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Dear John . . . By Judge Anna von Reitz

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1Dear John . . . By Judge Anna von Reitz Empty Dear John . . . By Judge Anna von Reitz Sat Oct 04, 2014 7:55 am



Dear John . . . By Judge Anna von Reitz

Posted on October 4, 2014 by David Robinson
Regarding the IRS…..
The problem is that neither the “Internal Revenue Service” or “INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE” which are run under the auspices of the FEDERAL RESERVE, nor the “IRS” which is run under the auspices of the IMF, are government agencies–they are just subcontractors hired as bill collectors by the “IRS” and accountants by the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE. 
It’s hardly worth going after the lackeys. The ones responsible are much higher up the food chain.
The one number used as both “your” Social Security Number and “your” Taxpayer Identification Number is used to keep two accounts—one records credit due and one records debts due.   The IRS (IMF) keeps track of the debt side, and the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE (FEDERAL RESERVE) keeps track of the credit side.
The IRS sends a bill to you in the name of “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” — a STATE-owned ESTATE trust,  for charges related to the government services provided by the UNITED STATES (INC.).  This is just business, howbeit, it involves known mail fraud. The “tax” is a bill for public services rendered— defense, roads, you name it.  And so far as that goes, it is perfectly justifiable bill which is purposefully and self-interestedly misaddressed. The debt side of “your” account is run under the familiar number in the form 123-45-6789, with dashes.  Dashes = debt side of the ledger. 
Where this all falls apart is the presumption that the STATE franchise and the UNITED STATES (INC.) are making that you, the living man, are responsible for providing private credit for this public debt and that you have “voluntarily” agreed to act as an unpaid federal employee known as a “withholding agent”.  They never explained anything about their “system” to you, and certainly did not provide “full disclosure” so you are well within your rights to object and invoke your Common Law right preserved by UCC 1-308 and 1-103.6 not to be bound by any defective contract, including those that are unilateral, lacking full disclosure, which are inequitable, not in-kind, tainted by fraud, entered into by Third Parties merely claiming to “represent” you, or which are deemed to exist as a result of your receiving any compelled benefit or fruit of monopoly inducement. 
You can “just say no” to the IRS and sever any further presumption or relationship with them as of the end of the federal fiscal year (June 30) of any year you choose.  You simply invoke your rights stated above and send the IRS a polite letter referencing 26 USC 6013 and tell them that you are “revoking your election to pay” as of the 30th of June…..
However, as irritated as we all are and as unjust and criminally misrepresented their administration of the “income tax” is and has been, we also have to admit that government services have to be paid for.  So now we come to the other side of the account ledger. The credit side of “your” account is operated under “your” Social Security Number without dashes and enclosed by asterisks:  *123456789* by the “INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE” run by the FEDERAL RESERVE that has recently reorganized under the auspices of the UN INC.
Technically, you have never owed any income tax, ever, in your life.  The very word “income” is a corporate accounting term. Corporations accrue income.  Living people accrue property.  That’s the legal definition long and short of it.  
What has been done by those claiming to “represent” you, is to set up various legal fiction entities operated under your given name.  So the debts of “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” are the debts of a federally owned and operated ESTATE trust located in Puerto Rico, and as a legal fiction entity— a corporate entity— it does accrue “income”.  In fact, because the rats have unlawfully and without your knowing consent “converted” your bank account to the ownership of this ESTATE trust, every dime you “donate” to “JOHN” is considered taxable income.  
That’s how the IRS prosecutes its victims— it claims that you owe the debts of this Puerto Rican ESTATE trust and uses the confusion caused by the semantic deceit of “similar names” to entrap you into their court proceedings and then use the already accomplished unlawful conversion of your bank account to seize funds held in the NAME of “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS”. 
All this nastiness could be avoided, if this system were functioning properly, and the debts of “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” were being paid by the Internal Revenue Service—- which is what should be happening.  The Internal Revenue Service now being operated as the INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE has control of the credit side of the “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” account, and there is plenty of credit in his account to discharge any debt that “HE” owes, however, since the IRS is billing you, instead of billing “HIM”, you get caught in the cross-hairs, quite unnecessarily.  
The Secretary of the Treasury has without justification “blocked” most of these credit accounts and pretended that the beneficiaries of these ESTATES are “unknown”—-even though they manage to find you readily enough when they are trying to collect a debt, they pretend that you are “missing” when it comes time to pay one. Most recently the rats have attempted to redefine your ESTATE trust which is operated under your name styled like this: “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” and run by the Washington, DC. Municipal Government, as a “transmitting utility” owned and operated by the United Nations City State and doing business under your name styled as in: “JOHN Q. ADAMS”.   
Please note that “JOHN Q. ADAMS” is not even a legal and specific and clearly identifiable name— it could be relate to a man named John Quincy Adams or another man named John Quentin Adams, and so on.   
These semantic deceits resulting in false claims and identity theft and misappropriation of credit and mis-administration of the public trusts is the heart of the real fraud practiced and fostered by the “Internal Revenue Service” / “IRS” system. 
We — especially the judges and law enforcement and military men and politicians — have got to put a stop to this craziness and mis-administration and identity theft, or there will be nothing stopping any foreign state and any private corporation from creating legal fiction entities “in our names” and bringing false charges against us. 
As for this history–
1917 the Trading With the Enemy Act falsely declared that the American People — the employers of the United States of America, Inc., were “enemies” and conscripted– that is, “borrowed” us and our property “for the war effort”.   Now, it should be recognized that no corporation has the right to declare “war” on anyone or anything, and that the men doing this had no granted authority to “represent” us in any such manner or fashion, much less authority to lay a false claim against the employers of the United States of America, Inc.  It was fraud then and it is fraud now.  All claims based upon it are null and void and the rats merely need to be called on it and held feet first to the flames. 
However, they did this, as they did their take over of the monetary system via the “Federal Reserve Act”—another piece of fraud—under conditions of semantic deceit and secrecy.  In this way the banks running the “Federal Reserve System” placed a false claim of ownership against us and our assets— our land, our businesses, our homes, everything.  
After the First World War ended, they failed to return our property to us.  They kept it and in 1933, the rats gratuitously included us and all our property as part of their bankruptcy.  They falsely claimed that we were standing as “voluntary sureties” for the debts of the now-bankrupt “United States of America, Inc.” and its “State of………” franchises.  
So, having “borrowed” our assets, they now falsely claimed that we were responsible for their debts, and in this manner, enslaved and obligated us, just as a co-signer on a car loan is obligated.   Again, none of this was fully disclosed, and the nature of the “United States of America, Inc.” as merely a privately owned and operated governmental services corporation being run by the Federal Reserve banks was never revealed to the American People. 
As a result of these acts of fraud and false pretenses Americans have labored for almost a hundred years to pay debts that they largely never owed and have been grossly imposed upon and defrauded by people they trusted and who owed them the fiduciary trust that has been violated.  
As of July 1, 2013, the Pope cleaned house and settled the “bankruptcy” of the United States of America, Inc.  At that point, all the Puerto Rican ESTATE trusts should have been formally dissolved and all assets presumed to belong to them should have been returned to their true beneficiaries, the living American people.  Instead, the criminals in DC contrived to try to work out another “new deal” with the operators of the United Nations City State.  
The United Nations City State has allowed the old criminals who were running the “Federal Reserve System” to reorganize as the “new” “FEDERAL RESERVE” under UN auspices.  This criminal syndicate has claimed— falsely as ever—-that all the property contained in the individual ESTATES was “abandoned” and therefore belongs to the banks, and they have begun to try to transfer all title and ownership of OUR property and assets into their brand new transmitting utilities doing business under the “JOHN Q. ADAMS” names.  
Pope Francis gave them three years in which to come into compliance with their corporate charters, or face being liquidated. Over one whole year has passed and so far, they are laughing in his face and doing everything they can to rob, rape, pillage, damage, and confuse the American People they have victimized for so long.  
Make no mistake— these people running both the FEDERAL RESERVE and the IMF are criminals and these organizations are international criminal syndicates which have enslaved and falsely indebted the American People via identity theft, the practice of personage, unlawful conversion of assets, fiduciary trust fraud, kidnapping, inland piracy, contract default increasing the public debt, and myriad other offenses.  
The American People are owed all their assets back, together with the interest and profit which have been made off those assets.  The American organic States are similarly owed all their assets back.  All that was “borrowed” must be returned, and any false pretense that the “UNITED STATES” (INC.) or any “successor” to this fraud— the UN CORP, for example, has any right to continue to control Americans or their property via this network of fraud and false claims must cease.   
This is what the rats have done to America and Americans.  Every single one of them who knew the truth and did nothing about it, are criminals in our midst.  Now that it is becoming known, it is only a matter of time before the similar frauds that have impacted Europe and the former Commonwealth will become self-evident and the perpetrators forced out of their holes like the vermin they are and prosecuted as such on both a national and international basis. 
Let that end come and come quickly. Let the sorting of the goats from the sheep begin. Those who have been complicit through ignorance must come out of Babylon, or be destroyed with it.

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Thanks to: http://mainerepublicemailalert.com/



What a great article.....If the sheeples would just understand that collectively we could end all of this fraud...Ahhhh, but that's not going to happen.....



Well it won't be from a lack of us trying!! LOL

We will be seeing much more from Anna going forward.




Indeed an awesome post, Purps. But who is this 'Judge' and why has she Not been silenced as yet ?? Or is she just another voice of misdirection and confusion, AKA part of the System ?
   It is said that "knowledge is power"...  I say "Knowledge in itself provided (sourced) by The SYSTEM, is Not the Power. Knowledge OF the SYSTEM and the wisdom to use the Knowledge is the REAL POWER".  WE really do have every bit as much power, if not more than TPTB. Especially when we come together...   :hugs :    vv  

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 



As usual great questions Marty!

Well this is what I know of her so far. Early this summer she messaged me and we have sent a few emails back and forth.

When I "researched" her a little I saw that she was friends with Karen Hudes on Facebook. Though that kind of put me off a bit, I continued to email her. She suggested that she was looking to find sites to break open the political scandals and that she was working with lawyers etc. to do this. I did not know she was a judge until I saw this article. So I think she is going to be interesting to follow. Let's see where she goes and I give her props for trying. I got the good vibe from her but who knows, I could be wrong or change my mind at break neck speed! LOL




I AM YOUR ANCHOR BABY: The Significance Of My Will – by Anna Von Reitz, Judge in Alaska

Posted on July 18, 2014 by arnierosner
“The Significance Of My Will”, by Anna Von Reitz
Posted: July 18, 2014 | Author: David Robinson
When a foreign woman gives birth on United States soil, her baby becomes a State Citizen — an American. As a result, the whole family is allowed to immigrate here.
A similar principle is at work regarding your claim to your private property and your organic state’s resources.
Think now about the process of extracting your toe from under a chair…is it possible to extract your toe, without also extracting your foot, ankle, leg…are you not all connected?
It is the same with all of us — Americans are all connected. We are all “organic states” of the Union, part of the furniture, part of each other, all guaranteed equal protection under the law.
So when I filed my timely UCC-1 claim and extracted “my” ESTATE trust doing business as “ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER” out of the final bankruptcy settlement of the United States of America, Inc. — I was your anchor baby.
One American ESTATE was reclaimed, and all American ESTATES are owed the same.
Similarly, when I went through the whole process of claiming back my life, filing a blood seal with the Vatican, filing the whole pile of claims against all the names attributed to me, the Security Agreement, Indemnity Bond, and so on — my actions included you. Me, the toe, is attached to you, the foot, the ankle, the leg….
Then when I filed against the UNITED NATIONS and the IMF in behalf of the States of America and in behalf of my living self, it remained for me to define in the document what “states” of America I was talking about and which version of “me” — was secured party.
Once again, where the toe goes, the foot goes. The claims against the UN and IMF are in behalf of the organic states, not any corporate versions or franchises.
All that remained was for me to give up any unique claim and distribute the claimed assets via an Irrevocable Will. So I did that, too. And here is a copy. ….
Anna’s Will | Scanned Retina Resource
Because one American did it, we all did it. Because one American reclaimed her ESTATE, all Americans are owed equal treatment. And the rats cannot claim “statute of limitations” or “final settlement” or “untimely filing” or anything like that, because there is no statute of limitations on fraud, and we have all uniformly been defrauded.
Via my single action, I claimed everything back for everyone — the land belonging to every state, the private property belonging every living man, woman, and child — each organic state and each living individual American State Citizen has a claim-in-common with me.
You were defrauded as I was. What I am owed, you are owed. And just in case there was any wiggle room to interpret my actions any other way, I have issued the Irrevocable Will making it perfectly clear that I claimed the land back for the real States of America and the private property for the individual people it belongs to — including me.
The Irrevocable Will contains all the reference numbers to the underlying UCC documents filed in Alaska.
Just like you didn’t know these ugly claims were being made against you and your ESTATE assets, you didn’t know someone else was busily counter-claiming in your behalf. Now you know.
We are about to set sail on ships made of paper. The Irrevocable Will is such a piece of paper. It clearly states in legalese that I claimed it all, and that I give it all back to the true beneficiaries — your states and your selves.
Make use of this gift and God bless.

Thanks to: http://scannedretina.com




Thanks Purps, I guess I'm pretty much with you as usual, I get good vibes but am sorta waiting for the punchline...
 " ...She is working with lawyers, etc..."

  This in itself gives me concern, but I guess if your gonna bust the System wide open, you have to do it from within...
   Look forward to seeing more of this.

The other point that also raises an issue with me... even though I sort of get the analogy she is using, I still get creepy vibes when someone says they have done somethin FOR me or on My Behalf.
  Isn't the act of doing something FOR us (representing US) Without disclosure before hand as well as our consent,what she just said invalidates the action ??    :headscratching 

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 



You can also read more from her and some of her associates at this link: http://scannedretina.com

and yes... agree with your last point.

I am skeptical about all of these do-gooders nowadays. I don't trust to many of them easily.




Well if nothing else we are all skeptics together....   Dear John . . . By Judge Anna von Reitz 304767837 

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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