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Edgar Cayce’s Hall of Records

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1Edgar Cayce’s Hall of Records Empty Edgar Cayce’s Hall of Records Mon Oct 06, 2014 11:13 am


Edgar Cayce’s Hall of Records

Posted on October 6, 2014 by Deus Nexus Leave a comment

Edgar Cayce’s Hall of Records 96c64-sphinxlayout
Reposted from: Terra Forming Terra | by Arclein 
The concept of the hall of records was popularized by Edgar Cayce during the 1930’s through his remarkable psychic readings. He suggested three locations including the Great Pyramid. At the time, there was effectively no evidence for his projected alternative history at all, let alone support for the detail he was able to relate. I want to point that out because our work here has step by step filled in parts of the evidence trail that has to exist for his ideas to be seriously considered at all.
Firstly we can now assert that a Minoan – Atlantean culture arose in the centuries preceding the building of the Great Pyramid around 2440BC that developed as a sea based metal trading economy that was inspired by the growing demands of the early Bronze Age. This culture was pre alphabet but interacted with the Levant and Northern Africa at the least.
The great Pyramid fueled the massive expansion of this trade and in particular launched the exploitation of gold and copper mining on a global scale and in particular established the key mines of Lake Superior and the tin Mines of Cornwall. We may also presume gold placer in the Andes began then as well as tin placer mining in Malaysia.
Trade factories were established everywhere that it was feasible and shipping entered a golden age. During this time, the coastal edges were completely mapped by exploring mariners and prospective rivers traced to promising centers of metal production. This all happened during the latter half of the fifth millennia BP.
It is noted that the science of astronomy was very sophisticated and observatories and related pyramids were constructed globally. This sea based culture provided the impetus to initiate imitative civilizations throughout the great ocean littoral and this includes India and China as well as the Americas. We presume here that Egypt and Mesopotamia were both contemporaneous and internally connected by these merchants. What is important to understand is that this culture informed by its homeland sprang outward in a generation and established similar sophisticated bases world wide.
This began as a semi united polity that grew for a millennia and more until it succumbed to geology. Remnants dragged on even into Roman times upon which they finally expired.
What finally comes out of this narrative is that the three locations that are obvious for the purpose of building a hall of records for this maritime culture is exactly the three herein mentioned. They should be within the three most important establishments of this commercial regime. Yucatan was a likely transshipment culture in place able to connect the Pacific through a reasonable overland route and was able to also develop as a densely populated agricultural civilization. Bimini was a major holding and collection facility and a likely base for all the shipping. It needed to be there in order to hold the two ends of the circum Atlantic trade with Gibralter. Bimini . no sense otherwise until you understand this part of it. Egypt of course sat astride the access into the Indian Ocean.
Such a society would wish to store key records and a hall of records comparable to the record halls of Mesopotamia are inevitable.
These records would also have had to be produced in the thousand years after the building of the great pyramid. Again their form would be the copper gold alloy invented in the Andes that succeeds in preserving such records. Metal sheets can be pounded out that will not seriously deteriorate. In short it all fits time and place and a hall of records goes from a strange idea to a reasonable possibility. We really need to dismantle the whole pyramid structure and put it all back together.
One aside. The ten thousand year date is associated with a sighting on the Sphinx with a star position and have no relationship to actual history at all. However it keeps coming up mostly because Cayce dates were effectively bad approximations at best.
Cayce pretty well got it right in terms of understanding the actual scope of the Atlantean world. He also addressed the existence of earlier civilizations that appeared before the Pleistocene Nonconformity of around 12900 BP. Scant evidence can be expected in terms of its historicity nor should they be as the Event itself destroyed most of that. The Event as now understood merely assures us that these prior civilizations have to have existed in some form or the other.
Unfortunately they all outrun our carbon dating capacity or push it to the limits.
Update on Research on Cayce’s Three Hall of Records
Cayce’s Three Atlantean Halls of Record were located in Egypt near the Sphinx, underwater in the Bimini area, and in the Yucatan area possibly near the ancient Maya city of Piedras Negras (Spanish for Black Rocks) in Guatemala. The latter location was not specifically named in the readings, but from clues and details given in several readings, researchers in the 1930s determined Piedras Negras to be the correct location. The Cayce readings state that the records were saved prior to the final destruction of Atlantis around 10,500 B.C. Stone tablets, linens, gold, and other artifacts are stored in the Halls. The records relate the entire history of humanity including the beginnings “when the Spirit took form or began the encasements” in physical bodies in the ancient lands of Mu and Atlantis. They also contain information about the ancient practice of building pyramids. An update on the status of each follows:

Egypt – The Giza Plateau

In Egypt, A.R.E. members Joe Jahoda and Dr. Joseph Schor have been unable to obtain permission to do further additional radar analysis of the 25 x 40 foot underground cavern that they discovered near the Sphinx in 1997. NASA scientists verified the cavern and Jahoda and Schor were allowed to do limited drilling in order to drop cameras down for a better look. Although the cavity appeared to be a natural formation, it made what may be an unnatural, 90-degree turn. Tentative approval was given for a more sophisticated radar analysis to be done in 1999. Due to a bureaucratic snafu, the permits were not approved. In a July 2001 article on the web site of the National Geographic Society, Zahi Hawass, Director General of the Giza Plateau, is said to have recently “urged other archaeologists to join him in a two year moratorium on all excavations in the area from Giza to Aswan.” The only explanation given is Hawass’ concern for the preservation of the existing monuments.
During the summer of 2001, two French archaeologists claimed to have located entrances to hidden chambers in the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Their discoveries were reported in an ABC Online News Service. The French researchers used computerized architectural data from Egyptian funeral designs as well as a technique called macrophotography to analyze hundreds of meters of walls within the pyramid. Although the two men are calling for a joint French-Egyptian effort to uncover the chambers, the response from other Egyptologists, both French and Egyptian, has been less enthusiastic. Zahi Hawass has responded emphatically that he is unaware of any evidence for hidden chambers or cavities in the Great Pyramid.
The National Geographic Society’s follow-up study of the so-called “door” found at the far end an air shaft leading from the Queen’s chamber in the Great Pyramid was due to commence in March of 2000. It has been repeatedly postponed with no reason given. This pyramid has just recently been reopened to the public. It was closed over the past year for repairs as part of a routine rotation and cleaning schedule involving all the pyramids at Giza. Given the great amount of publicity surrounding the airshaft door, the lack of follow-up is mysterious in itself. (The shafts have since been probed with more mysterious doors found.)
In 2004, Zahi Hawass announced that the University of Birmingham (UK) was performing an extensive ground-penetrating radar study of the area between the Sphinx and Great Pyramid to find the tunnels and chambers there. Hawass also related that the tunnel under the Sphinx had not been fully cleared of debris.

Yucatan Hall of Records – Piedras Negras

After 4 seasons of exploration at the ancient Maya site of Piedras Negras, Brigham Young University archaeologists have decided not to return. Instead, they plan to take the materials they have excavated over previous seasons and study them in the laboratory. The project was originally slated to last 5 years and no definitive reason is given for the decision to retreat to the laboratory. However, in the most recent report, Stephen Houston and Hector Escobedo hint at the “taxing” nature of the site itself. Located deep within the Guatemala jungle, Piedras Negras can only be accessed by 2-days of travel via rugged mountain “roads” then by canoe over white water rapids. Because the site is located in a rainforest, it is only feasible to work there in the dry seasons — roughly March through June. Even then, the weather is hot and humid and the remoteness of the site requires the most primitive camping conditions. The remoteness and primitive conditions combined with the nearby camps of several guerilla groups have helped to protect the site from widespread looting.
During the final season (Spring 2000), BYU focused efforts into probing some of the oldest pyramids located at the site. One of these appears to have a sublevel built during the PreClassic Maya era — around 400-600 B.C. Due to the unstable nature of the building materials, they were unable to completely penetrate to the core of the building. This portion of the site (South Group) and the Acropolis area are the most likely locations for the Hall of Records according to clues given by Cayce in the readings. Additional excavations were performed during 2000 within the Acropolis and, as in the past, were hampered by large piles of debris left at the site by the University of Pennsylvania’s digs in the 1930s.
The most outstanding find of the season was a 3000 lb. carved stone panel, which had been attached to a large pyramid. It was apparently thrown down the steps at some point in the distant past landing upside down in front of the Acropolis complex. It is the most complete hieroglyphic text uncovered at the site in 65 years. Although some of the carvings are eroded, archaeologists skilled in interpreting the hieroglyphs have determined that it contains the life story of Piedras Negras’ Ruler 2. This ruler was of the Turtle Clan and was named after the founding Father god of the Maya, Itzamna. Although the panel was carved well after the 10,000 B.C. Hall of Records period (it is dated to around 600 A.D), it does contain a reference to the Maya sacred creation date for the “Fourth World” (3114 B.C.) linking some of the events of the life of Ruler 2 to that time frame. Given that the Ruler also carries the name of Itzamna, there may be more to the purpose of the panel than the archaeologists are able to determine at this time. The study of Maya hieroglyphics is still in its infancy and even now it is understood that their writing style was very sophisticated and carried multiple levels of meaning.
Although abandoning their effort for the moment, BYU concedes that there is still much that is not understood about the site and that more excavation needs to be done. Given that the Guatemala government has utilized American funded projects such as this to help rebuild these sites and prepare them for tourist contact, chances are there will be future activity at Piedras Negras. This has already happened as the University of Pennsylvania has now announced that they will perfom site investigations at Piedras Negras in 2004. In addition, Greg and Lora Little will be making an expedition to Piedras Negras in 2004 to make a video documentary.


Much exploration has been done in the area of the Bimini Islands since the discovery of the so-called Bimini Road in 1968. The Cayce readings had predicted the discovery of ruins in that area during that year. According to the readings, Bimini was near the place where the largest Atlantean island sank around 10,000 B.C. Since the discovery of the “road,” aerial photographic surveys have turned up several other unusual underwater formations. Some of these are pentagon-shaped and others resemble building foundations. Shipwreck debris scattered all over the area has confused the issue bringing some less than scientific and greatly sensationalized claims of “proof of Atlantis.” These claims are easily debunked and ridiculed by the scientific community.
Sampling of the stone found in the road formation has also turned up conflicting evidence. Samples taken in the 1970s by the U.S. Geological Survey concluded that the road was simply a natural beach rock formation. In 1997 Dr. Joan Hanley of the Gaea Project reported that the content of the rocks varied geologically to the point that they could not have been located side by side naturally. One of the most exiting discoveries, however, was a series of effigy sand mounds shaped like a shark, dolphin and alligator within the Bimini mangrove swamps. The mounds align primarily with the stars Sirius, Rigel, Vega, and Capella in about A.D. 1000. Ground penetrating radar has failed to locate any artifacts under the mounds although the high water table may have created a barrier.
The 1990s also brought the discovery of an additional large stone formation south of Bimini similar to the road found in 1968. Project Alta, a side-scan sonar search of the area south of Bimini, reported in 1993 the discovery of a 35-foot wide hexagonal feature as well as some unusual right angles, concentric circles, and triangular-shaped features. In 1998 and 1999 donations were received by the Gaea Project to do sonar analysis on the ocean floor near the location of the Bimini road off the Bahama ridge. Other investigations have since been done looking for possible ruins near the Gulf Stream, but results have been inconclusive.

Recent Investigations

In 2002 the ARE and the EFC funded a satellite imaging project of 630 sq km around Bimini. The imaging found over a dozen mysterious circles just to the south of Bimini. In 2003, Greg and Lora Little examined several of these circles and found that they are natural or of recent origin and not worthy of more investigation. In addition, the discovery of the underwater platform at Andros and a nearby area with what appear to be paving stones may have some connection to the Hall of Records.
In 2003, the Littles also performed several expeditions to Andros to investigate enigmatic underwater structures first spotted from the air in 1968 and 1969. Links to these reports can be found here. One of the most intriguing discoveries at Andros was unexpected. A gigantic three-tiered stone platform was found in shallow water off the coast. In April 2003, the ARE released a press release on this find.

About the Author

July 20013 – 2 Mil Pg Views, March 2013 – Posted my paper introducing CLOUD COSMOLOGY & NEUTRAL NEUTRINO rigorously described, September 2010 I am pleased to report that my essay titled A NEW METRIC WITH APPLICATIONS TO PHYSICS AND SOLVING CERTAIN HIGHER ORDERED DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS’ has been published by Physics Essays published by the American Institute of Physics and appeared in their June 2010 quarterly. 40 years ago I took an honors degree in applied mathematics from the University of Waterloo. My interest was Relativity and my last year there saw me complete a 900 level course under Hanno Rund on his work in relativity,as well as differential geometry(pure math) and of course analysis. I continued researching new ideas and knowledge since that time and I have prepared a book for publication titled ‘Paradigms Shift’. I maintain my blog as a day book and research tool to retain data and record impressions and interpretations on material read. Do join my blog and receive Four items of interest daily Monday through Saturday.

Thanks to: http://deusnexus.wordpress.com


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