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From Psychopathic Matrix to Culture of Empathy

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From Psychopathic Matrix to Culture of Empathy

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by Elle - Sep 22, 2014
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From Psychopathic Matrix to Culture of Empathy Psychoempath-700x383

by Vitashoka
Contributor, ZenGardner.com
Observing the current trend in world events, from the endless Western “war on terror” which has justified the trail of orchestrated chaos,  genocide and ruin across the Middle  to the attempts to instigate WW3with Russia and China in a orgy of MADness;  from the head-chopping, organ eating amoral  ISIS entity, to the widespread geo-engineering and biocide of all living systems on the planet, one cannot avoid the impression that we live in a Psychopathic Control Matrix, a contrived, fear-based  toxic reality, engineered by a small but powerful element in the society.  Their mental processes differ vastly from the majority of decent humans who are generally not consumed by excessive greed or lust for power.  Most human beings do not wish to harm others, and moreover actually want to be a force for good and a constructive contributor to the society.
Let us examine firstly the characteristics of the psychopath as an individual and then in a macrocosmic context of the current psychopathic matrix like reality in which we live.
A full list of psychopathic traits can be found here:http://psychopathyawareness.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/the-list-of-psychopathy-symptoms/
However the main agreed upon traits are listed below:
A sense of Specialness, grandiosity – They feel that they are special – superior, to the majority of humans inhabiting the planet,  whom they mostly view with disdain and contempt. People appear to them as objects, playthings, only to be charmed, seduced,  used and discarded according to their own needs. To get the general  idea of “the attitude”  check out these Talmudic quotes: http://www.rense.com/general21/tal.htm
Entitlement – the psychopathic personality feels he or she is entitled to objects, power, wealth,land.  They have no hesitation in appropriating  others  property as their own (stealing) . On a grander scale, is not the tendency to  colonise, occupy and annex the territory and resources of others  without moral restraint,  a similar tendency? Could not the ideology of  ‘imperialism” be seen as a sort of state insanity in its  overreach?  Furthermore, in other examples,  certain convenient  religious dogmas of being divinely “chosen” provide the supposedly ”moral”  justification and (for them) unassailable argument for seizing the lands and properties of others without qualms.
Control – love or empathy is somewhat of an anathema to them,  a weakness to be avoided. While they may pretend love, their interactions are characterized by the need to dominate or control.  The psychopath may routinely go through others things (cell phones, computers etc) spying upon the other which they feel is justified in order to maintain control. We have ample evidence of such traits within the social macrocosm, the all seeing eye of NSA’s surveillance, spying , drones, cell phone and  RFID tracking and so on.
Construction of false Self – In the apparent absence of certain human traits, they construct a false-self which is projected to lure their victims. While often charming, erudite, exceptionally intelligent and may pretend to moral and altruistic behaviour , it is exactly that, a pretense, a lie, a polished  false construct designed to lure the victim.
Do we not also find this behavior in the slick and smiling politician,  with his polished “benevolent” image who manipulates populations into  wars and destabilizations in the name of democracy, justice and freedom),who seizes liberties in the name of security,  sells vaccines to promote health (reduce population and render autistic), promotes cancer inducing GMO’s to “feed the world” etc. Victims soon find themselves enmeshed in a false reality, a web of lies where the mainstream media (false self) massages and shapes the opinions of the people to suit the agenda of the psychopath within.
Lacking Empathy The psychopathic personality appears unable (or unwilling) to feel  empathy, to “put himself in the shoes of another” and feel the hurt, pain or any emotion felt by anyone else.  This makes them appear unemotional, cold calculating and manipulative or “reptilian”. Thus the psychopath is able to inflict hurt or pain whether emotional, verbal or even physical violence without guilt or remorse.  In this category a wider scale we find the warmongers, assassins as well as the mercenary hordes, (Syrian “rebels” Ukraine, ISIS) which can kill for profit. Regular soldiers l either have to learn to “switch off” their emotional intelligence (psychopathic training) or suffer the inner remorse and anguish of having to fight and kill in unjust wars, along with their other PTSD symptoms
Generating Cognitive Dissonance:
The psychopath is an expert  at creating cognitive dissonance in his or her victim. Usually a slow, gradual process, he manages to weave a “false reality”, where black becomes white, bad becomes good and the victim becomes disoriented and starts to lose their own grounding is what is true and real, questioning their own perceptions. This powerful mind control technique leaves the victim weak, helpless, dependent on the psychopath and vulnerable to all types of suggestion and manipulation.
Does it sound familiar? It should. DO we not today, live in a “reality” that has been created for us, where war is peace, where the criminally insane are our “trusted leaders” where false flags and psyops are used to garner our consent for things we would never normally agree to, where “psycho- sexual “ entertainment degrades our humanity, and the mainstream media feeds us lies and leaves us blinded to truth? Under these circumstances do not the unawakened fall victim to all types of manipulation by the elite.?  It is worth checking out Thomas Sheridans extensive work on psychopaths and particularly “gaslighting” and cognitive dissonance.

Psychopathic personalities can be found at all levels of society but seem to gravitate to the highest levels of control.
However, the story does not end here. Like an invading parasite, the psychopathic mindset appears to be  ruthlessly  infiltrating and installing itself into multiple levels of society, creating a and promoting a “culture of psychopathy”.
In the world of Business and economy, Corporate Globalism serves as a perfect example. The corporation itself is a psychopathic entity, wherein the human drone workers , routinely override their own empathetic  impulses in order to serve the agenda of the corporation which is by  its very nature ruthless,  insatiable greed, engaged in endless pursuit of increasing power, profit and market dominance.
The U.S.A. is witnessing the rise of the Police State. Highly militarized and weaponised police whose motto” to serve and protect “(the citizens) has apparently been binned in favour of increasing brutality and repression as they become tools of the elite power system.
Global Surveillance has become an embodiment of the psychopaths “entitlement” to go through all your personal belongings to inform himself of every move you make (NSA – the government stalker!)
Normalization of violence through Hollywood entrainment, TV and violent computer games with names like “Eternal War” or “call of Duty”, download and programme the minds of the young with the psychopaths “software”. Many of the music industries artists themselves have made a deal with dark powers and many video clips, contain references to Satanism, mind control, and psycho-sexual slavery.
Military industrial complex and the weapons trade is essentially the psychopathic by nature. Military training a human being is required to greater or lesser extent, assume the psychopaths skills in order  to to fight the elites wars for oil,  imperial conquest or territorial expansion (no matter that we are told they are fought for “peace” democracy, freedom and  humanitarian reasons –the psychopath loves to deceive!!)
Here we must also mention the hidden MK Ultra mind control (trauma -based programming) in which the military is complicit,  designed to “split” the mind and produce “supersoldiers” and assassins that can be “triggered” by visual or auditory clues. The sole purpose of this type of mind control is for the purpose of creating programmed,  psychopathic individuals, for a highly efficient, mind-controlled soldier,  totally devoid of conscience is one of their most valued assets.
Western Education system is based on Prussian Imperial model, dating to the time of the Prussian Empire, and almost invincible Germanic war machine. However upon their defeat by Napoleon,  the Prussian generals, when asked to explain, blamed it on the soldiers “thinking for themselves” ( as opposed to blindly following orders) . This resulted in a modified education system, whereby knowledge was compartmentalized into small disjointed segments interrupted by the bell, was imposed with the intent that the continuous interruptions and switching of subjects would fragment their knowledge and render them less capable of methodical thinking or deep uninterrupted thought and focus, thus more susceptible to the orders and commands of the teacher. What few people know is that the Western model of education  until today, it still based on the Prussian military model.  Renowned  Educator John Gatto has this to say:

With control of government, media, economy, education and military, we can fairly say that our society is run by the criminally insane.
The Origin of Psychopathic behavior?  Genetic, upbringing or other?
There is fairly solid evidence to show that psychopathic tendencies have  genetic origins. …….
On the other hand, it is also clear that a childhood imbued with abuse, neglect and or violence , not unsurprisingly, seems to trigger psychopathic behavior. A childhood devoid of love, warmth security and affection would not provide an environment for the emotional intelligence to develop properly.
While some people tend to one or other of these explanations, there is also an opinion to that both causes are in play. Thus the latent inherited genetic tendencies would be triggered by an abusive early childhood upbringing.
However, stepping out of the mainstream concepts for a moment, there are other possibilities for the predicament in which we now find ourselves. While this cannot yet be proven, it is nonetheless worthy of consideration.
What if….given the utterly alien mindset and its pervasiveness and proliferation into all aspects of society ,there were another force at play, either interdimensional or extra terrestrial? Parasitic or predatory entities, seeking to take control of the planet? What if there were a type of interspacial (or hyperdimensional) mind- virus  that can, much like a computer virus, insert itself into a suitable host and self replicate, altering and overriding the brain patterns and thought-waves of the host entity and replacing them with its own?
Would these entities act autonomously, or are they directed by someone or something else?
This idea is not new, it can be found in many cultures across the planet.  The Archons of the Gnostic Nag Hammadi texts (John Lash), the wetiko mind virus of the Native Americans,(“ the flyers” of Carlos Castenada, (4)  and the negative microvita of P.R. Sarkar), the Djinn,demons or fallen angels of the Ibrahimic religions all allude to the same type of phenomenon.
The utterly non-human nature of the predatory mindset,  the ability to take delight in manipulating the fears, pains and anguish of others,the rigid adherence to bloodlines amongst the elite,  not to mention the pedophilia, satanic including blood rituals which are widespread amongst the high level with psychopathic tendencies means we cannot cancel out any possibility of a metaphysical aspect to this phenomenon.
It could also be argued that a combination of the above three mentioned causes are involved. An inherited genetic disposition, raised in a  toxic or otherwise  deficient or abusive physical,  social, emotional or even cultural environment would create a vulnerability or weak point of entry for a predatory parasite to invade, reproduce and eventually attempt to  take over the host. This is not as far- fetched as it seems. A study on certain viruses  such as toxoplasmosis indicates that known viruses can alter the mental tendencies and thus behavior of infected animals, who then exhibit behavior( though not necessarily physical symptoms)totally foreign to the normal characteristics of its species.

Thomas Sheridan, who has made the study of the psychopath his life’s mission, refers to the psychopaths as  human (genetically mutated?) sub-species.
Some will dismiss  some of the above  as conjecture or pseudo science. However the problem is very real, it needs our urgent attention and  we cannot dismiss the possibility that it is an aspect of future science yet to be understood and deserving of further research. Whatever the causes are, the psychopathic trend of society is an urgent issue which needs solutions.

Part 2

Creating a culture of Empathy
The one skill lacking in the psychopathic Matrix is empathy. The psychopath is devoid of the capacity to empathise,  except for the ability to hone in on a victims weaknesses and vulnerabilities (cold empathy) for the purpose of exploiting them. The psychopathic entity is unable to feel, comprehend or respond appropriately to the emotions and feelings of others. To him, people( or animals) are simply cardboard cut outs, caricatures, a means to an end, objects to use and discard.
Empathy then, may be described as the ability to feel and experience the emotions and experience the predicament of others (the ability to put oneself in someone elses shoes) and respond appropriately. This emotional connectivity is the precursor to kindness, respect, selflessness, service, compassion, solidarity, dignity and all the other myriad of qualities and actions that makes us human, without which we simply revert to the law of the jungle, becoming prey and predator, hunter and hunted in a primal instinctive cycle of fear and survival.
Empathy is genuine, (or it is not empathy) it is a motivator. It is not the instinctive motivation of desire and its gratification which moves much of our lives, it is not the narcissistic need to garner admiration and adoration from others, but a higher inspiration and connection that can draw forth the creative potentials and the highest and best of who we are.
Empathy is, most basically, expanding our awareness, redrawing of  the line or limit of awareness, or circle drawn around ourselves to include all those (human, plant or animal, cosmic) with whom we choose to empathise.
In an increasingly complex world, it is becoming an essential skill, for from empathy we can absorb and learn from others cultures, experiences and ways of seeing, we can approach conflict creatively, we can lead effectively and justly, we can make fair and just decisions and we can generate solutions and  to the world’s problems.
Empathy is not one skill but a skill set, which may include active listening, feeling, reflecting, thinking, discernment, problem-solving, wise decision making and initiating action.
When empathy is part of early childhood learning, and parents and educators can guide children to draw forth, develop and refine their empathetic skills, it becomes second nature for it is a innate human characteristic, unless it is killed by careless or abusive parenting or schooling.  For most adults, it is a skill which we have but which needs continuous work to cultivate and apply it wisely and effectively.
As the psychopathic matrix seeks to exert full power over us in its final, long-planned endgame, it becomes a spiritual imperative to take a stand. How do we find our way out of the matrix? Individual victims of psychopathic abuse are given only one standard formula “NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN” . No confrontation, reasoning arguing, pleading, insisting will ever work. You (as the victim) will never win. The only way to win the game is to walk away, permanently.
To escape the matrix the imperative is simply “walk away”. This means Total Non Compliance. The control system will not change, it cannot change, the psychopathic society  will never admit to being wrong, it does not know how to do things differently. We have to disengage, walk away, network with other empathetic and creative humans and create small communities of awakened people. We can apply our  creativity powers to generate alternative systems.
When  empathy, wisdom and justice are an essential part of the  classroom experience,  the refreshing water of compassion will flow in the next generation. The psychopathic matrix, starved of its sustenance (our compliance and our energy), will eventually die out.
The most pressing and inspiring mission which beckons to  all awakened and sentient beings on the planet today is the building of a culture of Empathy.  Its very existence will eventually render the psychopathic matrix obsolete.

Thanks to Zen at: http://www.zengardner.com


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