate to higher forms of consciousness, we are still trapped within a system of control and dominance, albeit a more socially acceptable one that we already live in.  The question is:  “What is the trade off?” and “What does a true harvestreally mean?”
If you do channel, be sure to ask them if they are from the Light. Also ask if they stand for truth and love. You may even want to ask them who they represent (which star system, galactic family, etc…). As mentioned, channeling is real but be cognizant of which “EL” you’re talking to and what their possible intentions might be.

Exiting the system

I highly suggest reading, “How To Exit The Reincarnation System” along with ” How To Break Archon Programming” unless you would rather stay in this system of control and perpetual reincarnations that including the erasing of your memories before re-entering, only to feed the archons the energy they desire.
In a nutshell, do NOT go into the tunnel of light and connect with your oversoul who will guide you to exiting this system.
The following video talks a lot about this topic… enjoy!

Thanks to Zen at: http://www.zengardner.com


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