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What is Ascension? It’s Certainly Not According To St. Germain

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What is Ascension? It’s Certainly Not According To St. Germain

Posted on September 28, 2014 by Ines

I have been pretty sarcastic the last few days as I notice more and more blogs commenting on the channels, it’s like we are being bombarded from every direction. It’s like standing in the middle of an open space and hail coming down hard. You know it’s hail but you don’t understand how it is formed.  This is not a very good analogy of what Ascension is either, but I did notice when people write or comment about Ascension they have different perspectives on it so I decided to do some research and put together what I think a decent explanation of the different types of Ascension.
Now, question is which one is you? I still stand by my understanding of re-integration of higher self/soul/physical body. This to me means ascending to a higher vibrational frequency and higher dimension where every thought creates my reality. This is why we are being told by so many spirits and channels that we have to clear out the negative thoughts/the negative energy and any negative parts of our past because once we transcend into the higher dimension, every thought then becomes a reality. Although we are now co-creators, we are in a lower density therefore, it’s not able to materialize, but once we re-integrate it will be instant, therefore, the old adage: “Be careful for what you ask for”. At that time, if you are looking at someone riding a bike and about to hit a car and think “OMG he’s going to hit the car” chances are he will. This is how our thoughts will work. This is why the Ashtar command talks about landing and helping us deal with our new found power. This is bullshit, they know this is about to happen, but they are selling the Healing Chambers as a means of fixing some last minute problems. We don’t need to be fixed, adjusted or re-coded, it becomes part of the Re-integration routine, therefore we do not need healing chambers or photon light cleansing rooms as I just read about. This will be another post, but this stuff is getting so ridiculously funny and condescending as well. These entities are communicating with us as if we are small stupid children and need to be told how to think. The truth will eventually come out, but as things get worse on this planet, more people are flocking to the “comforting” words of Ashtar, St. Germain, Lady Portia, and arghh…Monty Keen. So………
What is ascension?
That’s what I asked when I first got involved in these teachings, and I never got a clear answer.  It’s kind of like asking “What is enlightenment” or “What is heaven?” A lot of people have strong opinions about their spirituality but then they try to put them into words, those words no longer seem adequate. Words lack the power of experience.
Ascension is a mystery—a mystery not in the sense of a riddle to be solved, but an experience found in the heart of the mystery religions. Mysteries are experiences. We can talk about mysteries, but words always fail to explain them. Those who have directly experienced the mystery have an understanding of it. When these people come together, words are not necessary. There is simply an understanding shared by those with the same experience.
People talk about ascension as if it is one absolute philosophy, yet everybody seems to have a different idea of what ascension is and how it will manifest. Some look at ascension as a global event that will happen to everybody simultaneously in the same way. Others look at ascension as a part of the personal path of enlightenment, which multiple manifestations and meanings. When I began this path, I didn’t even have an understanding that there are many different interpretations of ascension. I heard hints and whispers about ascension, with no clear idea of what we were talking about.
My own definition encompasses a wide range of interpretations, allowing for many other views. I fall on the side of personal ascension—everybody’s understanding of it will be personal, yet perhaps there will be a global shift that will affect everybody. Let’s examine some of the most common beliefs about ascension.
Literal ascension means the literal shift of our bodies and souls from this physical plane of existence (the 3rd dimension) to another plane of reality. This new level of existence is not necessarily physical in the same manner that we now understand physical life In this new dimensioin, many of the ills of the current physical world—illness, pollution, crime, even death—will be left behind. Within this view, both literal personal ascension and literal global ascension are possible.
Many saints and gurus and holy people from various cultures are said to leave this world without mortally passing. They return to the divine, taking their bodies with them into the next world. Yet they are still linked to the mortal world, available to us through spiritual contact in prayer, ritual and meditation.
As for literal global ascension, many people believe that some pivotal event will change the world. Some view it as a cata clysm in which those who are spiritually prepared will ascend from the danger of the material world. Others believe a peaceful, inspiring even will trigger a global ascension. Some think the world will literally change its vibration, and physical existence will cease as the whole 3rd dimension of physical reality literally transforms, shifting to light. Others believe reality will exist on all levels, but we will no longer live on the physical level, leaving room for another race to develop physically. We will ascend to a more subtle spiritual vibration, referred to as a higher dimension. Lightworkers believe several ancient civilizations that seemingly disappeared, such as the Anasazi and the Mayans, literally and physically ascended en masse, and are still living as a community on another plane of existence.
Literal physical ascension is one of the most prevalent belief systems in the lightworker network and tends to dominate much printed and online material.
Posthumous ascension occurs when an individual completes all necessary experiences in the physical world and no longer need to return to the cycle of reincarnation. The doctrines of reincarnation and karma have been widely accepted in most New Age communities, influencing our views on life, death, and the afterlife. When one clears karma and breaks from the wheel of rebirth, a new level oc consciousness is achieved. Rather than return from the spiritual state of existence to be reborn into the material world, these souls remain at this ascended level of consciousness, beyond the physical world. They have a different perspective from other deceased ancestors who are simply resting between lives, because they no longer need to return to the world for their own evolution. The material world has taught them all they need to know, and they are ready for new challenges. These enlightened beings act as guides and intermediaries to the physical living beings on Earth.
In the most conservative and symbolic view, ascension is a euphemism for enlightenment, a continual state of consciousness in which an individual is in communion with the divine. Mortal, or ego, consciousness “ascends” to a higher level of consciousness where there is no separation from the divine. Those in the world who are believed to be enlightened masters or gurus, capable of great healing and miracles, have achieved this level of ascension.
Although physical beings, these masters are said to be free from karma and the wheel of rebirth, and have voluntarily chosen to stay incarnated in the world to share their teachings. Many believe this enlightenment confers great mystical powers, including physical immortality and the perfection of psychic gifts. Many living masters are said to live far longer than ordinary mortals to continue their teaching and healing work.
We are entering the New Age, but what does that mean? Besides being a convenient marketing label for a section of books, the New Age refers to the Age of Aquarius. In the systems of astrology, each period of roughly two thousand years is dominated by a zodiac sign, and the signs move backwards through the cycle. We are leaving the Age of Pisces, characterized by the twelfth zodiac sign, and moving to Aquarius, the eleventh sign. Mystics believe the Age of Aquarius will be one of global peace and enlightenment, thought it might manifest through swift and sudden change. Many other cultures and mystical systems have a similar teaching, echoing the sentiment that we are entering a new aeon of peace and enlightenment. Some prophesy a cataclysm with little hope of survival as a culture, while others predict a golden age of peace, prosperity and enlightenment.
Ascensionists believe that our level of consciousness will determine how easily we make the transition to the Age of Aquarius. The shift in the ages will reflect back upon us our hopes and fears. If we are in a state of loving consciousness, then the transition will be easy and peaceful, creating a golden age based in love. If we are full of anger or fear, then it will be difficult, fulfilling our more apocalyptic prophesies.
This transitional period is the opportunity for spiritual global ascension. Our consciousness, individually and collectively, will rise to ease the transition between the ages and create  paradise on Earth. The world will not literally disappear but we will leave behind a mode of consciousness based on the previous Age of Pisces, and the global culture it created, and begin a new era, with new lessons and challenges. We will ascend to a new level, of life where the foundation of our consciousness will be rooted in an awareness in which we are in constant communion with the divine, transforming our current values, ideas and resources. We will become rooted in a more spiritual dimension. We will not necessarily shed the physical realm, but it will no longer be the sole realm of importance to the vast majority of the population.
This paradigm of ascension—the return of creation to its divine source—is possibly the truest. Many mystic traditions, both Eastern and Western, believe that all things created are manifestations of the divine. As humans, we go through the cycles of creation, like all life. We too must return to the source of life.
The ultimate end in the ascension model is not only the end of the world but the end of the universe, folding back into the divine. We “ascend” through the various levels of existence to merge with the force that initiated creation.
On a personal level, this means enlightenment leading to Nirvana, to the ultimate union with the source. This is the final initiation of the mystic, the final achievement of what is know as the Great Work. A more cosmic view of this paradigm is not simply individual sparks or souls returning to the source, but the entire universe folding back to the point from which it sprang, completing the great cycle of creation and possibly initiating a new cycle.
When practitioners say they have “already ascended” yet they are in a physical body and don’t appear to be particularly enlightened, they might be referring to the levels upon levels of consciousness expansion a mystic goes through while on the spiritual path. If they reach a certain level of enlightenment, but are not necessarily capable of unearthly miracles or free of all karma, they have “ascended” to the next level on their path.
Such experiences are referred to as initiations. Although you can be initiated into various groups and traditions through rituals, personal initiation refers to the initiations of spirit, ordeals of life that can only be conferred in a personal way, through communion with the divine. The challenges of life, from personal interactions to physical illnesses, as well as the spiritual crisis known as the “dark night of the soul”, are all forms of personal initiation. Mystics have intricate systems to gauge levels of expanded consciousness based on their cultural modes and life experiences. These systems act as maps, to help them reach the next destination in a healthy and balanced way. By understanding the personal  initiations, and the lessons they have conferred to those who have walked the path before you, you can better understand and observe your own enlightenment process.
Many light-workers believe the exact form of ascension, both personally and on a planetary scale, can’t be truly known while we are in mortal form. Our senses, even with our mind-expanding and spiritually uplifting and meditation techniques, can only comprehend glimpses and shadows of ascended consciousness.
Our perceptions are colored by our personal belief systems, so everybody has a different “truth” about ascended consciousness and enlightenment. A traditional Christian who touches higher consciousness may come back with a popular image of heaven, with clouds, harps and white robes, or of ascension achieved through a relationship with Jesus Christ. A native shaman might return with an image of a paradisiacal hunting ground aided by the ancestors, while a priestess of the Goddess traditions may get an image of the Isle of Avalon and its otherworldly priestesses. Each is a symbolic interpretation of the ascended higher consciousness. Each represents a facet of the greater whole of ascension but none contains the complete picture for everyone.
Symbolic ascension looks at the lives of the masters and saints as inspiration for how best to live our lives. By emulating those whom we claim have ascended, we come into greater sense of our own spirituality. Ascensioin is not about going anywhere; it is simply a deeper expression of the spiritual life on a daily basis. The view of ascension as a journey to another dimension, a heavenly utopia, is a symbol of what is truly possible when humanity works together for the good of all to create that utopia here and now. We don’t have to look far to see living examples of ascended consciousness in modern times, transformative individuals who inspire others through their actions and teachings. Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Peace Pilgrim, were but a few. Imagine how many others are quietly working their magick every day, side by side with us, and never drawing attention to themselves. Perhaps you are doing it already without realizing it. Perhaps at different times in our lives we are all inspiring others to ascend and shift their consciousness to a higher, more enlightened view.
There are a lot of varying ideas about ascension, and this essay just scratches the surface of the most basic, common beliefs. Each of these views has its merits, based in traditions and theologies that are rooted in older wisdom, and each has its own biases and cultural contexts.
The biggest discrepancy among these concepts is the debate over external physical ascension versus internal personal ascension. Understanding the paradox between our internal and external views is one of the biggest struggles mystics face. The struggle is one of the mysteries, like ascension itself. When you have experience with the spiritual reality in both the transcendent, internal world, through a vision, and the immanent, physical world, through nature or people, you start to understand that there is little difference between our internal and external realities.
They are two views of the same thing. Reconciling the truths of both transcendent and immanent divinity is the challenge of the next age, as we recognize divinity is both beyond us and within us and everything else. Inner and outer realities are a reflection of each other. In the end, there is nothing separating the inner and outer worlds but our own perception. With that in mind, all these views on ascension and  more are possible.
As we each come here to have different experiences, we all came from different dimensions, different soul evolutions, therefore, the next jump into the new paradigm will be whatever it is that we came here to experience or we might just return to where we came from. I don’t like to guess what might be, but the point is that there is no definitive action/result, it’s an individual thing and instead of focusing on the “Which one will be the one for me”, we should focus on preparing ourselves “for whatever will be”.

Thanks to Ines at: http://inesradman.wordpress.com


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