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A Three Part Series on Humanity and Earth

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A Three Part Series on Humanity and Earth

Posted on September 19, 2014 by Ines

This series of posts is a contribution from Chris Thomas and it is not solely my work. Chris reads the Akashic and is not very known but I would say it’s because he doesn’t like being in the spotlight and since he’s not popular, he is not heard about much. I highly respect him and  his work, also his humble nature, which makes him even more credible in my eyes.  Since I wholeheartedly agree with Chris’s work and just “know” this is how humanity is moving and our history, I am posting this as guidelines for discerning those ENTITIES out there that claim to be doing work for Earth or helping us with frequencies or opening Portals. Rather than me point out to you these individuals who are NOT working for the benefit of Humanity, by reading this work you may be able to better understand the bigger picture and with this knowledge/understanding better discern folks out there who are working against humanity and not for humanity. This work also supports my belief and knowledge that we don’t need help from anyone, that we don’t need to leave this planet and that the EVENT is not Ascending rather Re-Integrating ourselves to the potential we were designed to be,  that Mother Earth is perfectly capable of taking care of herself and Us. Hope you enjoy!
Part I
As we begin our return to being a full “Human Being”, many people’s thoughts are turning to the Earth and wanting to help re-awaken Her consciousness.
Whilst these thoughts are, on the face of it, admirable, the question arises as to whether the Earth actually requires our assistance or not? Does she require to be re-awaken or have some people misread the situation?
She is an immense consciousness capable of acts of Creation unseen in any other region of our Universe. Throughout the whole of Her existence, she has nurtured life and in particular, nurtured humanity to the point where we can fulfil our own promise and potential. We are tiny, insignificant souls in comparison to the immensity of the Earth’s own soul and yet human arrogance has led many to believe that the Earth needs our help at this time of change.
All loving thoughts that humans direct towards the Earth are, obviously appreciated by Her but we must remember the difference in scale, the difference in soul potential, that exists between humans and the Earth.
In all of the millennia of Her existence, She has never slept; She has never forgotten the life that relies on Her for their physical presence and well-being.
As humans begin to fill their potential in terms of soul re-integration, She is with us. She is supporting us and She is providing all the love and nurture that we humans will allow Her to give to us. But, we live in a Universe that is founded on the energies of freedom of choice and so Her activities and support are limited by how much we choose to let Her do on our behalf.
If we throw back Her help, such as by attempting to build “portals” it holds her back. If there was a need for “Portals” that opened gateways to regions outside of the solar system, She would have already built them for us. The fact that they do not exist for the portals to be built are not working with the Earth but against her.
Another recent request that has arisen from those who are not working with the Earth has been to “charge up the Earth’s crystal deposits”.
In order to help us with all of the energies we require to make our consciousness change, the Earth energized all of her crystal deposits on the 2nd of August 2004.
The recent call to “charge up the crystals” was an attempt to take control of the energies, that are helping people, away from the control of the Earth and transfer all of that energy into the control of a race that does not have the Earth’s or humanity’s best interest at heart.
To understand just how much the Earth is doing to help and guide people through our soul re-integration, we need to take a brief look at what She has done in the past to bring us to a point where we can now, at long last, begin to understand ourselves and return to being true Human Beings once again.
In understanding her role and the extent of Her desire for true Human life, we can also begin to understand that we are the masters of our own destiny and that we do not need help from anywhere or anyone other than from the Earth itself.
Our solar system  was deliberately designed to be an experiment. The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether life at the energies we consider to be physical could actually exist. Throughout the Universe, many, many billions of souls exist; some are souls that make up galaxies, some are souls that make up solar systems, some souls are more or less “human sized” but have no physical density at all, some are also more or less “human sized” but do have physical bodies. So there was a form of life that was missing—Physical” life forms that live on “physical” planets.
That is the purpose of our solar system—to explore the possibilities offered by being physical.
A region of an outlying galaxy was selected to be the host for this physical experiment where a sun already existed. This lone sun was also a consciousness, a soul. This solar soul agreed to provide nurturing energies to a solar system that was formed from 13 souls who wished to take on “physical energy” densities and explore the different forms of life that being physical could conjure up.
That all happened 40 million years ago. This time-scale is greatly at odds with current “scientific” thinking but this is the time frame that is recorded into the Akashic.
The scientific time scale, that of 4 billion years is based on the assumed age of a meteor that could have arrived on earth from anywhere within the Universe and so is no more than a false assumption.
Our solar system is contained within an energy “envelope” that is shaped a little like a rugby ball. This envelope was necessary in order to keep out all of the other energy patterns that exist within our galaxy and within our Universe—there is not much point in creating an experimental region of space, if it could be contaminated by energy patterns that could make the experiment pointless.
So we exist in a controlled and protected “Envelope” that originally contained thirteen souls who had taken on the role of forming physical planets that could create and nurture as diverse a range of physical forms of life as possible. All were successful.
All thirteen planets began to form 40 million years ago, each expressing the “personality” of their soul in the forms of life they created. Individual souls are created by the Creator, planetary life is created by the soul of the planet.
However, the soul that is Earth took her time to consider all options before she settled down to experiment with the type of life-forms  She wanted to develop . In this way, life on Earth only began to develop 25 million years ago.
Again, this is very much at odds with the scientific view of life on Earth. However, if you research back through history of scientific thinking, you will find that this figure of 25 million years is one which was favoured by scientists for a number of years.
It only changed when the “new science” of geology came along and tried to find answers to the ages of rock strata. Most of the assumptions made by these early geologists turn out to be based on false premises but scientists being scientists, they have not admitted to their mistakes and have maintained the false theories and incorporated these false dates into current thinking. When the meteorite mentioned above was found, they came up with this new age of 4 billion years for the Earth.
The technique used to arrive at this date has never been explained adequately –it seems to have primarily been conjecture and wishful thinking.
25 million years ago, the surface of the Earth began to live. The first lifeforms were bacteria and plants, the Earth brought about the Sidhe and the Faerie, creating them about 20 million years ago.
At this time, the Earth was also about 40 percent smaller than she is now. There is no such thing as “continental drift”, the Earth grew as life developed and there have been occasions when she shrunk in size as She brought about major changes to the forms of life that she created for Her surface.
As life developed on all of the planets of our solar system, the parameters of our experiment changed. It was proven that compressing energies down to the frequencies we consider “physical” worked exceptionally well and that the solar system contained more forms of life than all of the planets in the rest of the Universes combined and so it was decided that all of the planets would work towards developing a form of life that could contain a free-moving and free-acting soul. In other words, Human Beings.
The first fre-moving souls that were created for this Universe did not have any physical form or physical density; they were just pure soul energy. Those types of souls the Akashic calls the “non-physical” races.
In order for them to develop and to gain new experiences, it was agreed that they could come to our solar system and experience what it is like to take on a physical body. But, before they could make that journey, the planets of the solar system needed to develop a suitable body that these souls could inhabit. All thirteen of the planets that were originally in our solar system began to create new life-forms that could fulfil that functions all were successful.
Then,3.8 million years ago, four of the original planetary souls decided that they had completed all of the experiences they felt they could gain from our solar system and decided to leave. As the ouls of these planets left our solar system, the planets that they had built “exploded”. The debris from these planets ripped through the whole solar system destroying all life on all the planets apart from Earth and one of Jupiter’s moons.
The effects of the Earth were devastating. Most of her atmosphere was lost along with most of the life she created. The Earth could have given up at that point and the experiment of full physical life would have been abandoned. However, the Earth chose to continue.  She set about rebuilding Her atmosphere and creating new life. Gone were the dinosaurs and many of the plant-forms that supported them and instead, She concentrated on life-forms that gave birth to live young mammals.
Most of the original proto-human forms that She had been experimenting with also survived, albeit in small numbers isolated from each other. At this time in our history, there were six proto-human forms that the Earth had created ranging from the very large at about 9 to 10 feet tall, called Gigantophithicus, to the very small pygmy-like peoples about 3 feet tall. Two of these six proto-humans were amphibious.
However, the Earth also looked at the proto-human forms that had been developed on the other planets and decided to adopt the “template” of the proto-humans that lived on Mars. We know this seventh group of proto-humans as Cro-Magnon man and are our direct ancestors.
These seven types of proto-humans lived together on the planet each developing in their own ways watched by the Earth to see which one, if any had the potential to develop into a Human Being capable of containing the whole soul.
Development towards the goal of a Human Being proved to be a slow process and so the Earth decided to ask for help from the race of semi-physical beings who originate on a star system astronomers have designated as NGC 584. A group from this star system arrived on Earth about 98 thousand years ago and established themselves on an ice island in the South Atlantic we know as Lemuria.
The NGC stayed for about 4000 years but could not arrive at a definitive answer as to why it was taking so long for the Earth’s proto-human population to develop. In the end it was decided to attempt an acceleration of development and 85000 years ago, Atlantis was established.
Atlantis was the continent in the middle of the Atlantic ocean which stretched from the Coast of Ireland to the Caribbean basin and had a climate that covered the full range of those available on Earth. The continent was cleared of all the types of proto-humans that lived there. It was then re-populated by the Cro Magnon.
It must be remembered that our Universe is founded on the energy patters that allow for total freedom of choice, only those who made a choice to be a part of the intended acceleration of development were placed on Atlantis and those who made the choice turned out to be primarily of the Cro Magnon. Atlantis was successful and the creation of a true Human Being was achieved. A true Human Being is defined by the Earth, as humanoid body that is capable of accommodating and supporting the whole of the soul.
Atlantis existed for 20,000 years but was then destroyed. This destruction was carried out deliberately and was done in order to protect the life on the Earth from potential harm from an experiment that had gone wrong.
Destroying a continent and sinking its remains into the liquid magma brought about a huge change to the Earth. She was rocked on Her rotational axis which generated a “wobble” in the rotation—instead of having a vertical axis. She now revolved at 30 degrees from the vertical. As she had achieved Her goal of bringing about a Human Being, the Earth’s own consciousness expanded to Her full potential and the Earth was about 8 percent larger than She is now. In destroying Atlantis, the Earth shrunk in size to about 25 percent smaller, than She is currently.
The level of disruption to the planet’s surface and life was immense and it took 40,000 years for Earth to return to a point where She felt ready to begin again.

Thanks to: http://inesradman.wordpress.com




A Three Part Series on Humanity and Earth–Part II

Posted on September 20, 2014 by Ines
Part II
When the Earth felt ready 20,000 years ago, Human beings returned. When we returned to Earth, we were as we were on Atlantis, the whole of the soul contained within the physical body. However, we soon began to realize that we could not maintain that state from any length of time.
Eventually, 7000 years ago, we formulated the Human Plan. This was a plan whereby we would divide the soul into two—the physical self and the higher self—so that we could explore every single possible aspect of what it meant to be human whilst endeavoring to find our way to re-integrating the whole of the soul back into the physical body.
This 7000 year Plan ran out on the 28th of October 2011. This date is recorded in the Mayan Calendar as the end of the Final “Epoch” when all of the Calendar “rounds” arrived at
Note: The number thirteen has been held, for many years particularly by those of the Christian faith, to be unlucky. This is not the case. The Christian tradition arose from the Vatican and the French King destroying the original Knights Templar on Friday the 13th, of October 1307.
Thirteen is, in fact, the Universal whole number. When given free reign, all components of soul energy frequencies add up to thirteen. In order to hide the significance of the number 13, the Vatican and therefore all Christians, made the number “sinful” in order to hide it’s true significance from the general population.
The Mayan Calendars final Epoch completing with all of the Calendar Rounds returning to the number thirteen, shows that the Mayans were very familiar with the Creator’s “signature” number. In other words, the calendar denotes completion on a Universal scale in accordance with The Creator’s Plans—bringing together of all the frequencies of the human soul in alignment with the Universal Soul.

This means that we have arrived at totally unknown territory—nobody in the history of the whole universe—has ever stood where humanity and the Earth currently stand. Where we go next is entirely our choice—individually and collectively—along with the Earth.
There would still appear to be many people who believe the Velon/Annunaki fantasy story about our need to leave the Earth in order to “Ascend” to a fifth dimension”. This fantasy has led many to believe that we need to leave the existing Earth behind and travel in order to begin a new phase of our souls’ journey.
The answer to this fantasy story is to ask our own question: Why would Earth have spent 3.5 million years trying to develop and evolve a human body-form that is capable of containing and supporting the whole of the soul only to force us to move elsewhere just as all of Her plans are coming to fruition?
The answer: She didn’t. The whole purpose of this solar system, and this Earth in particular, was to experiment with the possibilities of Creating a form of life that would be known as a Human Being. The Earth, and Humanity, is so very close to fulfilling those plans that our completions can ONLY take place on Earth. There is nowhere else in this Universe where human life can exist. The reality is that we are not going anywhere. We humans MUST complete our plans on Earth otherwise there would be little point in Earth existing at all.
The current “official” view is that the planet is over populated and that we are rapidly running out of basic necessities such as food and water. The “official” population figures, published in October 2011, show that the current human population has topped 7 billion and is still rising.
This is a false view and one that has been generating fear into the population—a fearful population is one which is distracted away from our true purpose of soul re-integration.
According to the Akashic, the reality is very different. Our process towards soul re-integration began in 1996 with the connection of a new energy source to the planet. This new energy is designed to provide all of the energy we would need in order to re-integrate the whole soul into the physical body.
With the arrival of this new energy, many realised that they were not in a position to undergo this transformation and so decided to leave the planet and return to their place of soul origin.
1996 was also the year when the human population reached its peak-more souls were in human form at that time than in any other time in our history at 7.4 billion; almost half a billion MORE than current official figures claim.
Since those souls made their decisions to leave the planet, the population has dropped markedly and continues to drop. The Akashic records that the total human population of the Earth stands at about 3.9 billion; as of the beginning of 2012.
There is also no shortage of drinking water anywhere on the planet.
We, in the western world, are used to buying our food from shops and supermarkets where the food has been grown in numerous other countries. Because there is international trade in food, there is an international market and international markets set food prices to meet supply and demand as well as, more importantly for them, maximising profit.
The reason, and the only reason, why the populations of some countries are starving is because the international food traders do not want to lose their profits and so food prices remain beyond the reach of those who are starving.
You only have to look at how many millions of tonnes of food the west dumps into landfill every year to realise that nobody, anywhere, needs to starve.
This is the time where we need to alter our focus. This is the time where we need to begin to make change happen and this is the time where we need to work with the Earth to dismantle all of the systems and controls that are deliberately working against human soul re-integration.
For around 250 years we have been controlled into thinking and acting in certain ways; or at least being given information that makes us believe those who are manipulating us into thinking and acting in these ways. Those who have been in control are usually called the Illuminati.
Since 1996, in particular, the Illuminati have been doing everything in their power to stop us from achieving soul re-integration.
However, despite these attempts at control and manipulation, we humans have moved forwards in leaps and bounds—this is with  help from the Earth Herself.
The purpose of the last 7,000 years of human history (The Human Plan) has been to find out what energy frequency the Earth needs to resonate at in order for humans to maintain the whole of the soul within the physical body.
We were successful in finding the answer and on the 30th of May 2000, the Earth took the step of altering Her “base-note” frequency to the new level. Humans being humans, we prevaricated for a while and did not catch up with the Earth until the end of October 2011. What this means is that we reached full frequency parity with the Earth at a new and heightened energy level. This new frequency resonates at 3.5 kHz.
Once we had achieved frequency parity, we could then begin the next phase of development. If you are renovating a house, you first have to remove or demolish the old before you can begin to build  the new—it is no good just papering over the cracks, all that does is to hide it out of sight and out of mind and not solve the problem.
And this is what we now need to do—totally demolish the old. We need to remove the constraints that the Illuminati have put into place that are preventing us from achieving soul re-integration. So how do we achieve this? After all, for the last 250 years we have ignored their controls and just given in to their manipulation of reality.
Well, we need to create a new reality; one where the Illuminati do not have control. It sounds very simple when you put it in those terms but is it so simple in practise? YES!
It can be that simple as, yet again, the Earth has taken the lead on our behalf. In addition to which, over 1.5 million people have already completed their soul re-integration.
Two things are now required of us: First, we change our mind-set to one where we overcome the Control and Domination and proceed to soul re-integration for all who have chosen to.
Second, we begin to actively give support to the Earth in the work that She has already begun.

Before we go on, there is something that must be remembered. The human soul is currently divided into two: the higher self, which makes up about 75% of the total soul and the physical self, which makes up the remaining one quarter of the total soul.
These percentages mean that our human view of the world and events is severely limited when compared to the view that the higher self works with. As such, we do not understand most of what has happened to us and we need to recognise that everything that has shaped our lives has been under the direct benign direction of the higher self. However, if we refuse to listen that our higher self or refuse to take action that our higher self wishes us to, we become unstuck and end up with problems in our lives, particularly health problems.
So, instead of sticking doggedly to our ego-based view of the world, and the constraints upon us, we need to open ourselves up to the greater view and greater non-ego led wisdom of our higher self. This can be achieved simply by listening to your “inner voices”, your intuition. As we have climbed to new heights, in terms of the energy frequencies that are at work within the body, our connection to our higher self has become easier and more direct. We need to take ego out of the way and just follow our true instincts that are led by our higher self.
To return to the population figures: The current global human population is in the region of 3.9 billion. Of this total, approximately 2.5 billion are ready, or virtually ready to make their transitions into full soul-re-integration. This breaks down to approximately 60 percent of the current population is intending to complete their transitions whilst approximately 40 percent will not be making their transitions.
The only judgement that has been to arrive at these figures has been made by the higher self of each individual. Nobody, outside of each individual, has stood in judgement of another – in a Universe of freedom of choice, how can anyone judge the actions, or inactions of another? Not even the Creator can do that!
This is 60/40 percentage split in the population means that for the first time, those who are intending to undergo soul re-integration are in the majority. They only thing that is preventing them from so doing are the energies put into place by the Illuminati to prevent this soul re-integration from occurring. One of the main tools used to bring this about is the HAARP system being used to flood the planet with Ultra Low Frequency (ELF) energies.
Soul Re-Integration
Not all of the 2.5 billion people who are ready to make this transition are aware that they are. However, their higher selves are. Their state of readiness has been achieved by these people following their instincts through life and have lived their lives in a way in which their higher selves have directed them.
Of those who are aware of this process of soul re-integration, most are extremely frustrated at not being able to do so.
There are also approximately 1.5 million people who have already achieved full soul re-integration. These people mainly live in traditional so-called “tribal” cultures primarily in South America and Africa. They live in these areas so as to be as far away from the influence of Western culture as possible. There is also a large community of Human Beings living in Central Europe. The remainder are individuals living in total isolation away from contact with other humans. All of these groups and individuals do, however, communicate with each other on a psychic level. All are working with the Earth directly to help all those who are ready to make their own transitions when the time is right.
So, when is the right time?
The right time was during 2012. The only constraints are the energies imposed by the Illuminati and those who work with and for them. What needs to be done is the removal of these constraints. This is not to propose or even suggest violent physical actions against the “establishment”—all that would do is to make governments impose martial law where everyone’s freedoms would be severly curtailed and many would be incarcerated without charge and without time limit. New holding centers already exist in all Western countries as does the legislation, all that is required are mass demonstrations against the system and these “emergency” powers will be enacted.
Rioting on the streets is NOT the answer—there are far more subtle yet more powerful ways of overturning the energies that are working against us and again, the Earth has already taken the lead in this. As stated above, there is a majority of the population who are ready to make this transition to full consciousness. This majority needs to act together with each other and with the Earth to throw off the energies that are holding us back.
On the 13th of December 2011, the Earth began a movement for change; She began to bring together a huge range of energy frequencies that can wipe away all of the Illuminati opposition. What we need to do is join Her in Her actions. This is not very difficult to do and does not involve hard work of any kind.
In the meantime, there are some actions that we must STOP taking. As stated above, the Earth’s diameter has varied in accordance with the levels of Her own consciousness She has used when Creating new life or when She has been forced into altering Her plans. As human consciousness levels rise, the Earth is also bringing higher levels of Her consciousness to bear to work with us. As Her level of consciousness grows, so does the physical diameter of the planet. In increasing the size of the planet, the crust has to expand which has inevitably caused earthquakes—these earthquakes NEED to happen.
Unfortunately, there are many people who see earthquakes as being destructive and harmful to humans and so set about attempting to stop earthquakes from occurring. In many instances, their meditations have succeeded and necessary crustal adjustments have been stopped. All this does is to build the pressures within the crust and when the inevitable crustal adjustment has taken place, the earthquakes have been of a far greater magnitude than the Earth intended.
The Earth does not cause harm to the life that She nurtures. If the crust needs to expand, the Earth ensures that it causes as little disruption as possible. By attempting to stop earthquakes from occurring, those who carry out such meditations are actively working against the Earth’s needs. 
We need to stop doing this and allow the Earth to take all of the actions and steps She considers necessary at this time both for Her own well-being and for ours.

Thanks to: http://inesradman.wordpress.com


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